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Letters to the Editor

Northern Virginia Daily


I am director of a nonprofit educational corporation and a professional writer and editor. As a concerned citizen, I have presented Congressman Robert Goodlatte with convincing evidence that President Obama falsified his Selective Service registration form and that he was issued a Social Security number that had been issued to another individual in Connecticut, a state where Obama has never resided.

On April 27, 2011, the Obama White House confirmed the release of a digital image of a purported document identified by White House officials and Obama himself as his official, original Long Form Certificate of Live Birth issued by the Hawaii Health Department.

In the months following the image's release, multiple document analysts and computer experts have denounced the image as a forgery. Among the document's many failures at authenticity are the artifacts revealing it was produced by a compute printer, not a typewriter, technology that did not exist in Hawaii's Health Department in 1961. (This information comes from research published by Kevin Lehman at www.catchkevin.com.)

Congressman Goodlatte's inactivity in the face of this evidence is staggering. His inaction reveals his confidence that voters will rely on assurances from the mass media that only crackpots question Obama's qualifications to hold the office of president.

Readers of this letter can either do nothing -- which is clearly Goodlatte's expectation -- or you can contact Goodlatte's office (202-225-5431) and demand that he use his authority as a vice chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to conduct a thorough investigation of the mounting evidence that Obama does not meet the constitutional requirements to hold the office of president. (And those who love their country enough to do this must also keep after Goodlatte until he makes good on his promises.)

If we, the people, allow our Constitution to be trampled upon by self-proclaimed "conservative" representatives, absolute tyranny can only be a few steps away.

For a little while longer, the choice is ours.

Hugh Owen
952 Kelly Road
Mt. Jackson
July 30, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Let's consider the cost of money before we decide we don't want any. As odious as it is to some of us, investment is the only way to create the kind of job growth we need at this time. However, thoughtful well-conceived regulation and repayment, not deferment, are the only responsible policies in periods of economic growth and prosperity.

This past week, as the markets plunged, investors rushed to buy U.S. Treasury debt: three month T-Bills for nearly nothing and 10 year T-Bills at 2.4 percent. That's the lowest rate since the 1950s. "The problem for the market is that the American government is not giving them enough debt to buy" (Klein, Wonkbook, 2011, Aug. 5). No one wonders about fiscal stability of the United States of America.

The markets are responding to America's solution to problems of its own making that have slowed the recovery dramatically. The world's greatest economic power is now on a sub-2 percent annual growth rate, compared to India and China's 10 percent.

The way forward for America is clear. If the markets want to lend us money at next to nothing, we should take it to accelerate our recovery and set the stage for long-term growth. It is absurd to think that repairing and building infrastructure, broadband, mass transit and sustainable energy will not return more than 2.4 percent and employ millions in the domestic economy.

More growth now would make deficit reduction easier, as "every extra percentage point in growth adds $2.5 trillion in fresh revenues to the nation's coffers and allows us to lower spending on social supports like Medicaid" (Klein, Wonkbook, 2011).

Policy should include clearly defined regulation and repayment schedules. However, delaying investment at this time will only accelerate costs. As U.S. infrastructure disintegrates and unemployment increases our global corporations will relocate.

Choking the goose at this moment is not the answer.

Philip A. Embury
Hunt Country Construction
P.O. Box 181
Aug. 5, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

He'd have no problem if congressional Republicans were in charge there.

Bob Lowerre
403 Spring Hollow Road
Aug. 7, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Safety is an everyday job.

A flagman sets up his signs on a road, under construction. This is a job that requires people to stand out in all kinds of weather, putting up with someone yelling at them, blowing horns and drivers who get antsy to go around the line in a hurry to reach a destination, forgetting that the flagman is there for their safety and the safety of others.

Each year flagmen are injured and killed because someone is not paying attention to the hand-held signs. These hard-working people are proud of the job they do and realize the safety is their top concern. This is not a lowly job. It takes concentration and knowledge of the construction that is being performed.

So the next time you come upon a flagman, be patient. Do not try to distract this worker from his job. Most of all pay attention to the signs.

I am proud of my husband. No matter if he works on a machine or flags, he does the best job he possible.

Getting you to your destination safely means he has done the job. Seeing him come home safely is our reward for a job well done. Always respect others, like you would want to be respected.

Fay Trego
822 Overlook Drive
Aug. 12, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Republican Town Councilman Chris Holloway's Democratic Party nomination for supervisor is bad news for Warren County.

First, Holloway's moves against a sitting supervisor, one who protects scenic views and natural resources, underscore Holloway's orientations: "to get as much industry and business as quick as we can for our tax base," he proclaims. In electing Glenn White, the people of North River District resoundingly repudiated radical attacks upon Warren County's rural identity.

Second, this nomination threatens Warren County with elevation to its board of a representative from that widely discredited faction of the Front Royal Town Council.

Third, Holloway's Republican defection and Democratic caucus coup raise openness issues. Keeping Democrats and Republicans uninformed while packing the Democratic nominating caucus with "friends and family" was below board. Analysis suggests a subterfuge aimed less at November victory than promoting radical development -- by getting the environmentally troublesome White off the ballot and off the board. A GOP mole in the Democratic Party works?

Think about it: What sincere political convert begins by knocking off the party's beloved standard bearer, one who holds elected office to boot? Not for nothing did clear-eyed Kelli Hart suspend judgment upon the new candidate's Democrat bona fides: "We'll have to see how acclimated Mr. Holloway gets to our committee and embraces our principles and wants to be one of us," she said.

Fourth, Holloway's assertion that he left the Republicans because of "confrontations and stuff amongst ourselves" defies credulity. Little can be more confrontational than what he did on Aug. 6 -- rolling the Democratic Party of Warren County at its own caucus.
This is hardly the man whose methods can, to use his owns words, "improve relations between town and county governments."

I believe North River District Democrats, independents and Republicans alike will come together and, with a thumping November write-in vote, either retain Supervisor Glenn White or elect another solid candidate should White decide to pass the torch.

Richard W. Hoover
419 Liberty Hall Road
Front Royal
Aug. 15, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


The town of New Market is no exception when it comes to lack of leadership and the public's views.

The management of the town pool, for instance. For the past 10 years, excluding one, the town has chosen to employ teenagers to operate the pool, choosing two or three as managers. Now is this ignorance or stupidity to appoint teenagers this managerial position of the public's safety?

Although mature for their ages, how can they be expected to handle everyday situations, enforcement of rules and regulations amongst peers and patrons and make quick second life-saving decisions. Where's the adult? Just a phone call away? That's comforting to know.

We like to think that our children are mature, but get real. Bending or ignoring rules while on duty happens regularly, especially when there's no adult supervision. How many kids do you know who won't test boundaries?

Within this hierarchy shouldn't the rules and punishments be equally enforced? I ask the public what infraction is more punishable: letting friends in for free, taking food from concession, stealing from coworkers, allowing to be distracted by patrons/coworkers while on duty?

Punishments are a warning, suspension or firing. Appointed managers are to do all the jobs the other lifeguards are expected to do and be held to a higher standard. But when they are guilty of violating the very things they have to enforce, how can they justify punishment?

We have kids supervising kids, friends supervising friends and hormones supervising hormones. When only one pays the ultimate price while others violate rules as well, what kind of message is that?

For most this is their first job experience. Do we want them to learn that lack of leadership, corruption in the workplace, unequal treatment are truly acceptable? To all those past and present employees and patrons who are aware of any violations I beg you to inform the town manager. He believes only once has a violation occurred.

The pool is an extension of our local government, an equal opportunity employer but not equally treated. Yes, Mr. Town Manager, you are accountable to me. My taxes pay your salary.

Karen Maschke
169 Early St.
New Market
Aug. 15, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Michele Bachmann wants to celebrate Elvis Presley's birthday on the date of his death, Mitt Romney says he wouldn't eat President Obama's dog food and the new Republican entry, Rick Perry, thinks the Fed chairman is treasonous and questions whether the president loves his country.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Ron Golliday
1375 Ridge Hollow Road
Aug. 18, 2011

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Now, now let's not be so tough on Michele Bachmann about wanting to celebrate Elvis' birthday in August. After all, she has told us before that God talks directly to her; maybe an earthly death is a birthday in heaven! How can we doubt the wisdom of this flake? Perhaps she and Palen can join up and run for Ms. & Ms. President. They could alternate on a daily basis. . . and we could all just have a merry T-Party!!!!

The tired, worn-out idea that President Obama does not hold a valid birth certificate and/or was not born in the USA is pure POPPYCOCK! This nonsense was stirred up again by, publicity seeking, Donald Trump not long ago and proven wrong. Frankly I wouldn't care if Obama were from Mars; I want to see our elected officials stop playing politics and do something constructive for this country and its citizens. As it stands currently; I would never vote for anyone associated with today's Republican Party! They have been a disgrace to our Democracy: their disrespect for our elected president will backfire come election day. We're not all idiots!

Like the Japanese soldier hiding on a Pacific island for 45 years after the end of WWII, stubbornness is never giving up the cause. The Tea Party inspired the “birther” delusion now maintained by a small subset of hard-core conspiracy theorists, which would be laughable if it did not carry with it the unmistakable whiff of racism.

The "birther" delusion continues because it is the nature of a conspiracy theory that all information must pass through a very discerning, yet simple, one-way filter; Information that is confirmational is accepted; that which is contradictory is rejected. For the committed conspiracy theorist, there is always another angle to explore, another anomaly to scrutinize. These theories become not merely a hunch or a notion but rather a core belief that is part of the believer’s identity. The person isn’t going to abandon the faith simply because a piece of paper surfaces that would seem — to others who are not so invested in the theory — to refute the central notion. It’s easier psychologically to come up with a rationalization that perpetuates the delusion than it is to admit that you were wrong.

Slow down Diana before you explode. You will have your chance come election day. You could also be right about Obama too. He is probably from Mars, because he doesn't know what happening on Earth.

Whooppee, nice try. Just gobbledegook.

Heh, heh, heeee!!! Those Tea Party conspiracy theorists just slay me. Where did they get their extensive knowledge of investigative procedures and super sleuthing techniques, Bugs Bunny cartoons (are Tea Party brains controlled by the Updock syndrome? Here you are supposed to ask me, "What's up, Doc?" ) or French police detective Jacques Clouseau?

Whooppee's comments, in my humble opinion, hit the bulls eye. Local Tea Party members are in a fuzzy-tizzy-fit of confusion, thanks to exposure to multi-syllable words and indisputable facts. Maybe Whooppee should re-write his comments to better appeal to the Pink Panther comprehension level?

Kudos to you Diana! I couldn't agree more! Even when the "Doubting Thomas' " were shown the actual birth certificate, they didn't believe it hence they would have to admit they were wrong and if they were wrong about that then they could be wrong about other things as well! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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