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Northern Virginia Daily


Christian leaders across America are calling for 40 days of prayer to seek God's forgiveness and healing for America, beginning Sept. 1.

Let us join thousands of others across our nation in a time of focused prayer, asking God to grant forgiveness, mercy and revival to America.

Knowing that he will hear and heal when his people humble themselves, repent and pray, let us seek him daily in behalf of our land, asking the God of heaven to restore us to righteousness and grant his favor and mercy once more. And let's not stop at 40 days.

2686 Ridgeley Road
Aug. 31, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


One must wonder, at the perspicacity of those who take their pay for reporting and deem the Lincoln Memorial, totally unique, multitudinous, gathering for dedication to our country's future, worthy of a second section, page 4 notice in which nothing that went on was reported.

Clients and readers of the Northern Virginia Daily are left to wonder. Hundreds of thousands of countrymen showed up. Photos can't tell. The oak trees hid 30 to 40 feet of shoulder-to-shoulder ranks along both sides of the pool. Gravely wounded warriors spoke and what did they tell their countrymen about honor, service? How lives altered for them as they fought to ensure ours. Some didn't return. Their children need our care. Three, whose lives have long demonstrated faith, hope and charity were especially honored. Ordinary people of great value. Who are they? Why did they act? Gen. George Washington said our liberty was secured "by numbers infinitely less, composed of Men oftentimes half starved; always in Rags, without pay, and experiencing, at times, every species of distress which human nature is capable of undergoing." That's how we got here. That's 8/28/2010's message. Each one who was there heard a challenge.

Patricia Botts
555 Oaktree Road
Fort Valley
Aug. 31, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Over the years the Shenandoah County Fair has priced itself right out of the average man's pocket. Pay to get in. Pay to ride. Pay to see shows. With the economy like it is you would think they would give us a break.

When I was a kid, the neighbors took all the kids on the block and their "seven" kids. Now a family of four can't afford it. For years my friend, Bob, and I have gone on Wednesday early so we could at least enjoy some of the good food. The last couple years we had to pay and then they pay us back when we leave. Come on people, who sneaks in the fair at 11 in the morning, not to mention it's 90 degrees outside.

Today we get turned away because lunch doesn't start until 11:30. Who came up with this brainstorm? Do the food venders know this? Not only do I not get lunch, I don't get my barbecue I was going to have for dinner this evening. What's next, no hoagies?

Jay Sperry
5923 Gospel St.
Mt. Jackson
Sept. 1, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Is President Obama a Muslim by personal conviction? It may seem so. He has bowed to the Saudi king. He has supported the mosque in New York. He snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu.

But President Obama does not share important beliefs of militant Muslims. They believe that a testimony of a woman is valued as less than that of a man. Rape is almost impossible to prove under traditional Islamic law. Many Islamic scholars condone a family member's killing a child born Muslim who has abandoned Islam or who dates non-Muslims. President Obama has expressed his deep-seated contempt for traditional Americans. At a San Francisco fundraiser he characterized them as bitter and clinging to their guns and their religion. President Obama has no use for anyone who believes that the Bible is God's word or for anyone who worships Jesus Christ. He believes government must control the economy no matter how much it costs. This common thread is behind his health care, energy, banking and other policies. He wants to raise taxes.
President Obama has much in common with socialist governments: virulent secularism, government control, crushing taxes and heavy government manipulation of the economy and media.

President Obama is a hard-line socialist who allies for convenience with Muslims in order to destroy residual Biblical and Judeo-Christian influence everywhere. If we value freedom or traditional morality that has served America well, we must checkmate our president at the polls and through other lawful means.

147 Stony Pointe Way
Sept. 3, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Contrary to a lot of people, I think President Obama is doing a good job. In spite of the total opposition from Republicans, the griping of the Tea Party members, and the prejudice toward him, he has fulfilled many of his campaign promises.

He saved us from a Great Depression by bailing out the failing banks and car companies. He also gave stimulus money to the states for education and other needs.
He passed a health-care bill, which provides 34 million of our citizens with health care, and he passed a bill regulating the financial industry.

He has made friends with all our allies again after the failure of President Bush, who could not communicate or negotiate with people. President Obama has proven to be a good diplomat and knows how to deal with world leaders.

He has improved our relations with so many countries just with his presence and intelligence.

He is winding down the war in Iraq by leaving only 50,000 troops there and promises to remove them all by next year (another of his campaign promises).

I have much sympathy for people who have lost theirs jobs and their homes.
But President Obama is working on that. He would be able to help all of those people if President Bush had not spent $3 trillion on the Iraq war and lowered the taxes of the very wealthy.

The Tea Party people are wrong. They are totally against the government and against the president. They want to get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and repeal the new health insurance bill. They believe all the lies of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. They don't realize that these three people are only working for their own agenda of self-promotion.

It's true that President Obama still has many problems to solve. But all in all, I think he has done well, and I hope the voters this fall will remember that and vote Democratic.

Dorothy Lowerre
403 Spring Hollow Road
Sept. 5, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I know both Tim Ratigan and Tom Sayre very well.

I have found Mr. Sayre to be a very honest and trustworthy man.

As for Mr. Ratigan, I have this advice: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Scott Lavey
1531 Gooney Manor Loop
Sept. 13, 2010


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