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Northern Virginia Daily


Your article in the Lifestyle/Valley Scene section on Sept. 16 about a bookstore on Main Street in Front Royal contained some misleading statements.

"Yulish said the area did offer some used book stores, but no place for new books." All of the big-box general stores, drugstores, grocery stores and Royal Oak Bookshop sell new books.

"He doesn't want to duplicate what other businesses are doing, he explained, but does want to offer items not previously available without leaving Front Royal. Bestsellers are among them, along with Civil War and 'The South' ...."

The Warren Heritage Society gift shop carries an excellent selection of historical books on the area. The sale of these is a source of revenue for the society.

Royal Oak Bookshop, which has been in the same location on South Royal Avenue for 35 years, has always carried a selection of bestsellers from The New York Times and The Washington Post. Royal Oak also has an extensive selection of new and used books on Virginia and on the Civil War.

I have made a point of purchasing Virginia-made products and works of local artisans. I checked out those offered by Mr. Yulish and found nothing that I haven't been able to purchase in Front Royal shops or at the Apple House.

Nan Hathaway
107 Virginia Ave.
Front Royal
Sept. 17, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I don't know if you've seen or heard any of the "George Bush reputation rehabilitation tour." You know the one I mean -- the one that tries to make you forget that the last administration's record from 2000 through 2008 included the worst economic performance since Herbert Hoover's presidency.

We need to vote this November to make sure that anyone who doesn't have the guts to roll back Bush's pump-up-the-bankers policies doesn't make it into office.

Most of us who have been voting over the past 10 years know what it's like to go to the polls with the economy and jobs on our minds. So it's refreshing to read Barry Ritholtz, author of the book "Bailout Nation." In his own words, the writing of this book gave him "... a new cause -- exposing those who caused this mess, be they Democrat or Republican, corporate CEO or derivatives trader."

In a July 27 posting online titled "The U.S. Economy's Lost Decade" he lays out the gut-wrenching facts we are all living. The numbers are shocking. The economy had zero job growth during the Bush years and average household net worth dropped by 4 percent.
Take a look and then think about who you want representing us in Congress -- Frank Wolf who was the head-honcho, the chair of the subcommittee overseeing the SEC during the fiascoes of 2000-2008 and who voted against regulating Wall-Streeter-extortionists demanding a bailout?

Or would you rather see a plain-talking career military retired veteran who wants to protect us? Jeff Barnett is strongly in favor of regulating Wall Street extortionists as well as rubber-meets-the-road tools like pay-as-you-go rules to cut the national debt. He and his entire family (wife and both daughters) have served this country.

Jeff Barnett knows what we need to keep our country safe. He is the best candidate and we should send him to Congress this year.

Rama Katz
304 Union View Lane
Sept. 20, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Most folks consider themselves conservative. We live by the middle-class values of hard work, responsibility and righteous living. But political conservatism is no friend of middle-class values.

When I think of our Congressman Frank Wolf in relation to hard work and responsibility, I see a politician who "kicks the can down the road." Captain Obvious sees a problem, then forms a study group. He saves the work for other folks and the credit for himself.

Moreover, Wolf shuns responsibility unless the questions are "pre-screened." Before the last election, I queried his financial "borrow-and-spend" policy that Republicans worked into an art form during the last administration. Wolf immediately attacked Chris Dodd and Barney Frank as if to say, "I was bad, but they were worse." Many would question the truthfulness of even this anemic claim.

The middle class saw their incomes flat-line over the last decade. Only the upper 2 percent saw increases when the Republicans were in charge. The president is willing to speed a middle-class tax cut if the GOP will let the Bush high-income cuts expire. They refuse.

Conservatives have legislation for privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Many people feel the word "privatization" is political code for "crony capitalism." I see Wall Street feverishly awaiting access to the Social Security fund.

I also remember my private health carrier bringing my wife to tears as she tried to resolve her medical issues. Don't make her take a government insurance voucher to Cigna for a rerun. Insurance companies increase profits by "rationing services."

President Bush was joking when he described his constituency as "the haves and the have mores," but the intervening years proved him painfully accurate. We learned that hard work, responsibility and honesty are not a currency that buys the loyalty of Republican politicians.

Political conservatism is no friend of middle-class values. It is a sickness of the heart and the spirit, threatening the middle class with economic servitude. And Frank Wolf is its representative in the Virginia 10th.

Stephen Kish
219 Longcroft Road
Sept. 21, 2010


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