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Letter to the Editor: Bush got the U.S. into a recession, 2 wars


Re: Notice for the POTUS, Northern Virginia Daily, July 23, 2012:

Leroy Donald is right, it is the economy and we are not stupid unless we forget how we got in to this mess.

Your readers may remember (although Mr. Donald chooses to forget) that it was the policies of George Bush which caused the great recession.

The crash of 2008 (remember that?) was caused by an inadequate regulatory environment which encouraged and allowed the big banks with help from the ratings agencies to take huge risks with mortgage-backed securities. And if we don't think that this is related to the huge drop in home ownership cited by Mr. Donald, then maybe we are stupid.

President Bush also got us into two wars which cost lots of money not to mention the lives of many men and women. More importantly, from the perspective of the economy, this put us into debt big time. Now we have a debt crisis caused not by Obama, but by the huge debt we (individually and collectively) incurred during the Bush years. Yes, Obama has added to the national debt, but what do you expect when so many people are unemployed? These people are a drag on the economy since we have to pay them unemployment benefits plus they don't pay income taxes because they have no income.

Bush also cut and cut and then cut taxes again in the misguided hope that this would create jobs. Cutting taxes does not create jobs! It didn't then and it won't now. The only thing that creates jobs is demand.

President Clinton left the economy in great shape for George Bush. George Bush left Barrack Obama with an absolutely disastrous economy. Yes, it is the economy, but don't blame it on Obama. In the last four months of the Bush presidency and the first four months of the Obama presidency 4.1 million jobs were lost. Yes, the job losses in 2009 after President Obama's inauguration did occur on his watch, but surely your readers will understand that the negative momentum of the economy at the end of the Bush presidency was something that no president could turn around immediately.

Finally, I would like to point out that the policies that Mitt Romney proposes are the same as those of the man who put us in this mess, George Bush -- reduced taxes, less regulation and a belligerent foreign policy. Vote for Mitt Romney at your own risk.

Waller H. Wilson, Front Royal


Wow another "blame it on Bush" follower. Do your homework before you run your mouth so recklessly. The democrats controlled the Congress during most of George Bushs second term. The credit for the economy falls on the Congress. The Congress that the idiot Obama was a part of. He had/has no practical experience in anything. Never had a real job. No one on his staff has any experience. He is a talker and cannot deliver. Obama has increased government and made the weaker classes of people more dependant on big government. He has done nothing to control our borders and our coiuntry is becoming overun with people that are here illegally. In fact the illegal aliens cost this country more than both the last two wars put together.Our legal system is over run withg them. They hold jobs that should belong to legal citizens. They pay no taxes when they are paid under the counter. They take advantage of our liberal policies and do nothing for our economy or our society. Our country is in real trouble and there won't be much left of us if we have another 4 years of Obama and his crooks. The first lady isn't much better. Have you seen the size of her "staff". Have you seen the salaries of those on her staff? I am shocked tat the amount of people that still beleive that this joke Obama has anything to offer. Personally I think he and his entourage are very dangerous. Society as we know it will change drastically if he is re-elected. Wake up America!

Spat61: Look out for the attack of the liberals and they have every right to do so. However, you have your rights as well. Thanks for the comments.

Is it any wonder the "whites only" Tea Party is dying? I’ve seen this playbook before... 'spat61' wrote 24 sentences, made 21 unsubstantiated accusations, (many tinged with racial bigotry) and impressed everybody with the breadth and depth of his incoherence and inability to express his confusion.

Sir, has anybody ever accused you of thinking?


In the past, we have read with interest the Bush Administration bashing, the Tea Party bashing, the Catholic bashing and now we are playing the race card. Not right at all!!!

Ah finally the chance to argue the other side... There is an old analogy "If an illegal is an undocumented worker, does that make a drug-dealer and undocumented pharmacist?" Both are illegal, and neither are victim-less crimes. The far left has its extremism as much as the far right. Currently some on the FAR left are trying to move that its "racist" to call an illegal an illegal. Its NOT. Its the same tactic as calling Christians "homophobes" or "bigots" because their religious belief specifically states marriage is between a man and a woman.
Securing our borders is a problem. I am all for helping others, but this is where the line in the sand gets drawn. If your neighbor becomes ill, you will do what you can to help out, BUT not at the cost of starving your own family. In this case America is starving her own. You hear about illegals working when the only when the news gets a hold of it. We are constantly fed the idea that illegals are only working the jobs Americans don't want...But how many people around locally know of the LOCAL warehouse that was hiring illegals? How many know that only when the employees threatened to bring in the government were the illegals fired and the Human Resources manager hiring them fired??? It was never a news story, but the employees working there know what happened. These were full time, 14 odd an hour to start with benefit jobs, being given to illegals.
So in this instance, I completely agree with forcing anyone/any company hiring anyone else to use e-verify. I do believe we need better border control and and not only stricter policies as well as enforcement when dealing with illegals. Its not racist to call a criminal a criminal.
Has Obama failed on this front? Yuup! Am I still voting for Obama over Romney? Yuup Yuup!!

Yes, Obama is a god and Bush/Romney/all Republicans are Satan's spawn. Mr. Wilson will no doubt be in charge of the local reeducation camp once the the worker's paradise comes into being.

Nice way to totally avoid contributing even a rebuttal, while showing your rear instead! *two points for seeker!

Racial bigotry? The poor performance of our president has absolutely nothing to do with race, color or anything else. I am far from racist or predujice. I am merely pointing out that the man has no experience, his staff has no experience and they have no real plans that stand a chance of improving anything. Further, if you really believe that my statements are unsubstanciated, then you are not paying attention. Do some research on my statements, you will find out what is fact and what is fiction. I see nothing but anti-American actions being taken. Steps are being taken to destroy the very foundations that this country was founded on by our courageous forefathers. We are losing our values and ideals. Our society is not what it once was. We have forgotten what made us a great country and how to maintain that status. In any other job, you must be effective, accomplish your goals and achieve a high level of performance to keep that job. What has this man accomplished that is for the good of the American people? Those that favor him because he is black are no better than those that oppose him because he is black. I would have voted for Colin Powell if he would have sought the honor of the Presidency. The world is laughing at us. Read some of the papers and get an idea of what the world thinks of our "President". The media hides so much from us, that it is difficult for anyone to have educated opinons on this subject. You must do some research and that takes work, and most are too lazy anymore. I agree that we shouldn't have to do that, the media should provide equal coverages and viewpoints. They do not. Think about why you are an Obama Supporter. If it is not racially influenced, then I respect your views and your beliefs. If it is, then I will waste no more time speaking to you. The future of our country is at stake here. Not just YOUR future, OUR FUTURE, OUR COUNTRY.

And Romney's FIRST trip....

'What a car crash... worse than Sarah Palin': British politicians' fury at Romney's blunder-filled visit to London ahead of Olympics
London Mayor Boris Johnson is latest British leader to jab at Mitt Romney over remarks as Olympic flame arrives in Hyde Park
Minister David Cameron hit back with claim that 'Britain can deliver'
Romney later went back on his remarks after meeting with Cameron, saying he believes the games will be 'highly successful'
Romney says he'll to put bust of Winston Churchill - which was given to President Bush and returned by Obama - back into White House
Awkwardly refers to Labour leader Ed Miliband as 'Mr Leader'


Americans defending Romney gaffes said that Romney was only repeating what had already been stated in the UK papers. However, anyone should realize that a visitor/guest does not go to a country and offend their host even if the host citizens are disgruntled with what is happening in their country. For example, I might say something derogatory about my brother, but would depend him to the hilt if you made the same comment.

LONDON–Mitt Romney met privately with the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service — also known as the M16 — Thursday to discuss the civil unrest in Syria.

“I appreciated the insights and perspectives of the leaders of the government here and opposition here as well as the head of MI6,” Mr. Romney told reporters Thursday. “We discussed Syria and the hope for a more peaceful future for that country.”

But MI6 chief Sir John Sawers’s meetings are often conducted quietly, and afterwards, neither MI6 or the Romney campaign would confirm or deny the meeting.

spat61 writes: Read some of the papers and get an idea of what the world thinks of our "President".

During the 2011 G-20 Summit in France, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overheard calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a "liar" who he couldn't "bear" while discussing France's vote in favor of the Palestinian bid for UNESCO membership with Obama. "You're fed up, but I have to deal with him every day," the U.S. president reportedly responded."

Certainly no surprise the media is replaying this now as Romney's primary fundraiser Sheldon Adelson was among those who accompanied Romney in Israel, AND Adelson owns the Israeli daily newspaper Israel HaYom, which is the number one daily newspaper in Israel since its 2007 inception. Adelson--listed in Forbes 400 as the eighth wealthiest American estimated worth, $24.9 billion--first supported his good friend Gingrich. His wealth is derived from the operations of casinos in Nevada, Macao, and Singapore. So, if Romney becomes president, imagine how many more casinos the US will enjoy and wonder what government position Aldelson's good buddy Gingrich will be offered?

Spat, I attempted to post the links showing your falsehoods, its up to the blog owner whether or not to post them.

Interesting, Katybug, I have attempted to post one item three times, and it is held up; contacted NVD, they checked, and advised they do not show it in their queue.

In part it shows that Spat's statement about Mrs. Obama's staff is disinformation being circulated by Beck, a bogus email, etc.

Q: Is a chart claiming to show the "top 20 raises" to White House staffers accurate?

A: It's misleading. The salary increases for 19 of the 21 employees listed resulted from promotions. Average pay for White House staff actually declined.
http://www.factcheck.org/2011/08/top-20-white-house-raises/ (DOI: August 4, 2011)

Whiplash-Mitt Romney Lavishes Praise On Israel's Socialist, Government Controlled Healthcare System

With a life-expectancy rate that is the 4th best in the world (the United States is 38th) and a reputation for delivering high-quality care to all of its citizens by utilizing the most advanced medical technology available in a hospital system we can only envy from afar, Governor Romney is right to be impressed with the Israelis’ ability to deliver excellent care while keeping spending down to 8 percent of GDP as compared to 18 percent here in the United States.

Today, the nation of Israel requires that every Israeli belong to one of four health maintenance organizations (that’s right…mandated participation)—each operating as a non-profit and each funded by the Israeli government via a progressive tax that every citizen is obligated to pay based on their earnings.


Mitt Romney seems to be laboring under the impression that whatever he says in a foreign country will—like a weekend in Las Vegas—somehow stay in that foreign country.

Either that or he figures nobody back home is paying any attention.

Aye, maybe the issue is the amount of links.

Either way, Beck seems to enjoy lying. A simple google of "Obama's cabinet experience" pulls up not only Beck's lie shown but Michelle Bachman's as well.

Google "Michelle Obama's staff" and you get plenty of proof its yet another Beck lie. She has the same amount of staff as Laura Bush.

I also directed Spat to begin with the wiki on the sub prime mortgage crisis and do his own homework and see that the causes bringing us to this economy go back to when Obama was a child.

As well as while still giving Obama a F on immigration, I give just about every President in the last 50 years an F. But one shouldn't forget Saint Reagan's 3 million amnesty.

Finishing with its not the governments responsibility to regulate morality. It is their job to be fair to all, and not allow some to use law to push their morality on others.

I will KEEP repeating. Both parties depend on laziness and ignorance. They depend on people to just read the email, watch the talking screen and just follow along like good little sheep. This is the age of information, USE IT! Information doesn't bite. Walk up to that voting screen with understanding of all the causes for the mess(es) we are in, and then vote for who is offering the best solutions.

It is completely pointless to try to engage in a discussion with the likes of "spat61". It's akin to speaking with a child who wants to believe what they want to believe and no amount of applied reason will make any difference whatsoever. Give these idiots the country back and see how fast we plummet over the cliff.

beckrose, I do have to admit that like you, I sometimes get tired of trying to reason with people like spat61 who are determined to believe the most outrageous things they are told, (and what they WANT to believe), at any cost no matter the amount of reasoning. Sort of like the person who will look at a blue wall and no matter how hard you try to reason with them and point out that it is blue, they will insist it is green because they read it on some extreme right wing blog or heard it on "Fox" or "Rush". Their so-called "proof" and their sources of information are the likes of Glenn Beck or Hannity, Limbaugh, or any one of those extreme right wing media figures who have built an audience and have become wealthy by feeding their exaggerations and out-right lies to those that they know want that "red meat".

I used to wonder why more conservatives, if they want to read conservative-leaning opinions, don't read the writings of reputable and ethical conservative journalists like David Brooks or George Will, or Kathleen Parker whose opinions I usually don't agree with, but they are for the most part, honest and ethical journalists. Their opinions are conservative opinions, but as far as I can tell, they do not throw out that "red meat"---- the lies---that some people want to reinforce their own crazy beliefs.

I really admire Jane Mackie and katybug and numerous others who take the time to write thoughtful and honest posts, many times telling us their sources---ethical sources. I can not speak for them, but I wonder if they persist, in spite of those who refuse to listen to reason, because there are always people out there reading these comments who do want to learn and are open to what the truth is. I know many times I have learned quite a bit and they have given me and others "food for thought".

Amazing how you define honest inquiry and fairness as exclusive to you and your regular cohorts on this board, song98.

It is absurd to operate under the assumption that Modern Liberalism promotes understanding of how the economy works -- at least a capitalist economy under a Constitutional Republic.

Contrary to "opinion," the salient fact remains that the Dems in Congress have overseen banking since January, 2007.

Twenty months later, all Hell broke loose -- as President Bush's seventeen written appeals for reigning-in Freddie and Fanny to Barney Franks' committee went unheeded.

We shall not recover with the implimentation of ObamaCare. The CBO has crunched the numbers. The costs are twice as promised. The administration admits the law does not cover everybody -- as promised.

The bill really becomes due in two years: Sticker shock for those already covered (making the 33% jump in premiums of January '11 seem tame,) and the spectre of physicians heading for the door.

So, we'll end-up with more taxes for worse health care for all.

Meanwhile, His Nibs in the WH thinks a $85 Billion tax hike 'on the rich' mitigates Federal borrowing at the rate of $5 Billion a day -- merely to operate without add-ons.

Even Liberals can do the basic math if they choose to.

That's the issue in sum. Unlike my buddy ROFLMAO bleeting about it, the president's race seems to matter to the Liberals than to any of TEA Party members -- they're the one's always bringing it up.

My opinion: The president is hoping like Hell that your Fellow Travelers can be fooled into once again assigning him the administrative gravitas in November that he simply does not have "on his own."

song98, It is very humorous the following that Beck has considering what he said in one of his interviews:

''...'if you take what I say as gospel, you're an idiot.''
—Glenn Beck, New York Times, March 29, 2009

If the "Dems" in Congress controlled banking since 2007, and economists and various congressmen were trying to tell people the bubble was going to pop in 2006 and earlier, how does the blame fall only to this specific couple of years of congress?

GOOGLE is your friend. Research the collapse.

Your LA Times hyperlink is an opinion with rhetorical questions masquerading as a "report," Jane.

In that regard, not very interesting nor illuminating.

Romney is clearly discussing cost efficiencies and not endorsing the mess passed two years ago.

What we have with ObamaCare is not what the proponents promised -- I've seen no contradiction of the claim.

In answer to Katybug: "Seriously?"

Distinctions matter, guys.

Dan Flathers: What is amazing is that in your world it seems one is either Republican OR Democrat; Pro-Conservative OR Liberal. There is is no nuance. No gradation. There is no give or take, or subtlety. Only black and white, good OR bad. Not all of us who don't vote Republican identify as Democrats.

OK. I generally didn't like Geo W. Bush but he did have some good points. For example, he probably did more than any previous president to bring attention and funding to AIDS relief around the world during his terms in office.

Alright, let me hear YOU say something genuinely positive about Barack Obama.

Yes seriously! You say it is all the fault of the Dem Congress that got majority AFTER the cracks were already sinking the boat. You need to look harder.


Its not like a flip was switched and suddenly we were in economic turmoil, it was years and YEARS in the making.

"----the spectre of physicians heading for the door". Really? Sounds like pure assumption on your part and the usual scare tactics and "doom and gloom" from the right wing regarding the health care law.

I suppose I should bite my tongue, but……
Bookends George Bush and Dan Flathers are very much alike in that both say very stupid things trying not to appear stupid. Both have nothing between their ears but perfectly fresh air. These guys remind me of that duo from “Wayne’s World”, either one of which would have made a better President than Bush. The only remaining question seems to be can Bush or Flathers find their rear ends if they use both hands?


Apparently Mr Flathers can't find a single positive thing to say about our sitting president. Things have become too dire in this world to listen to such people, who live in inside their self-created bubbles. He has shown me that it IS possible for one to write fairly eloquently and still be a half-wit.

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