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Changes are afoot

By Linda Ash

I've been editor of the Northern Virginia Daily for exactly one week - and what a week it has been!

My re-entry into the print world (I've lived in digital land working on newspaper websites for the past 16 years) has been marked by long days, short nights, missed lunches, an overflowing e-mail box and attempts to get myself and the newsroom reorganized. I'm not quite there yet, and my new comfort zone may be a few weeks away - but how exciting this past week has been!

The Comment page

I've managed to get an editorial page out each day, though I haven't settled on a list of columnists that I want to run on a regular basis. If you read this page regularly, you probably have noticed some columns that you're not used to seeing. I enjoy diversity and I'd like to offer you a good mix of opinion in our Comment section.

I'm also planning to anchor letters to the editor and reader opinion columns on our "oped" page (opposite the editorial page) on Saturdays, and I'll be adding a new feature to the bottom of our Editorial page soon - a man/woman on the street question of the day.

I'm also starting this "What's happening now?" section to update you on changes in our newsroom as well as other bits of information that I hope you will find interesting.

New equipment

Changes are already occurring in our newsroom. New equipment is coming in for our reporters to use in the field. They now have wi-fi hot spots and an iPad available so that they can file stories to the Web and print during or right after meetings.

All of our reporters also are being issued Nikon Coolpix P500 digital cameras, so please smile when you see one pointed your way! These cameras will be used to shoot still images and video for our print and Web editions. I can't wait to see the first video clip.

Reader comments online

Another major change just occurred Wednesday afternoon that will impact those of you who like to post comments on nvdaily.com. As long as you are a registered user on our site, or if you have a Facebook account, you will now be able to post your comments on our News, Sports, Lifestyle and Opinion sections right away instead of having to wait for approval.

We are no longer moderating comments, so I ask that you please respect others so that we may continue to offer our readers a way to interact with each other. If you feel that a post is objectionable, click the "Report Abuse" link and we'll take a look at it.

Linda Ash is editor of the Northern Virginia Daily. E-mail her at lash@nvdaily.com


    The new ideas sounds exciting, however, I have noticed the paper looks a lot smaller and the print seems smaller and lighter. Saving on ink?

    Also I believe you will get more Letters to the Editor if you drop the outdated publication of addresses. Today's privacy issues are a big concern and we are not a small town anymore. NVD is the only newspaper (including all magazines) where I see this requirement.

    And while I'm on the subject, when pictures are published (especially of children), is it wise to mention the street they live on? Isn't it enough to mention the town and leave it at that? We all know there are sexual predators among us, why make it so easy?

    Congratulations Ms. Ash. I wish you great success in your new position.

    We have previously spoken by telephone, usually over one of my censorship concerns. Beginning about 18 months ago it seemed many readers, myself included, noticed a tightening of what was permissible and what was newly frowned upon. It was as if one of the Good Old Boys had found a sympathetic ear in one of the executive offices of the NV Daily. My experiences with censorship always seemed to center around criticism I aimed at Clay Athey, Tony Carter, or Matt Tederick; Rattigan also recently enjoyed a certain impunity. Fair or unfair, deserving or not, only rarely was a critical comment found acceptable.

    I heartily applaud your courageous step to permit direct posting. The Washington Post has operated this way for years with minimal issues. 99% of the current NV Daily posters are responsible citizens. May your "report abuse" link need to be exercised only rarely to take care of that other 1%.

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