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I wonder how you think you can run for office and never really tell people where you stand on the issues. That's what John Lesinski is trying to do.

Months ago he told newspapers that he wouldn't answer questions about basic issues that are important to the people of this district. He said he would get back to us. We're still waiting.

I suspect Lesinski doesn't want to reveal his Northern Virginia sensibilities that he brought with him when he moved out here a couple of years ago. He's spent most of his campaign coming up with gimmicky proposals on "jobs" with numbers pulled out of thin air and without producing a single potential employer or business that is willing to say any of them are a good idea. I would love to know what this gentleman believes about things that are important to me.

So far Lesinski has refused to sign a written pledge that he will not vote to raise my taxes. He has avoided direct questions about whether he would vote to reinstate gay marriage in Virginia. He complained about high electrical bills, but for environmental reasons he opposes building new coal-fired power plants that will ensure a steady source of cheap electricity.

We still don't know his views on our gun rights, on off-shore drilling, on education, on traditional values, on stopping illegal aliens from taking Virginia jobs, on lots of things.
He even talks about preserving rural culture, but he moved his commercial real estate business out to the Valley so that he could profit from turning our family farms into townhouses and shopping centers for his fellow Northern Virginians.

I don't always agree with Del. Todd Gilbert, but at least I always know what he believes. He is a principled, conservative leader who is willing to take a stand on the issues.
I'll take a principled leader any day of the week over a political chameleon who is constantly trying to hide his true colors.

Abbey Schechtel
2410 Moose Road
Oct. 5, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Costly and unnecessary regulations are being proposed that can affect more than 60,000 Virginia homeowners with alternate septic systems and the potential to affect others whose conventional septic systems may fail or operate less efficiently.

The Virginia Health Department is seeking your input regarding its proposed rules for alternative on-site sewage systems. Citizens may comment until the end of October at: www.vdh.virginia.gov/Environmental Health/Onsite/newsofinterest /index.htm.
I opposed legislation approved in 2009 which I believed would lead to this sort of regulation. However the Board of Health believes that with or without that legislation it has the authority to promulgate emergency regulations to establish performance requirements and horizontal setbacks for alternative on-site sewage systems.

These proposed regulations create a permanent and substantial additional cost to single-family home owners.

While there is benefit to public health and the environment of having the homeowner understand and maintain these systems, the requirement that these systems can only be maintained by a professional operator creates permanent annual cost for the contract, which is $400-$600 per year.

There is no training or course that a homeowner can use to become qualified to operate and maintain his own system. The requirement for sampling has little or no technical merit and little or no benefit to public health and the environment for systems that are already operated and maintained properly by professionals.

The thrust of these regulations is primarily for data gathering by the Virginia Department of Public Health. There should be a less expensive and burdensome means to obtain such data. At a cost of up to $675 every five yeas in addition to the maintenance contract this expense is unreasonable and may impair compliance with the overall regulations.
Citizen input is critical to alter these regulations.

Del. Bob Marshall
P.O. Box 421
Oct. 5, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I'm writing in response to the articles on Sept. 22 and 23rd in regard to the home that George Jetter purchased for the mentally challenged/handicapped children. I'm appalled at the rudeness that is being shown toward this amazing project. Remember that God has made us all. These children are no different then we are. God just made them to be "extra special."

There's no reason on this earth to treat these children differently just because they're more special. I have one of these special angels and he's involved with a lot of the activities the Jetter family does. They are wonderful people who take care of these children who either don't have parents to take care of them or can't handle them.

It makes my blood boil to hear you all say they are dangerous. Come on now, get real, these children have the biggest hearts and are so full of love. If everyone in this world would have half the heart and love that these children have, then our world wouldn't be in the shape that it's in now.

People have been rude to these types of children for no reason and it makes me sick. You all are no different then they are. They do have a heart, soul and feelings just like you do. How would you feel if it was you or your own child or grandchild and you were turned down because you're different. You would be very upset.

I challenge you to go to any of these wonderful homes and take a tour. Visit these children. I guarantee your attitudes would change. You need to hit the floor and pray for our country and our military, instead of hassling these special children.

Take a look at yourself. Ask God to forgive you for judging people. I'll be praying for you all.

God bless you, George, and keep up the wonderful job.

26223 Old Valley Pike
Toms Brook
Oct. 6, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Much has been written about the tragic death of Brendon Barker. Quite a few people in the area (and elsewhere) seem to feel that the jury's recommended sentence of 12 years is too light, a fact evidently shared by your reporter, Sally Voth, and your paper, and emphasized loudly at every opportunity.

Jody Bradley was unquestionably wrong to kill Brendon Barker. But before Judge Hupp passes sentence, here's hoping he considers a few other ideas:

Where were Brendon Barker's parents/guardians during all this? Surely they were aware of the no-trespassing warrant against Brendon. Why weren't they more vigilant in their supervision of their son?

Why didn't Sarah Bradley discourage Brendon from coming to her house? She knew her father's wishes. She testified that her father had repeatedly threatened to shoot Brendon. Didn't she care enough about her boyfriend to keep him from putting himself in danger? Or was she so intent on defying her father that she deliberately encouraged Brendon, resulting in his death?

In all the articles I've seen on this affair, I haven't seen one word written about Sarah's mourning of Brendon. In the article that focused on her, she spoke of her feelings, fears and future plans, but not of Brendon. Apparently, Brendon lost his life for a girl who didn't really care very much about him.

Sarah's mother wasn't much help, either. When Sarah defied her and kept ignoring her curfew, her way of coping was to send Sarah to live with her father. The rest is history.
And no matter what else anyone says, one fact remains: If Brendon had done what he was morally and legally required to do, he'd be alive today.

If justice is truly to be served, Jody Bradley shouldn't have to bear the full weight, if the other players in this tragedy aren't held to account. There's plenty of culpability to go around.

Richard Kopf
272 Pepper Lane
Oct. 6, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


Mark Prince wants to be your District 5 supervisor. Why? Does he have better ideas to improve the quality of life in Shenandoah County? I don't think so. I see absolutely no evidence of that.

What I do see is a man desperate to attach his name to something -- anything.
I express my opinion because I know both men seeking the District 5 supervisors seat. At one time I considered both men very dear friends.

Mr. Prince is not the man I once knew. I just see him now a modern-day Don Quixote, charging at windmills because he thinks they are monsters.

Recently Prince attempted to sue the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors. The current "tab" for his latest endeavor is $10,453.44. Remember we, the taxpayers, are paying for this. Ironically, that suit has been put on hold (at least until after the November elections).

I am also curious how many hours of "county time" have been spent by employees researching documents to satisfy Prince's Freedom of Information Act requests? In the long run, again we, the taxpayers, are paying for Prince to use county employees as his own personal research firm.

I have known Dennis Morris for more than 30 years. As a native of this county I can recall the positive changes that have taken place, changes in part due to the leadership of Dennis Morris.

I encourage the citizens of District 5 to re-elect Dennis Morris to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors.

I commend Dennis for sustaining composure through all of the "mud"-covered lies that have been hurled at him. It says much about a man's character when he chooses not to tear another down in order to build himself up. Dennis has always been a helpful neighbor and a loyal friend. I consider him to be a good and diligent supervisor, a supervisor who listens to his constituents, considers their opinions and weighs them as heavily as his own.

Could it be time for a change? Perhaps. But not this election, not Mark Prince.

2121 Brook Creek Road
Toms Brook
Sept. 28, 2009

Northern Virginia Daily


I will support Dennis Morris for Shenandoah County supervisor. He has always done his best for all of Shenandoah. He has lived here all of his life, been a productive citizen and a proven leader.

He will not get into a negative contest with his opponent. We should be very pleased that he is concerned about the needs of our county and not the character assassination that we have become accustomed to.

Re-elect Dennis Morris for county supervisor.

209 Wetzel Road
Oct. 7, 2009

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    This is in reference to the letter to the editor from Richard Kopf dated Oct. 10th regarding the Jody Bradley case. Mr. Kopf, I am thankful for your insight to this sad case. Your letter was well written and thoughtful. You put into words what a lot of us feel about Jody Bradley and the tragic set of circumstances that resulted in this young man's life being cut too short. I pray for all the friends and family involved in this case as well as a prayer for Jody and Brendan.

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