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Letter to the Editor: Obama offers a forward path


I've never been a huge Clinton fan, but during his speech at the DNC he said something very important. He said:

"I mean, consider this. What would you do if you had this problem? Somebody says, oh, we've got a big debt problem. We've got to reduce the debt. So what's the first thing you say we're going to do? Well, to reduce the debt, we're going to have another $5 trillion in tax cuts heavily weighted to upper-income people. So we'll make the debt hole bigger before we start to get out of it. Now, when you say, what are you going to do about this $5 trillion you just added on? They say, oh, we'll make it up by eliminating loopholes in the tax code. So then you ask, well, which loopholes, and how much? You know what they say? See me about that after the election."

And he offered this as one scenario: "They'll just do what they've been doing for more than 30 years. They'll go in and cut the taxes way more than they cut spending, especially with that big defense increase, and they'll just explode the debt and weaken the economy. And they'll destroy the federal government's ability to help you by letting interest gobble up all your tax payments."

It's denial to believe that the unfunded tax cuts Bush introduced had zero effect on our current economy. Romney's answer to fix what they can only fault our president in not fixing fast enough is what? To do exactly the same thing Bush did. To repay debt, he intends to decrease revenue. The equivalent of calling VISA and telling them that to pay off your debt faster you are going to send in smaller payments. To add insult to injury, at his own convention he couldn't even come up with any excuse better than "we will get to that after election" to justify his imaginary math.

Maybe our president doesn't have a magic wand, but at least he offers a path forward instead of standing before us offering a proven failure that defies the laws of basic arithmetic.

Christina Thomas, Front Royal


Bravo! Good to hear from the intelligent life in the valley! Good comparison with the visa reference,too. Anyone who can do basic math should understand Romney's plan won't help our economy.

Our President's plan is driving us BROKE. IN the last 4 years, under him, each person's part of the debt has gone UP 50%. Unreal. This President DIDN'T have his plan in place BEFORE he was elected so what's your point. Oh, MOOT.

While you are correct that the Republican's held the Oval Office 20 years compared to 12 for the Democrats, the Democrats have held the majority of CONGRESS for that time. Don't forget that!!!!

And don't forget, while the President does submit his budget, it's CONGRESS that actually APPROVES an SPENDS our money.
It's really CONGRESS that is the problem. The President CAN'T FORCE Congress to do anything, unless you aren't watching what happens on the hill.
Congress makes the laws WITH the loopholes and the TAX CODES.

Open your eyes.

Exactly! As I have said before and it is worth repeating....we don't need a new president! We need a new Congress!!!

You were "never a huge Clinton fan" for good reason, Christina: He's the consummate con artist.

Wild Bill's contribution to the economy is that he caused no harm to the recovery (from the recession that ended in March, 1992) and was smart enough to work with the Republican Congress after his fist midterm.

But as a Con, he speaks today as it were all his doing -- and that Obama can do the same. Barry's record of intransigence these past four years undoubtedly contradicts this notion.

So, as our State Department apologizes for "hurting the religious feelings" of Muslims and blames an obscure video and Mitt Romney -- and while our officers are murdered and the disarmed embassies burn during the Arab Harvest -- know this: Obama is being played by al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Russia, China Iran, and Egypt in both the fields of diplomacy and global economics.

Not to worry. Though he can meet with Netanyahu next week in New York, he has managed to scheduled time with Letterman and a few celebrity fundraisers.

"To repay debt, (Romney) intends to decrease revenue" you say? Obama is playing you, too.

Try this for reality: Romney will fire Bernanke -- who just announced an open-ended buy-up of mortgages (which accounts for only 2% of the economy) with money we don't have. Since commodities (including oil futures) are traded in dollars, these devalued dollars will translate to higher gas prices (excluding the impact of any future standoff with Iran.)

Good job Christina. Judging from the neo-cons' response they are getting desperate like thier etch-a sketch candidate. Keep up the good work!

Flathers, always short on facts, long on rhetoric, continues his relentless “partisan politics as usual” buzzword laced slander of Democrats while simultaneously glorifying anything Republican.

I predict Flathers will continue to be predictable.

Amen, Wooly Bully Redeaux

You have self-reflection issues, Wooly.

Thanks Christina, what you say is so very true! The Republican right wing supporters/apologists try to distract, but the fact is Romney's math does not add up and bottom line is, what little light he shines on his plans, when you dig beneath the surface of his words, it is not good news for those of us in the middle class. Romney may be good news for the wealthy 1% of the country, but certainly not for the rest of us.

I also am amazed at the immature and irresponsible behavior displayed by Romney as regards the Libyan Consulate attack before even all the facts were in----then doubling down on it the very next morning, still too premature a time. His only concern was to try to make political hay and even Republicans criticized his actions including former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan who said that Romney "spoke too soon and in a way that was immediately critical of the administration" when in her words, cool talk or no talk at that time would have been better. Romney's latest debacle only further demonstrates that he shows very poor judgement and he is the last person that I would trust to know how to react and act in such a dangerous and volatile world.

A veteran letter-writer myself, I offer one from a fellow writer. You all might remember MATTHEW SCIEGAJ. Here's one of his zingers from 2009:


Northern Virginia Daily


In the waning days of the Bush administration we find a president obsessed enough with his place in history to have quietly employed Karl Rove and Karen Hughes for the last several months to spearhead "The Bush Legacy Project" -- a program intended to spin this president's dismal record to show that he is not responsible for anything that went wrong.

What will ultimately cause the failure of this program are those pesky little things called tape recorders and video cameras.

And now a few parting shots to send this motley crew on its way:

* Despite all the bragging about how he's kept us safe since 9/11, people seem to forget that he dropped the ball on 9/11. Maybe he should have been at the job instead of taking about 100 days of personal time his first year.

* Bush now claims that we would have invaded Iraq even without the WMD scare that he used to sell his case. This is one of those "little details" they are trying to rewrite.

* For years Bush went to great lengths explaining how there was no recession. The day after Obama won the election, we were told all about the recession. Radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh even went so far as to blame the recession on Obama, as if he somehow had some egomaniacal secret power capable of destroying the economy for personal gain.

* Our once formidable industrial base? All but gone and now in Chinese control.

* Our national debt? 2000, about $4 trillion; 2009, about $10 trillion.

* The budget deficit? 2000, about a $450 billion surplus; 2009, about a $1 trillion deficit.

* Afghanistan? More heroin is exported than when the Taliban controlled the place.

* Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, torture, secret prisons in Eastern Europe.

* Bin Laden? Operating unmolested in Pakistan.

What a legacy.

Yet, the people who told people like me that we were un-American for questioning Bush, and whose blind faith allowed this mess to happen are now doing nothing but question the next president who hasn't even been sworn into office. Ah, the hypocrisy.


The Northern Virginia Daily

Sure, song98...

Candidate Obama never 'shot first before having the facts';

Clinton is correct: It's all about the online movie that nobody saw -- having nothing to do with planning and coordination;

The embassies were not forewarned, they had beefed-up security in anticipation of the 9/11 anniversary and the Marines had ammo in their clips;

Romney wasn't speaking specifically about the embassy in Egypt blunder apology -- and the WH and State didn't contradict each other for 24 hours;

...and Obama had vastly more foreign policy experience when he was sworn in (as he maturely implied yesterday -- to adoring laughter.)

Got it.

Thought for the Day: It took a Carter to get a Reagan; It takes an Obama to get a Romney.

53 Days to go.

Thought I'd throw one of my own in, for your amusement. This one is from 2006.

Please allow an old man to brag just a scoash: I was THE first person in the Valley to speak against George W. Bush, way back in 2003. In those days, you didn't DARE speak against him, lest his Patriot Act Minions show up in their black SUV'S. You were shunned if you even LOOKED away from what the crowd was expected to live, under his rules. There is no question I helped others find the courage to speak out against Bush. True tyrany, reinforced by Cheny, and Romney will continue that "legacy".

On to the 2006 letter:

Editor, The Northern Virginia Daily June 28. 2006

Ann Coulter's latest vitriol spewage has made way for a celebration among "godless liberals", such as myself. The "godless liberal" bin she throws us into is full of family and friends eager to assist changes that assist humanity. The "godless liberal" is the watchdog that sheds light on the propaganda and lying of the conservative agenda.
Every "godless liberal" has read Orwell's "1984". If Ms.Coulter's "God-inspired Conservative Republicans" are working toward a sustainable Christian agenda, please allow this "godless liberal" to take the whole group to task.
Why do "liberals" conserve resources and environments, when Conservatives liberally squander them?
"Godless liberals" are fighting to keep government funding for the needy. Ann Coulter's Republicans are wrestling that funding out of the public hands, to pour into a war machine. I'm confidant her anglosized Jesus has put his gold into KBR, Carlisle and Halliburton; after all, they now "own Iraq".
But wait; is government intended to attend to the people? It certainly is! Does Ann Coulter consider tax dollars building goulags in foreign countries good government? Bushies think it's prudent to bully other countries into submission when it comes to WMD's, while floating warships with nuclear warheads globally.
How does any Republican justify arresting persons in their own country, and condemning them to prisons U.S.Corporations built on their soil?
And "godless liberals" point out exactly what Hitler did during his rise to power, financed by American interests. When the "Conservative Agenda" has full control of the police and military powers, their loyal Republican stand-pats will no longer be useful. That means many of you loyalists will be in a secret location in a cell not far from mine, when the reality of your "happy meal" sees its fruition.
In "1984", even the most loyal to Big Brother were expendable.
How can Ann Coulter sleep at night?
She no doubt gets prescription drugs from Rush Limbaugh.
"Godless liberals" are not frightened by two men or two women sleeping together;
We are terrified that the government is sleeping with the devil. And Rush Limbaugh is providing the Viagra.

Roy Andrew Stokes

Late to the party again, but it bears repeating Romney Economic Policy= Fail. Romney Foreign Policy = Fail. Without fail no one can come up with good reasons why he deserves to be POTUS.

Tbh, I'm a bit disgusted with the whole situation overseas at the moment. I keep thinking in my head oddly enough TGFMMA's standard line "Religion Poisions Everything", sadly we are seeing that effect right now. From the film maker now in hiding that made use of our freedom of speech to intentionally piss off a religions followers, to the said followers using violence as a response.

"I" have never believed that our founders intent when setting forth that freedom was to disparage others. There is a line. I firmly believe it was so that citizens could speak their piece about government without fear of being charged with treason. But hey, I'm no scholar.

I am however encouraged by the peaceful protest the violence in Libya has sparked. Seeing the Libyan's holding up signs that they cherished our ambassador and they do not agree with the acts of violence. It doesn't make up for the sick right wing extremists in America posting the videos of Libyans carrying him to the hospital and labeling them as "terrorist's drag dead ambassador through streets" on various sites, no care for the family here at home, scoring political points is more important. The more I see of these people the more I believe we truly are witnessing the rise of America's own "Taliban" carrying a flag and a cross to demand its way. I only wish more people realized how dangerous letting them rise will be.

*strictly my own 2 cents on current state of affairs of course. Ms.(?) Thomas, I too enjoyed the Visa reference, as sometimes you really do need to spell it out in crayon so people understand the obvious.

Your equivocation of the Taliban to your conservative countrymen is stunningly ignorant, katybug.

The issue is Obama's presidency. Obviously, you guys have no problem with it -- and want more of the same...

Oh, well. At least His Nibs got his beauty sleep as Stevens was running for his life.

Wistfull thoughts go to those innocent days of the primaries in 2008: Hillary's campaign with its 'who-will-answer-the-phone-at-3AM?' ad.

Prescient. Too bad for us all.

Blathering away as usual...

Because it was Obama that held a press conference lying about his opponent and using misinformation upon news of American deaths...oh wait, that was Romney

It must have been Obama the AP tagged photos of smirking walking away from a press conference regarding American deaths....oh darn, that's Romney again.

Yeah...I'll take the Obama response to the 3 am call any day.

To clarify I said "sick right wing extremists", I'm sorry if that is a personal blow to you. I have no doubt in my mind there are normal, rather sane conservatives(I even know some personally), they just don't happen to be controlling the GOP.

Didn't take it personal at all, katybug...Gotten used to it.

As to Obama taking a call at 3AM: He didn't. That's the point.

As to foreign policy: Since you guys love hyperlinks, read Krauthammer from yesterday.


Ty, but no ty, an op-ed from a Fox Spews frequenter doesn't rank very high on my reality radar. Slightly bit different from a fact checker or straight news story. Might interest someone else. I'm sure someone who cant tell the difference is kicking around somewhere.

The far right radical conservative in America today divides everybody into ‘those who are saved’ and ‘those needing saving’. And they conduct their politics along those same lines.

The argument with faith is the foundation and origin of all arguments, because it is the beginning -- but not the end -- of all arguments about philosophy, science, history, and human nature. It is also the beginning - -but by no means the end -- of all disputes about the good life and the just city. Religious faith is -- precisely because we are still-evolving creatures -- ineradicable. It will never die out, or at least not until we get over our fear of death, and of the dark, and of the unknown, and of each other.

For this reason, I would not prohibit it even if I thought I could. Very generous of me, you may say. But will the religious grant me the same indulgence? I ask because there is a real and serious difference between my religious friends and me, and the real and serious friends and me are sufficiently honest to admit it. I would be quite content to go to their children's bar mitzvahs, to marvel at their Gothic cathedrals, to "respect" their belief that the Koran was dictated -- though exclusively in Arabic -- to an illiterate merchant, or to interest myself in Wicca and Hindu and Jain consolations. And as it happens, I will continue to do this without insisting on the polite reciprocal condition -- which is that they in turn leave me alone. But this, religion is ultimately incapable of doing. As I write these words, and as you read them, people of faith are in their different ways planning your and my destruction, and the destruction of all the hard won human attainments that I have touched upon.

I once heard the late Abba Eban, one of Israel's more, polished and thoughtful diplomats and statesmen, give a talk in New York. The first thing to strike the eye about the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, he said, was the ease of its solubility. From this arresting start he went on to say, with the authority of a former foreign minister and UN representative, that the essential point was a simple one. Two peoples of roughly equivalent size had a claim to the same land. The solution was, obviously, to create two states side by side. Surely something so self-evident was within the wit of man to encompass? And so it would have been, decades ago, if the messianic rabbis and mullahs and priests could have been kept out of it. But the exclusive claims to god-given authority, made by hysterical clerics on both sides and further stoked by Armageddon-minded Christians who hope to bring on the Apocalypse (preceded by the death or conversion of all Jews), have made the situation insufferable, and put the whole of humanity in the position of hostage to a quarrel that now features the threat of nuclear war.

As well as a menace to civilization, religion has become a threat to human survival.

Religion poisons everything.

Reality can be problematic for Progressives....

Your overstatements are the stuff of parody, TGFMMAA.

Relativism destroys everything.

Flathers; regarding your responding post of 8-2-12 as prelude to your comment today --

I closed my comment that date saying, “Religion poisons everything. Your response that date was “relativism poisons everything”.

Today, I closed my comment saying “Religion poisons everything” and your response was “Relativism destroys everything”. Like Romney, repeating the same lie does not make it true.

I have made the following argument before, and it’s truthfullness remains unchallenged. Relativism is the arcane and discredited Catholic argument that attempts to absolve Catholics for their crimes against humanity by blaming non-believers for doing the same thing. It takes brass to accuse someone of what you just did.

Relativism suggests differing societies that set differing standards to control their differing traditions is the perfect exoneration mechanism excusing mans inhumanity to man. The contorted logic of relativism would allow the Pope to favor aborting a fetus with a gay gene.

Joseph Goebbels was excommunicated for marrying a Protestant. As you can plainly see without any need to invoke relativism – Catholics do have their moral standards.

However, nobody has yet been excommunicated for the rape and torture of children, but exposing the offense could get the whistleblower into serious trouble with the church hierarchy. And this is the church that warns us against moral relativism – the same Roman Catholic Church that has been behaving as if, without the opportunity for sex with the underage, its whole ministry would collapse.

You may, if you wish, try to make a case for cultural relativism -- different standards for different societies and traditions -- but the plain fact is that the Prophet Mohammed was betrothed to his favorite wife Aisha when she was six and took her as his wife when she was nine, and this gives an 'empowering' effect to those who like things to be this way and to keep it ‘legal’.

In our new semi-secular and mediocre condition, even the religious will speak with embarrassment of the time when theologians would dispute over futile propositions with fanatical intensity: measuring the length of angels' wings, for example, or debating how many such mythical creatures could dance on the head of a pin. Of course it is horrifying to remember how many people were tortured and killed, and how many sources of knowledge fed to the flames, in bogus arguments over the Trinity, or the Muslim hadith, or the arrival of a false Messiah. But it is better for us not to fall into relativism, or what E. P. Thompson called "the enormous condescension of posterity."

The scholastic obsessives of the Middle Ages were doing the best they could on the basis of hopelessly limited information, ever-present fear of death and judgment, very low life expectancy, and an audience of illiterates. Living in often genuine fear of the consequences of error, they exerted their minds to the fullest extent then possible, and evolved quite impressive systems of logic and the dialectic. It is not the fault of men like Peter Abelard if they had to work with bits and pieces of Aristotle, many of whose writings were lost when the Christian emperor Justinian closed the schools of philosophy, but were preserved in Arabic translation in Baghdad and then retransmitted to a benighted Christian Europe by way of Jewish and Muslim Andalusia. When they got hold of the material and reluctantly conceded that there had been intelligent discussion of ethics and morality before the supposed advent of Jesus, they tried their hardest to square the circle. We have nothing much to learn from what they thought, but a great deal to learn from how they thought.

Religion poisons everything.

DF: "So, as our State Department apologizes for "hurting the religious feelings" of Muslims and blames an obscure video and Mitt Romney ..."

Please cite the site that shows how our State Department apologizes for "hurting the religious feelings" of Muslims. Thank you.

"obscure video"? This reference alone verifies your total lack of understanding of the world in which you live. This video, “Innocence of Muslims”, is probably the most damning terrorist tool to date. Why? Because the creator of this video has introduced a totally new means to terrorism; all one needs is the knowledge of what will offend a target audience to set the wheels in motion, create the medium, and set back and observe. Don't believe me? Witness what is happening in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen to the American embassies and consulates as well as the German and UK missions as a result of this little 14 minute "obscure video."

Romney/Ryan? As an FSO, I view their remarks after the gruesome deaths of my colleagues, four committed public servants, as loathsome and treasonous.

Krauthammer? You are kidding, right? He and Adelson, casino magnate and Romney's deep pockets guy who just happens to own the leading newspaper in Israel, are not what is best about the USA. Quote an article by George Wills and then (maybe) people may take you as actually being interested in the USA.

Romney has already shown us who he is and how he would "handle" things if he ever gets to the White House. He's ready to attack Iran day one, and he's going to "teach" China a thing or two and set Russia straight.

Obama has observed that "Romney shoots first (shoots off his mouth). . ." before he even knows the facts and this is something one cannot afford to do as president. We are in a dangerous world and I sure don't want another trigger-happy warmonger at the helm. Do you?

Personally I think Iran is bluffing (just like Sadam) to scare off potential attacks: can you blame them? We have greater problems at home and starting another conflict is the last thing we need.

Roy, You write:
Our national debt? 2000, about $4 trillion; 2009, about $10 trillion.

SO, it took 9 years for our debts to go up $6 Trillion. 9 YEARS.

Obama has raised OUR debt $6 Trillion IN JUST 4 YEARS!!!

That's 9 Years COMPARED to JUST 4 YEARS.

Did you realize that?

How much of that debt is due to policies beyond Obama's control and policies he enacted? Do you know?


Mind you that is simply a blog, but the same chart can be found here


So I ask again, how much is actually Obama's debt and how much did he just get stuck with the bill for?

MORE importantly, what is Romney's plan to reduce this? Other than his plan to reduce revenue without any answers on how he intends to pay for it?

Regarding Ann Coulter's reference to "godless liberals", apparently God must have been a liberal considering it was He who said "Is. 41:17. The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst. I, the LORD, will answer them Myself, as the God of Israel I will not forsake them."

Isn't it ironic that Republicans, deemed to be the more religious between the two parties, want to do just that if elected by repealing the Affordable Care Act and making deep cuts in food stamps and WIC (Women Children Infants) programs not to mention vouchering Medicare thus putting our elderly at risk to give some examples. Their philosophy is "You're on your own"!

The following is an excerpt from the following link. A good read no matter what you believe:


"A church or a nation that ignores its poor or places stumbling blocks in their way, whose supreme good is Money, is very far from the spirit of God". Maybe it's more than just their platform they need to work on.

Earlier this week, Businessweek pointed out that a recent Romney campaign ad buy in Virginia, which declares the state is “not better off under President Obama,” undercuts the message of Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, who had gone on a statewide “Growing Strong” tour in May.

“While difficult economic times are not completely behind us, and Virginia will continue to face challenges on the road to recovery, the Commonwealth is showing significant signs that it is growing strong again,” Businessweek reported that McDonnell said at the time.

Okay, which of these two liars shall we believe?


Ann Coulter is a female Howard Stern. No rationale human would take that female seriously!

Coulter has been engaged several times, but none of those engagements actually resulted in a wedding. Although she's a right wing mouthpiece, her partners have ranged from the liberal to the conservative. She dated Spin magazine's founder Bob Guccione, Jr. before she was a relatively famous pundit. Coulter then moved on to conservative writer and commentator Dinesh D'Souza, but after that romance flamed out, Coulter went in a completely different direction, dating Andrew Stein, a well known liberal Democrat and president of the New York City Council. Since Coulter and Stein went their separate ways four years ago, Ann has kept off the dating market for the most part, building her career as a Republican firebrand and Fox News contributor.

Republicans should nuke ‘selfish swine’ Todd Akin. ~ Ann Coulter

"If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot." ~ AC

"Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do. They don't have the energy. If they had that much energy, they'd have indoor plumbing by now." ~ AC

"Why not go to war just for oil? We need oil." ~ AC

"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the President." ~ AC

"The swing voters -- I like to refer to them as the idiot voters because they don't have set philosophical principles. You're either a liberal or you're a conservative if you have an IQ above a toaster." ~ AC

"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity." ~ AC

Flathers : " Oh, well. At least His Nibs got his beauty sleep as Stevens was running for his life."

YOU have to be one of the most ignorant men in Shenandoah Valley! Lived here all your life, have you? Dear God, you are a MORON!!!! MORON!!!! No military service EVER!!!!

Have you EVER gone to sleep at night surrounded by foreign military guarding your parameter due to threats? Have you EVER gone to sleep at night with armed foreign military out in the street of the road in which you lived? Looked out your window and see them lined up in the street? Have you EVER stood on the top of a US Embassy or Consulate watching students armed with home made Molotov cocktails? Have you WITNESSED angry citizens marching toward the Embassy wanting to harm you? People blowing off their hands, while slinging these homemade cocktails? Have you EVER been one of 15 essential personnel in an Embassy and seen about 1500 people outside yelling "Go home Yankee"? Have you EVER been told to bring some extra sets of clothing to work because you might be confined to the Embassy building? Have you EVER thought that you need to remember to bring your meds in case you are forced to stay in the building for some time? Have you EVER looked at a foreign national that you work with every day and think I hope I can trust you? Have you EVER been evacuated from a building due to a bomb threat and watched the Marine Guard go into action.

And you actually have the gall to say that the President of the United States does give a damn? YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! MORON!!! DOOFUS!!!!

And you actually have the gall to say that the President of the United States does N O T repeat N O T give a damn? Well, don't judge all of them by what Bush 43/Cheney! Reagan, Bush41, Clinton and OBAMA cared/cares.

I'm sorry to those people on this site that have common sense but these people like Flathers who spew garbage and know NOTHING at all about what someone like Stevens experienced; it makes me positively ILL to read his/their idiotic ramblings!

He knows nothing of being in a foreign area and have your spouse come home from a cab ride frightened because two cab drivers were fighting and one pulled a gun on the other. Or being called into an embassy or consulate because you are considered "essential personnel" and having to leave your family at home not knowing when you will see them again. Or sitting in a row of cars lined up to drive on the embassy or consulate compound and have the locals rock your car while you can do nothing but hope they don't start breaking out your windows or worse. Flathers, you are NOT the type of American these people put their life on the line for!

Dear Lord, please protect this country from IDIOTS!!!!

Jane --

Check out the captions to these Post Office retirement celebration pictures. Dan Flathers appears in several, identified as Branch Manager. This is the obviously pot-bellied overweight Post Office Union rep Dan Flathers from Salem, Massachusetts, where he worked for 30 years.


Flathers was a regular opinion contributor to the local Salem News newspaper. Here is just one of several links available from Google:


Did someone say Flathers was a life long resident of Shenandoah Valley? Well, for 30 years he worked in a Massachusetts Post Office.

Somehow, that old phrase defining crazy as "going postal" has a new meaning.


Dingbat Flathers has become Shenandoah Valley's version of Dingbat Palin.

"You were, the last two years, implementing the policies of this (Obama) administration in China," Romney told Huntsman during a debate.

That prompted an interesting response from Huntsman -- in Mandarin.

"He doesn't quite understand this situation," Huntsman said, translating.

And so it is with many of Flathers' posts. When I read what he had written about that incident, I know he didn't have a clue.

"Politics in the Old Dominion is definitely not practiced as intensely as it is in Boston, the Athens of America." ~ Dan Flathers

I'm LMAO over the Flathers exposing. Maybe he moved here to get a more receptive audience??

"Politics in the Old Dominion is definitely not practiced as intensely as it is in Boston, the Athens of America." ~ Dan Flathers


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