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Letters to the Editor

Reader: Schmookler's views on economy make sense


Monday night I had the pleasure of attending a political forum in Harrisonburg where the speakers were cogent, interesting, civil to one another and forceful in putting their positions forward. There were something like 150 people in attendance and they stayed there attentive and enthusiastic for 2 1/2 hours.

The speakers were Karen Kwiatkowski, who ran in the Republican primary in an effort to unseat Rep. Bob Goodlatte, and Andy Schmookler, Democrat, representing the Sixth District and now hoping to defeat Goodlatte.

Karen can best be described as a Libertarian; she believes in limited government, (getting rid of the Federal Reserve Bank, getting the government out of the schools, doing away with many of the departments of government, eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a sales tax, etc.) and seemed to believe that somehow the free market system would control the corporations and their mighty powers, and lead us all to a free and happy society.

Andy was articulate, fired up, and dealt with the real issues of the day in a strong, convincing presentation. His views on the economy made sense, as did his attacks on the big corporations and others using their money in an effort to control the Congress and to buy the presidential election. The Republicans in Congress were effectively chastised for their divide and conquer philosophy of governance. All in all, it was Andy's night and he appears ready for the challenge in November.

And our so-called Representative? Why, Mr. Goodlatte couldn't be bothered to attend and offer his views to his constituents. We were informed that he did not even bother to respond to the invitation.

Donald H. Albright, Mt. Jackson

Reader responds to online reader comment


In response to what Cindi wrote online about the woman who got 15 years in the double murder drug case. I have had a good friend die from overdosing on drugs, but do I think the person that sold them to him should be charged with murder? Absolutely not. He chose to take the drugs and killed himself.

Absolutely the dealer should be charged with distributing, but anyone who does drugs has free will as every human being does. I have taken any drug you could name and if I would have died it would have been my own fault, no one else's.

So "seriously," did this person hold them down and force them to take the drugs? That would be murder.

I think you just don't like the fact that drugs are a part of society and always will be. Illegal or not people will still want to get high. Just because you don't doesn't mean someone else doesn't. "Seriously," who are you to tell anyone what they can do to themselves? I don't eat dinner at your house. I was thrown into this world and will do to myself as I please, and will not ask you, Cindi, for permission.

Jeremy Miller, Woodstock


To Mr. Albright
It is no surprise that Goodlatte didn't bother to attend. His ONLY talent is his svengali-like appeal to the mindless voters in this district who keep sending this complete idiot back to Washington.

If the ignorant masses couldn't be lead by the nose, with a slogan here and there, most of these elected officials wouldn't have a prayer. Goodlatte is a great example of the typical politician today.

Pay attention to his voting record: he has NEVER fail to vote for a pay raise! Everything else of relevance gets a NO vote. Read between the scripted lines and understand the real agenda.

I want to hear more from Andy Schmookler. We need representatives who serves the people, the taxpayers - YOU & me not the status quo.

The ignorant masses have been voting Republican in the Valley since Jamestown. You would think they would get a clue after working decade after decade for starvation wages. The bright people have fled to other locales. Yet the people who remain vote Republican no matter. Inasmuch as their lot has not been improved by their loyalty this is baffling.

I agree with you, Ronbo44. It is unfortunate because there are a lot of really decent people here in the Valley, but they persist in voting against their own best interest. Of course in today's world with the likes of that whole "crazy as a Fox" bunch and the Right Wing Nuts on talk radio, (whose only agenda is to line their own pockets while spouting their lies and misinformation to the masses), decent people here and elsewhere continually have the wool pulled over their eyes and are being convinced to continue voting against what ultimately would be best for them as well as the country as a whole.

What is this "ignorant masses" description? Are the folks in the Valley being described as people who are not intelligent enough to properly vote? I feel this is most likely a poor choice of words in expressing an opinion. I certainly hope so. If not, perhaps it would be best to remove yourselves from these "ignorant masses"!!! I am sure the Valley will survive!!! STILL A REPUBLICAN.

"Ignorant masses" always refers to those 50% of all students who graduate in the bottom half of their class. Some folks say all those students have Republican parents, but I don't say that, because I'm a nice person just doing my best to save the world from the lunatic fringes of our society. This is easy to do when your soap box is taller and you can YELL LOUDER.

This "ignorant masses" description is often used by valley folks when they talk about folks in the valley who talk in circles (like I just did) and uniquely violate this mathematical graduation principle when every year 100% of the entire class graduates in the bottom half, a miraculous event memorialized with the invention of the description, "ignorant masses".

Now you understand the origination of the term "fuzzy math" and why some students were ALWAYS the first ones to set down during the spelling bees.

See what you can learn just by reading the newspapers and surfing the Interweb thingy? What did folks ever do before electrons were invented?


I don't know about term "ignorant masses" but I do know (or feel) that, given Goodlatte's voting record, repeatedly voting him into Congress is, in my opinion, a breathtakingly ignorant act and one that involves virtually no discerning thought whatever.

Excuse me for using the old fashioned fact check, but in doing so I found that in 2008 VA voted President Obama (D) in and it had been the first time in over 40 yrs (not since Jamestown) that VA had voted for a Democratic presidential nominee since Lyndon Johnson (D) in 1964.

As a valley resident for over 40 yrs, I can assure you that not ALL of us voted Republican. Now I have a question...are people that try to sell fiction disguised as facts a part of the ignorant masses?

Tstar - True that VA went for a Democrat in 2008, but it certainly wasn't with the help of the counties in the Valley which continued to vote overwhelmingly Republican. Clarke - 52%, Page - 58%, Rappahannock - 51%, Shenandoah - 63% and Warren - 55%. as per the 2008 Presidental Election Results by Virginia county breakdown. It would seem that the 'masses' in the valley insist on repeating past mistakes all because of their fear of change.

Thanks JackieBlue for the very elegant as well as irrefutable answer.

After 3 1/2 years watching Obama and his clan screw up how can you fault the voting record of our residents for voting against him?

Bush screwed up for 8 years and Valley residents voted for him. Checkmate.

Tstar try to stay on point. The discussion is about the Valley. Good response JackieBlue.

Agreed. You can fault them for that and no one should argue. You can't really say to the locals "hey you guys were ignorant because you did not vote for Obama". If Obama had been successful then I could see it.

It's not like Obama had a willing, forward-thinking Congress to work with. In fact, it is clear that the Republicans in Congress have consistently worked to ham-string his administration at every turn and have only sought to win politically, making winning THE priority above ALL else. And that is unforgivable. Sorry if i am off point.

BUT didn't Obama have both houses in his favor for 2 years and looked what happened.

Even though you people on "the right" hate to be reminded of this, Obama walked into the presidency during the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression----a very deep "hole". Just to remind you also, Bush stepped into the presidency with a surplus----after 8 years of the Clinton Presidency----which of course, by the time Bush left office and handed the reins to Obama, became a huge deficit after Bush's two unpaid-for wars, the unpaid-for "Bush Tax Cuts", and the unpaid-for Drug Benefit Program. (What kind of sense is that, when you give a huge tax cut and drug benefit program while at the same time financing espensive wars? Sort of like buying an expensive car with hardly enough money in the bank and then getting a credit card to then "pay" for an expensive European vacation.)

And no, the Democrats could not do all they needed the first two years with majorities in House and Senate because after 420 bills were passed by the Democratic House by 2010, many of them then "died" in the Senate because of the Republican filibuster. The much more diverse Democratic Party does not vote in lock-step like today's Republican Party is forced to do so the Democrats in the Senate could not always count on the 60 votes needed. You think maybe it would have been for the good of this country if the Republicans had not been the party of "no" or thought that compromise was a dirty word? You think?

But then why do I even bother when you would probably rather listen to Fox so-called "news"----or "Rush" and the rest of that crazy bunch"---and just blame Obama and the Democrats for everything that is wrong with the state of the union.

Let's face it, if Jesus Christ himself would have found himself in President Obama's position, he'd have found it impossible to effect any kind of meaningful change because the Republicans would have found him to be not white enough AND not Christian enough.

Now it appears the liberals are bringing in a new argument to justify the current administration. For so long it has all been Bush's fault and in the Valley, it is the "good ole boy" network. Now we have to refer to race and religion. It changes nothing, the current administration needs to go!!!

Success or failure in the Oval Office does not translate in any way to how people vote in the Valley. Point is they vote Republican over and over and over.

Is race the elephant in the room? One thing we know is that the right has said from the beginning they want President Obama to fail. They have surely mounted a determined resistance to him at every turn. We have seen him disrespected during his State of the Union Address. Recently by a Conservative leaning reporter. I don't think any President has been under the constant attack he has been.

Excuse my faux pas! The only excuse I can offer is that I may have been spending too much time reading anti-VA blogs on other sites and "VA" stuck in my head! Why all the anti-VA blogs? Seems that VA is the laughing stock because people other than myself voted for that pathetic excuse for a Governor!

Now as for valley residents repeatedly voting Republican, I wish I could offer some insight on that, but I am afraid I am as dumbfounded as others on that. I would be curious as to where and how these residents get their information before casting their vote. I know I have heard people come up with some of the most ridiculous far-fetched bits of information that they swear is true, but even when I go online and disprove their information, they say "Well, I know he's still a Communist". How do you fight that mindset?

One parting tidbit...it didn't hurt a bit admitting I made a mistake. I didn't implode, die of humiliation or even think twice about it.

I can say that I have never seen in my life (and I have been around this world for a good long time) so much disrespect for a president in this country of ours as I have for President Obama. Time after time, from trying to say he was not born in the U.S. to questioning and doubting his Christian religion to the open disrespect shown to him (as well as the office of the president) I have never seen such disrespect to this degree, ever. There have been past presidents who have been attacked from the other party and their followers because of different policy decisions, but President Obama is attacked in a personal way, and there is no good reason for that.

I don't know you, sjf, and I don't know what is in your heart, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that the Obama administration policies are what you are opposed to and make you say "the current administration needs to go". (Unless you are not a member of the shrinking Middle Class and you are extremely wealthy or you are a "Big Business", I think you are sadly misguided!) But when I see the amount of disrespect, hatred, and viciousness our president has been subjected to, anyone who thinks there is not another more despicable and sinister reason for all this, is pretty naive.

I have noticed several references made , in the past, to the Commonwealth of Virginia being a "laughing stock" due to our present Governor. I do recall a recent joke made on one of the late night TV talk shows and I believe this was relative to an abortion related bill. Being a Virginian by birth and being proud of this State, I do not feel this constitutes a real "laughing stock". We have much to be proud of and much to offer!!!

Make no mistake, having been born and raised here all my life as well, I love VA and it saddens me to read and hear all of the ridicule and critique of our beautiful state all because of our governing powers and their extreme views on many issues.

It boggles my mind how so many scream that they want less government in their lives yet they are the first to support our VA governing bodies now in office who want a woman's healthcare to be fully dictated by that same government! I would almost bet that if that was a Democrat in office pushing that Republicans would be crying foul!

If you support health insurance coverage of birth control you are deemed a slut according to Rush. It would seem to me that maybe if birth control was more affordable especially since we are paying exorbitant insurance premiums on top of it, you might reduce abortions of unplanned pregnancies. I mean for crying out loud...Viagra is covered by insurance!! Just ask Rush!

It is always enjoyable and enlightening to read your posts, tstar. They are fair, honest and thoughtful. And it sure is unusual to see someone admit they have made a mistake!

And I agree completely with your latest post, tstar. How can the party (the Republican Party) that says they want smaller government and less government intrusion in our lives, be the same party that wants LOTS of government intrusion in our lives---------with the issues that THEY say are important and worthy of intrusion?! How can they not be considered hypocrites?

I believe I know the reason valley residents keep voting the same miscreants into office year after year. It is due to a primitive rural mind set that also afflicts me. Let me give you a personal example;

I had an uncle living in West Virginia who until his death was a life long small time livestock broker, mainly sheep and a few head of beef. His customers knew him to be a man of his word, and he knew his customers to be honorable men of trust. Deals were sealed with a verbal promise and a handshake. It was the normal way of life.

When he developed stomach cancer and was confined in the hospital for weeks and weeks, he continued his livestock business by phone. Usually his lifelong customers appeared in his hospital room. Every deal was consummated with nothing more formal than a handshake or an oral promise over the phone. Written contacts? Never heard of such a thing. My uncle bought and sold thousands of animals, sight unseen, and never lost a penny. If a problem developed, honorable men did the honorable thing. It was understood, a given, hard earned, and always respected, never doubted. A mans word was his bond.

The core values of this rural life boil down to a few simple understandings; a mans word is his bond, his oral agreements are binding, honor and trust are more important than profits. There are a few vestiges remaining in my neighborhood, some toot their car horn as they drive by the house, we wave when we pass on the highway, we nod hello to strangers we pass in town. Don't try that when strolling on Connecticut and K streets in D.C.

You can shear a sheep many times, you can skin him only once.

This trustworthiness is, unfortunately, given without question. Rural folks are not prepared to deal with sucker-punching two-faced politicians who will lie to their face.

Goodlatte is one of those suckers wearing two faces. Same goes for the local proprietor of a home school business.

What really wise words, ROFLMAO! I think you have it down exactly right!

I don't think your judgement of me is quite "right". Obama did have his way the first 2 years passing just about everything he wanted to turn the economy around. It did not work. I think it delayed the enevitable and now our country has a crapload more debt, and our business and most other business owners/managers I know say they are still in decline. I do not have to listen to a scum like Limbaugh (or Ed from the Ed show to be fair) who pads their pockets by inciting the hardcores and the stupid to know this. What our country needs most right now is a leader. I am not saying Romney is it but I know we dont have one now. I hate the two party system and the lack of choice.

Understood. I will say that people here and everywhere else should pay more attention and demand more of our elected. A large number of voters spend more time watching humans off the street singing songs,throwing/catching balls or dancing on t.v. than they do thinking about things that could majorly impact their future. I wish I could be entertained that easy.

No, howaboutthehotel, I guess my judgement of you is not quite "right". I think it is pretty obvious that not everyone who votes a certain way does so for the same reason. I just found that ROFLMAO did a really great job of explaining one possible reason for why some people here in The Valley automatically vote Republican when they are not extremely wealthy or a "Big Business", and it is not in their best interest to continue voting Republican.

You and I may disagree politically and look at things differently and never come to the same conclusions, but I do have respect for you in that you do recognize how destructive the radicals from both right and left wings are by spewing hate with their divisive hate talk. It causes more harm to this country and does not solve anything nor help to move this country forward to solve it's problems.

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