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Northern Virginia Daily


Just when you think John Fusto reached the bottom of political/religious demagoguery, he sinks further into the cesspool of ignorance when he accuses those who are legitimately concerned about overpopulation of viewing "mankind as a malignant tumor upon the world to be eradicated like insects or disease."

Overpopulation is a serious problem, getting worse every year: If we continue at the current rate, world population will be more than 11 billion by 2035.

Overpopulation is at the root of most, if not all, environmental and many economic issues, timber over-harvesting, loss of arable land, ocean depletion, food shortages, water shortages, air pollution, water pollution, flooding, plant and habitat loss, global warming and immigration (www.overpopulation.org).

Thanks to the right-wing propaganda machine, abortion has made overpopulation awareness a dirty word. Abortion is not necessary for controlling overpopulation. There are many other choices such as empowering and enabling women to have fewer children, develop simpler life styles and tax pollution of any kind.

All couples and individuals have a right to decide freely and responsibly the number and spacing and their children and, most important, access to the information and means to do so, including disease preventing contraceptives that would not only help relieve the overpopulation problem dramatically but help reduce the AIDS epidemic that is ravaging much of the third world countries.

We must speak out against those who make statements so obviously false, such as disease-preventing condoms exacerbate the AIDS epidemic rather then alleviating it as recently reiterated by Pope Benedict. To suggest that condoms increase promiscuity is an old argument that is simply not consistent with the evidence and is dangerous.

Belgium's parliament passed a resolution that such comments ran against numerous international declarations and actions taken by the United Nations and groups fighting AIDS and other transmittable diseases.

We would do well to heed the words of Noble Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall: "If we don't halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity -- and leave a ravaged world."

Gene Rigelon
1117 T-Bird Drive
Front Royal
Oct. 3, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Thank goodness for a man who would give 30 years in dedicated service to Shenandoah County serving on the Board of Supervisors because he wants to see Shenandoah County as a great place to live and is willing to do his part in making it so.

Of course he is not going to please everybody with his views or vote on any issue, but his vote is because of the input of his constituents and voice of the majority of citizens and his knowledge of the situation or subject gained through many hours of meetings and study of the subject.

This man is Dennis Morris of District 5, and it is my pleasure to know him and to encourage voters of District 5 to vote for him in November.

641 Deerhead Road
Mt. Jackson
Oct. 7, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Plagiarism shows a vacant mind.

I refer to the theft of my statement in the letters to the editor (October 2008): "Desperate people do desperate things [to steal signs] and the opposing party must be desperate."
Mr. Cutlip (letter, Sept. 22 issue) used most of my clever phrase to castigate candidate Deeds and tossed into the muddle more boring proselytizing.

Leave religion out of politics, folks. You'll be a much more interesting read.

235 Walker Farm Road
Front Royal
Sept. 30, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I live on Brook Creek Road across the road from Dennis Morris.

About the middle of September I paced a placard at the end of my driveway in support of Mark Prince for county supervisor, District 5.

On Oct. 2, I heard a knock at my back door. I opened the door to find Dennis Morris standing there, asking me to come outside that he wanted to talk to me. I went out and right away Morris started ranting and raving what a no-good, lousy neighbor I was for having placed a placard at the end of my driveway in support of Mark Prince. This performance continued for about 10 minutes. I had to ask Mr. Morris twice to leave my property.

If you, the voters in District 5, had witnessed this irrational behavior, you would think twice before voting for Dennis Morris.

Charles E. Wilson
1596 Brook Creek Road
Toms Brook
Oct. 5, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


With the Nov. 3 election approaching quickly, I want to express my support for my good friend, Sharon Baroncelli, for District 4 supervisor.

I have known Sharon since she moved to our great county. Sharon chose Shenandoah County as a place to raise her family because of the conservative values you find here. She realized that our county is a place where you know your neighbors and people aren't afraid to help one another.

Since Sharon became a resident of Shenandoah County, she has been active on many different levels. She first became involved and supported our school system. Two of her sons have graduated from Central High School and have gone on to attend Duke and Virginia Tech. Her youngest son is a sophomore at Central.

From a parent's point of view, Sharon has seen firsthand the quality of education we are blessed to have in our school system. As a supervisor, she has worked with the School Board to ensure that our children have the best opportunity to receive a solid foundation for their future.

Another perspective Sharon brings to the Board of Supervisors is her support of small businesses. From her previous work in local chambers, she realizes that small business is the backbone of our economy. We need to provide an environment that allows our business community to thrive. After all, small business employs more than half of all U.S. workers. Sharon is committed to bring both large and small employers to Shenandoah County.

And most recently, Ms. Baroncelli's involvement with her community, is her role as executive director of the local Red Cross chapter. Through her leadership, Sharon oversees many dedicated, caring volunteers who will be here for our residents when they need help the most.

This final perspective is most important. Sharon truly understands how fortunate we are to live in Shenandoah County where we have a community of friends and neighbors who support each other.

I ask each and everyone to show your support for Sharon Baroncelli by re-electing her on Nov. 3.

Marian B. French
410 N. Church St.
Oct. 9, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


When Virginians go to the polls to select a new attorney general, we have an important choice to make. As the commonwealth's top law enforcement officer, the attorney general must lead Virginians in confronting the growing threats of gangs, drug use and Internet predators who go after our kids.

As a long-time law enforcement officer, I am confident that the man with the experience and focus for the job is Steve Shannon.

Throughout his career as a prosecutor and legislator, Steve has shown himself to be tough on crime and willing to do everything he can to help law enforcement officers get our job done. He is committed to keeping our kids safe from gangs, Internet predators and drug use and our streets free from violent crime. He understands the issues that face law enforcement officers every day, and he knows how to take them on.

Steve has laid out plans for cracking down on gangs, Internet predators and drunken drivers, and I have no doubt that he'll follow through on these plans when he's attorney general.

Steve has a record of getting things done in Virginia. He and his wife helped to bring the AMBER Alert, a system for rescuing abducted children, to the commonwealth, and as a delegate he's worked hard for tougher sentencing rules for the criminals who target kids, and to greater resources for law enforcement efforts.

As a sheriff, I need to know that the attorney general will stand by and be a partner with law enforcement and always put public safety above politics. Steve Shannon has always done that, and he will continue to do that when he's attorney general.

Elizabeth F. Arthur
Arlington County
5025 N. 34th St.
Oct. 9, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


In today's time in Shenandoah County it feels good to be a life-long resident. This leads to what and how the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors has operated over the years and today to keep the quality of life in our great county intact.

One special supervisor who has contributed to this more than any other is Dennis Morris, with more than 30 years as a supervisor. I think this is a testimony to his values and love for the community to be re-elected term after term. We need to keep him in office.

We need to keep people who are proud to be a resident of this county and have lived in the county for a number of years -- maybe 10 years -- in leadership roles. They are the ones who have supported this county with their taxes, spending and knowledge.

Election to public office is a great thing. Candidates should be able to back up what they say in public with accurate facts. I feel this is not the case in the campaign for District 5.
Morris' opponent has a lot to learn. He has done nothing constructive for this county nor has had anything nice to say about anything this county has done for the last four years, according to his views in news articles that have been published and conversations with residents of the county.

How can we even think about electing someone who does not have anything constructive to say about our county? If he is so discontent with Shenandoah County, why doesn't he can go back to where he came from?

Morris works well with Shenandoah County home builders and other organizations. Morris keeps them informed on county matters that would impact their businesses or their well-being.

It is time to take what he has done for the people in this county, his Christian values and work ethics and re-elect him to the office he well deserves.

Forget about all the slander and name-calling by his opponent and elect a gentleman.

Donald W. Hoffman
2140 Stoney Creek Road
Oct. 8, 2009


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