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It should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that we no longer have a representative form of government. Rather, we are being ruled. Despite the protestations of two-thirds of the electorate, we are being forced to accept things that we don't want or need. The tactics that they choose to use to accomplish their goals are right out of the "playbook of the Mafia."

The farce that has played out in Congress over the past few weeks confirms this. We have witnessed blackmail, bribery, extortion, money laundering, perjury and the sale of "protection." These tactics, coupled with real and proposed government involvement in alcohol sales, abortion, euthanasia, cancellation of secret ballot, the legalization of harmful drugs, gambling and prostitution for the profit that they render is all the proof you need.

As Sen. Warner so aptly put it, almost everything the Congress does is unconstitutional. Or in the words of Nancy Pelosi, when questioned about the constitutionality of what she is attempting to shove down our throats, "Are you kidding?"

Whether the general public is willing to put up with this much longer is a matter of conjecture. However, we can no longer tolerate the usurpation of our representative form of government. Nor can we tolerate a president who bows down to despots, surround himself with felons, Marxists, perjurers, tax cheats, socialists and considers the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as documents of "negative liberties."

Neither can we tolerate a president who sits on his hands for six months while using "groupthink" as a way to find a political solution to a military problem.

Our children and grandchildren are going to pay for all this corruption unless we the people put a stop to it. What are you willing to do to put a stop to this madness? That's the question.

23 Murchison Lane
Jan. 1, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


In this Christmas season in which we contemplate the holy family in all its dignity and purity, we are challenged as usual by the shrill demands of the "powers who think they are" in this world to succumb to their evil designs and give up our contemplation, as in it we come to realize our high calling as men to imitate this most august family, becoming one with God and like unto him.

We recognize at once that this is a spiritual battle in which we must draw a line in the sand and push back the tide of godlessness, with a resounding no to all suggestions of intrusive body scans at airports.

These crafty social designers know that it is indeed at airports that we, the people, are most vulnerable, caught off guard by our impetuousness and urgency of getting where we need to go in business ventures or back home to our families.

In their insistence they present a convenient scenario of a near-miss terrorist attack in which through lack of coordination or even possibly of collusion, a terrorist hiding something on his body was permitted to execute, albeit unsuccessfully, his evil deed.

Even though the attempt was almost carried out through the emerging techno-dictatorship's own fault, by sleight of hand they wish to intrude on we, the people's, remaining rights, insisting that allowing further intrusions such as X-ray scanning of our bodies will protect us. They also insist that we pay millions of dollars of our own money to buy this "protection."

As for myself, if they manage to make body-scanning a normal, routine (and mandatory) thing, I will not fly and urge my fellow citizens to proclaim the same intention.

Let the airline industry and their government collaborators go bankrupt. Let state security (misnamed homeland security) and their enablers be thwarted in their efforts to increase "population control" over us.

May God help us all.

Manuel Vicente
1320 Commonwealth Ave.
Front Royal
Jan. 13, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Are today's gas miles per gallon figures acceptable? Our president once said the Model T Ford got better mileage than the cars of today.

Since the 1970s, we have doubled average mpg from 12 to about 24 through the use of fuel injection, computers, aluminum engines, reduced friction, overdrive transmissions, aerodynamics, reduced weight and other advances.

Mileage standards for 2016 have been set at 39 mpg for new cars and 30 for new small trucks. Billions of dollars were spent on correcting the many problems of the front-wheel-drive junk-mobiles of the 1980s and billions more will have to go for future car technology.

Our government has no plan for future energy of the automobile. If there is, we would like to hear about it. It finally admitted the $4 per gallon gas prices in the summer of 2008 caused the recession. Do not blame the automakers for our nation's addiction to 25 percent of the world's crude oil.

The question is not whether the American automobile is still on the road in 2016, but how much we are willing to pay for it.

P.O. Box 176
Jan. 11, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


My father was a genuine conservative and a member of the Republican Party. He must be turning in his grave. It is depressing to watch what has happened to the Republicans. They have become a party whose primary goals have become supporting profits for the rich and opposing efforts to make our country fairer economically for the middle class (to say nothing about the poor).

The health-care "debate" is a lie. Everyone realizes that if we don't act now, future health-care costs will be disastrous for our country. Nevertheless, the Republicans have allied themselves with the organizations funded by the health insurance companies and the drug companies to oppose reform.

These industry-backed "nonprofits" have names such as Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity and Conservatives for Patients' Rights. They certainly don't call themselves "Save Our Profits" or "Who Cares About the Health of Less Affluent Americans?" -- which would be accurate. They orchestrate and fund "Tea-Party" protests to shout down and disrupt meetings held by our congressmen and senators to receive citizen input and discuss health-care issues. This sort of yelling and shouting is anti-democratic, and civility has disappeared. These groups spend millions on TV ads and other anti-health reform activities. They have no interest in supporting the health, dignity and worth of every citizen.

Please note that it is not the government that bars people with pre-existing conditions from health insurance coverage or who kicks people out of their health insurance if they have a serious and expensive illness or who raises rates so high that the health insurance becomes unaffordable. It is the insurance companies.

Please let our senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner, know that they should continue to support President Obama's efforts to reform health-care coverage. Among many other changes, a government-run option would provide many people with an opportunity to vote with their feet against the greedy health insurance companies.

Sandra Z. Wilson
297 Hickerson Hollow Road
Front Royal
Jan. 12, 2010


The first name of Warren County Supervisor Tony Carter was incorrect in Jerry Scholder's letter (Jan. 9 issue) about deferring tax payments for active-duty soldiers overseas.


    I think Sandra needs to do some checking. The only people I see out there selling out to special interests who only want to line their pockets in the health care debate are the democrats. They've sold out to trial lawyer, big pharma, big insurance, big labor and who knows who else. The TEA party movement is real. I don't know anyone who has received money for protesting. I wonder if Sandra ever complains when ACORN or SEIU are out there screaming and whining and actually beating on people. I wonder if she every criticized Hillary or Al Gore or any of the other shrill democrats when they were screaming at the top of their lungs. Open protest is secured for the citizens of the US under the 1st amendment in the Bill of Rights. Perhaps if Sandra doesn't like that she should move to another country where people aren't afforded the right to protest against their government or where those who disagree with the power elite get shot and beaten for their defiance, like Iran or Venezuela or Cuba, etc.

    I would like to compliment Ms Wilson on her thoughtful comments on healthcare reform. Contrary to a certain critical reply posted by an individual who seems to have a negative response for all who happen to disagree with her perpetually misguided political mantra, Ms. Wilson’s observations are right on the mark. Those for-profit healthcare companies who benefit the most by maintaining the status quo, invariably disguise their false claims under the guise of supposed, “nonprofit” citizen groups, all having high sounding, patriotic names and using TV ads that pretend to represent Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen like the “Harry and Louise” ads of yore. Moreover, as Ms. Wilson rightfully observes, it is not the government, but the healthcare industry that denies, restricts, cancels or overprices insurance coverage to the point that millions of our citizens have to go without coverage that could, and often does, cost them their lives and/or their financial wellbeing - all so certain top executives can draw obscene salaries. We like to call ourselves a fair and generous nation. It’s time that uninsured, hardworking citizens are not shortchanged and the nation has a healthcare system that‘s not rated 37th in the world.

    Beware what you wish for Mr. Harrison. If this monstrosity passes (loaded with exemptions for democrat special interests) you'll get the kind of care you deserve. And the poor will get less than they have now. I wouldn't mind as much if I believed this would work, but it won't work in America.

    Would you tell me if you agree with all the special interest deals in the bill or are you only opposed to the special interests who disagree with completely socialized medicine (which the TEA parties are not)?

      Very true, Ms. Bishop. Think about what this administration is saying. First, they accuse the Republicans of being insurance company backers, yet this monstrosity mandates everyone to purchase health insurance. Does not the insurance companies benefit from this through increased revenues from policies? I find it very amazing how everyday in the news we hear how they are rushing to get the bill passed. WHY? What is the rush? I guess they don't really want to do what the people need or want, but rather what they want and having their names on 'historic' legislation. They need to be careful for what they wish as they will go down in history as the Dems that sank the country

    While I am disappointed in the health care bill and oppose certain provisions, the Republicans are much at fault in refusing to present realistic and fair provisions. It was the Republican party under the Bush Administration which lied about the costs of Plan D, refused to allow negotiation with the drug companies, and insisted on immunity for them. The result was, that immediately upon passage, drug prices soared and have outpaced other costs increases by 700 percent.

    Ms. Wilson deserves much praise for this letter, one of the finest I have read in the NVD in a long time.

    I agree with you, Elizabeth, the Republicans have misused their power in the past, however passing something this bad is not the answer. And most of my comment to Ms. Wilson had to do with her false accusations against the TEA party movement. However, Republicans have been excluded from the discussion and their ideas were never taken into consideration. This whole bill has been all the democrat's/Obama's way or the highway.

    The Crazy Tin Foil Hat Tea Party wing of the Republican Party account for 5% of all the voters and 100% of the misinformation. They suggest health care reform will make the earth stand still, harm children, summon the devil, create death squads, tear down churches, and melt civilization. Now, who wants pie?

    "Perhaps if Sandra doesn't like that she should move to another country where people aren't afforded the right to protest against their government or where those who disagree with the power elite get shot and beaten for their defiance"

    Kim, a person doesn't have to move. Just go back in time from 1/20/01 to 1/20/09.

    First, Jacques or Whooppie, I'd like the examples of who said, "health care reform will make the earth stand still, harm children, summon the devil, create death squads, tear down churches, and melt civilization." Second, I'd like examples of Republicans or Conservatives who've said they don't want health care reform. Third, Garden Fool, please give me examples of when during the time from 1/20/01 to 1/20/09 anyone wasn't afforded the right to protest the government or got shot for disagreeing with the power elite. I must have missed that because all I remember during that time was constant protests, whining, screeching and hatred during the Bush years from the Democrats/liberals.

    Finally to Jacques, aka Whooppie I say:


    Love from your friendly, neighborhood, Queen of the Tin Foil Hats! xxxoooxxx

    The Queen is still waiting for answers to her question...or is the silence because both statements were false to begin with?

    Sorry barbp, none of those people have said any such things...at least not that I've seen. If you have proof of such words I would like to know the source please. (It doesn't take more than a few minutes to chat on the NVD).:)

    Kim,isn't it the pot calling the kettle black when you accuse Whoopee of posting under two IDs, when you post as Kim Bishop, Seeks For Truth, Fire Eater and as well as others????

    Actually horselover, I have not posted as Seeks4truth since you so happily outed me a year or so ago. (I only used a pseudonym because one of my friends suggested it) and I am not Fire Eater or anyone else. I decided long ago that I'm proud of my beliefs and have no problem with anyone knowing who I am. Besides, I wasn't insulting Whoopie, just pointing out to people that really only one person considers me to be "the queen" (a title that I LOVE!) Have a pleasant day!

    Your friendly neighborhood Queen of the Tin Foil Hats!!!! Mmm...Mmm...Mmm!

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