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Letter to the Editor: Change needed on Board of Supervisors

Sharon Baroncelli is the current Board of Supervisor member for the now stand-alone precinct and District 4 in Shenandoah County (Woodstock). Baroncelli was appointed District 4 supervisor in September 2005 after the passing of Supervisor Barry Murphy.

Baroncelli is a free-spending/thinking liberal from Fairfax County. In 2000 she ran for a seat on the Fairfax County School Board and lost. Baroncelli moved on to head up two Chamber of Commerce positions (Mount Vernon-Lee and Warren County) respectively. She unexpectedly resigns both those positions without comment. The same situation in Woodstock when she moves on again to head up the American Red Cross chapter there. Resigns with no comment.

November 2005, Baroncelli runs against Clarence Shubert and Charles Long. She wins by only 43 percent of the vote. In 2009, another three-way race against Democrat James Fitzsimmons and Republican write-in candidate Cindy Bailey. Baroncelli gets a 42 percent win in Woodstock. Bailey wins in Fort Valley with 40.68 percent. Barroncelli wins it by a total of 163 votes.

November 2013, voters here will turn out to elect new supervisors in Districts 1 - Neese, 4 - Baroncelli, 5 - Morris. By the grace of God, fed-up voters, taxpayers and senior citizens we will have three new Board of Supervisors members.

Sharon Baroncelli along with her liberal voting, spending and board influence has become every taxpayer's nightmare. She laughs, snickers, and mocks her opponents in three-minute public comment sessions. At a recent meeting Baroncelli had the nerve to make comments stating her opponents "make FOIA requests ad nauseam."

Baroncelli and her kind of mindset represent everything we should be rid of. Maybe someone, someday will come forward to expose why we did not get a vote on the jail. Do you know Sharon Baroncelli? I can guess, "NO COMMENT."

Marsha Shruntz, Strasburg


Well I'm confused a bit. Isn't MS. Baroncelli a Republican? That being the case, there is no way she be a free spending/thinking liberal.


Well I'm confused a bit. Isn't MS. Baroncelli a Republican? That being the case, there is no way she can be a free spending/thinking liberal.

Yes, you are right- she's a Republican. It's time to move away from labels, "free spending/thinking liberal" and look at these people as individuals. I'm ready to see the whole bunch go! Start over with anybody but them. . .

In the last election Republican John "Dick" Neese ran UNCONTESTED and is on Board of Supervisors, District 1.

Democrat James Fitzsimmons ran against REPULBICAN
Sharon Baroncelli for a seat on the Board of Supervisors, and with 67% of the precincts reporting, Baroncelli was the projected winner of District 4.

Mark Prince (an Independent) ran against Republican Dennis Morris. Prince lost and most of us have lived to regret it.

Karen Whetzel, Gary Rutz and Irving Getz all Independents.

So pay attention, look at their record and VOTE accordingly. It does matter how you vote and if this jail issue isn't enough of a wake-up call, what is?

Please excuse the typo REPUBLICAN, however, it gives me the chance to say it again:

Sharon Baroncelli is a REPUBLICAN, Marsha, so get your facts straight before you write a letter to the editor next time.

Diana my post was tongue in cheek. I knew all along Sharon was a Republican. It is funny to see these conservative, right wing, tea party types get caught up in their own labeling. :)

Can you really count on them to "get it" (tongue in cheek)? You really need to say it loud and clear! Let the ignorance be known for what it is.

Yeah! Because I know I'm talking about and you don't! Is there a chance you could be any more condescending? How's this for "tongue in cheek"..........Pitch-forks, stakes and a stoning circle. You would've been a queen in the times of Salem! Figured I go further into history since Hoffa upset you. Blah, Blah, Whine, Blah.

Unfortunately, actions of local politicians does not differ much from state and federal levels. Just like the freshman republican congressman that was caught skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee in Israel or President Clinton's response to the Monica Leuwenski story, they stated that they had power and did it because they could. The list goes on and on and there is enough examples on both sides. The problem is that power corrupts if you are not strong morally and have strong integrity. When the power starts " going to the head of the elected official, you start to see actions like described by the above mentioned supervisor. Most citizens do not realize the damage an elected official can have on a community over the 4 years in office. Having more than one at a time is disastrous. Just look at Front Royal, after voting out 2 bad ones in the last election, they still have 2 more to go in the next election. It will take years to get back on track after electing the wrong people to office. The real problem is finding good people to run or you will have the same old same old but with different faces. I think the best candidates are the people that are secure in who they are and has nothing to prove or personally to gain other than what is good for the community. Good luck, they are few and far between

Very well said (wrote) whatever

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