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Letters to the Editor

Reader: Inconsistencies in Rigelon guest column


I am writing to respectfully respond to Gene Rigelon's column on atheism with which I find numerous inconsistencies.

He refers to presumably objective scientific methods, but these actually presuppose basic order in the universe. If there is no God, why would one expect to find any order anywhere? And yet, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy this universe is amazingly complex and unbelievably orderly. As a Christian, I expect the universe to operate logically since it was made by a logical God.

He also mentions truth, but if there is no God, how could truth exist? And if there is no absolute truth, then nothing can ever be truly right or wrong. He refers to the highest consolation value for life and yet, if there is no truth and no absolute authority, anyone's ideas are just as good as anyone else's. The person who believes humankind is best served by racism or euthanasia is just as right as one who believes otherwise. If we say that morals should be dictated by the majority, what a disaster that has turned out to be time and again. It is imperative to recognize that truth does exist and that it is found in God who has revealed it through His Word and His Son Jesus, who said, "I am the Truth."

Rigelon refers to evolution, but it was evolution that Hitler used to exterminate what he considered "inferior humans" in developing the master race. If evolution is true, how could you fault him?

Most importantly, no science answers our most basic questions, Why am I here? Where am I going? What is right? How can I deal with my sin? Rigelon's statement about Bishop Spong's savior, Jesus Christ, indicates that we all need someone to save us from our pride, greed, selfishness, etc. No amount of humanism has been able to change that. Only in Jesus' blood do we find a cure. I would invite Gene and all readers to seriously investigate the truth claims of the Bible with a truly open mind that God might reveal himself to you.

George Bowers Sr., Woodstock

1 Comment

Time for Tax Payer Henry to ride the midnight ride again! Just like his ancestor Patrick Henry, Tax Payer Henry has sounded the alarm against tyrants many times during the 22 years I have known him.
He sounded the alarm at the Post Office 20 years ago. As we now see, the post office is in dire straights. As in all government agencies, the post office was and probably still is mandated to hire idiots, incompetents, malingerers, criminals, perverts and drive out intelligent and hard working people. The American public is now paying the price for the idiocy that was and probably is allowed to exist in the post office.
At the time of Tax Payer Henry's postal career, it was policy to run off and fire Caucasian men by whatever means necessary. There were and most likely still are people working at postal facilities who cannot read, write or speak English. I am sure that this is part of an overall liberal communist secular humanist plot to dumb down, subdue, subjugate, terrorize and humiliate hard working American people. Also, the liberal secular humanist communist agenda is to wreck the infrastructure of America and our government.
To Arms Taxpayer Henry!! Ride Well, Fast and Swift!! One if by land, Two If By Sea!!
Peace Out and Good Night Chesty Puller, Where Ever you are.

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