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Unflappable no more

President Obama shed his customary unflappability Friday to decry the "ridiculous spectacle" of industry executives trying to evade their responsibility for the expanding Gulf oil spill.

The president's frustration reflects the failure to stanch the gushing oil three weeks after the rig exploded and the growing prospect of severe environmental and economic damage to the Gulf of Mexico and the states that border it.

While Obama criticized BP, Transocean, which operated the rig, and Halliburton, which poured cement at the site, he also denounced the "cozy relationship" between oil companies and the federal Minerals Management Service, which dispenses drilling leases and collects the revenue from them and is also supposed to regulate the operations.

But the agency routinely allowed drilling without having companies get required permits from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which assesses environmental risks. It also routinely overruled its staff biologists and engineers who raised concerns about safety and environmental impacts.

While the Bush administration's lax approach to industry regulation was well-known, the Minerals Management Service has, since Obama took office, approved at last three big lease sales, 103 seismic blasting projects and 346 drilling plans without getting required permits.

The president's ire at the Gulf oil mess is well justified. He has an obligation to remedy the problem -- to see that the leak is plugged, ameliorate the environmental damage and the economic dislocation to coastal residents and make the negligent industries foot the bill -- and impose policies to forestall a repeat of this disaster.

But in holding all involved to account, Obama must also include his administration, which for too long continued that same "cozy relationship."


    Obama is a joke and has done nothing to help in this situation. He gets flustered all the time, pouting and blaming everyone else...well, it's time for him to step up to the plate and take some responsibility. He needs to learn that being president of the United States is more than running around blaming us for all the problems in the world, acting like a King rather than a president, giving the same speeches over and over again, and man up. He almost took some responsibility for this in his speech last week (3 weeks too late) but then as always added the caveat "previous administration" or "inherited". I bet at the end of his four years as president he will still be blaming the Bush white house and republicans for his disasterous record.


    The local Tin Foil Hat Right-Wing Noise Machine is in 'Headless Chicken Mode" grasping at the same old blame game still trying to blame the President for problems created by the 8 year rule of the white Bush monarchy.

    The virtually all-white Tea Bagger movement continues to prove they are louder than they are big and as racist as the Nazi's they accuse everyone of being. Did you know the Republicans haven’t had a single African-American in the Senate or the House since 2003 and have had only three in total since 1935? T

    The Tea Bag Tin Foil Hat's fearful anxieties about a rapidly changing America are well-grounded as Blowhard Beck warns us the Census race questions are an attempt to increase white slavery because whites are about to become a minority for the first time.

    Let us save ourselves and move to Utah.

    In reply to Whooppee....why don't you be the first to "save yourself and move to Utah", Mr. P. I doubt that you would be missed. If you need help getting packed just leave a message here.

    Au contraire! I for one would indeed miss Whooppee's counter to Ms. Bishop's opine! Any time you have one opinion, there will most always be an opposing opinion. When one opinion is outrageous you can rely on the counter opinion to be a bit more outrageous. At the very least, it is entertaining.

    One thing though, in reading your response to Whooppee, your response seemed eerily similar verbatim to Ms. Bishop and how she would respond to Whooppee herself. Is this perhaps another alias? Just asking...

    Tstar, I was going to stay out of this...I've decided that answering whooppee's many hate mongering lies does no good. I do not know who pinky is, but it is not me. It must disturb you lot that there are more people out there like me...oooohhhhh scary.

    I agree with you about tit-for-tat. It's good to have debate, but what whooppee put out there this time had nothing to do with debate or intellegence. It was just hate, hate, hate...something he/she excels at.

    Love the Queen!

    Oh boy....a food fight.

    Just when we think it couldn't get any more unfortunate for the Tea Bagger Party not being able to get their act together, up jumps the devil with a new sideshow to offer for our commenting pleasure. Thank you Jesus, and Allah, and Buddha, and Confucius.

    The Tin Foil Hats finally have their first, and to date only, election winner. He won his party nomination to run for the Senate. He is a shining example of racism coupled with antiquated Libertarian social positions. The far right-wing Tin Foil Hats love him. The far left-wing Ding-Bats also love him, but for very different reasons.

    Put your hands together, let's hear it for the one, the only, Rand Paul.

    I predict this man will set his own hair on fire as he shoots himself in both feet after enjoying multiple tastes of shoe leather. Smart politicians learn and practice the lessons of hole digging and circular firing squads: know when to stop digging and when to stop reloading.

    Rand Paul can not change his spots. He has a new shovel, plenty of ammo, listens to Rush Limberger, and has observed a Sara Palin sitting at the end of every bar speaking to his infinite wisdom via a dumb ol' Bush.

    Mr. Paul epitomizes the politically treacherous Tin Foil Hats who are functioning, as pointed out in the above post, in the Headless Chicken Mode, practiced locally by an ego convinced the world breathlessly awaits their every pronouncement on every topic, no matter how mundane or esoteric.

    Wisdom is not a prerequisite for keyboard operation. When logic fails, a fun-house mirror and box of cigars are helpful making a point.

    What could we possibly do with ourselves if this source of everyday local guidance disappeared?

    Uh, enjoy some peace and quiet? Accept offers of help moving to Utah?

    We can only hope our sinners prayers will be answered.

    "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you." --Carly Simon

    Hmmmm.....Rand Paul--didn't he just say that Obama is being too hard on BP?

    Just curious to know how Rand Paul got brought up in this conversation?

    Is Wacko saying we should just stick with the "status quo" and keep voting Republican and Democrat? Is there no room for someone outside of the parties? Things will never change unless people make different decisions. I don't know much about Rand Paul, but I do know that he'll at least try and bring some fiscal discipline to the capitol...I say good riddance to the status quo of Democrats and Republicans...

    ...Let the name calling begin.

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