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Letters to the Editor

Homosexuality is a chosen behavior


I take much exception to Leonard Pitts Jr.'s articile that appeared in the comment section on May 5 titled "The bible and homosexuality."

He starts off by saying, "Sometimes, people hide inside the bible." I would not argue with that statement, but in the next paragraph he starts throwing out the standard "strawman arguments" about "denying women the vote" and the old stand-by argument about African-Americans seeking freedom. Neither of these two topics having anything to do with "homosexuals and the bible." In fact I'm surprised when African-Americans compare the wickedness they faced and conquered with the "plight" of homosexuals. It's a complete apples and oranges argument. Blacks were discriminated against because of something they were born with, "their skin color." Not so with homosexuals, which I personally believe is a "chosen" behavior.

The bible is very clear, old testament and new, about the "sinfulness" of homosexuality. While it is true that many Christians have responded to homosexuals in a very bad and unchristian fashion, that in no way negates the sinfulness of homosexuality, as is unambigously taught in the Scriptures.

Sometimes, even to me, it seems that enthusiastic Christians want to act as though homosexuality is the "worst" sin, and I simply don't see that. My sins are just as bad as theirs, the difference is, I'm not lobbying Congress to get my "sins" legalized. I'm not in North Carolina seeking a "right" to be married, I'm not trying to get my "sins" to be socially acceptable.

Does God love homosexuals? You bet. And here's the good part. He loved them so much that he gave his one and only son to die for their sins as well as mine, that friends is mighty good news!

A new study that was published last year in the "Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy" demonstrates that with christian counselling individuals can change their sexual orientation, and thousands have. This is the first longitudinal, peer-reviewed, scientific study of its kind. The study was conducted by Stanton L. Jones, a psychologist at Wheaton College in Illinois, and Mark A. Yarhouse, a psychologist at Regent University.
Gregory A. Settle, Front Royal

Warren residents attend GOP meeting


The Virginia Sixth Congressional District GOP convention was held on Saturday, May 5, in Lexington, Va. Warren County is now in the Sixth District. Many Warren County citizens made the effort to attend and participated in the convention. We are trying to strive for unity and purpose. Hopefully we will come together after the June 12 primary.

The Warren County concerned citizens who made the effort to attend and actively participated are as follows: Jonathan Barth, David Benner, Nancy Benner, Jonathan Brand, Mary Brand, Anne Bukowski, Nick Bukowski, Mary Kay Clark, Robert Conway, Susan Conway, John Connolly, Jon Fidero, Marie Fidero, Dennis Fusaro, Dave Henderson, Stephen Kurtz, Paul M. McHugh, Chris Miller, Michael A. Miller, Sharon A. Miller, Carla Repici, Dominic Repici, Thomas H. Sayre, Katherine Scott, Nathan Scott, Rick Steele, Robert Tennett, Jr., Ileana Vicente, and Manuel Vicente.

We heard speeches, from among others, the four U.S. Senate candidates and the two congressional candidates. We elected the Sixth District chairman, presidential elector, state Central Committee members, delegates and alternate delegates to the GOP National Convention to be held in Tampa, Fla., and a regional vice chair for the Shenandoah region.

Thank you for a good time and I pray for unity and purpose in the upcoming November election.

Thomas H. Sayre, Front Royal

Those backing pipeline are voting for Big Oil


I just received an email from Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who informed me that he was out pumping gas into consituents cars and talking to them about what they thought about the high price of gas. Of course no one likes it, and some evidently told him that our country should be taking advantage of our American energy resources to help bring the cost down. He then writes that that is why he supports the Keystone XL pipeline.

Well, I was surprised to hear this, since that pipeline will transport Canadian oil across our country so that it can be refined and exported to other countries for sale. That will in fact increase the cost of diesel fuel in the midwest, rather than bring it down, and it will have no effect on lowering the price of gas at all.

Since he should know this, he obviously is lying to us and thinks we are too dumb to know differently. He is not voting for the American people or for Virginians, he is voting for Big Oil. I wonder how much money they gave him. Just curious, cause I want to see how much more we will have to give him to get him to vote for us. I guess a lifetime salary plus health insurance is not enough.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley

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