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Obama's policies hurt business

By Bill Holtzman

President Obama talks a lot these days about fairness. But while his rhetoric is about treating people and businesses equally, his policies regularly pick winners and losers, favoring some businesses over others. President Obama's cronyism is based on political expediency, not the worthiness of a business. We've seen the result in Solyndra, where more than $500 million dollars of taxpayer money was squandered by one of President Obama's political supporters.

As a business owner, I've personally experienced President Obama's cronyism. I own seven Burger Kings. One of my main competitors is McDonald's. The competition between our two businesses is what our country is all about. But recently President Obama decided to put his finger on the scale. He granted a waiver from Obamacare to McDonald's, saving that company millions in business-crushing extra costs. No such waiver was extended to Burger King. It's unclear how President Obama's notion of fairness fits into this decision. Maybe Barack Obama prefers the Big Mac to the Whopper.
It may or may not be an isolated incident, but it's certainly an example of how President Obama's policies have hurt businesses here in Virginia and around the country. Most businesses operate on a narrow margin. The vast majority of our profits are poured back into our businesses to cover our payroll and our expenses. When those expenses rise, it makes it harder to hire new employees and harder to keep the ones we have. That's the hidden cost of things like President Obama's failed energy policy.

Here in Virginia, we have felt the impact of President Obama and his EPA's war on American energy. We've seen power plants forced to cut back capacity even as the demand for energy is on the rise, and current estimates indicate that the EPA's anti-coal regulations could drive up the price of electricity by 15 percent. Already, Appalachia Power is asking for a 7 percent increase to cover tougher environmental regulations.
Meanwhile, plans to build new plants that would have employed hundreds of workers and provided cheap and reliable power have been scrapped, putting our future energy security in jeopardy. The EPA's overreach has gotten so bad that even Democrats like Jim Webb and Phillip Puckett have warned that thousands of jobs are in jeopardy because of the agency's actions.

Perhaps even worse than the EPA's approach to coal has been President Obama's stonewalling on our nation's oil resources. When he was a candidate, Barack Obama promised to pursue an all-of-the-above approach to energy. We in Virginia have seen that promise broken, first hand.

Off our coast sits an untold wealth of untapped oil reserves. Exploring those reserves would create thousands of new jobs and add billions of dollars of revenue to our state. And yet, despite bipartisan support, President Obama has refused to act. Instead, he has imposed a de facto seven year moratorium on any exploration. Meanwhile, our country remains hostage to ever changing energy prices and events in the perpetually unstable Middle East. That is not leadership, and it is not what President Obama promised us.
Four years ago, the people of Virginia gave President Obama our support. But that support was premised on the idea that he would keep his promises to us on things like energy and cronyism. Four years later, he's making more promises, but we now know the measure of the president. It's time for real change. Gov. Romney offers to lead where President Obama has not. He has a vision of lower taxes, less regulation, less debt and more American energy production and development. We need that vision now. We can't afford four more years of the alternative.

Bill Holtzman is president and owner of the Holtzman Corporation. Holtzman Oil Corp. is a Chevron, BP, Exxon, Texaco, and Liberty supplier in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia, and is one of the largest employers in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Holtzman Corp. also has its own food division, Little Apple Corporation, that operates Burger King and Denny's restaurants, convenience store Blimpie restaurants and Godfather's Pizza restaurants.

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    McDonald's, 29 other firms get health care coverage waivers
    USA Today, 10/7/2010)

    "Thirty companies and organizations, including McDonald's (MCD) and Jack in the Box (JACK), won't be required to raise the minimum annual benefit included in low-cost health plans, which are often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees...The Department of Health and Human Services, which provided a list of exemptions, said it granted waivers in late September so workers with such plans wouldn't lose coverage from employers who might choose instead to drop health insurance altogether.."



    My heart bleeds for poor Mr. Holtzman who has so much money he had to hire somebody to count it for him while he whines and complains from his ivory tower he must pay minimum hourly wages to hamburger flippers and convenience store clerks.

    It was so nice of Mr. Holtzman to find blame ONLY with one half of the politicians while ignoring the obstructionist self-serving behavior by the other half.

    On a more personal level, Holtzman Propane yanked my propane tank because they said I wasn't buying enough propane to heat my house last winter. I let it pass without complaint and Southern States is now my propane supplier.

    For your op-ed opinion and resulting public display of selfish, insensitive behavior towards your entry level employees I will boycott every one of your junk food businesses and price gouging petroleum outlets.

    I am but one man with one voice, but I assure you I will discuss your bad behavior at every appropriate opportunity everywhere I go until I have drawn my last breath.

      Sorry to laugh at your expense Bill, but I have to thank you for the belly laugh after reading your spin on things!

      I couldn't agree more MyIndianNameisRunsWithBeer! As a former employee many years ago, I can attest to the treatment of some of their employees. I say "some" of their employees because of the cronyism at Holtzman! Sort of the pot calling the kettle black...

      I really started laughing when I read Mr. Holtzman's statement about President Obama putting his finger on the scale. Like he does at the pump? How is that any different from you and your cronies gathering weekly to decide how much to gouge the good folks of Shenandoah Co. at the pumps this week? Seems even funnier that I can go to Harrisonburg and get gas a LOT cheaper than I can back in Shenandoah Co.!

      I have no problem with someone being successful, but I get highly insulted when those with more money think that those with less money must also have a lower IQ to believe the fact challenged rant we all just read. Sorry, not buying it!

      All I can say is that in my fact finding mission, I will vote for President Obama yet again in Nov. and any other Dem that runs for any office just to help squash what has become of the Republican party as we now know it! Our Republican forefathers would be so ashamed to see what that party has become!

    So Bill Holtzman has written a blatently false opinion piece that the NVD obviously did not fact check before publication. Fortunately some of the readers are more aware of reality than the paper's biased staff. Yet no move has been made to correct the false information published above. That's called yellow Journalism. Unortunately, NVD, that's not what the Journalism awards are given for, or you'd be swimming in them.

    Thank you Mr. Holtzman. Your comments are right on point. Voters need to do research and analyze. Obama has granted exemptions for his "Healthcare Plan" and I am not clear as to why certain exemptions were given. I am very concerned about our economy and am sad that the country I love and that my forebears have fought for is going down the drain. In the job I have, every day I meet people who have worked all their lives and now have no employment, cannot support their families, etc. and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. By the way, Holtzman Propane has serviced our home for many years and we have had no problem with the company or its employees.

    By the way Bill,you never mentioned applying for an exemption and being turned down. If your company didn't apply for an exemption you can't blame the government for not granting one. That's why McDonalds is #1 and BK is #2, they have more on the ball.

    Seems this guy would love to pay us in scrip and have the ability to poison the air,soil and water without a care.

    He and his fellow republicans have held America hostage since Jan 2009 with their main goal of "making Obama a one term president", as you channels Michelle Bauchmen in the crony capitalism blather. What have the republicans done for the rest of us out here struggling to make ends meet? They handed their rich buddies more hand outs and freebies on their promises of hiring. Once they got their extortions, they simply asked for MORE

    It's as simple as this, He got his, Now he will block anything that could help the rest of us and he could care less if we all starve to death unless we eat his artery clogging fast food..

    I for one won't bother to spend another dime on any of his businesses. We the people should do the same.

    They want to see who actually runs this country.

    everyone who actually works for a living should take a week off sick, a week of buying nothing but essentials and a week of showing these greedy sacks exactly who they NEED and who made them their money on their blood sweat and tears..

    PS, you have to apply for that waiver before you an whine about not getting it.

    want someone to blame, blame yourself.

    Please let the oil companies drill offshore so I can make more millions. Please let me get a health care break for my minimum wage employees flipping burgers(you misrepresented the exemption McDonald’s got). Here’s a guy who is expecting $175,370,699 in annual revenues and is complaining? Like most rich Republicans there is no end to his greed. Tell us Mr. Holtzman what your gross revenues were for 2009, 2010 & 2011 under the Obama Administration? I’m betting they increased each year. You should be ashamed to whine about the fact you can’t make even more money.

    While Mr. Holtzman is entitled to his opinion he is not entitled to his own set of facts. The waiver to which he references was also granted to 221 other awardees. It is hard to fathom how Mr. Holtzman can claim that he has “…personally experienced President Obama's cronyism…” as evidenced by the granting of a legitimate waiver. (Factcheck.org at http://www.factcheck.org/2010/12/health-care-law-waivers/ ) . I could find no record that Burger King even pursued such a waiver.

    Further, it is eyebrow-raising, to the say the least, that Mr. Holtzman’s language parrots the Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS advertisement ‘s charges of “cronyism” to the very word. CrossRoads’ misleading tactics are revealed / unmasked at Political Correction.org (http://politicalcorrection.org/adcheck/201105190008) and the above-mentioned FactCheck.org.

    As Mr. Holtzman is presumed to be a successful and savvy businessman who owns fast food restaurants, gas stations, and a large business that provides heating fuel, I assume he follows established laws for running his businesses and pursues legitimate advantages as appropriate. While I might not personally agree with such government advantages as tax breaks and other forms of corporate welfare, I do not consider their existence a personal affront.

    Moreover, reasonable people disagree on our energy policies. Yes we need energy and we need jobs, but coal is dirty, fossil fuel is running out, nuclear plants pose dangers, and fracking for natural gas impacts water tables. The issues and competing interests are complex—infinitely more so than one businessman’s sense of a “personal affront,” and shop-worn and utterly predictable charges of a runaway EPA.

    One of the darker sides of today’s political climate is the feeling by so many of our citizens that every government action is somehow personal. And shame on the Northern Virginia Daily for publishing such innuendo without fact checking the claims since it only serves to add to the lies about, suspicion and hatred of our government.

    Don't ya just love it when the folks whit Million$ in profits want to whine about how tough they have it?

    My heart bleeds ever so slightly

    I'm sure he gets a better break at the gas pump than the rest of us. Want some Cheese with your Whine Mr. Holtzman.

    Bill Holtzman is guilty of enjoying the taste of shoe leather. The "country bumpkins" with internet access easily disprove every one of Holtzman's far-fetched allegations slandering President Obama.

    There are clear standards set up by the Department of Health and Human Services for reviewing waiver applications, and administrators have testified that the waiver process is administered fairly regardless of what organization is applying. Additionally, the waivers only temporarily exempt companies from just one provision of the health care law. This is done as a stop-gap measure so that individuals will not lose their health coverage while the Affordable Care Act is being fully implemented.

    My healthcare provider is Kaiser-Permanente. Here are the facts as stated by the Kaiser Health Newsletter - (website URL provided on request)
    · No Union Favoritism: There Is No Evidence Of Inconsistency Or Partisan Bias In Granting Waivers
    · HHS Granted 1372 Waivers, Denied Less Than 100 Applications.
    · Even Groups With Republican Party Ties Are Able To Get Waivers
    · Standards For Acquiring A Waiver Are Published Online - http://cciio.cms.gov/
    · HHS: Waiver Applicants Must Certify That Waiver Is Necessary To Prevent Reduced Access To Coverage Or Large Premium Increases
    · Administration Says The Waiver Process Is "Administered Fairly Without Regard To The Type Of Applicant Or Size Of Business."
    · Waivers Only Exempt Companies From One PPACA Provision, Only For One Year, And Only If They Can Prove Coverage Will Be Disrupted.
    · Waivers Are Granted "To Firms that Cannot Meet New Annual Coverage Limits
    · In First Year, Only Approximately 1.6 Million Workers Fall Into The Annual Limit Bracket Requiring Waivers.
    · Waivers "Merely Give Companies A Temporary Delay Before Being Required To Improve The Coverage Of Cheap, Bare-Bones Plans They Currently Offer'.
    · The Waiver Program Will Allow Companies To Keep Their Current Insurance Without Incurring A Penalty Or Having To Drop Coverage.

    OK, Holtzman, now what have you got to say for yourself?

    "I own seven burger kings." WaaWaaWaa!

    Agreed, this greedy businessmen is getting handouts from the .gov and whining it isn't enough while raking in huge profits.

    makes me ill.

    It seems as though our current president has succeeded in creating an awful lot of citizens jealous of people who have succeeded in this country. I have never read so many negative or angry replies about someone who has been as successful as Mr. Holtzman. Do these people realize that Mr. Holtzman and other successful businessmen as Mr. Holtzman provide a lot of things for the people in the Winchester area, i.e. jobs, benefits for employees, and taxes paid by his businesses which helps our schools, etc. Success is what we all strive for; it's not something we should frown upon or be jealous of. Did we frown upon John F. Kennedy who was extremely wealthy? We haven't seen such negative talk of wealthy people - both political and conservative businessmen since our current president has been in office. Since when has being successful become so awful?

      Let me try to help ColorMeHappy understand. Really, jealous? Are you serious? I'm not jealous of Mr. Holtzman's success. I'm perplexed that in spite of his success, it's still not enough. Based on his comments, He clearly feels like he's entitled to more-more-more. There comes a point, and I suspect Ms. Holtzman's may have passed it, when it's no longer about growing the business or investing in your employees, but in lining your own pockets. My thoughts are based on the fact that while the number of millionaires and billionaires has skyrocketed, there has been a refusal to invest in America and the American ideal.

      Wealthy or not is not the question, greed is. Of course, not telling to whole truth is a problem for some people. I for one am tired of the whining of the "job creators"

    When they lie (like the op) nothing BUT ridicule and ire should be given.

    without those employees etc he wouldn't make a dime, as he is but one man.

    It's not jealousy, its tired of these people who have made million$$ on the back of everyone else crying poor mouth and ready to abolish the EPA for their own selfish gains at the expence of our water, soil and air. not to mention the fat people and health issues created by that fast food garbage he's selling..

    After reading and thinking about Bill Holtzman's Op-Ed article, it appears there are five things wrong about Bill Holtzman;
    Envy, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, and Greed. Especially Greed.

    No, I did not overlook liar. Bill lies because he is greedy and obviously oblivious to the ideas and feelings of others less fortunate.

    Maybe Bill's fellow church members will remind him he appears afflicted with five of the Seven Deadly Sins and the appropriate remedies are Kindness, Humility, Patience, Temperance, and Charity.

    Oh wait, Holtzman is Republican?


    He's crossed over to the dark side. The greed is hopelessly incurable.

    "there has been a refusal to invest in America and the American ideal."

    There are 2 reasons for this

    1) if they hurt America enough, they can do as Bill has, blame Obama while taking no responsibility for their party of NO


    2) they have sold their souls and their country out to Grover and the likes to block their having to pay anything in taxes.

    Their entire plan was to "make Obama a one term president" and they have made sure their self fullfilling prophecy of doom for the American citizen has been left in their wake.

    We the people have been held hostage by the GOP plan since they lost in 2006. It wasn't about jobs or he economy it wasn't even about the deficits (if you recall, the GOP has always been a deficit hawk). it was about "get Obama"
    I for one won't be voting for Mitticus.

    What bunk from these people. I bet if you offered them a million dollars they wouldn't turn it down.

    Since that isn't going to happen, let's stick to the reality.

    Wondering.... You can't handle reality, considering your previous comments.

    Obvioulsy you can't show where my post is not based in reality, You simply attacked my character. quite trollish IMHO

    So what isn't reality in my post?

    I figured as much. typical teocon troll.

    So, Bill...You never gave us your alternative health care plan. Is it the one here your minimum wage slaves get to split the money in the tip jar and use it for their premiums?

    After reading what Holtzman wrote, and reading a couple of the comments that followed agreeing with and actually defending Holtzman, I don't know which I find more pathetic!

    Of course Holtzman will bash Obama and tout how great Romney is! It is when the policies of this new, extreme Right-Wing Republican Party is in charge that the Holtzmans of the world can make themselves even more wealthy while the rest of us who are not super rich will have to give up more and sacrifice more including further loss of the Middle Class!

    This trickle-down economics of the Republicans has already proven not to work. Just look at how the Middle Class has shrunk, the poor have gotten poorer, but the rich have gotten vastly richer. The discrepancy in income has grown tremendously and when Obama and the Democrats have tried to address the fairness issue by proposing higher taxes for those making over a million dollars a year in order to equalize the sacrifice we all have to make, it is the obstructionist Republcan Congress that have refused and have fought for the wealthy (like Holtzman) but want the REST OF US to sacrifice more and more!! (Take a look at the Congressman Ryan budget passed by Republicans in the House.) I am all for the rich to get rich, nothing wrong with that------but NOT on the backs of the rest of us!! NOT when the Republicans in charge will have the rest of us sacrifice even more and tighten our belts even more while doing all they can to help the rich get richer!

    These people defending the likes of Holtzman and those who defend others touting the Republican Party rhetoric, seem to have no clue that they are being fed BULL to keep them in line and they are taking the bait hook, line and sinker! Wake up! Take the bags off your heads, and see what is really going on in this country!

    The times when this country has had a strong Middle Class, EVERYONE did well including the rich, like Holtzman! But follow Holtzman's "advice" and the Middle Class is NOT what will become strong in this country.

      I applaud your commentary song98! Great post! As far as sjf's post goes...well, #1 it is an internet/email/post rule that writing in all caps is online shouting. Rude to say the least, but since the content was rubbish you have to consider the source. Crazy like a Fox News couldn't have said it better!

      I IMPLORE people to remember that in 2010 when these like minded people decided to shift things more in their favor by trying to get any Repub elected and take over Congress they succeeded and we have suffered for it ever since! Take Gov McDonnell (please do!!) for instance. Transvaginal probes huh? He has made VA the laughing stock of this country by his ridiculous governing and the funniest yet scariest thing about him is that he may just well become Romney's running mate! We would be doubly screwed then!

      Congress and the Repubs have held US citizens suffering from the worst economical downturn since the Great Depression hostage and they could care less about you, yet you blindly follow and condone their manic behavior! They are the ones responsible for the US losing its' credit worthiness because they waited until the 11th hour to pass anything and everything. While the US citizens they represent and WORK FOR suffered all the while just so the Repubs could have their way or NO way as it seems! Do you Repubs actually think they were helping you? NO they just wanted to help Obama fail and become a one term president!! They sacrificed any economic recovery effort in order to do this!!! We (you guys included) are the ones still paying for their far right extemist ideas!!

      Be careful what you wish for friends!! Please do make intelligent choices and check all your facts before you choose a side. Women, if you want a MAN deciding your right to choose or your right to birth control or just women's healthcare in general, you need to steer clear of the Repubs!

    I counted two defenders of greedy Bill in these comments. Probably under his employ or rich like him. Interesting that the Daily today printed the letters from the two defenders and three opposed to what he said. Was this a representative sampling by the Daily?

    Mr. Holtzman. Because you are so greedy and useless may I suggest that you remove your business from this area, take your money and go away. That way all these wonderful caring people posting here can explain why all those horrible minimum wage jobs you provide are gone. After all those people who work there would be much better off if you just left and took your lousy jobs with you. Heck, why should you get to keep any profits when you took the time to invest your money. Dang, greedy people such as yourself should just go away. After all we know that without you the world would be a better place. Where the jobs or government money would come from (ie. taxes) doesn't matter. What matters is your selfish desire to make money. Whew!

      Really, Kim Bishop? Is the message in your post that we all should be so thankful to Holtzman for his providing (minimum wage) jobs to this area, that we had better "get in line", thank him and not "make any waves" and dare not complain? Oh-----maybe you think we better get in line also to kiss his boots in thanks?

      Holtzman can run his businesses any way he wishes, whether I agree or not on how he runs it, (and I do agree with tstar on the fact that he gouges us at the pump when almost always gas is way cheaper down in Harrisonburg). And people have the right to either work for him or not. He can make all the wealth he wants. My problem is when he self-servingly and enthusiastically pushes the Romney and Republican Party policies (and we all know how today's Republican Party has turned radically to the right) when those policies give more breaks and advantages to the very wealthy enabling them to vastly increase their wealth. While at the same time these Republican policies are demanding more sacrifice and belt-tightening from the rest of us thereby shrinking the Middle Class, not to mention making life a whole lot harder for so many people.

      The wealthy can make all the money they want---it's great, it's the American way and I would not change it. BUT------Republican policies which defend all the breaks to the very wealthy, while at the same time are demanding that we who are not wealthy give up more, more, and more do not lead to a healthy and robust Middle Class.

      I will repeat myself since it seems some people just don't apparently read very well: wealthy people can make all the money they want BUT JUST NOT ON THE BACKS OF THE REST OF US!

      I am perplexed at anyone who could think that asking for EQUALLY SHARED SACRIFICE as Obama and the Democrats have tried to do, is not the right thing, and the American way. But then I guess it is hard to see the truth for those of you who go around in life with a bag on your head and can't even see what path you are on.


    Only took 5 days before the fake supporters showed up.

    You will notice, the ones who are making the min. wage aren't posting how hard they have it as editorials. ole bill up there made sure we all knew he can't afford another caddie cause Obama won't hand him more and that dasterdly EPA keeps him from polluting at will

    Time to cut off the freebies and tax breaks to rich people. quite simply they DO NOT NEED HELP.. We the people do


      Oh, you are welcome for the education! As they say, "If you want children to listen, you have to lower your voice." Translation is that not many people listen to screamers. Immediately turns them off.

    LOL!!!!! First I get yelled at when I agree with you all, I get yelled at if I disagree with you all! So funny!!!! You can't insult someone for making money and enjoying it and then calling them greedy. Big deal...get over yourselves. I don't know Holtzman so I'm not going to say anything pro or con, I do however agree with his assesment of Obama Care. If it should be fair then EVERYONE should pay not the big business guys getting hand outs. I say do away with all subsidies for every business...oil, farm, medical, environment, etc., etc. If one pays then all should pay. Just know when corporations pay the little guy pays. When minimum wage goes up prices everywhere go up (hurting the little guy all the more.)
    I'm sick and tired of the whining "poor" people. For the first 10 years of my marriage we lived pay check to pay check. We didn't go on vacations, we shared a car, we ate no name food, we did without...however we had everything we needed, and now that my family is doing well (although well under the $200,000 rich limit) I will not apologize for it and neither should Mr. Holtzman or any other person who does well in business.
    I wish all the "evil" rich would simply shut up shop, take their money and go live how they would and let you mindless, liberal puppets have your socialist, communist society. Without smart people will to invsest you can make the minimum wage $100,000 a year; you could make everyone have the same amount of money; the same kind of home; same kind of car; problem is there would be no one left to supply the jobs. Europe is DYING because of the hatred for the wealthy, for the over taxation of the wealthy, and for "free" programs.
    America was founded on hard work, not free handouts and America is dying because more people are getting free handouts then are working. ...and soon thanks to our pro abortion folks we won't have enough young people to work to take care of the old folks...that's when Obama care will really come into effect. The seven person panel will decided who lives and who dies.
    And for all you mindless, pro abortion at any cost for any reason nutters, an internal ultrasound (which is less invasive than a scraper or suction machine) would give women more choice (if that's really what you care about) and doctors more information about how to perform safe abortions. However you don't really care about choice you only care about free sex with no consequences (although women who have abortions have many more mental health problems and physical problems as a result).
    There will always be rich and their will always be poor. However, even if you all hand Mr. Holtzman and other successful people living just like you you wouldn't be happy, because someone would always be smarter than you, or better at something than you, or happier than you. You're a bunch of miserable toe rags. One day when you get your "Utopia", and you will whether Democrat or Republican because they are basically the same, you'll still be crying in your soup...it's just it will be in a soup line instead of your own home. Bunch of cry babies!!!!

      Kim Bishop, I have read a lot of your posts over time, but I can honestly say that you have outdone yourself this time. If what you wished to achieve here was to clarify what type of person you are and to show how little class or self control you have and put it all on public display, then I congratulate you! You have been very successful indeed!

    Now that I think of it, I can't believe that the article didn't mention Bill Holtzman's daughter, Senator (R) Jill Vogel.

    Kim is sick and tired of whining poor people... no doubt of this at all. kind of fits with the religion you chose huh Kim?

    If you will recall correctly kim, these "up and up" businessmen and republicans who lobbied for more tax breaks and handouts ,did so on the promise of hiring "because when you give the job creators more breaks and capital, bla bla bla"

    during the lead up to and following the crash, only the rich have continued to profit while "we the people" have given to the core. It is their turn to give and just as you are tired of hearing poor people whine while in need, I'm sick and tired of the rich crying poor mouth when they are the last turnip in the garden to pick due to their own greedily eatting everything else without a thought of anyone but themselves.

    again, without US none of you make a dime. remember whos back you climbed up on to get to that special tower of pride,greed and hubris.

    I honestly think YOU believe the people would be better off working for scrip Kim.

    Tstar and song98 i wish i were so eloquent in my writting.

    good job :beer:

    I'm one of the few on here who blame both sides...The Republicans and Democrats spend, spend, spend and never fix anything. I do tend to vote Republican, but not because I am one with the party, but because the alternative is a democrat...what is one to do? I vote for the best of the worst.
    As for helping the poor, I believe very much in helping the poor (the truly poor) Poor people are those who have nothing because nothing is available...like people in Africa, or Indonesia (where I tend to give my alms). You see truly poor people actually work hard and live on what they make, even if its a pitance and don't blame the job creators for enjoying their money...the "whining poor" that I am sick of are the ones who want handouts, jobs they haven't worked for, and salaries beyond what they're worth. ...like the people who whine about Mr. Holtzmans greedy minimum wage jobs. Yeah, I'm sure you need a college diploma to flip burgers! I do help local food pantries but trusting the government to take care of the poor? well it hasn't worked yet. How long have we been giving hand outs to the poor? The only time it seemed to do any good was during the 90's when Newt Gingrich got Bill Clinton to agree to welfare reform and put people back to work...not just keep them on handouts. So many people were happy to be earning. And while the Gingrich/Clinton economy was good it was because of a cut in spending not in a raise in taxes. Bush actually collected more in taxes after the tax cuts, but chose to waste it.
    Don't you all think if we go to single payer (which is what Obama care will create once the insurance companies go out of business) that everyone should pay? Rich, poor, business, individuals? Don't you think we should get rid of all subsidies instead of picking and choosing who to help? Shouldn't everyone (rich and poor) pay their fair share? A single flat tax or better a national sales tax (with repeal of income tax) would be fair. BTW I am NOT for single payer healthcare...I've had too many friend's families murdered (yes because a panel decided they weren't worth keeping alive) in the English healthcare system to want it here.

    Turn off the Glenn beck already Kim.

    "I've had too many friend's families murdered (yes because a panel decided they weren't worth keeping alive) in the English healthcare system to want it here."

    Are you seriously trying to invoke the many times over "death panel" shinola?

    tunr off the talk radio and think.

    Give them hell Kim! Those socialist can't stand the truth.
    Oh... and by the way song98. If you want EQUALLY SHARED SACRIFICE. Move to Cuba,Russia,or China. They have plenty of that just waiting for you. Enjoy!

    Someone mentioned that this opinion piece was well written. Agree, in fact, a professional political strategist couldn't have drafted a better campaign letter. And today it appears to be making the circuit....


    In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing. ~ Mark Twain

    Think jill wrote this for him jane?

    sure seems well put together for a political hit piece.

    Can you believe "Fat Cat Willie Boy" Holtzman, sent copies of his ghost written Op-Ed letter to every newspaper in the known universe, spouting the same piffle appearing at the top of this webpage? Let us thank Willie Boy for revealing himself as a modern day robber baron and "let them eat cake" Republican elitist.

    It didn't take long for the usual band of merry Strasburg Snake Shakers to dust off their tin foil hats and jump on the Holtzman band wagon. There must be something wrong with the water in Strasburg. That area has more than its fair share of frothy-mouthed evangelical snake shaking fanatics. Can somebody tell me what local church influences this merry band of Kool-Aid drinking miscreants? If they keep on shaking snakes in the air they're gonna get bit.

    Fortunately for us the Strasburg Snake Shakers are not bright enough to produce an original thought. The beauty of dealing with the Tin Foil Hats is their predictability, always reciting the latest Glen Beck whacko rant of the day.

    Ms. Tin Foil Hat conspiracy theorist continues throwing bombs of misguided blather, writing endlessly, cramming the most words into the fewest ideas. Plodding sidekick Noffy dutifully tosses in an ignorant agreement, always preferring to remain silent when asked to explain himself. The latest snake shaking convert now appears VOICING HER DISPLEASURE AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. Not one has a true personal political agenda. Instead, the particular brand of snake shaking fanaticism each espouses as political viewpoints are based on revelations provided by Pat Robertson - Jack Van Impe - Glen Beck inspired evangelical hucksterism. (Send me money and I'll save the world) It is no coincidence the far right wing of the Republican Party courts and welcomes this brand of far right wing religious fanaticism.

    I suspect the flying saucer aliens are personal friends of theirs. Aliens probing body cavities creates close, intimate relationships needed to sustain hard core end-of-the-world fatalism.



    @ROFLMAO, Strasburg is a beautiful little town with many, many caring, decent people. Isn't it wonderful to live in a country were individuals can voice their views regardless of their support or opposition to others' views of political, religious, and/or social preferences.

    @Kim Bishop. Whether readers agree with your views or not, thanks for having the courage of writing them under your own name instead of hiding behind a pseudo. 

      Jane Mackie, you make a good point regarding the wonderful country we live in where we all can freely express our opinion even if others do not agree. I would bet everyone who has expressed an opinion on any of these news articles would say the same thing.

      I might not agree with Kim Bishop on probably 99% of what she says, but she should, and does, have every right to express her opinion. By the same token, so does ROFLMAO have that same right to express his/her opinion even if it is about a town that others might think is wonderful.

    As regards your comment to me song98, about equally shared sacrifice. Look up the definition of socialism?

    Now... tell me who decides what is equal, what would you shared, and when would it be considered a sacrifice? Doesn't sound like the America I grew up in.

    It's the same America, what you want to create apparently from your posts, is not however.

    this country was NEVER to be a plutocracy nor a theocracy. You remember that noffy. let it burn real deep into that brain of yours.

    What you want America to be, has indeed changed since you have aged, but America itself has not.

    The Tea Party Tin Foil Hats comprise less than 1% of the Republican Party but account for nearly 100% of the misinformation. Holtzman's Op-Ed piece, sent to numerous newspapers, has revealed his true political affiliation and commitment to "The Party Of No".

    Bishop has become the central member of a liars circular firing squad, consistently scoring low in factual content in her rambling opinions. Over the last several years, many posters here have caught Bishop in bold faced lies, distortions, misinformation, and gross fabrications far exceeding that normally tolerated during polite political debate. Some debaters chose to approach the lying problem politely and diplomatically, some chose to be direct and confrontational. Regardless of the approach, appeasement or provocative, few disagree Bishop's reputation has become that of a crackpot ignoramus, deserving discredit at every opportunity.

    I refuse to suffer fools. On principle, therefore, I emphatically disagree with every word ever written by Bishop, including "the" and "and". Now Holtzman joins Bishop on my short list of chronic liars.

    Wondering, how about allowing song98 fight his/her own battles?

      Still can't figure out what equally shared sacrifice is, Noffy'say? I will tell you what it is not. It is NOT fighting for extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest Americans, as the Republicans are doing, while at the same time wanting to make far-reaching changes and drastic cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security that those who are not wealthy count on after having worked hard their entire life and can make the difference between comfortable elderly years or grim and struggling ones.

      It is NOT fighting to give oil companies (already making record profits), subsidies while at the same time the Paul Ryan/GOP plan in the house would slash spending on domestic programs, with scarce details on what will be slashed. That certainly leaves open the strong possibility----some would say probability----of slashing money to programs like Head Start, cancer research, border security, air traffic comptrollers, federal grants to combat violent crime and others.

      It is NOT the Republican plan to dismantle many regulations (along with the EPA) so Big Business can further increase their profits while at the same time not giving a darn that no one will be regulating their practices to keep them from poisoning the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat. (Yea----sure I trust all Big Business to self-regulate just like I trust a fox to guard the hen house.)

      You want to call me a Socialist, noffy'say, because I do care that there is fairness for all in this country? Knock yourself out. I could care less since name-calling is what the Right Wing resorts to as a diversion-----as a "smoke screen"----because it is not only impossible for them to argue against fairness, but impossible to explain with a straight face how what they are pushing for and supporting does not lead to further disintegration of the Middle Class. Not to mention how they are systematically pushing for this country to be run by the few wealthy at the top, in my opinion.

      You tell me to look up the word socialist? I think you should look up a couple of words. Look up the word fairness. Also, look up the word plutocracy.

    How about welcome to a public forum noffy.

    Well now, this 'public forum' is exactly where the author of the 'opinion piece' desires us to be...bickering amongst ourselves and calling each other out instead of addressing the disinformation written in the opinion piece. Mission accomplished!

    I think the calling out has been done on bills disinformation . can only kick that dead horse so long ya know ;-)

    he and his fellow cohort kim have been shown deceptive.

    What is democracy? Holtzman would have us believe democracy is:

    · Holtzman reaping benefits resulting from his greed.
    · Holtzman paying no taxes.
    · Holtzman is too rich to pay his fair share of good governance.
    · Holtzman should have immunity to pollute the air, water, and land.
    · Holtzman not caring about pollution caused by his business operations.
    · Holtzman's junk food emporiums should be treated differently than his competitors.
    · Holtzman not giving a rat's sass about his minimum wage employees.
    · Holtsman's wealth comes from riding on the backs of minimum wage employees.
    · Holtzman blaming his Republican party's energy policy failures on his political adversary.
    · Holtzman blaming his Republican party's job policy failures on his political adversary.
    · Holtzman blaming his Republican party's adversary for facilitating better health care.
    · Holtzman blaming his Republican party's legislative obstructionism on his political adversary.
    · Holtzman's wealth allows him special citizenship, special powers, special privileges, special considerations.

    In short, America would be better off with fewer greedy men like selfish Bill Holtzman.

    It would seem that we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Holtzman for reminding many of us that the greed of many of his ilk is further damaging an already fragile Middle Class. It's good to be reminded, to become fired up over the increasingly larger class divide. Hopefully 'THE PEOPLE' will remember this and vote for their survival, instead of their demise by rejecting Mittens and his minions.

    On a happier note. It would seem that there are few that believe Kim and her rants, otherwise she might not have lost in this past election. I guess there is still hope that 'THE PEOPLE' haven't completely gone mad.

    How nice it would be to have a discussion without name calling, false accusations and bitterness towards each other. The NVD is doing exactly what they want you to do.

    Grow up everyone and act appropriately.

    Say bill wasn't rich and owned only one store with one employ. Would you feel the same way? He could still treat that one person the same as a hundred. So what you are saying is because he is rich he treats his employees different to make more money. He is in business to make money.... It's called incentive. Furthermore, when I go into BurgerKing I don't see any employees chained to the counters.

    Will the REAL Joe Schmo please stand up?

    I see the NVDaily has given my screen name to an imposter. I registered with NVD back in December 2010, so how does this newcomer slip in the back door? Well, sir, this town isn't big enough for two Joe Schmo's....

    Where else exactly would the people who are employed by Bill go for jobs in this area? This is not a recent phenonemon by the way as it goes back decades. The few rich have dictated the economy in these environs for years. The disgust is not with someone making money but with someone who is apparently displeased because he can't make even more.

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