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Letters to the Editor

Fort Valley Road no place for bikes

I would like to respond to Danny Plaugher's letter in the May 30th issue of the NVD. It concerned the safety hazard caused by the cyclists on Fort Valley Road. I agree with him wholeheartedly on this issue. They are putting themselves and others in danger. When a motorist passes them, that motorist is in danger from oncoming traffic.

I have an idea! Why don't the cyclists pool their finances together, buy a substantial piece of property and have a paved track built for them to ride on? They could have hills, land turns built to resemble Fort Valley Road. You could have a water trough for good measure. Maybe even some black bears and rattlesnakes!

I have pretty severe diabetes. It would be safer for me to stop taking my medication and insulin than to ride a bicycle on Fort Valley Road, even though I am supposed to exercise (It would be cheaper also). It would be safer for me to eat whatever I wanted, (Uh oh, I do this anyway), than to cycle on our road.

Danny and I have been talking at the Fort Valley dumpster. We have been discussing the present times, and reminiscing about the past times. We have had some very interesting conversations. One of our topics of conversation has been the Fort Valley School, and the many memories associated with it.

While on this subject, I would like to commend Carole Ritenour for her organizational skills on the upcoming Fort Valley School reunion. I hope we have a great turnout. I especially hope 'Hot Pants' is there.

In closing, I would like to say that we should not judge a man by his hair, or in my case, the lack thereof. I really do respect and admire the authors of the Fort Valley History Book, but I bet I have learned and am still hearing just as much or more about "our" Fort Valley by talking with Danny at his wife's "office."

Gary Stephens, Fort Valley

A sin against liberty
The Obama Administration hit the Catholic Church and its employers with arguably the most religiously oppressive government directive in modern American history: provide free abortion drugs and birth control pills in your health insurance plans, in flagrant violation of your religious beliefs, or face legal punishment. America has high unemployment, an ongoing crisis in the housing market, a country drowning in debt - but a contraception crisis? The idea is preposterous.

There have been no laws against contraception in the United States for nearly 40 years; Supreme Court rulings have seen to that. There is a dizzying array of drugs and devices available that anyone can access without restraint. They are inexpensive. Some can be purchased without a prescription. Most employee insurance plans cover them. The bishops have called it an attack on religious freedom, and that it is, but what makes it so brazen is the utter absence of any justification for it. The White House line is that women must be given "access to contraceptive services." But all women have unrestrained access to contraception today, as well as abortion-inducing drugs that fall under the mandate.

There is only one reason to put Catholic institutions under it, against their will and in violation of their religious liberty and that is to take the Catholic Church down a notch or two and make future battles easier later. So much of what the Catholic Church stands for is antithetical to so many positions of Mr. Obama and his core supporters (abortion, embryo-destructive research, same-sex marriage). I can't help but imagine the conversation behind closed doors at the White House, "We're really doing it! We're putting America on the Pill and we're sending the Catholic Church the bill."
Franco Ryan, Front Royal

Reader voting for Marshall
June 12th is the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Any registered voter can vote. It is essential that we get a candidate who can make the inert Senate act. Bob Marshall has a 21-year record of getting things done in the House of Delegates.

He is responsible for the definition of marriage amendment in the Virginia constitution. As a husband and father, he knows the importance of family to society. He created the law protecting Virginians from ObamaCare. He has never voted for a tax increase. He personally sued then-Gov. Tim Kaine, (the democratic candidate for the Senate) to stop 14 taxes imposed by non-elected regulators. He won the suit, stopping the taxes.
His opponent in the primary, George Allen, promised to sign a parental consent bill for abortion if elected governor. After being elected, he vetoed the bill that Bob Marshall helped to pass. Which man respects life, marriage and family? Bob Marshal is our man.
This is the most important election ever. We need leaders for the future. Bob Marshall is the man Virginia needs in the Senate. Make him the Republican candidate on June 12; then vote for him in November.

May Virginia lead America back to responsibility and liberty. Make Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Patrick Henry proud. Elect Bob Marshal senator. Vote June 12. Vote in November.
Illeen Reninger, Front Royal

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