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Northern Virginia Daily


How dare you attack a business because it didn't measure up to your standards.
Bad Water Bill's was a great place to go to shoot a game of pool or enjoy some damn good barbecue. In the winter it was a warm and inviting place to sit near the fire and enjoy nice company. Everybody in there was always nice and friendly and didn't seem as judgmental as some of the private clubs around here.

Now what we have to look at as we enter town is another faceless corporate corridor with no style, soul or character. Now it looks just like any other "golden mile" around here.
By the way, how does our "golden mile" look from your home in Edinburg, Bob?

Daniel Payne
430 E. Fairchild Drive
March 7, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


In 2003 when Bad Water Bill's BBQ Barn was burned down by an arsonist, I was the owner of that establishment. The building in which Bad Water Bill's was in, was not an eyesore. The building was a previous restaurant, where people would gather and catch up on the town gossip, just like at Bad Water Bill's. Other buildings in and around town were in disarray and in need of repair.

I think what Bob Wooten wrote in this column (Feb. 27 issue) is sending our children the wrong message of right and wrong. In my opinion and in most, burning someone's place of business or home is wrong for whatever reason.

In the past Bad Water Bill's has held fundraiser events such as Toys for Tots, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and for the Evans Home, just to name a few. We also held children's birthday parties, bridal showers and wedding receptions. The Strasburg Library held luncheons and every year Bad Water Bill's would donate barbecue for the spring cleanup.

Bad Water Bill's had regular visitors from Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland who came to the Strasburg area, which also brought business to our local merchants. That's called revenue.

In 2001, the Strasburg Chamber of Commerce awarded Bad Water Bill's a plaque for the best-appearing float in the Mayfest parade. It's a little charred now.

I'm sure more people would support my opinion over yours. Some of Strasburg's residents that you want support from were regular patrons of Bad Water Bill's BBQ Barn on a regular basis.

To get to my point, it wasn't just a bar or a place to get a good meal, it was part of the community. It was part of Strasburg. Where I still call home.

Mary Fisher
200 E. Queen St.
March 8, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Today, two more slaps in the face for gay people -- and for fairness. One was Kenton Gambill's letter (March 6, issue), and the other Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's ruling that Virginia universities could not protect sexual minorities from discrimination.

As Cuccinelli accurately stated, the General Assembly has never forbidden such discrimination. However, most major universities have. Under Cuccinelli's interpretation, Socrates and Plato couldn't safely hold philosophy positions at our state colleges.

Gambill gives us the beliefs behind Cuccinelli's legal maneuver. They are not only weak and unfair, but they distort Scripture.

In Gambill's supposedly Christian argument, strangely Jesus goes completely unmentioned. Jesus obviously knew of homosexuality, yet never spoke one word Gambill can use. In fact, Jesus required us to forgive the greater sexual sin of adultery, which violates a commandment.

When talking about supposedly divine laws, Gambill provides justifications for them, such as fear of spreading diseases or the inability to reproduce. Interestingly, these are all evolution-related arguments from scientists of the last century, not found in the Bible.

Gambill might revisit the Book of Job and consider how ill-equipped humans are to grasp God's reasoning. He also might want to consider Jesus' likely response to those in power depriving defenseless people of their livelihoods, just because of their cultural prejudices.

Unlike GambilI, I don't claim to know God's thinking processes. But we all have a sense of the values Jesus embodied. No matter how loudly they might proclaim their piety, in this matter, neither Cuccinelli not Gambill reflect those values.

Larry Yates
678 Berryville Ave.
March 6, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


For the past two articles, Chris Fordney has used what I think is demeaning language.
In his article concerning dog waste (March 1 issue), he used the word "wussie" and today he uses "bimbo" (March 8 issue). Both of these words demean.

I think the Daily owes its readers better use of our language. To question someone's macho because he or she cleans up after pets is mean-spirited. Then today in his article about bombers during World War II, he refers to Sara Palin as a "bimbo."

This type of language is sexist and uncalled for. Language expresses thoughts, and your readers deserve clear thinking. The use of such degrading words is uncalled for, and I expect more from your paper.

Roger Barbee
287 Old Bethel Road
March 9, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Let's have a cup of coffee. It seems the tea ain't workin'.

No more than anyone else do I relish the idea of increased taxes. I have been chronically unemployed for more than two years. Thanks to my overpaid teaching wife, and a lot of trimming of our personal budget and activities, barring any catastrophic events, thankfully we've been able to keep afloat.

It appears that Shenandoah County will have to raise real estate taxes to continue to overpay our educators, police, fire and rescue and provide the myriad other services we rely upon.

Well, that's OK by me. These professionals have families to support. The schools have taken drastic measures over the past couple years to reduce housekeeping costs and should be commended, not condemned, for these moves.

During this hard winter although my driveway end was pushed closed by the highway clearers, I didn't have to open the 150-foot frontage of Route 11 passing my house. Thanks to those taxes I pay. I also didn't have to spend many cold hours untangling traffic on I-81 and Route 11 when stupid people did stupid things during those storms. Thanks to those taxes for paying our police, fire and rescue to do that. Golly gee, there are a lot of things that I don't have to provide for myself, thanks to those taxes.

As a former business owner, I had to crunch numbers and cut costs and increase prices to survive successfully. Fearing that it would cost me customers, I agonized when my only option was to increase prices. Anyone who has ever been forced to choose between keeping good loyal employees, and charging more for product or service offered knows that feeling.

It's the same for taxpayers. It is not an easy task. So, tea drinkers, please tighten your belts, offer constructive views to decision makers on how to cut costs and save money. Be grateful when the police respond to your needs, the schools graduate your children and roads are passable.

Direct your energy at the medical insurance industry. That's another cup of tea, though.

Spencer McIntosh
13070 Old Valley Pike
March 9, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


G.K. Chesterton said, "Good is good if nobody does it. Evil is evil if everybody does it."
Freedom and peace come from choosing good. Choosing evil makes us a slave to that evil and conflicts our minds, so there is no peace. To have freedom and peace, an acceptance of universal, unchanging moral values that prohibit intrinsic evil without exception is necessary. Truth is not a matter of opinion.

Today people are not trained to think clearly, causing the tremendous confusion existing in our society. Confusion is undermining America's once-strong moral values.

Roman Catholics, given the fullness of faith by God, should understand this. But our society has brainwashed young and old by rationalizing away objective truth. So many now accept moral relativism. It takes spiritual strength and courage to overcome the selfish egotism of the "I want it my way" society.

Many non-Catholics who struggle to overcome this brainwashing and are sorry when they offend God are far more likely to get to heaven than disobedient Catholics. But even such Catholics who reject God's gifts can be forgiven if they are sorry.

In "Splendor of Truth" the pope, whose job it is to save souls, calls all to reject modern relativism. He teaches that only a strong moral foundation can save a person, a nation and a world.

Americans, reject national bankruptcy (spending personally and nationally more than can be earned), reject the culture of death, assisted suicide and the killing of innocent defenseless babies (abortion) and old people (euthanasia). Reject sexual perversion, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, same-sex marriage. Speak out for the truth.
God will forgive us if we are sorry. Let's be Nineveh -- not Sodom and Gomorrah.

20 Gloucester Road
Front Royal
March 5, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


This June I will have served the residents of the town of Woodstock and Shenandoah County for 19 years. It has been an honor and privilege to do so and I thank my fellow residents for your support.

The town of Woodstock and Shenandoah County in general are a wonderful place to live, work, worship and raise a family. There are many capable people in our community who have so much to give and contribute and I think it's time for them to step forward. I encourage the residents of our community to give them your support as you have given me over the years.

It is not enough for us to sign petitions or vote, which I hope everyone who values our lifestyle will do, but we have an obligation to participate in the governing process by stepping forward and offering our opinions and suggestions so as to influence decisions before they are made. That opportunity has always been available as anyone who has availed himself can attest.

Those whom we select must not only honor the past, they must do their best to represent the views of a cross-section of our community and have a vision and plan for our community for many years to come.

Learn to know the candidates and their positions, not solely by what you read in newspapers or in their brochures, but avail yourself of opportunities to talk to them either at your door or at candidate forums.

We have a number of capable candidates who are stepping forward to continue the work of councils past and present and I am impressed by their willingness to serve and I offer them my support as a fellow citizen in our community.

Bill Pence
Mary Pence
525 Washington St.

Northern Virginia Daily


Robert Lowerre (letter, Feb. 20 issue) is living in the past, blaming George Bush for everything that goes wrong.

With the candidate the Democrats put in the White House, I would think he would stop spouting his Democratic wisdom.

232 Walter Lane
Fort Valley
March 8, 2010


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