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Letter to the Editor: Romney's poor choice


Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate tied his candidacy to the Republican House and to Ryan's plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

Romney must now carry to the election all the baggage of the unpopular and dysfunctional Congress. The refusal by the House leadership (of which Ryan was a part) to enter into practical budget negotiations has resulted in a fiscal cliff. In January, all the Bush-era tax cuts will expire and indiscriminate across the board cuts in both domestic and military spending automatically will be triggered. The House leadership will have engineered a massive tax increase on all Americans and a draconian spending cut. Such an austerity program will precipitate a depression. Instead of sensible and practicable compromise in government, Ryan and the Republican leadership gave us "pie in the sky" conservatism. Partisanship and ideology trumped common sense and reason. While America burned for lack of economic solutions, Ryan and the Republican leadership fiddled with "personhood" laws not only criminalizing abortion under all circumstances but also several forms of birth control.

Romney is also now wed to Ryan's Medicare plan. Ryan is the author of a bill that radically alters Medicare. Instead of future seniors being on Medicare, the government will give them vouchers to spend with private medical insurance companies. Everybody knows the health reform law was passed in response to the egregious behavior of the insurance industry.

Further, Ryan supports and voted for the privatization of Social Security. Under this scheme, Social Security would be replaced with private investment accounts. Hello! Do you remember what happened to your 401K? Ryan is driven by the ideas of the atheist Ayn Rand and her supra-capitalist rants. Ryan wants to put the safety net of all future seniors at the mercy of private companies and Wall Street brokerage bankers. According to the Fact Check website, Ryan's convention speech contained numerous falsehoods. Even he is running away from his record. Apparently, it is the judgment of Romney that Ryan is ready to be president. Their fate is linked in totality.

Warren D. Golightly, Winchester


Very good letter, Mr. Golightly: you're right on target and as Obama's ratings continue to rise, this Romney/Ryan team will become more desperate in their attempts to bamboozle the American people. They are having one devil of a time keeping Romney's mouth shut. Aren't they? Just like the Rhinestone Cowboy, George Allen, this rich man can't hide behind the phony image for long.

Go behind the lines and learn how good ole Karl Rove (remember that boy wonder who got George W. Bush elected and re-elected) is back in the game and running the show so anything goes.

Recommended reading: BOSS ROVE (Inside Karl Rove's Secret Kingdom of Power) by Craig Unger. This will help those in doubt to understand the corruption that is now the Republican Party and the power-hungry thug who is behind it all.

In the meanwhile, let the debates begin. . .

When you are drunk you speak your sober mind.

What I hear the power-drunk Republican elite saying says their politics is no better than broccoli wrapped in spinach stuffed with dirt. How can this be misconstrued as happy-clappy silver lining news?

The GOP is smoking what they are dealing. Proof? I offer the Republican primaries resulted in a 'last man standing' winner, the lesser of all the evils. As Rick Santorum (himself no shining pillar of reason) astutely observed, candidate Romney was the Republican Party's worst choice to run for President. Not much disagreement here on my side of the fence. Proving Santorum was not a total idiot himself, Romney then took Ryan as his running mate, dooming the pair to dance in a death spiral, like moths circling a flame.

Republicans are now trapped in a hermetically sealed bubble, forcing themselves to listen to and believe their own tone-deaf rhetoric. At what expense? Republicans craft their message to appease their far right base of "Teabillys", preaching to the pews, ignoring the reality of the message actually heard and interpreted by the middle class majority. Will this mistake prove fatal? I say yes anticipating November 7 will verify my answer.

This election is about a rich, greedy, and elite Republican aristocracy versus an everyman democracy. I am a woman and my vote counts.

Agreed Mr, Golightly! The Republicans just don't get it-they just keep putting up these idiot puppets with no leadership skills what-so-ever. So much for representing the people.

What about how they effectively took out the one candidate that had the most intelligent plan to start the US down the road to real financial healing when they hit Hermann Cain?

Cain? You overlooked the far better choice of Jon Huntsman.

Whooppee, How in the name of Common Sense did they not pick Huntsman? He has more sense and experience than the others combined. Unbelievable!

Jane, (welcome back) I believe they ignored Huntsman because the Republican Party has become, first and foremost, the vessel of the resentful, followed closely by the anti-intellectual crowd and the anti-science quacks.

During the Republican primary debates I was often left in stunned silence by the overall display of ignorance at so many different levels, especially by those who raised their hands when asked who did not believe evolution and climate warming. Huntsman was the shining exception.

The Republicans chose the wrong Mormon to run for President and this wrong Mormon chose the wrong V.P. running mate. The Fox News talking heads are in a verbal tizzy-fit trying to explain the opposite while Ryan continues with his 'Plan B', running a second separate election campaign to retain his congressional seat, effectively nulling the Romney/Ryan marriage.

This Novembers election result may prove to be the largest, most lopsided victory in the history of America.

Speaking of the debates, it has been announced by AARP that Wednesday night's first debate does NOT include questions about Medicare and Social Security!! How outrageous is that?

AARP has sent out emails asking everyone to log onto a link and demand that these very important questions be included in the debate especially since these issues are surrounded in so much controversy and misinformation. It is imperative that we hear what each candidate has to say about it and exactly how they plan to deal with it.

I just sent a letter to moderator Jim Lehrer and the Commission for Presidential Debates, telling them to make sure questions about Medicare and Social Security are part of the debate on October 3rd. Will you speak out too? Here's the link. Just copy and paste in your browser.


Ah, Whooppee, Remember during the Republican debates when the audience laughed as Huntsman said his lines in Mandarin? The translation, however, of what he said to Romney is no laughing matter: "He doesn't seem to understand the situation."

Romney has proven that statement true time and time again; e.g., in the UK, commenting on the overseas unrest when he isn't yet privy to the intelligence briefings, and most recently calling the Israeli Prime Minister back-to-back to the call of the President of the United States. He is a little preppy who wants to climb higher in the history books than daddy did. This goal has motivated men like GWB and McCann but not for the good of the USA.

"Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, told a Nevada television station her main concern if her husband wins the upcoming election would be over his state of mind." “I think my biggest concern, obviously, would just be for his mental well-being,” she told KTVN-TV Thursday. “
(Raw Story)

Who knows a man better than his partner of 43 years.

I just read desperate Mormons are using a chain e-mail calling for mass religious fasting to help elect Romney. Will it work or will we just have a bunch of skinny Mormons?


Will the evangelical fundamentalists counter with nationwide Teabilly rallies to promote Ron Paul? Will it work or will the "Jesus Factor" once again fail to produce any measurable results beyond 'images' appearing on burnt toast?

Will the Taliban counter with a jihad to promote Allah is great? Will it work or will we just have a bunch of bombs in the roadway and a war over Iran?

Will Stokes counter with a plan to thwart the flying saucer aliens or will we be mercilessly hopeless to resist the rapture and resultant warm smelly probing?

Will ROFLMAO counter by foolishly taking credit for the next sunrise?

bwwaaahhhhh hahahaha

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