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Letters to the Editor

An open letter to board chairman

Dr. Conrad Helsley, chairman, Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Helsley:

My name is Bernie Way, and I reside in Strasburg. I am an associate professor in the Political Science and Economics Department at Christendom College, which is located in the town of Front Royal.

It pains me to hear that the Shenandoah Board of Supervisors raised taxes on the citizens of Shenandoah County. While I am sure that you and your colleagues believe that many of the capital projects and school spending are worthwhile, the current time is not proper to be raising taxes. Most objective economists agree that the economy is extremely weak, and that personal wealth of the middle class has decreased dramatically due to excessive government demands on taxpayers and due to the failing economy.

Inflation is on the rise in both gasoline prices and food prices. This inflation (fuel and food) is not counted by the federal government in its monthly assessment of inflation, but the rise in prices is real to the middle class, seniors on fixed incomes, and to poor citizens. Increasing government spending (at any level of government) is poor economics on your part. Every dollar you take by force from the the taxpayer means one less dollar the taxpayer may use for savings and investment.

Investment economists and market watchers are quietly predicting a massive currency collapse in 2013, due to the spending policies of the European Union, China and the U.S. The massive debt will crush our economy and the economies of other leading economic powers. Combined, the easy money policies by the Fed and increased government spending will explode the economic status quo when the world’s currencies collapse. Suffice it to say, the result will be a dramatic rise in inflation of consumer prices on basic commodities necessary for the middle class and poor to survive day to day. Now was not the time to raise taxes. Only after the economy recovers, and is growing at 6 percent, then we may have a debate about the proper role of government versus the private sector in providing services to the citizens of Shenandoah County.

Bernard J. Way, Ph.D., Strasburg

To the citizens of Mt. Jackson


On May 1st please consider marking your ballot for Rodney Shepherd for Town Council. As a Business Man and Community Leader, Rodney has served in this position for the past 20 years with integrity, honesty, honor, wisdom and vision for the citizens and Town of Mt. Jackson, If elected, he will continue to do so. As a person of character, with these attributes, he will again serve in the same manner. I am a friend who has known Rodney all his life. Your vote for him will be in the best interest of the community and Mt. Jackson and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the opportunity to write this letter.

Orrin M. Kline, Manassas

* Reader casts his vote for Front Royal mayor *

I don’t live in Front Royal, but if I did I would vote for Tim Ratigan for town mayor. The reason is because Tim positively impacted my life and helped me see the error of my ways by helping me to change my mind with love and compassion. For most of my life I was adamantly pro-choice, you couldn’t do or say anything to make me consider the life of the unborn is more important than the choice of the mother. About three years ago I joined the Catholic Church and became a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Tim and I are friends, and although he disagreed with my pro-choice stance he was always available to help me with spiritual and loving Catholic guidance. Even though I was pro-choice I wanted to do my part to help the pro-life cause, but I did not wish to take part in any type of help that is propaganda-based. I asked Tim for help in this matter. He was thoughtful with me and suggested I help a pregnancy crisis center because of the wonderful work they do helping single mothers cope with unplanned pregnancies.

I took Tim’s advice and went forward with my task to help these women. With the help of my fellow Knights and their friends, and family I helped raise thousands of dollars, along with delivering baby clothes, diapers, food, and other needed items to a pregnancy crisis center near my home. I even worked up the nerve to attend charitable banquets where I heard testimony from women helped by the centers, along with speeches given by famous keynote speakers. It was at these banquets that I finally began to realize what Tim was telling me was true. I told Tim about my sudden change of heart, but he told me to be careful and give these new feelings more time. Instead he told me he would pray for me and suggested I do the same.

Today I am pro-life and I have Tim to thank for it. Tim showed compassion and helped me realize we need to change hearts on the issue before laws. Tim is a wonderful person who stands by his moral convictions, but he is also a loving person who helps those in need regardless of their beliefs or ideologies. This is the type of leader Front Royal needs; I only wish I could vote for him.

Brian Kuhn, Fairfax


In an earlier posting, someone erroneously stated that I was carrying a sign which advocated not voting for certain individuals. This person I believe intentionally tried to mislead readers into believing that the sign read something different than was written: to clarify the sign read; No to Lauder or Holloway and Vote for Tewalt, Allen and Hrbek. The other side read Vote For Change. Out with the "Good Ole Boys". The KEY MESSAGE IS "LETS HAVE A RECORD NUMBER OF PEOPLE VOTING THIS YEAR.

The comment you referenced was posted on the article titled "Darr, Ratigan face off in Front Royal mayoral campaign".


Went to town yesterday to go to k-mart and there was a guy with a sign that said ( DO NOT ) vote for ALLEN...TEWALT... and i think it said HRBEK too...What in the world are we going to see or hear next?...These clowns are something ( i think they are nuts from a walnut tree ) but i have been told my elevator doesn't go all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy lords day everyone and don't forget the paint the town purple today at 2pm. ( free icecream )
spunky | April 29, 2012 11:19 AM | Report Abuse | Reply

Look for a comment posted by "Spunky", closely followed by another comment from "realdeal" who sympathized with Spunky about the size of everybody's nuts.

I believe Spunky would welcome a warm friendly rejoinder correcting the observational mistake unknowingly committed. Try not to mention bald spots and receding hairlines. Makes 'em angry.

Maybe your worms can vote in the next election?

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