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Northern Virginia Daily


For almost a year now there has been an ongoing problem with a neighbor.

They get drunk and decide to ride their lawnmower up and down the street late at night, pulling into driveways hollering and laughing. They play their music loud in the garage till late at night and they walk up and down the road late, teasing our dogs.

We call the police. They'll tell them to turn the music down, but as soon as they leave, it's right back on. If we call regarding one of the other incidents, we're told they can't do anything. They didn't see it.

We've tried to distance ourselves from them, but that makes them do it that much more.
It has come to the point now where we've had two incidents where they tried to run my son off the road in his car and threaten to bust his head open with a baseball bat.

The police and magistrate even felt it was necessary to grant my son an emergency protective order until Judge Whitacre could hear his case and give him a longer or permanent extension on his protective order.

We had the court date and, after hearing the case, he felt it was a ridiculous case and no extension was given.

Since this case was dropped, the police have been called to this neighbor's house 11 times already in August for the same problems. So this is my statement to Judge Whitacre:

I don't know if you have children, but if you do, I'm sure you're very protective of them. So put yourself in our position and ask how would you feel if the judge said your case was ridiculous, especially if your child had been run off the road and threatened with a bat. The police and magistrate felt the incidents were serious enough to grant him an emergency protective order.

So if something happens to my son, who's to be held responsible? I would say you are since you were the one who did not extend the protective order.

David hinkle jr.
330 McDonald Road
Aug. 25, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


Gene Rigelon doesn't believe in God. He tells Christians what the Bible means and how Jesus wants them to behave. As an atheist, does he believe in the natural order? Wherever he thinks men and women came from, that source made them different for the procreation of the species.

Man has an organ designed to provide semen used to fit into the woman's orifice in which her ovum and his sperm fertilize, develop and produce a human being. If it's not a baby, she's not pregnant.

The male organ doesn't succeed in this fertilization if it is ejected into a mouth, an anus or a hand. The female organ cannot succeed in fertilization and development if things other than semen are placed in her orifice. Neither two men nor two women can produce a child.

The action of homosexuality is disoriented and unnatural. Disordered action makes for disordered people. Disordered people make for disordered society. Disorder in society destroys civilization. Homosexual action has a profound effect on all of us.

For more than 2,000 years Western civilization has recognized marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That society provides not only protection for women and men but also provides stability and role models for children. In the last 50 years, the breakdown of marriage has led to the breakdown of family and society.

The latest attack by homosexuals demanding to be recognized as normal and equal with men and women in marriage is probably the last straw in the destruction of our civilization. If they succeed, our descent into barbarism will come all too quickly.

Demand a constitutional amendment defining marriage and pray we are not too late to stop this and restore our society. With God's help, all things are possible. Mr. Rigelon, believe it or not.

20 Gloucester Road
Front Royal
Aug. 31, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


A few years ago, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt group was chartered, raised a significant amount of money from businesses and parents and proposed to give local children a genuine theater experience.

Instead, unprepared kids were thrust upon the stage to lip-sync to the soundtrack of an old Disney movie. Walt Disney Productions was not paid for the rights to this performance (in fact, they probably would never have agreed to such an arrangement) and parents and sponsors were left with a bad experience and shocking legal vulnerability.

For less money, the kids could have had a quality theater experience with the reputable and dependable Wayside Theatre.

When some other 501(c)3, let's say an art group, practices racial discrimination, the community suffers in much the same way. A "501" isn't a private country club, it is a public trust. When such an art group uses our money and support, it robs more deserving entities like Wayside or your local church youth group.

When you serve bigotry, you are a functional bigot -- at least, that's how I see it. This situation is not only immoral and un-American, it's against the law.
I shouldn't have to point this out to otherwise decent people, but here we are.

54 Roberts Road
Toms Brook
Sept. 2, 2011

Northern Virginia Daily


I am writing to express my outrage at the irresponsible actions of Front Royal police that caused the death of a baby white-tailed deer outside my property on Sept. 7.

At 8:35 a.m. I observed the fawn curled up on my lawn close to the street.
It appeared to have sustained minor injuries from a vehicle strike and didn't move when approached but was clearly alive and breathing well.

I called Blue Ridge Wildlife Center and was relieved to learn that the fawn was exhibiting normal behavior. They advised me to watch the animal and call back if it didn't eventually move.

After a short time, the fawn stood up, crossed the street and began eating the shrubs at a neighboring house. At this time of year fawns are old enough to survive without mom, and it clearly had full use of its legs, so I was confident that it would be OK.

Unfortunately, the Front Royal police got involved. With good intentions, a neighbor called the police and asked them to help the deer. At 9:30 a.m. Deputy Gomez, Chief Richard Furr and a third officer (name unknown) arrived and began approaching the fawn, which was now curled up in the shrub bed.

I explained the situation and stressed that the animal was fine and should be left alone. Ignoring me, Deputy Gomez reached down to touch the deer. Frightened, it ran off and fell over a 5-foot drop onto a paved driveway. Deputy Gomez joked, "Well, it's not fine now," and the officers shot it.

As humans we are responsible for protecting the wildlife in our community. This incident exposed serious shortcomings in the ability of Front Royal police to appropriately handle wildlife encounters.

Several lessons can be learned here:

• Citizens should know when an animal needs to be "rescued" vs. left alone and, when in doubt, should consult a wildlife specialist. Many excellent Internet resources exist, including www.fresnowildlife.org/deer.html and blueridgewildlife.org/wildlifebabies.html.

• Animal control should be ale to 1) identify normal vs. atypical behaviors in common wildlife; 2) approach/move an animal without causing injury; and 3) properly diagnose life-threatening vs. nonfatal injuries.

Dr. Kimberly
537 Lewis St.
Front Royal
Sept. 10, 2011


So a Dr. can't diagnose an injury without MRI's and CAT scans but an animal control officer should be able to do it across the yard?? OK Dr.

She did the right thing by calling wild life authorities. Animals are bred not to show pain as a way to survive. So they have to be approched much differently than humans.


Some people just need clarification about this over and over again....people are born homosexual. It is not a choice. Do you really think people would choose to be homosexual on a whim and have to put up with people's ignorance and prejudice as they do??

Having said that, if you are born homosexual, aren't you entitled to all things your non-homosexual counterparts are? If not, why not? Since homosexuality is by birth not by choice, are you trying to say that God makes flawed people who are unworthy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness like everyone else simply because other people think they are weird, perverts or just plain disgusting according to "some people"?

Seems to me, the real thing we need to protect our children from is the ignorance and intolerance of "some people". Education is key!

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