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Northern Virginia Daily


Global warming and cooling have been going on since the world began. I will use the Darwinian take on creation, so that I'm not accused of being unscientific (although I will be anyway).

According to scientific data, the Grand Canyon was created by sediments laid down by advancing and retreating ocean coastlines many times, so it's fair to say oceans have risen and fallen before man even existed.

Also, according to data the earth has warmed and cooled at least four times in the past 1.7 million years, as shown by the ice ages. These ice/warming ages were caused by variations in the intensity and timing of heat from the sun. Since the sun still exists and has hot and cool times, it's fair to say climate change is caused by the sun and had happened before man even existed.

Because of climate change about 10,500 years ago the Sahara Desert was lush with vegetation and had plentiful rain before it turned into the inhospitable place we know today. Again, man had nothing to do with it.

Around 535 A.D. Krakatoa, a super volcano, erupted causing a mini-ice age felt around the world. We know it as the Dark Age. The earth managed to clean up the air all by itself, bringing us the Renaissance when the globe warmed up and people could plant and thrive again.

Perhaps man is contributing to the warming of the globe; perhaps man is not. The atmosphere is made up of 20 percent CO2, less than 20 percent ozone, nitrous oxide, methane and other gases. The most prominent greenhouse gases is H20 and it comprises 60 percent of the atmosphere.

One of the major problems with climate research (besides the misrepresentation of "facts" and lack of fair debate) is that scientific models cannot realistically reproduce cloud formation (created by H20), which helps cool the earth. Therefore, an exact prediction of global warming remains very doubtful.

The world has warmed and cooled many times without human help. Isn't it fair to think that if the climate is changing, it's a natural occurrence?

Kim Bishop
728 Crystal Lane
Feb. 5, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I agree with Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., who said this at a Feb. 2 Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with Defense Secretary Robert Gates present:

"I don't believe quite frankly that the DOD [Department of Defense] budget should be sacrosanct when it comes to looking at the constraints and the examinations that we ought to be putting on different programs."

The United States will always be a great power. We have a tremendous stock of weapons, knowledge about war and research capability. And more than anything else, we like war. But we have gotten militarily over extended at home and abroad because a lot of people in our imperial city on the Potomac -- indeed throughout our nation -- derive power and/or wealth from endless war.

Well, the money has run out. We can either stop our reckless waste now or when China and Japan terminate our line of credit. Who will dare say that we will be defenseless if our defense budget is reduced by $1? There are a lot of places that said $1 can be better spent.

John R. Cole
121 Winifred St.
Feb. 10, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Hold the presses! I was just informed of the Fibrowatt LLC discussions with the state of Virginia and Page County. I have some great news for Del. Todd Gilbert and state taxpayers, but maybe not so great for Fibrowatt LLC.

There is a more economical way to solve the problem with poultry litter while creating a positive impact on the environment. It results in a reduction of commercial fertilizer required for farm lands, increased crop productions, minimal transportation costs, a solution to soil drainage and erosion problems, eliminates odors from the litter and produces a commodity from the waste material that pays for the process.

Unfortunately, hundreds of workers to build multi-million dollar facilities will not be needed. It will provide long-term jobs initially and an increase in job opportunities as the process matures. It also accomplishes the objective of being environmentally green and can successfully dispose of poultry, livestock and pig wastes at a fraction of the cost being presently proposed.

Minimal land is required, no harmful gasses are emitted, there is no ash to dispose of and all the farmers of Page County are going to be happier than the proverbial pigs in sh--.

Has anyone guessed yet? It's called "Earthworm Biotechnology for the Management of Effluents from Intensively Housed Livestock" (Outlook on Agriculture, Volume 18, No. 2, 1989 0030-7270/89 Pergamon Press).

Simply stated: Several species of earthworms are used, including the most commonly known as "red worms" used extensively for back yard composting. A large-scale project using this method exclusively for handling cattle manure and producing a nutrient-rich, marketable compost product that is in compliance with all U.S. EPA land application regulations is presently being done in Avon, N.Y., and was awarded a federal grant to start this immensely successful operation.

This is a revolutionary approach that could rival the initial introduction of solar power and wind power in terms of its benefits to the overall economic and environmental climate of the future.

Jerry Scholder
31 Bedford Drive
Front Royal
Feb. 5, 2010


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