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It takes courage to speak your mind

Two young local Boy Scouts learned this week that the way you dress can distract from your message.

The Scouts, who are working on a citizenship badge, spoke at the April 17 Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors public hearing on the budget. One of them was quoted in the Daily:

“If it takes a 12-year-old kid to come up here and tell you we don’t need a new jail and we need better education, then that’s pretty sad. Here I am, an A, B student in my school, and I have to come up to,” he said, pausing to count aloud, “nine people just to say we don’t need this new jail. Bye.”

The student’s statement prompted complaints that he was being disrespectful to the board, and a representative from the Scouts this week apologized to the board, saying the boys, who were in uniform, were not representing the Scouts.

It took a lot of courage for this pre-teen to speak out - and what has been reported that he said does not at all seem disrespectful. There are far too many adults who complain about something, but who would never step foot into a public meeting or participate in local government.

If this incident inspires you to attend a local government meeting to speak your mind, here’s one thing to remember - leave the uniform at home.


The message is right on, "...we need better education....". Let's not kill the messenger! If the "powers that be" ever get serious about real education reform, perhaps it will keep some out of our jails.

Hire a few more coaches, concentrate on more sports - that will do it. And by all means, keep No Child Left Behind. Teach to the test and let everyone else struggle on.

Learning should be the first priority of education. We use to have a pretty good system, once upon a time, and students learned how to think. Now playtime seems to be the norm and memorizing facts for the test the focus.

Many teachers are unhappy with this current system and yet their voice is unheard. Kids are being shortchanged as this experiment continues. I think this young man showed a lot of courage to go before the board and make his statement. I hear TRUTH. Who has disrespect for whom?

In a society where truth becomes treason, we're all in big trouble. - Ron Paul

It is sad when adults cannot handle the truth from a child. And, for the record, the apology was not for what the Scout did. The apology was for the misunderstanding. The Scout did what any responsible citizen has the right to do. He just did it would any political agenda or posturing.
I praise the courage of this Scout and wish that more students would step up and realize the power they have. Put that together with their parents and things would rapidly change.
He may not have officially represented the Scouting movement but he definitely represented the overwhelming majority of people who want change.
To the Scout, keep up your courageous fight for what is right. My only advice is to research proper protocol for each situation so as to not have the method drown out the message. GOOD JOB!!

“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

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