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Letters to the Editor

Jail does not address fundamental problem

I am on no particular side of the jail issue, although I find the Republican infighting hysterical. A larger and nicer holding pen will not address the fundamental problem as I see it anymore than the current outdated jail.

Will a new jail result in stiffer sentences for the criminals who now get a slap on the wrist and are out doing their same crimes against society in a few days or weeks?
Will the new jail be equipped with a swinging door at the back like the current one allowing those sentenced for crimes to immediately exit?

Ron Golliday, Edinburg

Politicians are not representing citizens

I would like to respond to Mr. Holtzman's letter dated June 2, 2012. First I am very pleased that Mr. Holtzman has been and is presently a very successful businessman, but lacks the empathy for the many who have lost 40 percent of their net worth and in many situations, had to return to the workforce in their 70s and 80s to pay normal household expenses. This is a big problem in America today that the ones with don't see the middle class being eroded.

On the comment about the government's giving preferential treatment to certain businesses for waivers from Obamacare. Mr. Holtzman, "Did you or your accountant apply for a waiver"? If Mr. Holtzman cares to check the Internet, he will observe where 1,372 waivers were granted and less than 100 denied.

Regarding the loss of $535 million with the closing of Solynda Corp.: this stimulus was to foster green jobs notably by the GOP Congress and signed by George W. Bush in 2005. What happened with Chrysler Corp. and The Ford Motor Corp. under Pres. Obama?
Corporate greed and the lack of fiduciary responsibility and proper regulation have let businesses go about their business as usual with complete disreguard for shareholders and homeowners. When was the last time any of these corporate leaders went to jail? We had a neighbor in Florida who had a three-bedroom, two-bath, two-car garage home built in 1990, original cost $91,000, minus the cost of land. This gentlemen went into assisted living and the home sold for $71,000 in 2011.

Mr. Holtzman, please take a good look at your letter. President Obama tried in the very beginning to work with the opposing party, but to no avail. President Obama has been trying to get an infrastructure bill through for two years to put possibly 2 million workers back to work to no avail.

I am listening to both sides and it makes me sick to what is happening in America. As a 33-year-old veteran, we should be ashamed of the direction this country is headed. The politicians are not representing the people, but self interest. Any politician that signed the Grover Norquist pledge should be run out of office regardless of political affiliation. When you want a president to fail means you want the country to fail.

Anthony B. Mann, Mt. Jackson

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    Well said Mr Mann. Thank You

    This is an excellent letter written by you, Mr Mann. You articulated the issues very well and I agree with all that you said. Along with everything else you said, your last sentence---"when you want the president to fail you want the country to fail" is sadly so true. Like you, it is making me sick to see what is happening in America today.

    Great letter Mr. Mann! We should all be raising hell with the current situation. Regardless of how you have voted in the past or who you plan to support this November, we are being taken for a ride!

    I have NEVER seen more disrespect show toward any president - ever. Like him or not, Obama was elected to the office of President but from day one the game-playing started. The Republicans made it clear that their goal was to make Obama a one-term president - regardless.

    How can anyone support this party? Can you imagine anyone pulling this stuff with Lyndon Johnson? Barack Obama was too nice and perhaps even naive - big mistake.

    Former President Dick Cheney and his co-partner George Bush have dragged this country through the mud and they should have been impeached! This nation may never fully recover from their reckless administration. And that was handed over to Obama.

    But those rich ole boy are doing just fine. Dick even got a heart. And Romney is just more of the same. Barack Obama isn't perfect but "going back" sure isn't the answer.

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