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Letters to the Editor

Northern Virginia Daily


In response to the letter of Charon Baldwin (Oct. 15 issue), I have read most of the letters pertaining to the president long before the election. Some are far left and others to the right. Charon's was simple and factual. Finally someone with some common sense.

You may disagree, but most wealthy people didn't get to that position in life by sitting on their rear. I said most of them.

The business owners of America are the backbone of this country. The wealthy provide us with employment. If taxes and regulations become more stringent than they currently are, businesses that are borderline of survival will close their doors. More jobs lost, which will cost taxpayers to provide for them.

I have no extensive education, so I would like someone to answer this question for me. If a person works 12-plus hours a day seven days a week for 20 years or more and now earns more than $250,000 per year, what right does the government have to raise taxes on him and use it to feed, house and provide health care to someone too lazy to even look for a job, much less take one on?

One of the many problems in this country cannot be blamed on any one president. It is the financial greed of the man who doesn't want to work and earn his place in America. They steal if possible or expect the government to send them a welfare check. The social programs in this country are abused by more than 75 percent.

I have never stood in an unemployment line or received a penny of any social help. If I can do it, so can every other able-bodied person. I have worked every day doing something, whether I liked it or not. I have paid thousands in taxes and will always do so to support our military and schools. It would be nice to be sure the money went where we wanted it to.

What happened to the man who had pride to do for himself? Where is your backbone?

1056 Harrisville Road
Toms Brook
Oct. 26, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I am writing to express my support for Rep. Frank Wolf of the 10th District of Virginia in the upcoming election. Wolf has been a strong servant to the commonwealth of Virginia, especially to his constituents in the 10th District.

In a city where most leaders are tempted by special interests in exchange for lucrative gains of various sorts, Wolf has stuck to his principles and core beliefs. Wolf has not given in to outside interests that would be contrary to his constituents or ideals. He is a servant to the people of the 10th District, not a servant to special interest groups who would want to turn him into a puppet.

Many projects in Northern Virginia have come to be because of Wolf. With the large expansion of population in Northern Virginia, Wolf has played a crucial role for the improvement of transportation infrastructure. We can see the evidence of this in the building of the Metro Silver Line. When this project is completed, highways will see less congestion, people will forget the need for parking in Washington and tourists will have an easier time getting around. This is just one of countless examples where a major domestic project in Northern Virginia resulted from Wolf's work.

He has been a tireless worker, not just for Virginians, but for those with no voice. Wolf has fought tirelessly for human rights around the globe. Part of the evidence of this is his being co-chairman of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, a congressional commission designed to help in the struggle for human rights around the world in the face of oppressive and brutal regimes. He has not given up in making sure that people all over the world do not have to face oppression due to their race, religious beliefs or political affiliations.

These are just a couple of the countless reasons why Frank Wolf should be re-elected to the House of Representatives for the 10th District of Virginia.

Jack Heretik
620 Michigan Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C.
Oct. 28, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


If this is an election about throwing out the incumbents, Frank Wolf should be no exception. With 30 years in Congress, he is very much part of the broken system.

Taking millions of dollars during his career from lobbyists for big business, he consistently votes for their interests, as opposed to the well-being of the middle class. Thus he votes to give tax breaks to companies that outsource American jobs to foreign countries, as well as tax breaks to oil and gas companies, while approving budgets that have seen our debt grow from $1 trillion to $13 trillion.

Some voters support him because of the good projects and services he has brought to our district. But that's what any congressman does. When you vote for Wolf, especially this year, you are voting for the most extreme, reactionary elements of the Tea Party/Republican Party.

Frank occasionally works for sensible things, but he votes in lockstep with his party. I don't want the Energy Committee chaired by someone who thinks we should apologize to BP. I don't want the Judiciary Committee run by impeachment-driven partisans. I don't want Social Security and Medicare done away with, nor have safety and environmental regulations relaxed. The Tea Party Republicans want to "take our county back" all right -- back to the 1850s.

Jeff Barnett is the new choice for Congress. A retired Air Force colonel, with subsequent experience in business, he has the knowledge and ability to help small businesses create more jobs. He will crack down on irresponsible Wall Street behavior, stop policies that reward outsourcing and impose fiscal discipline in Washington.

He knows America has to be a leader in the new energy economy and that by helping local businesses innovate and invest, we can compete globally while creating good local jobs.

On Nov. 2, vote Barnett for a new congressman, one who is committed to improving the lives of everyday working men and women.

Eric Olson
1571 Blue Mountain Road
Front Royal
Oct. 27, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Americans have finally awoken. They know the centrist talk of the 2008 campaign was mere snake oil and lies to cover up Obama's statist/Marxist beliefs.

I spent nine years in the Marine Corps, standing up to the very things that seem to be infiltrating our way of life as a free country: communism, statism and radical socialism/progressivism.

Does anyone remember the almost 50-year Cold War and why it happened? Does anyone remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and its significance? Is anyone even taught these things any more? Yet here we have in our very midst, these types of groups and people trying to spread their poisonous ideology. They used to hide in darkness; now they dare the light of day.

If you think this is hyperbole, research Barack Obama and the people around him. Proof is in the rally Oct. 2 in Washington, sponsored by Organizing for America, an Obama-founded organization and an organizing project of the DNC.

Who is hiding behind the Democratic Party and the unions that helped to organize that rally? A partial list: Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, Ya Ya Network, Color of Change and many others. Take the time to research these groups. They were official endorsers. They hide behind and are commingling with the Democratic Party and AFSCME, CWA and the UAW, among others.

I was a member of CWA for more than 20 years and know most of the rank and file do not subscribe to these communist and socialist doctrines. Is this the kind of transformation Americans bargained for, the destruction of our republic?

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of my parents and John F. Kennedy. Most people don't know their party or union has been hijacked. Do Americans really want to be associated with such Marxist/progressive groups?

I leave you these words from Abraham Lincoln: "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Please, think critically, logically with common sense. Vote Nov. 2.

Joe Hess
HC 71 Box 144H
Augusta, W.Va.
Oct. 26, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Just because you live on the side of a mountain does not make it your right to allow your dogs to run free. I just don't understand why people don't understand this.

My dog has now been attacked by the same neighbor dog four times. These attacks have been unprovoked, as my dog was in our yard and not even aware the other dog was out and "loose."

Animal control officers have been called out three times and there still has been no citation written or action taken to ensure that this dog is controlled.

I'm scared to think what needs to happen before action is taken to stop these nuisance dog attacks. Does it take my 2-year old grandson's playing in the yard to be attacked before action is taken?

JoAnn Potter
363 Bragg Drive
Front Royal
Oct. 27, 2010


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