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Here it is, gun owners. SB 2099 requires that you put guns that you have or own on your 2009 1040 tax return. It will require fingerprints and a $50 tax on each gun. This is an amendment to the Internal Revenue Act of 1986. This means that the Finance Committee has passed it without the Senate's voting on it.

Even more trouble lies in Blair Holt's Firearms Licensing and Record of Sales Act or H.R. 45. Go to Google and look up HR 45, Blair Holt's Firearms Licensing and Record of Sales Act, to get the details.

If you like to hunt, collect guns or just enjoy your constitutional right to bear arms, you had better look this up and do something. Contact your congressman and demand your voice be heard.

These politicians work for us. They are not freelancers who do whatever they please. We can and will have to hold these people accountable to "we, the people" in order for things to change.

Don't worry about your party affiliation. Worry about your rights as an American. Join the Tea Party movement, call your congressman, vote for an Independent.
Do something. Change only occurs when you do something different from what you have been doing.

Hugh B. Sager
993 Jadwyn Road
Sept. 21, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Recently my letter was published in the Page News and Courier, but somehow I fee all of the Shenandoah Valley should help be a part of this special day.

Our economy is based on the beauty of the Valley and the war that was fought here. Isn't it time we shared with our servicemen and women and all veterans the wonderful feeling of the Shenandoah Valley?

I read an article in the Daily regarding West Virginia and what was planned for all those who are serving in the military and veterans -- one free night in a multiple bed and breakfast or for owners of multiple cabins. What a great way to show appreciation for what all these men and women have done for us.

I am not an owner of either a B&B or cabins and I realize it is an expense to give one night free to these fine Americans, but what a feeling you would get in return. Not only are you giving them something to remember, but think of the business it may lead to in the future.

Shawn Trego
822 Overlook Drive
Oct. 8, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


An older gentleman and his great-grandson are taking a ride to spend time together.

"Where are we going today, Grandpa"?

"Just for a little ride and spend time talking."

"Can we go to Front Royal and have lunch again, Grandpa? I like to walk up and down the street and look at all the neat stuff for sale. Remember that neat gift we bought Grandma. She really liked that," the little tike said.

About two hours later the happy twosome are on Route 55 headed west. "Where are we going now, Grandpa?"

"I want to show you where your grandpa and father lived."

"Grandpa, you are really quiet. Is something wrong? Grandpa, are you crying? It's OK to cry, you know."

"Well, you see there used to be a town called Strasburg, but it slowly disappeared."
"What happened, Grandpa?"

"There was a group of people called the Town Council who were running the town and made it really hard to do business, so a lot of people had to leave. First, they told people they could not put out signs to tell people what they had for sale, then they wouldn't let people put their neat stuff along the street."

"That's so sad, Grandpa."

"One really sad story is about a lady who worked real hard and called her place 'Kids Come First.'"

"That sounds like a real neat place to buy things, Grandpa."

"Yes, but you see, she had to leave because nobody could see what she had, so now she and a lot of little places are gone. We had a place to buy car parts, pretty flowers and lumber. Your grandfather fixed cars and had some neat friends who sold real estate, but they had to move to other places."

"Why did the Town Council do that, Grandpa?"

"Don't know, son. Guess they didn't know anything about business."

"That is really sad, Grandpa."

Sound like a fairy tale? Maybe not.

3094 Oranda Road
Oct. 7, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Tea Party? Let's have a "real tea party" on Nov. 2 by ousting all 435 House members and at least one-third of the Senate members, then dumping all 468 of them into the Boston harbor.

Ousting at least 468 of the 535 incumbent congressional members will clean out at least 88 percent of the political corruption that occurs daily among congressional members that is destroying America. Do the math, folks.

I like the idea of electing nearly nine out of 10 new congressional members, but this can occur only if everyone votes anti-incumbent.

Incumbency creates corruption but "we, the voters" can eliminate most corruption by ousting every incumbent. Then no matter what your party affiliation is or what your incumbent House or Senate member's party affiliation is, vote him out of office.

This is a seriously important midterm congressional election because America's very future is at stake and I'd prefer facing the next two years with Congress' consisting of 88 percent new members.

This is not about Democrats and Republicans; it's about ousting incumbents, no matter their political party. Are you reading this, Bob Goodlatte?

Here's one vote to oust you from your House seat because you're an incumbent and therefore part of the problem of Congress' betraying the American people.
I urge everyone to vote anti-incumbent on Nov. 2.

101 Perry Trailer Park Road
Mt. Jackson
Oct. 6, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


As I rode through Woodstock on Wednesday, Sept. 22, I saw the house at 201 N. Main St. being torn down. I thought to myself, I wonder if it will be in the paper about this "historical" house being demolished?

So the next day I purchased a paper and opened it. To my surprise, here it was. Instead of reading about the historical information about this house, the main article was about Timmy Shoemaker and the years he received for being involved in the "meth ring."

His family didn't need to be reminded of that. They all sat in the courtroom two years ago and heard all about it. He received the longest sentence and was used to set an "example" because he had a record.

The one thing that baffles me is that one person didn't get much time at all and had more involvement than Shoemaker and amazingly his papers and evidence came up missing. I guess Shoemaker didn't pay his lawyer enough to lose his papers.

You get less for murder than you do making meth. Both are bad by all means, but where's the justice?

2316 Liberty Furnace Road
Oct. 7, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I think this article that was published (Sept. 23 issue) is ridiculous. Instead of writing about the "historical" information, you wasted a tree and published "old" news that everyone around this tight-knit community already knew about.

The story labels our home as this big meth house. And frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing about it. But the paper always brings up about that one day our life fell apart. And do you know that our children and other family members read this same paper as well? And because you heartless reporters chose to recap this tragedy, I am forced to explain to my children over and over again about the situation from two years ago.

All I want is for them to try and put it in their past. But we can't because of useless garbage being printed.

Also another family occupied that home after we did, so I just hysterically laughed about the comment, "The decision to demolish the home had nothing to do with the fact that Jimmy Ray Shoemaker Jr. had lived there."

I mean, come on, why don't we hear of the other members of this "meth ring"? Like the ones who involved children and so forth? And especially the ones who had more involvement. That's right all there. "Evidence" came up missing and right now they are walking freely among this country.

1017 Prim Rose Lane
Oct. 7, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Given the likelihood that the Bush tax cuts will be extended, what would you do if you inherited a million dollars today?

(A) Pay off debts.
(B) Start a new business.
(C) Buy stocks or bonds.
(D) Put it in the bank.
(E) Invest it in real estate.
(F) Other.
Answer: ___

So, how many jobs would you have created? Be honest.

Maybe your answer explains why tax cuts don't create jobs.

During President Clinton's eight years in office without the benefit of the Bush tax cuts, 23 million jobs were created. During President Bush's eight years in office with the advantage of his vaunted tax cuts, only 3 million jobs were created.

And unless you expected President Obama to walk on water, you should credit Bush with the 2 million jobs lost during Obama's first three months in office, leaving Bush and his tax cuts with by far the worst record on job creation in recent memory.

The Republicans promise even more tax cuts, especially for the wealthy. But tax cuts don't create jobs. However, they do create budget deficits.

Vote Democratic. Vote for Jeff Barnett for Congress.

Waller H. Wilson
297 Hickerson Hollow Road
Front Royal
Oct. 10, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


In response to Bob Lowerre (letter, Oct. 9 issue), my husband is a non-union carpenter who has worked hard all his life and he has never been employed by a poor person. His salary also made it possible for me to stay home with our children.

While he worked last year with part of a large crew, we hired a painter for our house. As I watched him work, I realized that my husband and the guys he worked with and the painter at our house and countless others were employed because that one rich person had the resources to build a house.

As much as the liberals whine about rich people, they help to drive the economy. Poor people do not drive the economy. They take resources. They do not give back.

Let the rich people hire, let the middle class work and let the poor work. The poor are lifted through work -- not through welfare.

Charon Baldwin
65 Hunter Lane
Oct. 10, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


With our continued high unemployment rate of 9.6 percent and our stagnant and stalled economy, our liberal-minded Congress and the Obama administration continue to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Our economy is weak, unemployment is high and Congress and the Obama administration are on the verge of letting the much-needed Bush tax cuts expire.

When these Bush tax cuts expire, our income tax will rise by 10 percent or more for every tax bracket. Likewise, the capital gains taxes will also rise by one-third and the top rate on dividend taxes will triple.

These uncalled-for tax increases will have a devastating effect on our economy. When will these liberal Democrats in Congress finally understand that raising taxes in the middle of a recession is nothing but a recipe for disaster?

The Obama administration and the liberals in Congress just don't get it.

Expect major market decline this year when Investors sell their stocks and bonds to lock in profits at lower rates in 2010.

The Obama administration stimulus has thus far been failure. These are not the changes we were looking for. Time to make some changes in November and send these liberals in Congress home.

This is the change this country needs now. We, the voters, need to make and affect some changes at the polls in November.

12609 Farnell Drive
Silver Spring, Md.

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    Gun registration has ALWAYS led to gun confiscation. Doesn't anyone remember during the flood in New Orleans? What was one of the first thing the government did? Confiscate legally owned guns!

    I certainly hope Senator Webb will vote against this gross, misuse of the IRS, as he has been pretty good on gun rights. Who knows about Senator Warner.

    Regarding SB2099:

    Our 2009 tax returns have already been filed. The next tax returns to be filed will be 2010. Having said that, this is a prime example of how a rumor suddenly becomes truth because someone said it. No one bothers to verify this information. They just pass it along as the gospel truth.

    I repsectfully ask that you google the SB 2099 and you will see that it comes under the heading of "urban legends" meaning it is a rumor that is false being passed along as a truth! People are interested in facts and should research their sources before getting all riled over nothing.

    Now don't you guys just feel silly?

    Also the Blair Holt act has been sitting in committee for almost 2 years. It's not likely to come to a vote ever. That's not unusual. Lots of bills get introduced. Lots of bills die in committee. There must be more pressing issues to be concerned about other than urban legends and bills that are even up for a vote. Maybe paranoia wouldn't run so rampant if people did check out the facts before 'crying wolf'.

    Yes, please do Google this. A message comes up, even from the NRA, that this is an utter hoax.

    Mr. Sager's letter to the editor about SB 2099 and the subsequent revelation that is a viral hoax on the web has really stuck with me. I feel that with the upcoming mid term elections and all elections in general, it is imperative for each one of us, no matter what party affiliation if any you have to actually research your candidates and base your vote on facts not viral myths and rumors.

    You owe it to yourself, your family, your neighbors and your country to cast a vote for candidates who may help America return to its' former glory and strength and get America back to work and on its' feet. The internet has a wealth of information to help you separate fact from fiction, but unfortunately it also has a wealth of twisted ideologies, hoaxs, and scams to disillusion you and lead you astray.

    Become a truth seeker! Become involved! Google what you have heard about a candidate and see if it is true first before passing the info along to others. In fact, google where the best source of reliable information may be for whatever it is you are looking for.

    Remember the game we played as children where we whisper a story to the person sitting next to us and that person whispers it to the next person and so on and so on until the last person has to stand up and quote the story that was passed along to them? A lot of times the original story is unrecognizable once it has been filtered through so many people. Same thing happens with adults and outlandish stories about this candiate or the other.

    Become an informed voter! It may take a lot of effort but aren't we worth the effort as a Nation? There's a lot at stake here and we can't afford to vote on emotion alone!

    I had already done my research on this Tstar. I checked it out last year and almost every year it comes out (and it does.) I know that SO FAR it is a rumor, however it is always good to fight the attacks on the 2nd amendment. This may not have come out of committee, but it has been proposed. It will continually be proposed in some form or another, that's just the way the progressives work. When it comes forward in any form I hope that our Senators will reject it.

    The reason people believe it is because they fear the progressives will eventually get their way...either through the back door of the IRS, Health care legislation, or the UN. Being a responsible voter also means looking behind the rumor to find the truth, and the truth is that the progressives are actively seeking to destroy the 2nd amendment.

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with them, and no, I do not feel at all silly! :)

    Why would the NV Daily publish a letter created around information so easily proven to be wrong? When did Rupert Murdoch purchase the NV Daily? Do the NV Daily editors drink the Glen Beck/FOX News flavored Kool-Aid?

    Regarding the SB 2099 myth:

    Weapons training emphasizes knowing the target before taking aim and pulling the trigger. It would appear this advice is appropriate to Wing Nut Tin Foil Hats whose fear mongering criticizes everything under the sun as some great nefarious government conspiracy to confiscate legal guns, throw citizens in chains, and take away rights. More disturbing is someone created the SB2099 falsehood knowing true believers would not question its truthfulness or accuracy.

    The Silly Tin Foil Hats have publicly enjoyed the taste of shoe leather..... again. Have another sip of fear mongering flavored Kool-Aid.

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