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A response to column by Bill Holtzman


I read with interest a recent column in the Daily by Bill Holtzman. I respect Bill as a person and as a professional. Nevertheless, I write to make clear that Bill's views are not the only ones.

Mr. Holtzman charges the President with cronyism, using the subsidy to Solyndra as an example. True, that corporation failed. But I see no reference to the many subsidized entities that flourished, significant among them the auto industry.

It's fascinating that we learn during Governor Romney's tenure in Massachusetts that the state generously subsidized two tech corporations that failed. The moral - governments, operated by people, make mistakes, much like private businesses. See, only recently Morgan Stanley's loss of $2 to 3 billion.

Bill also challenges a health bill waiver given to McDonald's but not to Burger King. I'm no expert here. But McDonald's provides health insurance to many of its employees. Do the Holtzman restaurant employees receive such benefits? A bit surprising, too, that so stalwart a champion of private enterprise bemoans missing out on receiving government largesse.

Bill also finds the Obama energy policies objectionable. He has company on this issue. But so do those who have witnessed disastrous environmental destruction from reckless exploitation of our natural resources. Hereabouts, we all should closely examine Congressman Goodlatte's efforts to torpedo reasonable measures to save the Chesapeake Bay.

Bill concludes by commending Mitt Romney's vision. That depends on your eyesight. If it enjoys looking backward to the Bush policies that wrecked our economy, Romney's your man. By all means, don't regulate Wall Street, the Great Banks or Big Business! Same old?

Bill Holtzman's comments were civil and deserve some consideration. So do differing views that fairly point up some of the issues of the 2012 campaign.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock

Middle class is being squeezed to death


Letter to Mr. Holtzman:

Without even trying, you made a terrific case for what is wrong with America in your June 2 commentary. Over the past three decades, 84.1 percent of all income growth has gone to the top 10 percent of earners in this country. During this same period the bottom 90 percent of earners have collectively seen only 15.9 percent of all income growth. The income of the median American family adjusted for inflation is now lower than in 1998. While the middle class is being squeezed out of existence the rich have never had it better. They benefit from tax breaks, influence legislation and elections on their behalf, and accumulate wealth at a record pace. Meanwhile, the rest of us are waiting for that trickle-down effect we have been told will come our way from the top by the Republicans. And we wait.

Now to address more specifically a few of the statements in your column. According to the footnote at the end of your article you are the owner of Holtzman Corp., Holtzman Oil Co., have your own food division , Little Apple Corporation, that operates Burger King (7) and Denny's restaurants, convenience store Blimpie Restaurants and Godfathers Pizza Restaurants. A Google search indicates your corporations expect revenues of roughly $175,000,000 annually. As they say, that ain't chicken feed. I would ask you specifically how President Obama's policies have hurt you as a businessman? Tell us what your gross revenues were for 2009, 2010, and 2011. I'm betting they have increased each and every year.

As for the exemption you lament you did not get from Obamacare for your Burger King restaurants, search online for fact check health-care-law waivers to see how this exemption is not from Obamacare but is a one-year exemption until 2014 when the health care bill kicks in. This waiver was given to more than 200 businesses. You failed to indicate if you even applied for a waiver, by the way.

Enjoy the fact you are better off than 90 percent of the people in this country Mr. Holtzman.

Ron Golliday, Edinburg

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