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Letter to the Editor: A look at Obama's track record


After almost four years of President Obama's presidency, it would be interesting to take a look at his track record so far.

The average price of gasoline has risen 115.8 percent, the number of unemployed has risen by 24.7 percent, the number of food stamp recipients has risen by 35.1 percent, the number of unemployment benefit recipients has risen by 22.2 percent, the number of longterm unemployed has risen by 142.6 percent, people living in poverty has risen by 9.5 percent, failed banks have risen by 17.1 percent, national debt has risen by 32.2 percent to $14,052 trillion, real median household income is down by $4,300 per year, and the United States has lost its AAA credit rating which it had held since 1917.

Barack Obama can look at his presidential track record and truthfully say, "I built that."

Howard Fenton, Woodstock


Love the nonsense spewing from NC last night...

First Lady "For the first time in my life, I'm proud of this country" Michelle Obama touted how the president wants to bring us together -- to reach across the aisle...Blah, blah, blah.

Affordable Health Care Act? Not one line from the Republicans.

The budget? What budget?

Taking or returning phone calls from the loyal opposition? Sorry. Too busy playing golf, hoops, conducting beer summits and constantly using Air Force One for campaigning at a rate exceeding all his predecessors combined.

"Sir: Your Jobs Council would like to meet at some point." "Not now, too busy speaking about how I care and Mitt Romney doesn't."

What a guy.

So much nonsense in so few words.... Do we conveniently forget gas was 4.21 a gallon under the previous President?

Do we forget the the banks failed under the previous President? These same banks that paid penalties for their admitted wrong doing? Do we ignore the groundwork for said banks failure was being laid years in advance?

Do we just pretend the recession only began after Jan 20, 2009?

Do we just ignore cause and effect? No, its just not possible that people without jobs must request government aid to feed/care for themselves and their families, that makes absolutely no sense(sarcasm intended).

Better yet, lets completely ignore the report that S&P gave when downgrading America's credit, lets ignore that it speaks of congress inability to compromise, specifically naming..... REPUBLICANTS!

That's it, we will just create and live in our own little reality, where history and facts matter not. Where we can even forget the simple intelligence learned as a child of how dominoes fall, recreating a scenario where surely it is the final domino that made them all collapse....such a blissful state of being.

$1.70 under the previous president.

The banks failed in large measure buying junk products after Fannie and Freddie bundled bad mortgages -- pushed by Dodd and Barney Frank.

S&P's assessment of stalled government is correct, but yours is not. The Senate is run by the Democrats. Nothing from the House reaches a vote there because of Harry Reid.

Understanding how the recession happened and why our three "Summers of Recovery" is a cruel hoax is much better than "creating your own little reality," Katybug.


For anyone interested in the actual report. As I said Congress is spoken of as a whole, as well as the direct mention Republicants refusal to raise revenue on page 4, last paragraph.

And the June 2008 gas price of 4.11 average:

And again for the third time I believe, for those interested in everything that led to the housing crisis, I would start with the "Subprime mortgage crisis" wiki (NVD only allows 2 links per post) and do a little research on each domino individually, you'll find it was decades in the making.

BTW, The blame the President for gas prices is a tactic BOTH parties employ due to many people not truly understanding just how big an effect Wall Street gambling has on our wallets at the pump.



*Also of note, even Fox Spews via Bill O'Reilly has railed against the abuse we suffer over speculation. Congress could make laws to curb Wall Streets effect and have tried, but a certain party is dead set against preventing such abuse.

I am convinced these Tea Partiers are circulating the same letter among themselves and every few days another signs his name to the same nonsense and submits it to the NVD. Same rhetoric, same incorrect facts, same inability to comprehend how we got in this mess in the first place.

You have an extremely low threshold for evidence, Ronbo44.


Your "specifically naming..... REPUBLICANTS!" left no room for the Democrats refusal to be serious about spending -- which is ALSO in the S&P report.

Make-up your mind as to how you make your claims, Queen of the Cut 'N Paste.

Right you are, Ronbo44. And anyone with any intelligence plus any honesty can see what nonsense Howard Fenton's letter spews.

He starts with placing the blame for higher gas prices on the president, when anyone who has read anything at all knows the price of gas is not in the control of any president. There are many outside factors involved in what the price of gas is. And Katybug has included some informative links for anyone interested enough to read this.

He then finishes with placing all the blame for the U.S. losing it's AAA credit (downgraded to AA+) rating from S&P last year on the president, totally ignoring the facts.

From bloomberg.com at the time: "Standard & Poor’s downgraded the U.S.’s AAA credit rating for the first time, slamming the nation’s political process and criticizing lawmakers for failing to cut spending or raise revenue enough to reduce record budget deficits."

But of course, when you "hate", it is so much easier to just throw something out there true or not. We saw plenty of that last week at the Republican Convention which kept the non-partisan fact-checkers working over time---and that was on just Ryan's speech alone!

Then there are those that wouldn't accept evidence if they found a trout in their milk.

Here we go again with the hate thingy....


There is a huge difference between raising taxe rates to raise revenue -- and raising revenue through an expanded GDP and closing loopholes.

Obama has been clear about promoting the former; Romney about the latter.

S&P recognized that borrowing $35 Billion A WEEK just to get by doesn't lend us a AAA profile.

You want "fairness?" Try going back to Clinton's years when 75% of us paid federal income taxes -- instead of the 49% today.

You illustrate your own point, Ronbo44!

Lame. Is Romney going to close those overseas tax loopholes he used himself?
Then you say more people paid more taxes under Clinton than today!

You are killing me! ROTFLMAO

LOL, I was going to let his argument for ending the Bush tax cuts lay as is.

He is so busy trying to figure out how best to attack the information givers since he cant fight facts, he is running circles around himself.

So true, Katybug! Can't take someone like that seriously. He has no credibility.

He pretty much used up whatever he had on his that thingy post. I'm still laughing over that gaffe.

Hey there Dan F. where is it that you hide your money from taxes? which Island?
From all your posts it's easy to figure out you are One Anti-American without the true facts.
Maybe you could ask Mitt for a ride to Switzerland on his dingy?
Maybe you just don't like folks of non-white skin?

So all of you confuse corporate tax loopholes with personal tax shelter (such as Munis, too?)


No mention of the disparity of how many of us still pay taxes against those who do not.


What flavor KoolAide do you guys prefer -- or does it matter?

As to the referrence to a dingy, Motor Man: That's what one uses to board a yacht.

You might want to ask John Forbes Kerry about that. He had his moored at RI to escape MA taxesw until he was outed by a Boston paper.

I'm sure you had no problem voting for him eight years ago.

No we understand the difference between coorporate tax loopholes and personal tax shelters. But it is laughable to think a person who hid his own wealth, is first and foremost a businessman, is proposing continued tax breaks for the richest 1 %, and caters to the wealthy would entertain closing corporate tax loopholes.

The "ship of fools" is ready to depart from reality and sail the ocean of IGNORANCE. Wait and see where Captain Romney takes you. . .you will be dumped overboard as bait.

We will try to save you from yourself and hopefully save this country. The ONLY choice is returning President Obama to the White House: he's our only hope.

" . . . corporate profits have surged an average of 51.8% under Obama, the best out of any stretch of party control since 1933, S&P said. Profits increased at 12.5% per year in Clinton’s White House and 14.2% under Bush."

"The S&P 500 has also climbed an average of 12.3% each year since Obama's inauguration, far outpacing the 3.3% mean return for his predecessor."

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/investing/2012/09/04/history-shows-markets-gdp-outperform-under-democrats/print#ixzz25iUBC7ji

Thanks for you post, Mr. Cash. I had to do a double take re the source.

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