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Letter to the Editor: Beware of who you vote for in November

By Waller H. Wilson

Don't just blame it on Bush!

Leroy Donald's letter to the editor, "Enough with the Bush Blaming," in the Aug. 18 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily misses the point. Lest we forget, the financial harm that Mr. Donald speaks of was not caused by overspending. It was caused by the financial meltdown which left the 99 percent without jobs and those with jobs without credit and those with jobs and credit scared to death to spend their money.

Republican policies (Bush policies and now Romney policies) call for tax cuts, less regulation and more money for the military. Those policies, not overspending, resulted in the Great Recession, which left us in a very deep hole. Obama made policy decisions that while unpopular stopped the bleeding of jobs and prevented the problem from becoming significantly worse. And against all odds and without any help from Republicans, we have slowly been digging our way out of that very deep hole ever since.

I would like to know what Mr. Donald and the Republicans think is an appropriate economic engine for recovery. Have they told anybody yet?

There is only one economic engine for recovery: increased demand for U.S.-produced goods and services. It is absolutely the only thing that will get us going again. Tax cuts create demand only to the extent that those benefiting from the tax cuts spend their money on U.S. produced goods and services. Yes, watch out for that word "spend."

Following the Bush financial meltdown, many if not most of those who had disposable income decided to save it rather than spend it. The 1 percent who had it in spades decided to sit on it -- not spend it, not invest it. So did the rest of us. Why? Because we were scared that things might get worse.

Now why would we think that? Because long before the stimulus had had a chance to work Republicans began to scare us by saying that Obama's policies had failed. That is what you call a self-fulfilling prophecy. When it became clear that Obama's policies were succeeding, the Republicans decided to scare us again with their refusal to extend the debt ceiling. And now we have the "fiscal cliff" to scare us. You have to give them credit. The Republicans have done a really good job of scaring us into not spending. No spending, no demand, no jobs. It is that simple.

Regarding Republican regulatory policy then and now: The lack of strong regulations and/or the weak or nonexistent enforcement of those regulations was the immediate cause of the financial meltdown. If you don't think so, just remember "No Doc" mortgages and what the big New York investment banks did with those "No Doc" mortgages. They bundled them and then paid the essentially unregulated ratings agencies to give those bundles AAA ratings (the best possible). When the economy slowed down during the last years of the Bush administration, people who lost their jobs couldn't pay their mortgages, and the whole financial house of cards crashed. Did they really think the real estate boom would go on forever and ever?

Regarding military policy: Republican policies are the same, then and now -- spend more on the military. Military policy is debatable, if you don't mind risking World War III. But it is undoubtedly good economic policy because at least most of what we spend on the military is spent for U.S.-produced goods and services. It certainly helped prop up their financial house of cards during the Bush administration.

Don't just blame it on Bush. His policies were just Republican policies and they still are. Be careful who you vote for in November!

Waller H. Wilson is a resident of Front Royal.


Mr Wilson, if you think I as a resident of Front Royal will vote of Obama again, you are FULL of it. I will not make that mistake again, he is certainly leading the US down the wrong road.
I do not trust it at all. He needs to be defeated at the polls in November. So NO, I will not vote for him again in November, too many people are mislead. Please rethink your ideas, Sirs. God forgive me, for voting for Obama in 08, but never again. God help America.

I live in Front Royal and do intend to vote for President Obama just as I did the last election. I have been following along both parties for many years. I have never seen a President have to deal with so much adversity from our own Congress. While President Obama has indeed made a few missteps in his attempts to fix a broken economy, proposals he has put forth are ones that prior to 2010 were indeed compromised on by both parties and helped our country. On the other hand, since 2010 the Republicans have offered us absolutely nothing while doing their best to put the brakes on anything that may have actually helped. The incessant need of what has become of the Republican party to impose its agenda on America is not the freedom this country was founded on, nor is it the freedom we have given so many of our children elsewhere to fight for. While I had previously voted Republican in national elections, I do not see that happening again in my lifetime. Of the two primary voting parties only one has America's best interests as a whole at heart, and make no mistake it is definitely not the Republicans. I value my freedom and that of my children, grandchildren too much to sit idly by and repeat history and take from those what so many have worked so hard for our great country to achieve.

Bravo, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Bennett. Some of us at least are awake to the antics of the Republicans that are pushing this country to the brink of disaster. It amazes me that just about everyone of the small business speakers last night used government loans to start or enhance their businesses. The very same small business loans that the Democrats have been trying to get more funding for. And the one fella, who evidently went off message when he whined about not being able to get as many government contracts recently as before under Bush, was almost laughable except when you stop to think that is exactly what the Republicans did under Bush - gave public money to private corporations by the buckets full.

Keep it coming people, we need to be sharing our thoughts at this critical time. It's good to see there are others close not fooled and willing to share. Even better during the "We Built This" dishonesty fest held in a tax payer funded building. I repeat, go volunteer, your country is still worth it.

No president since Franklin Roosevelt has had a sincere sense and concern for what the average American faces. I cannot think of a president in my lifetime who hasn't made mistakes but I firmly beliver that you cannot avert an economic disaster by blaming the predecessor and throwing money in an incinerator won't stop the fire. The stimulus money should have gone to taxpayers. That's where the money comes from in the first place and taxpayers spending money WILL stimulate the economy.

So can you write in any name for any election? I should haved researched this before I started typing, but tonight I'm not a researcher. I guess my government claass I took like 40 or so years ago did me no good. I just hope that Bart Simpson does a good job in the next term. God bless him and his fine family.

Bush left the Presidency having created a 5 trillion dollar deficit; lost 4.4 million jobs, and the Dow Jones stock market index lost 40%.

Obama was sworn into office, and the Republicans became the "Party Of No", promising to do any and everything in their power to thwart any Obama/Democrat initiated effort towards healing the American economy, creating jobs, and reducing the deficit.

I have just one reminder and one question for you, SkylineRam:

If elected, the Romney/Ryan/Norquist/Republican plan is to cut taxes for the rich, raise taxes on the middle class and further deregulate the banking and financial industry.

Isn't this the exact same Bush era formula that brought America into the deep recession we are enjoying today?

Is your answer 'yes'?

I voted for Obama once and I am pleased to say I will vote for him again this November. Please join me sending this message to the extremist Republican/Tea Party leadership.


There you can see where stimulus money went to. Such as the Town of Front Royal, Samuels Public Library, Shenandoah Agency on Aging, WCPS.....then take it up locally exactly what they did with the money vs what they said they intended when they received it.


The Gallup Poll claims 80% success predicting the Presidential election outcome 12 out of 15 times since 1952. But, what do they know about anything?

Shucks, I predicted the winner 15 out of 15 times for a success rate of 100%:

· In1952 I voted for Stevenson. Eisenhower won.
· In 1956 I voted for Stevenson. Eisenhower won.
· In 1960 I voted for Nixon. Kennedy won.
· In 1964 I voted for Goldwater. Johnson won.
· In 1968 I voted for Humphrey. Nixon won,
· In 1972 I voted for McGovern. Nixon won.
· In 1976 I voted for Ford. Carter won.
· In 1980 I voted for Carter. Regan won.
· In 1984 I voted for Mondale. Reagan won.
· In 1988 I voted for Dukakis. Bush won.
· In 1992 I voted for Bush. Clinton won.
· In 1996 I voted for Dole. Clinton won.
· In 2000 I voted for Gore. Bush won.
· In 2004 I voted for Kerry. Bush won.
· In 2008 I voted for McCain. Obama won.

In 2012, if I live long enough, I'm voting for Romney.

After having voted Republican for about 90% of the time, I tend to vote more for the man and not the party. With that having been said, I voted for President Obama in 2008 and I will be proud to vote for him again in Nov!

Since voting for President Obama, I have watched the Republican/Tea Party totally disgrace our Nation by their obstructionist ways and how they have taken the American people hostage the whole time he has been in office. Their shameful behavior has been noted around the world! Their policies have been so skewed and so extreme that unless Jesus Christ himself runs as a Republican, I shall never vote Republican again!

Somehow Republicans have convinced some individuals that all of the crap that has been played out before us and the hardships we have beared in our attempt at a recovery the past 3 + years have been because of President Obama's socialist, elitist, communist, Kenya born Muslim policies and his secret agenda to overthrow the US government, a plan devised and programmed into him since his birth in Kenya, and turning us into a Muslim nation! If this doesn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we definitely need to make education a top priority then I don't know what does!

We don't need a new president, we need a knew Congress! We need men and women who have the gumption to say "We have had enough!" and band together with the citizens they have sworn to serve and work with the president to bring this great nation of ours back to its former glory! We need men and women to tell members of the obstructionist party that they can either work with us or we will vote them out! Only then can any real change begin!

We are on the right track, but the track is full of obstacles that are serving themselves, but not the people who voted them in! We must remove these obstacles and get this country moving again! We are better than this! We deserve better than this! I know we are smarter than this!

To Fuddy Duddy: Every man I have voted for has won so far in my 40 years of voting. May our combined voting records be a good omen! Go Obama 2012!

I feel so sorry for you poor Obama Democrats. You remind me of a bunch of trained monkeys waiting for your next trainer's command so you will get your little treat. Thats all big socialist governments can do is make more laws that hand out more candy just to get more control. Each law that he makes just puts you in a smaller cage taking your rights away and you all are to blinded to see it. So stick with your Obama policies and you will end up in your monkey cage, communal-life, living at the whim of the State.
Remember comrade: You didn't do it on your own, it takes a village.

Why would anyone who isn't driven by envy or hate, condemn a man for being successful. We have a candidate for president who has been a successful business man, accomplished things that are factual and because he is a republican he is looked upon as evil. Romney's tax returns have become 2012's Obama birth certificate.
Obama came out of nowhere. Yes, he came from somewhere but as a politician he rose to president of the United States without ever running anything other than his mouth. He didn't finish a full term as US Senator from Illinois. He has failed to get any meaningful legislation passed and the only piece that has passed is his highly controversial healthcare law. When asked what was in it Nancy Pelosi said, we'll read it later. The United States is not doomed to be destroyed by foreign powers. It will destroyed from within. A father doesn't raise his son Muslim to become Methodist. Obama is a fraud.
He talks a good game but his actions betray him.
He campaigns at high schools and universities because he wants the votes of the inexperienced at life. What president has travelled more in 3 1/2 years? At leasy when our former president vacationed, he very often simply returned to his own ranch. Taxpayers are footing the bill for Obama to take his entire family and to allow Michelle Obama to travel to France and this year, to the Olympics. I don't care how they spend their money but I care how they spend mine.
Try doing something really tough. Face the reality that Obama should even be allow to run for president of the United States. Indonesia, the largely Muslim place of his father's choice to raise him, isn't exactly an American territory.
Wake up America, before it's too late.

TY, Laughter is a good way to start the day. My favorite:
"Face the reality that Obama should even be allow to run for president of the United States."

You are absolutely correct, being born in an American state. I know some people don't quite grasp that even though its not psychically connected, it is still a state...

The rest of the "envy and hate" fueled lie rant is just too easy for anyone who didn't have crayons for breakfast to disassemble.

I am amazed at how many "hawks" in the republican party but how few of them would vote for a return to the Military draft or vote for funds to the Vet Administration.

Some of them, Bob Goodlatte was one, would not even support the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act to aid the First Responders to the Trade Center disaster. Most of them had lost their "private" insurance.

physically* giggling and typing are a bad combination.

We don't need a military draft, all we have to do is keep so many people in poverty that serving in the military is their only option to survive! During the Civil War, the rich folk could buy their way out of serving and let those with less go do their dirty work.

The military draft should be reinstated so your average "good ole boy" could get all of that lust for war out of his system and maybe some of our fellow countrymen would start paying attention too. Just sitting home watching this stuff on TV doesn't give anyone the real picture of war. I'm not knocking our servicemen, so save your comments, but so few do so much, and "it ain't your rich boys" either.

This country will die from within before any so-called "enemy" takes us out. Can you remember the former Soviet Union? They put everything into their military show and eventually collapsed: as usual their people paid for this hellish waste. Oh yes, Russia has made a big comeback, with this DICTATOR Putin at the helm, "living high on the hog" while the people struggle on.

I'm sick of these armchair WARMONGERS (Bush, Cheney & associates are perfect examples). If the Republicans get back in, any chance for the average American will be out the window, and their total focus will be engaging in yet another conflict. Billions and billions of U.S. dollars are going down the tube for these age-old fights in the Middle East and surrounding area. We need to get out of there and focus on this country before it's too late!

We NEVER should have gone into Iraq but little George Jr. had to show big George how he would deal with threats to "daddy". The Republicans didn't dare bring this failed president out on the stage last night, instead they had a sickening video of that phony family to fill that obvious omission. Everyone was suppose to have instant amnesia as we got swept up in their 'warm & fuzzy" show.

Unless you are one of these rich, fat cats, you better listen and read between the lines. This Republican party isn't interested in YOU or this country; they are going for total control - POWER, and you'll be lucky if you get a job cleaning their toilets.

Diana, You are so naive. This country has always been run by the rich. Rich Republicans or rich Democrats. Choose your poison.

In an era of glaring income inequality between the 'haves' and the 'have not's' and the universally popular belief every citizen should pay his fair share of taxes, the failure of a presidential candidate to reveal his income tax records speaks of an unnecessary secrecy which when coupled with the secrecy surrounding the Mormon religion, the denials of spying on members who have left the Mormon church, and the shunning pressures applied to relatives remaining with the church, may indicate why Catholics, evangelical fundamentalists, and members of the Tea Party will not consider voting for Romney under any circumstances.

(one sentence, 99 words, darn I'm good - modesty prevents me from telling you just how good I really am)

In the view of Tea Party Christians, the non-Christian 'Mormon Moment' is still some ways off in the future, ranking right up there with Muslims without American birth certificates, which is probably the same as a Muslim WITH an American birth certificate.

I suppose this means the Tea Party crazies, the Catholics, and the evangelical fundamentalists will not be voting this election.


Nice try ROFLMAO!

Please don't get me wrong, BUT - (I am never wrong... Once, somebody thought I was wrong but it turned out I was only mistaken) - if doctors transplanted a Tea Party brain inside a pea it would roll around like a BB in a boxcar. (rim shot)

Bwaaahhhhh hahahaha


Nice try again, anti-Pinocchio. How is the snout doing?

Oh, goody, Tea Time is trying to start a slime-war.

Developed by Sir Isaac Newton, Calculus is the branch of mathematics focused on limits, functions, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series.

Now that the Calculus bona fides are established, look closely as I roll up my sleeves and you will see there is nothing hidden up the left sleeve and nothing hidden up the right sleeve. Now, I wave my shiny magic wand and ....

Looking specifically at infinite series progressions, calculus can demonstrate that every time a length is halved, half always remains. No matter if the halving is done an infinite number of times, half always remains and the halving progression can proceed infinitely.

Therefore, I will always be able to enjoy the reverse-Pinocchio effect every time I tell the truth.

Obversely, if I feel like lengthening my nose (to keep the proper proportions and continue attracting the lovely ladies) I simply "go Republican" and concoct some cockamamie thing as interesting as the above distorted statements, and prest-o-change-o, we have come full circle, and we can return to watching BB's rolling around inside boxcars. (rim shot)



I'm glad you still see the humor in this all, I truly mean that.

I had an argument with a woman on FB, after she went off on a tangent about a fact check picture calling Lyin Ryan out for his lie that 1.4 million businesses filled bankruptcy in 2011. She said the makers of said picture were spreading lies and "verbal vomit". Of note, the picture even came with the link of the liars own spokesperson admitting the lie saying he just misspoke...

It truly stumped me how anyone above the age of 5 can be so darn* brainwashed that even when the R/R camp ADMITS they are lying, the sheep will continue to spout it as truth calling everyone else liars.

Also of note, bankruptcies were highest in 2005 under...you guessed it BUSH! Pre housing collapse, pre current recession, AND way BEFORE the little 4 months that under Obama Democrats had the filibuster proof majority these nitwits are too (I don't know what to call it anymore) to understand the difference between majority and filibuster proof majority.

The article in question:

So, still being completely stumped today, I was thankful for your humor.

No matter how you slice it or dice it you will always be anti-Pinocchio swine-man to me. However, after your last post, I see you have taken on another power. You can change from Democrat into Republican at will. So let us add to your title. You are now: Anti-Pinocchio, with swine-man and transformer powers. DaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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