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Letter to the Editor: Gop using the big lie technique


Thank you for publishing Gene Rigelon's letter on Sept. 8. As Robert Reich so ably pointed out in your Sept. 5 edition, the Republicans are using the big lie technique. Can you imagine an entire government composed of people who lie like this?

The solution is to call them! Every time they utter a lie, we need to call it a lie and tell the truth.

Gloria Rickel. Front Royal


We don't have to "imagine an entire government composed of people who lie like this," Gloria.

We can see and hear them with our very own (open) eyes and ears every day.

They've been in power since January, 2009.

LOL...this is why America is doomed. To believe that this administration hasn't lied more than other administrations is hillarious!!! That said, anyone who believes that either side doesn't have the same goal of a global world with a diminished America is crazy. Since George Bush the first admitted the goal of a New World Order tell me anything that our government has done (either party) to actually make America greater. Both sides have destroyed our credibility around the world, destroyed Constitutional law, and equally destroyed the economy...Bush the first --tax increases, recession, Clinton, NAFTA, Tech bubble, beginning of the housing bubble recession, Bush Jr. NCLB, Medicare increase, two poorly fought wars, Patriot Act, heck, there's too much to list, recession, Obama, continuing every horrible thing Bush instituted plus pushing the NDAA, his healthcare act, no oil pipeline, Libya and the rest of the middle east, again too much more to add, recession...Wake up people. We've been lied to forever, we're only just waking up to it...and sadly I think it's too late.

Our choice this election is immediate destruction of America = Obama or slow destruction of Amercia with minute possibility of a return to the Constitution = Romney. The constitution is so diminished now that it pretty much is a worthless piece of paper.

I'd love to hear from the Irishman to give me some hope...one of the few people on this site that I can disagree with and also learn from. Are you still out there Irishman?

I admire the time, passion, research and energy the people on this post has spent talking about these national issues. Even though I don't always agree with either side at least the people commenting show that they care . My wish is that this passion ans energy be refocused to the local area where change can happen faster and has the greatest effect on our daily lives. Just look a the voter turnout at our local elections and ask yourself why more qualified good people don't run for local office. If we have strong local economies, our need to depend on state and federal support would not be needed. The successful towns and cities across the country have two things in comon strong local economies and leadership that focuses on their community . Wishes do come true even in our community .

If you can figure out a way to get it done Unreeldeel then please let us know. I don't think it matters who runs for council in Strasburg. No one cares...I bet most people don't even know when our elections are. The best thing to do to increase turnout would be to make local elections the same day as State and National elections...oh yeah, but our council voted against that.
And I'll tell you what, people may dislike me on national election issues, but on town issues I'm probably 99% in line with the people of Strasburg and I can't tell you the names I was called by people on this blog. Just because I'm opposed to abortion and socialized medicine does not mean that I couldn't help bring jobs to town, fight the unfunded mandates (which is what is really hurting Strasburg), and listen to people. I used to work hand in hand with the democrats in Strasburg to get things done. For a town like Strasburg national issues are not on the menu, and more people would run if they thought they'd get any support, but unless you are already in the town government there is not support. I hope you can come up with a plan that will work.

Oh, you mean Intel from the same CIA that Bush is blamed for NOT heeding in August, 2001 (which was so vague as to be inactuable) -- then blamed less than two years later for heeding specific claims regarding UN violations that Saddam had one chance after another to observe and thus avert invocation the military option under the 1991 Cessation of Hostilities (as there was never a truce)?

Funny stuff, indeed, Ronboo44.

How's things with those daily WH briefings -- will you blame the Empty Suit for failing to protect our missions on the 9/11 anniversary?

Of course, you won't.

Yeah, Ronbo44, I know right, gosh it was only Bill Clinton, most of the other intelligence agencies in the world that said Sadam had weapons of mass destruction too. LOL ...boy, it's so easy to see how it was all George Bush's fault and the republicans! hahahaha! It's not like congress gave him authority to go to war or anything! hahaha...oh, yeah and lets not forget all the weapons that crossed the border from Iraq into Syria while Bush tried for months to get the world to agree with him (like they did)! wheww! I'm laughing so hard... It's easy to see how only George Bush and Republicans lie! hahahahaha! ...

While we're waiting an on-point response...

Just noticed two mistakes that I made that Ronbo44 should jump on (he likes to get triumphant over such things to avoid the meat of a subject.)

So, for the record, I meant 'actionable' intelligence -- and I added an extra 'o' for Ronbo44.

I regret the terrible errors.

You mean the same CIA that Bush Buswhacked into agreeing with his plan to proceed no matter what the evidence. And Kim, Clinton didn't go to war.


Want to comment on the Romney lies in the link I gave you? Of course you won't. I can't believe you would go there given your track record of meat free days. LMAO

More meat for your plate Dan. To defend the Bush war shows just how stuck you guys are in place. ROTFLMAO


Which movie did you prefer? I liked Jackass 2 the best. ROTFLMAO

Um...Clinton went to war in Bosnia...oops! However if Clinton had ever taken on the Islamic terrorists that attacked us over and over during his term perhaps 9/11 wouldn't have happened...however, my point was that even Clinton said there were weapons of mass destruction. Was he lying too?

um ...if Bush had payed attention to the warnings prsented to him before 9-11 perhaps it wouldn't have happened.

How many boots did Clinton put on the ground in Bosnia? oops!!!

You haven't disappointed, Ronbo.

Nice elevation of the discussion, beckrose. No disappointment with you, either.

More flapping from the flather. We have low expectations for you and you never exceed them.

There is sharp line here. The penciled in line goes strait down, razors blades on each side, cutting each side that disagreees with the other.

We need someone to cut through the bull sh*T, and mangage this country how a business should be managed.

But you know what, this will get the same responces by both sides (republican, democratic) that who gives a ____ anymore.

In real news the last couple days Romney has been slammed by both Democrats and Republicans alike. Today marked a slew of every major newspaper in the country running stories and op-eds on Romney's open mouth insert foot foreign policy. EVEN Republicans are calling for him to apologize. Its probably a good idea to make sure you have facts before trying to politicize the deaths of Americans. I know, I know, who needs facts is the R&R motto, but people tend to get a little more heated when people have died.

Foreign policy- Fail

We still have the promise of tax cuts without a single answer on how to pay for them.

Economic Policy- Fail

Can anyone explain yet why this man is a good candidate for the highest office on the land?

Pentagon officials undercut the intelligence community in the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq by insisting in briefings to the White House that there was a clear relationship between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida, the Defense Department's inspector general said Friday.

Acting Inspector General Thomas F. Gimble told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the office headed by former Pentagon policy chief Douglas J. Feith took "inappropriate" actions in advancing conclusions on al-Qaida connections not backed up by the nation's intelligence agencies.

Gimble said that while the actions of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy "were not illegal or unauthorized," they "did not provide the most accurate analysis of intelligence to senior decision makers" at a time when the White House was moving toward war with Iraq.

BTW, Kim, my husband was actually in the Pentagon on 9/11 when AA77 hit. We just love reading these comments of yours and DF's aka "the Irishman".

'Eight Years Was Awesome, And I Was Famous And I Was Powerful' ~George W. Bush

It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. ~James A. Baldwin

When I read you and DF (ah, freedom of speech), I am reminded of this....

“I have always found it quaint and rather touching that there is a movement in the US that thinks Americans are not yet selfish enough.” ― Unknown

Obama campaign: "We do care about fact checks. We do care about the honesty of our ads,"

They've lied about the Churchill bust
There is no evidence that Romney, through Bain investments in which he had an active role, was responsible for shipping American jobs to China.
Obama’s debt reduction plan is not equal to Simpson-Bowles
Obama and the phantom peace dividend

Just to name a few!!!

Churchill bust?? A prime example of Republicans turning the ant hill into a mountain. How is returning a BORROWED item to the country that loaned it to us bad for the economy, jobs, or even foreign relations? Are you a borrow thief thinking that loans made to you are gifts?

Mitt Romney's sole shining reason he should be POTUS is his business experience, only that experience isn't so shiny. I know Romney's shtick is "just trust me" but if that experience is his qualification, sorry my friend we are going to check into it some. Simple terms Bain makes money by flipping companies like others flip homes. It's good money for Bain execs and investors, only in flipping companies instead of homes human beings are involved. Its not just an old stove you are throwing out but an American worker. In the gutting Bain gets rid of American jobs (that has an effect on our economy free info not in crayon) either by shrinking companies employees, moving the whole company overseas or changing from American supplier to a cheap chinese supplier (therefore more job loss thus economic loss). As I said its good for Execs at Bain, investors, but it hurts alot of other REAL people in the process. The American people cant afford to be gutted and sold to the highest bidder. But hey, Staples is a good example right?? I mean, we should aspire to gain a minimum/barely above wage job? Is that the new American dream? To always be in Romney's 47% he could care less about?

Simpson-Bowles?? The plan even Republicans didn't like? (shout out to Paul Ryan there) So let us understand because Obama's deficit reduction is not equal to Simpson-Bowles voters should instead embrace Romney's plan to increase the debt via tax cuts he can NOT pay for, or even offer a believable lie to how its possible? Please, please explain that logic. D doesnt reduce debt enough, so go R who explodes it right off the bat..

Peace Dividend? You are right, its not really a dividend. You got Obama there. Is that enough to make me choose the guy whose plan is to give the Pentagon even MORE money than its asking for? Um, no..we are trying to stop the spend, spend, spend. Not just hand out money to parts of government that not only we cant afford to keep giving, but money they aren't even asking for.

BTW, completely off topic (kinda) if supply side economics works so much better than demand side, If I pull up to your house with a truck load of toilet paper will you start crapping more just because I am supplying you with it??? (I think its a perfect analogy since supply side economics is a load of BS)

Today, 9-19-12, Republicans blocked a vote on the Veterans Job Corps Bill, denying thousands of veterans a shot at getting hired as police officers, firefighters and parks workers, among other things. The vote was 58-40; the bill needed 60 votes to proceed. The bill’s sponsor, Patty Murray of Washington, said “It’s unbelievable that even after more than a decade of war, many Republicans still will not acknowledge that the treatment of our veterans is a cost of war.”

Maybe the GOP is trying to increase the number of citizens who will never vote for them from 47% to 48%? It is perfectly understandable that Romney does not care about veterans. There is NOT ONE in his family in five generations, perhaps uniquely in modern America.

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