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Letter to the Editor: Obama inherited a real mess


Progressives, including myself, have repeatedly voiced their disappointment for the lack of progress made on the promises made by Obama during the 2008 election campaign. May I suggest that before we let that affect the way we vote in November we look indepth about why we are in such a mess and why there has been a sad lack of progress in restoring economic stability for working class Americans.

First, we got into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression because of the disastrous policies of the Bush administration. After inheriting a billion dollar surplus from Clinton, who balanced the budget and started to pay down the national debt by the way, he (Bush) promptly turned it into a $1.3 billion dollar deficit with a tax cut mostly benefiting the upper class. Spending like the proverbial drunken sailor by waging two unfunded wars and a prescription drug program, he plunged the economy to the brink of a depression. The situation was exacerbated by unregulated corporations and banks in what many maintain was nothing more than criminal behavior, such as the sub-prime mortgage scam. The list goes on and on. Suffice it to say Obama inherited the biggest financial mess since Roosevelt.

From the day of his inauguration, the Republicans made it their first priority to deny Obama a second term. Instead of seeking a bi-partisan compromise to create jobs and get the economy back on the right track they threw up road blocks on any attempt by the Democrats to get Americans back to work by abusing the filibuster rule in the Senate. There is no doubt that this is nothing more than a public be damned campaign to keep the economy in dire straits in order to regain control of the White House.

Come November it will be either Obama or Romney who will lead the nation for the next four years. We must chose the one most likely to fight for social justice and restore the ever-shrinking middle class if given the resources. For progressives it's a no brainer - vote for Obama!

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal


I'm with you Gene! Somehow we need to get the message through people's heads that it was NOT President Obama's inability to improve the economy or lack of trying that we are in the mess that we are in, but rather the obstinate and self serving Republicans that have blocked anything and everything he has come up with to get this economy back on track.

It is the Republican party that has blocked all efforts for any level of recovery just to see that President Obama is a one term president. In doing so, they have more or less told the American people that they know we are suffering financially BUT that takes a back seat to their agenda! Financially they are all OK and they all have jobs regardless of how competently they perform them so your suffering is NOT their top priority.

We the people are SICK of their childishness! It took about 12 years for the economy to recover after the Great Depression and we have been saddled with this economic downturn since 2008 and people are screaming it is taking too long to recover! Corporate greed and mismanagement brought this country to its' knees and yet people want to elect Mr. Corporate America aka Romney to lead us?? People, you are smarter than that!!

The only one that gives a damn about our shrinking middle class is President Obama. Stop this foolish now! Vote Obama 2012!

Footnote: I attended the Conicville parade last Fri evening and saw Andy Schmookler and fellow Democrats participate in the parade. Shockingly, there was NO SIGN of the Republican party. I guess Conicville is too "small town" for them and didn't seem worth the effort. This is the party you think best suited to lead us?? Your parade wasn't big enough for them to care about! What does that tell you???

Thanks Tstar. If people like you continue to speak out we will be successful in November!

Anybody who can think and has followed political history over the years knows that our only choice at election time is between bad and worse. There never is any clue as to which is which.

Never again will I vote against a candidate. From now on I will vote only FOR a candidate.

The Musical Chairs Party is a major threat to our survival as a species.

It's so refreshing to hear people laying out the facts instead of getting hung up with brainless "slogans". Anyone who has been paying attention KNOWS we are in big trouble.

It will take all of our collective effort to "send the message" to the fat cats who have been running the show for too long!

Americans need to reclaim their country! Putting another fox in the hen house, namely Romney, will be a disaster. If you think things can't get worse - think again.

Too much money has already been put into this upcoming election. Imagine if these millions and millions of dollars could be put into our country, but that won't happen because POWER is the name of the game.

Obama is our only hope at this time. Bush & Cheney, along with their warmonger friends, have almost destroyed this country: they left this mess behind.

It will take a long time to recover - if ever, but this president needs our support in November. It's our last chance to send a message loud and clear: WE MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

You seem to forget that when President Obama took office he also had a Democratic Senate and House. They could have passed anything they wanted--including a budget which they have not done. He has chosen unappointed "czars" to do his business behind the scenes while he took trips, played golf, and now is on campaign junkets across the country. He has not met with his jobs czar and rarely meets with his cabinet. In essence it looks like he has turned control of the government over to his subordinates. You say that the Republicans are blocking his agenda? They only took control of the House in 2010 and the Dems still control the Senate. So what is the excuse for getting nothing done? What has Harry Reid and the Senate done? Nothing, while they collect their huge salaries. Rep. Ryan introduced a bill in the House to get control of the massive govt spending and what happened? He was demonized as throwing the little old lady over the clift. At least the House is trying to do something but nothing will even come to a vote in the Senate thanks to Mr. Reid. I for one am sick of hearing all this rhetoric about the Republicans blocking this and stopping that when the Dems have done nothing. Mr. Obama gets things done behind our backs (what happened to the most transparent administration?)-- like funding all these green companies that go bankrupt. Good use of taxpaper money, huh? If Mr. Obama was a true leader, he could have taken control and got things done in his first two years. As for me, he had his chance, now I want Hope and Change!!

Not Smart enough, Obama made the mistake of trying to actually work with the Republicans. He was too nice. You don't deal with snakes!

Vote for Romney and you will get HOPELESS and SAME.

"Rep. Ryan introduced a bill in the House to get control of the massive govt spending and what happened? He was demonized as throwing the little old lady over the cliff."

You are darn right he was, and it WAS DESERVED!
-raising the eligibility age for Medicare
-turning it into a voucher program, while as of 2022 making it a no longer guaranteed program for seniors

meanwhile it also

-overturned Obamacare
-got rid of the Alternative Minimum Tax
-cut corporate taxes


Lets look at the last couple days votes (remembering we are in a DIRE deficit)
Democrats-Vote to let a tax break for those making 250k plus expire (its a tax break, NOT a new tax) while keeping the break for those earning less than 250k a year (you know the people more effected).
Republicans-will only vote to keep all tax breaks.

So in a situation where our government is running in the negative, instead of enforcing current tax law and getting revenue, the Republican answer is to let the tax payers who are not suffering in this economy keep their tax break, or make everyone suffer.

Lets see what the Republican jobs bills are, since they care soooo much about the middle class...

H.R. 872—Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act: The bill would amend the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) to clarify that the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or a state may not require a permit under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act for the application of pesticides regulated under FIFRA. By removing duplicative requirements, the bill would reduce overlapping and unnecessary regulation on pesticides that are already regulated, thereby reducing costs to both farmers and small business owners.

H.R. 910—Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011: H.R. 910 would prohibit the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases to address climate change under the Clean Air Act. More specifically, the bill would prohibit the EPA from regulating: water vapor; carbon dioxide; methane; nitrous oxide; and any other substance subject to regulation, action or consideration under the Clean Air Act to address climate change. The bill would prevent a needless increase in energy prices for American households and businesses.


Yeah, that will increase jobs...in the medical industry to treat all those sick from poisoned air and water. But hey, if people die, then jobs open up right?

They have been busy, I mean voting 33(?) times to repeal Obamacare KNOWING it will not pass the senate is important right? Or wasting time writing up anti-choice bills, while again KNOWING it will not pass the senate and was already upheld by the Supreme Court. Because in this economy, that's the stuff that's really important.

The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.
-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Yep, that's your most important job as an elected official, not to try to do well for the american public, just to make sure someone else doesn't.

Not "Smart enough" has joined the Republican ranks of history re-writers trying to cleanse the Bush presidency's legacy of the huge mistakes it made, the lies it told, the tax breaks given to the top 1% wealthiest in the country, and two un-funded wars justified with more lies.

I like how "not Smart enough" punctuates his proven ignorance with unverifiable certainty.


Do your research! Ever hear of filibusters? When the Democrats regained control of the 110th Congress in 2007, filibusters by the new Republican minority skyrocketed. After President Obama's win in 2008, there was a clear mandate for reform in America, yet the 111th Congress set a new record for filibusters as part of a clear pattern of obstruction from those who do not want change or reform.

What is a filibuster? Here is Bing's dictionary's definition.

1.political delaying tactic: a tactic used to delay or prevent the passage of legislation, e.g. a long irrelevant speech
2.legislative obstructor: an obstructor of the passage of legislation
3.military adventurer: a mercenary or irregular in a revolutionary army of a foreign country

Synonyms: staller, timewaster, filibusterer, wrecker, saboteur, delayer....Republicans....oops! I added that one!

So there you have it Smart Enough. From 2008 - 2010 we had Republican obstructionists and their record breaking filibusters and from 2010 until present, we have a Republican majority in Congress. All in all it has been one obstructionist nightmare after another! To tell you the truth...I have seen better behavior from 4 years olds.

While our country was going down the tubes and millions suffered one extent or another from it, your wonderful Republicans were blocking any and ALL efforts to help save us...including saving you! You seem to think that is OK. I think it stinks!

Since we do not again want "to miss the train", thanks Smart enough for exercising your right to express your opinion. This is a forum for everyone regardless of your views and part of our democratic process. Now for the lighter side on a hot afternoon, to Tstar. Since you commented on the Conicville parade, could there have possibley been some Republican bystanders? Guess we will never know. STILL A REPUBLICAN!!!

As a matter of fact there was at least one Republican bystander at the parade. She was right behind me and as Andy Schmookler and fellow Democrats walked by us she loudly shouted out "Go Romney!!" She then explained to her friend beside her that she always got rowdy when she drank! LOL!

No matter how many Republican bystanders there were, their representatives were nowhere to be seen! Seems they are just as disinterested in small town Republicans as they are in small town Democrats!

Go Tstar! You got some great stuff here. :)

It is way past the time you can "blame Bush". We are where we are now because of Obama's FAILED policies. Wake up.

Robert you need to wake up if you think the President has any actual power in the laws or policy of the USA. Research before you open your mouth. In my personal experience over 99% of the public thinks the President actually controls the laws of the USA, which is so untrue. Robert you need to go back to school and pay attention in the Government classes, because you either slept through them or are too dense to understand them. Or maybe you live in Shen. Co. who is too backward to teach them?!?!?

Sad that liberals cannot comment without making ugly remarks about people with disagreeable positions (example: calling me not Smart Enough and calling Robert dense). I do not have a genius IQ but I am smart enough to figure things out for myself, hence the name. Whatever happened to the saying, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it." It's pathetic, rude, and narrow minded to insult other writers.

Punctuating proven ignorance with unverifiable certainty has now morphed into unabashed patriotic flag waving. How dishonestly contrite... and predictable.

You will have that. Politics and religion bring out the worst in us. Over the years of internet even though I hope to have "evolved" (lol), at times the anger still gets the best of me.

Usually when its a blanket statement such as "It is way past the time you can "blame Bush". We are where we are now because of Obama's FAILED policies. Wake up."

I like facts, not regurgitated extremism without any supporting evidence, when I in turn can provide evidence (sometimes) completely contrary to the statement, yet whomever it may be regurgitating will not even bother to look at the proof laid out in front of them.

Its never my intent to make anyone feel stupid, or squash dissent so to speak, only to show there is always more to the story. There is no such thing as "news" anymore, only stories designed to fit the primary followers of a source. Like Jane pointed out in another story, I actually tuned in to Jon Stewart the other night (I am oddly enough a Factor fan)..the point is he showed a clip from Fox's morning news editing Obama's now infamous "You didn't build that" speech. The "news", not prime time commentary EDITED the speech to make it appear the President was only saying " If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.".

The purposeful misrepresentation isn't what bothers me so much. Its the voters that are going to watch it and go regurgitate it without being smart enough to verify what he said. Which in turn makes another lazy voter believe that's all he said. What kind of world do we live in that the news lies and comedy central speaks the truth???

I personally encourage you to always speak up, or anyone else for that matter. Maybe I wont change your mind, and maybe you wont change mine. But maybe, just maybe...somewhere along the way, someone else reading along silently will learn something they didn't know.

Yes, Obama is a god and the Republicans are the spawn of Satan.

Are you forgetting I am the anti-Christ? Why shucks, if it weren't for me you'd be stuck at home riddling out the purpose of your existence. BTW, if you will show me Sarah Palin's high school diploma I will show you Obama's birth certificate.


You haven't been keeping your eye on the ball at all have you? Congress makes the laws, of course. To say the President doesn't have an influence in that is just an outright fabrication on your part.

Obama has use Executive signings to skirt around the law and implement his own policies.

If you don't call that influencing policy and laws then you need to go back to school not me.

PEOPLE: Congress runs this country. NOT the president. He SUBMITS his budget BUT CONGRESS is the one that approves it. Same about laws.
The president might set the agenda, put Congress is the one that really sets the policy of it.

Please realize that.

Obama has use Executive signings to skirt around the law and implement his own policies.

YOU said: SKIRT i.e. to side step or going around the laws.

That doesn't make it legal or right.

As do they all.....

Obama signed 134
GW Bush 291
Clinton 363
G. Bush 165
Reagan 380
Carter 319
Ford 168
Nixon 345
Johnson 323
Kennedy 213
Eisenhower 481
Truman 893
FD Roosevelt 3,466

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