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Letters to the Editor

Northern Virginia Daily


Having worked in the emergency room department as a volunteer for more than 25 years, I'd like to comment on the possibility of charging for the rescue services (will a patient's insurance cover that cost?).

It's difficult enough for our residents with medical bills to pay on low-income salary or Social Security. Some people may have a real crisis and don't feel they can afford that kind of transportation. I've had personal experiences with the squad several times and they have been excellent.

I recently got a letter for a donation. Now, do I send that or hold it for times I may need the service of the squad?

I'm certainly not critical of the squad. I've seen their services and compassion.

I'd just like to see it explained a little further before approved. As a long-time volunteer I'd never think of receiving money for my work. I feel I'm serving God and country.

2335 Rittenour Road
Nov. 6, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


Abortion violates the Sixth Commandment, which says: "Thou shalt not kill."

Besides being morally wrong, look at the loss of natural resources in the aborted. So far, approximately 50 million babies have been killed. By now most of these people would have been married with families and would be working at jobs, contributing their time, talents, gifts and taxes to society. Maybe with all these people paying taxes, Social Security and our national debt would not be what it is.

In the judgment the lawmakers, the women's liberation movement and the doctors who perform these abortions will rue the day they participated in this movement.

A responsible society will protect the helpless infants, not kill them. Abortion is an easy way out from the responsibility of raising a child, especially when the government will pay for it. Just because something is legal does not automatically make it right.

God cannot be pleased with us as a nation for allowing abortions. Maybe this is one reason why we are having so many problems. When the laws of the land conflict with the law of God, we should obey the laws of God.

Our laws reflect the morality of our nation. This is a bad law and needs to be repealed.

229 Church Ave.
Nov. 5, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


As the former Front Royal town manager for 21 years and a member of the Town Council for 14 years, I offer the following:

If the town of Front Royal and Warren County consolidate into city government or a county executive form of government, the new government will have to reduce the present double out-of-town rate on water and sewer to out-of-town industries and residents. The present in-town rate will lose $1.3 million annually, which the town now receives.

The new consolidated government will have to increase the water and sewer rates to all customers in town and out of town in order to make up for the $1.3-million loss and also raise the rates on all customers in order to pay off the water and sewer bonds, which are $17 million ($13 million for bonds plus $4 million for interest on the bonds for 20 years). The new wastewater treatment plant is not included in this $17 million.

If you go to a county executive form of government, you will not be able to sell electric power to the present town customers because no county in Virginia has the right to sell electric power to its residents. The Rappahannock Electric Cooperative would take over the town's customers at about 10 percent of the present value of the electric department, which is $17,332,253 (This $17,332,253 includes current assets of $10,144,895 in the electrical department's budget, as shown on the town of Front Royal's statement of net assets proprietary funds June 30, 2009 -- Exhibit VII).

If the town and county consolidate under a city government charter, you will be able to keep the electric department and many other duties of the former town of Front Royal.

928 S. Marshall St.
Front Royal
Nov. 8, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


There is an old saying that "if three people tell you that you are drunk, you should go lie down." This idea applies when you are borrowing a lot of money. And the United States has been cautioned in 2010 about this in reference to several nations, including China and Germany.

Well, the good news is that more Americans are aware of and concerned about the problem of our national debt. But the bad news is that almost all Americans still blame our national debt on others.

Few of us are willing to modify government programs from which we benefit directly or have been assured serve some worthy albeit secret purpose. Thus, since "we, the people" do rule, with what information our masters deign to share with us, there is no realistic prospect for us to voluntarily cure our national addiction to debt.

So, soon our foreign creditors must cut us off. We may well lose almost exclusive control of our national destiny for the first time since 1783.

Many of us will be angry. Yet most of us will consider ourselves blameless. But the judgment of history on our generation may well be harsh.

John R. Cole
121 Winifred St.
Nov. 10, 2010

Northern Virginia Daily


I have been following the story of five gang members who raped two local girls and am appalled by what I see.

First, why are we allowing gangs to invade and disrupt life in our peaceful valley? They should be rounded up and escorted out. That is obviously not an option for our law enforcement and court system.

Second, why do two of our little girls get gang raped and the perpetrators get such light sentences? People of Shenandoah, if you disagree, please tell me. But 20 years of a 100-year sentence and eight years of a 20-year sentence just because they cop a plea is not acceptable and is not justice.

Why is it when you have the evidence to put these people where they belong for life, that they get easier sentences because they "cooperate"? Forget their Alford plea and give them the stiffest sentence allowable by law. Better yet, put them six feet under where they belong.

Yes, I do support the death sentence for raping little girls. The American justice system was designed to justly punish criminals and protect our citizens. Not just here in Virginia, but nationwide, that tenet has been ignored.

In our legal system vigilante justice is wrong because we have legal safeguards to protect our society. But those safeguards have been broken for many years. What do the weaklings who operate our legal system think the people will eventually do when they get tired of their not protecting us?

Whether it be in Anchorage, Alaska, Des Moines, Iowa, or Woodstock, Va., some day somewhere someone is going to rape the wrong little girl and pay their deserved cost for that action. When that time comes, you will want to prosecute that father for murder and send him to the death chamber, correct?

On Nov. 2 voters nationwide sent a clear message about how they feel about our government. I feel it is in the best interests of the members of our legal system nationwide to learn a lesson from that and do their job: Protect our citizens.

Gary Morris Jr.
124 Perry Trailer Park Road
Mt. Jackson
Nov. 10, 2010


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