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Letter to the Editor: Divisive politics has underlying issue

In response to an August 18 published letter, to and entitled by the Editor "Enough with the Bush blaming," which thereafter engendered a hale storm of pro and con replies, I offer the following rejoinder:
This being an election year, conservatives and liberals are poised at each others jugular. There seem to be no possibility for any sort of compromise - even on urgent issues of great national importance.

Jonathan Haidt, professor of psychology at NYU, Stern School of Business, has recently published a book entitled "The Righteous Mind"; subtitled "Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. In it, he seeks to explain our sad state of affairs and to offer a sensible solution.

Moreover, this destructive division, aided and abetted by extremist on both sides, has created a giant chasm between our two political parties resulting in many of the immediate needs of our citizens going unfulfilled.

In all, this is extremely detrimental, not only to our economy, but also to the whole nation and, if allowed to continue indefinitely, could well confer our world leadership role to China or some other nation.

The truism "United we stand; divided we fall" calls attention to our present, precarious posture and should motivate us to adopt a more positive position in order that this "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Inasmuch as our nation is so deeply divided regarding these concerns, quite possibly his book, if intelligently read by a thoughtful electorate, could, in time, help us eliminate the underlying causes of this dilemma.

If not, those that follow will most certainly have harsh words directed toward our memory. Dare we assume that risk?

Thomas M. Harrison, Greer, S.C. (formerly of Front Royal)


All I can say about this whole process Thomas, is we have the goverment right where they want us.

Predictably, more pathetic bumper sticker drivel from teatime, eh?

Haidt's book is yet another menu for self-diagnostic feel-good solipsism, the fine art of taking yet another redefining interpretive spin at the old Chinese founded Yin-Yang duality of human nature, featuring egotistic self-absorption repackaged to appeal to those afflicted with extreme preoccupation with, and indulgence of, one's OWN inner feelings and desires.

The true answers are to be found when one indulges the ideas and feelings of OTHERS, also known as "empathy".

You seek answers? What answers? We don't need no stinkin' GOP answers. (YAWN)

When the unadulterated fact-checked truth is told, we will have our answers.

Pants-on-fire stinkin' liars Mitt Romney, Ryan, the Republican propaganda machine, Karl Rove, and the Tea Party whackos are not truth tellers.

There, I said it, and now I feel good and all because I said the truth.


Bwaaaahhhhhh hahahahaahha

Respectfully, how is there supposed to be any compromise when one faction specifically states their only job is to make someone else fail? Then the other side has to spend their time fighting against that?

Even if you know nothing about the issues and can't offer any facts, at least learn to spell. That's government with an n.

A dictionary is a terrible thing to waste. >: ])

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