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Letter to the Editor: The moron vote


The magical team that David Axelrod and David Plouffe put together in 2008 is falling apart.

It has always been my hunch that this team led by Valerie Jarrett was in reality the greenest pack of greenhorns ever assembled to take over a White House. For more than three years, the mainstream media has covered for the Obama galoots. It is a perfect example of the Taranto Principle, by which the mainstream media's biased reporting only encourages liberal excess. Obama has attempted to say that his charges that Mitt Romney has been responsible for at least one death and is a tax cheat were not outside the "bounds" of presidential discourse.

"If you look at the overall trajectory of our campaign," he said, "and the ads that I've approved and are produced by my campaign, you'll see we don't go out of bounds."
Actually, if Romney is responsible for all the misdeeds Obama has laid to him, he should not be running for president. He should be behind bars.

Let us come to the point. Obama is reaching out to his very own special constituency. It is composed of those who believe that the Republicans would put up as their candidate for the presidency a person who in business life would engage in fraud, tax evasion and even murder. Obama is casting his net for the moron vote. I do not believe there are enough morons out there to re-elect him.

Franco Ryan, Front Royal


An accusation alleging a murder accusation? Really? YGBSM. Someone said it takes brass to accuse someone of what you just did.

Franco Ryan, spokesperson for the Republican Tea Party Tin Foil Hat and Kazoo Marching Band, has spoken.


It is not surprising that your opinion is as monochromatic as it is when it is clear you are viewing the world from the interior of your colon.

The George W. Bush administration was never held accountable for some of the worst crimes of the century. Obama receives his pay check from the same paymaster as Bush and Romney: behind closed doors, they all toast each other for their cleverness. The puppet show during the election season does no more than create diversion and division, while real matters go unaddressed. "Mission Accomplished".

As regards personal attacks towards ANY letter-writer, I can only say: if you see dumb people, remove the mirrors from your home. What a sad commentary when views are used to fight each other at the grass roots, rather than exchanging information that promotes change.

"A revolution is not a tea party".

OhMyGawd, the more that come, the worse they get, and Stokes is the last to arrive.

Hey, there, Roy. Are you back on your medications?

In case we all forgot, remind us when the world is coming to an end. Was it December 2011 or is it December 2012? If it is 2012, do you still have enough time remaining to set up your flying saucer taxi stand?

Do you think those pesky stone age Mayans understood all they knew about celestial mechanics? Do you?

Did you predict the planet Neptune will leave its orbit and crash into the sun? Or was that Youranus?

In addition to the Pied Piper Nose Flute, can you play a Kazoo?



One of Obama's super pacs did, indeed, run an ad saying that Romney was responsible for the cancer death of a woman when she lost her insurance after a job loss blamed on Bain Capital.

One of the most important things the new president will do is select new Supreme Court justices. That may supercede all the other issues in the long run.

Do I want Obama to perform this task? Not a chance.



Tax cuts for the upperCrust, TWO UNFUNDED WARS (and one of those wars unjust and criminal) put this country in the worst shape economically than it has been since the Great Depression and people want to elect GWB's Mormon clone??? The man is an imbecile with HORRIBLE domestic and foreign policy "plans". Please for the sake of this country...people educate yourself -study some history and economics BEFORE YOU VOTE. I'm not anti -Republican but judging from his platform, his outlook on life, and his actions, the candidate for president, Mitt Romney, will be the worst mistake this country will have ever known if elected.

They must be working overtime on the moron vote, Allen.

From Politico:

Vice President Joe Biden drew on the sorrow of his own personal losses as he addressed the memorial marking 11 years since United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

"It is a bittersweet moment for the entire nation," Biden told families, friends and dignitaries gathered at the memorial to the 40 passengers and crew who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

Still trying to parse the "sweet" aspect of 9/11 that Say-it-ain't-so Joe is referring to.

Every day, another under-reported, de-emphasized gaffe.

If you want to flaunt your anti-Mormon bigotry, Rob9, you might want to reconcile the fact that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a Mormon, also.

A political moron is someone who votes for a particular party because his daddy did, has no idea of the issues, believes every rumor presented on the internet, ignores any opposite fact, and a couple of other things I won't get into. Shenandoah County votes 65 % Republican.

Amen Ronbo44, This discussion should be closed because we know it is the truth. Vote what is going to help the middle class.

A brief history and introduction to the Mormon Church.

The followers of the prophet Muhammad hoped to put an end to any future "revelations" after the immaculate conception of the Koran, they reckoned without the founder of what is now one of the world's fastest-growing faiths. And they did not foresee (how could they, mammals as they were?) that the prophet of this ridiculous cult would model himself on theirs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints -- hereafter known as the Mormons - - was founded by a gifted opportunist who, despite couching his text in openly plagiarized Christian terms, announced that "I shall be to this generation a new Muhammad" and adopted as his fighting slogan the words, which he thought he had learned from Islam, "Either the Al-Koran or the sword." He was too ignorant to know that if you use the word al you do not need another definite article, but then he did resemble Muhammad in being able only to make a borrowing out of other people's bibles.

In March 1826, a court in Bainbridge, New York, convicted a twenty-one-year-old man of being "a disorderly person and an impostor." That ought to have been all we ever heard of Joseph Smith, who at trial admitted to defrauding citizens by organizing mad gold digging expeditions and also to claiming to possess dark or "necromantic" powers.

However, within four years he was back in the local newspapers (all of which one may still read today) as the discoverer of the "Book of Mormon." He had two huge local advantages which most mountebanks and charlatans do not possess. First, he was operating in the same hectically pious district that gave us the Shakers and one Mr. William Miller who repeatedly predicted the end of the world, and several other self-proclaimed American prophets.

So notorious did this local tendency become that the region became known as the "Burned-Over District," in honor of the way in which it had surrendered to one religious craze after another. Second, he was operating in an area which, unlike large tracts of the newly opening North America, did possess the signs of an ancient history. A vanished and vanquished Indian civilization had bequeathed a considerable number of burial mounds, which when randomly and amateurishly desecrated were found to contain not merely bones but also quite advanced artifacts of stone, copper, and beaten silver. There were eight of these sites within twelve miles of the under-performing farm which the Smith family called home. There were two equally stupid schools or factions who took a fascinated interest in such matters: the first were the gold-diggers and treasure-diviners who brought their magic sticks and crystals and stuffed toads to bear in the search for lucre, and the second, those who hoped to find the resting place of a lost tribe of Israel. Smith's cleverness was to be a member of both groups, and to unite cupidity with half-baked anthropology.

The actual story of the imposture is almost embarrassing to read, and almost embarrassingly easy to uncover. (It has been best told by Dr. Fawn Brodie, whose 1945 book No Man Knows My History was a good-faith attempt by a professional historian to put the kindest possible interpretation on the relevant "events.") In brief, Joseph Smith II announced that he had been visited (three times, as is customary) by an angel named Moroni. The said angel informed him of a book, "written upon gold plates," which explained the origins of those living on the North American continent as well as the truths of the gospel. There were, further, two magic stones, set in the twin breastplates Urim and Thummim of the Old Testament, that would enable Smith himself to translate the aforesaid book.

After many wrestlings, he brought this buried apparatus home with him on September 21, 1827, about eighteen months after his conviction for fraud. He then set about producing a translation. The resulting "books" turned out to be a record set down by ancient prophets, beginning with Nephi, son of Lehi, who had fled Jerusalem in approximately 600 BC and come to America. Many battles, curses, and afflictions accompanied their subsequent wanderings and those of their numerous progeny. How did the books turn out to be this way? Smith refused to show the golden plates to anybody, claiming that for other eyes to view them would mean death.

But he encountered a problem that will be familiar to students of Islam. He was extremely glib and fluent as a debater and story-weaver, as many accounts attest. But he was illiterate, at least in the sense that while he could read a little, he could not write. A scribe was therefore necessary to take his inspired dictation. This scribe was at first his wife Emma and then, when more hands were necessary, a luckless neighbor named Martin Harris. Hearing Smith cite the words of Isaiah 29, verses 11-12, concerning the repeated injunction to "Read," Harris mortgaged his farm to help in the task and moved in with the Smiths. He sat on one side of a blanket hung across the kitchen, and Smith sat on the other with his translation stones, intoning through the blanket. As if to make this an even happier scene, Harris was warned that if he tried to glimpse the plates, or look at the prophet, he would be struck dead.

Mrs. Harris was having none of this, and was already furious with the fecklessness of her husband. She stole the first hundred and sixteen pages and challenged Smith to reproduce them, as presumably -- given his power of revelation -- he could. (Determined women like this appear far too seldom in the history of religion.) After a very bad few weeks, the ingenious Smith countered with another revelation. He could not replicate the original, which might be in the devil's hands by now and open to a "satanic verses" interpretation. But the all-foreseeing Lord had meanwhile furnished some smaller plates, indeed the very plates of Nephi, which told a fairly similar tale. With infinite labor, the translation was resumed, with new scriveners behind the blanket as occasion demanded, and when it was completed all the original golden plates were transported to heaven, where apparently they remain to this day.

Mormon partisans sometimes say, as do Muslims, that this cannot have been fraudulent because the work of deception would have been too much for one poor and illiterate man. They have on their side two useful points: if Muhammad was ever convicted in public of fraud and attempted necromancy we have no record of the fact, and Arabic is a language that is somewhat opaque even to the fairly fluent outsider. However, we know the Koran to be made up in part of earlier books and stories, and in the case of Smith it is likewise a simple if tedious task to discover that twenty-five thousand words of the Book of Mormon are taken directly from the Old Testament.

These words can mainly be found in the chapters of Isaiah available in Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews: The Ten Tribes of Israel in America. This then popular work by a pious loony, claiming that the American Indians originated in the Middle East, seems to have started the other Smith on his gold-digging in the first place. A further two thousand words of the Book of Mormon are taken from the New Testament. Of the three hundred and fifty "names" in the book, more than one hundred come straight from the Bible and a hundred more are as near stolen as makes no difference. (The great Mark Twain famously referred to it as "chloroform in print," but I accuse him of hitting too soft a target, since the book does actually contain "The Book of Ether.") The words "and it came to pass" can be found at least two thousand times, which does admittedly have a soporific effect. Quite recent scholarship has exposed every single other Mormon "document" as at best a scrawny compromise and at worst a pitiful fake, as Dr. Brodie was obliged to notice when she reissued and updated her remarkable book in 1973.

Like Muhammad, Smith could produce divine revelations at short notice and often simply to suit himself (especially, and like Muhammad, when he wanted a new girl and wished to take her as another wife). As a result, he overreached himself and came to a violent end, having meanwhile excommunicated almost all the poor men who had been his first disciples and who had been browbeaten into taking his dictation. Still, this story raises some very absorbing questions, concerning what happens when a plain racket turns into a serious religion before our eyes.

Professor Daniel Dennett and his supporters have attracted a great deal of criticism for their "natural science" explanation of religion. Never mind the supernatural, argues Dennett, we may discard that while accepting that there have always been those for whom "belief in belief" is a good thing in itself. Phenomena can be explained in biological terms. In primitive times, is it not possible that those who believed in the shaman's cure had a better morale as a result and thus a slightly but significantly higher chance of actually being cured? "Miracles" and similar nonsense to one side, not even modern medicine rejects this thought. And it seems possible, moving to the psychological arena, that people can be better off believing in something than in nothing, however untrue that something may be.

Some of this will always be disputed among anthropologists and other scientists, but what interests me and always has is this: Do the preachers and prophets also believe, or do they too just "believe in belief"?

Do they ever think to themselves, this is too easy? And do they then rationalize the trick by saying that either (a) if these wretches weren't listening to me they'd be in even worse shape; or (b) that if it doesn't do them any good then it still can't be doing them much harm? Sir James Frazer, in his famous study of religion and magic The Golden Bough, suggests that the novice witch doctor is better off if he does not share the illusions of the ignorant congregation. For one thing, if he does take the magic literally he is much more likely to make a career-ending mistake. Better by far to be a cynic, and to rehearse the conjury, and to tell himself that everybody is better off in the end.

Smith obviously seems like a mere cynic, in that he was never happier than when using his "revelation" to claim supreme authority, or to justify the idea that the flock should make over their property to him, or to sleep with every available woman. There are gurus and cult leaders of that kind born every day. Smith must certainly have thought it was too easy to get innocent wretches like Martin Harris to believe everything he told them, especially when they were thirsty for just a glimpse of that mouthwatering golden trove. But was there a moment when he also believed that he did have a destiny, and was ready to die to prove it? In other words, was he a huckster all the time, or was there a pulse inside him somewhere? The study of religion suggests to me that, while it cannot possibly get along without great fraud and also minor fraud, this remains a fascinating and somewhat open question.

There were dozens of part-educated, unscrupulous, ambitious, fanatical men like Smith in the Palmyra, New York, area at that epoch, but only one of them achieved "takeoff". This is for two probable reasons. First, and by all accounts, including those of his enemies, Smith had great natural charm and authority and fluency: what Max Weber called the "charismatic" part of leadership. Second, there were at that time a great number of people hungry for soil and a new start in the West, constituting a huge latent force behind the notion of a new leader (let alone a new holy book) that could augur a "Promised Land." The wanderings of the Mormons in Missouri and Illinois and Utah, and the massacres that they both suffered and inflicted on the way, gave body and sinew to the idea of martyrdom and exile -- and to the idea of the "Gentiles," as they scornfully called the unbelievers.

It is a great historical story and (unlike its origin in a piece of vulgar fabrication) can be read with respect. It does, however, have two indelible stains. The first is the sheer obviousness and crudity of its "revelations," which were opportunistically improvised by Smith and later by his successors as they went along. And the second is its revoltingly crude racism. Christian preachers of all kinds had justified slavery until the American Civil War and even afterwards, on the supposed biblical warrant that of the three sons of Noah (Shem, Ham, and Japhet), Ham had been cursed and cast into servitude.

But Joseph Smith took this nasty fable even further, fulminating in his "Book of Abraham" that the swarthy races of Egypt had inherited this very curse. Also, at the made-up battle of "Cumora," a site located conveniently near his own birthplace, the "Nephites" -- described as fair-skinned and "handsome" and indeed "delightsome" -- contended against the "Lamanites," whose descendants were punished with dark pigment for turning away from god.

As the crisis over American slavery mounted, Smith and his even more dubious disciples preached against the abolitionists in antebellum Missouri. They solemnly said that there had been a third group in heaven during the ultimate battle between God and Lucifer. This group, as it was explained, had tried to remain neutral. But after Lucifer's defeat they had been forced into the world, compelled "to take bodies in the accursed lineage of Canaan; and hence the Negro or African race." Thus, when Dr. Brodie first wrote her book, no black American was allowed to hold even the lowly position of deacon, let alone a priesthood, in the Mormon Church. Nor were the descendants of Ham admitted to the sacred rites of the temple.

If anything proves the human manufacture of religion, it is the way that the Mormon elders resolved this difficulty. Confronted by the plain words of one of their holy books and the increasing contempt and isolation that it imposed upon them, they did as they had done when their fondness for polygamy would have brought federal retribution upon "god's Own Utah. They had still another "revelation" and, more or less in time for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, had it divinely disclosed to them that black people were human after all.

It must be said for the "Latter-day Saints" (these conceited words were added to Smith's original "Church of Jesus Christ" in 1833) that they have squarely faced one of the great difficulties of revealed religion. This is the problem of what to do about those who were born before the exclusive "revelation," or who died without ever having the opportunity to share in its wonders.

Christians used to resolve this problem by saying that Jesus descended into hell after his crucifixion, where it is thought that he saved or converted the dead. There is indeed a fine passage in Dante's Inferno where he comes to rescue the spirits of great men like Aristotle, who had presumably been boiling away for centuries until he got around to them. (In another less ecumenical scene from the same book, the Prophet Muhammad is found being disemboweled in revolting detail.)

The Mormons have improved on this rather backdated solution with something very literal-minded. They have assembled a gigantic genealogical database at a huge repository in Utah, and are busy filling it with the names of all people whose births, marriages, and deaths have been tabulated since records began. This is very useful if you want to look up your own family tree, and as long as you do not object to having your ancestors becoming Mormons.

Every week, at special ceremonies in Mormon temples, the congregations meet and are given a certain quota of names of the departed to "pray in" to their church. This retrospective baptism of the dead seems harmless enough to me, but the American Jewish Committee became incensed when it was discovered that the Mormons had acquired the records of the Nazi "final solution," and were industriously baptizing what for once could truly be called a "lost tribe": the murdered Jews of Europe. For all its touching inefficacy, this exercise seemed in poor taste. I sympathize with the American Jewish Committee, but I nonetheless think that the followers of Mr. Smith should be congratulated for hitting upon even the most simpleminded technological solution to a problem that
has defied solution ever since man first invented religion.

Religion poisons everything.

Franco- You write complaining of the Super Pac ads, yet you make no mention of ads such as "Dr. Obamacare"-the super pac ad depicting the ACA horror movie style, or the "fight bigotry" ad aimed at making white voters fear the big black President, or the "Forced Gay Marriage" ad (BTW, If I'm going to be "forced" into gay marriage, I'm requesting Sandra Bullock now, you know, go big or go home) Your whole theme is "The moron vote" based upon people voting off what they see/hear from ads and other information not directly from the candidate. Well I'm sorry buddy, you are looking at the wrong party there. Its rather comical really that anyone with the party of birthers, so called evangelicals, McCarthy esc screamers, teabaggers that can't even spell "Muslim" when gravitating between calling the President a Muslim and racist Christian....there is just too many examples...even has the nerve to call anyone else a moron is simply hilarious. We really are laughing at and not with you. Good comedy for a somber day.

Allen- Continues the complaint of Super Pacs brought to us by...wait for it....The Supreme Court. Who stood up in front of the nation and decried that decision? President Obama. Who wants to change that decision? President Obama. Because NO my friend, corporations are not people too. He said, ""Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities." Personally, I applaud our President for giving them the slap in the face they deserved, but you know to each their own. Which party was all for the Citizens United decision and defends it? Republicans.

I know the 2008 campaign got ya'll skerred with the amount of money normal every day people donated to Obama. But the morons are the people that let that turn into an allowance for any corporation, any billionaire to sink however much money they want into a campaign. The morons are the party all but giving the handlers the lube. (I'm going to assume everyone's bright enough to get that) The morons are the people that believe that corporate America has their best interests at heart and that while they are buying off the elected servants are even moronic enough to believe that those servants still care about the working man that can only donate 10 dollars over the the 500,000 dollar donation.

Understand this very clearly, only ONE candidate wants to keep that from happening, only ONE candidate wants to go back to limited donations, and make sure voters voices aren't drowned out by special interests and the few that can afford it, and that is President Obama. Its a shame to be so scared that you hand over willingly your most precious right, your only voice, your vote. So when you are boo whooing about Super Pac ads, remember which party brought them to you. Only a moron would give that away so easily.

Dan- At least you are consistent in your hate. Joe Biden is perhaps the most qualified sadly to speak to people who still hurt from the sudden loss of loved ones stolen from them. Your Politico reported that Limbaugh and Hannity "ripped" Biden for one wrong word. Nice to know you take orders from your handlers well. Only a MORON would listen to that speech and only take that from it. You serve well.

I can only wonder how many morons are going to go around telling people "Obama is going to take God off our money" after the campaign built around lies and false information put it out there the other day? I mean when you aren't letting facts dictate your campaign, anything goes right?

The only news I seen today about Lyin Ryan was regarding his vote against the 9-11 first responders bill. Guess that's a hard one to explain today of all days.

Ronbo- Dead on!

Wow, I guess I'm just waking up...LOL. But seriously, anyone living near woodstock, needs to joins the good ole boy up on the I-81 bridge overlooking interstate 81. He is the stanby, great to see him when passing under. Once in a while we all need to get out there and wave our american flags also. This guy is out there today, 4th of july, and verterans day. I'm sure he lifts the spirits of most passing under.

had to sneak a short on in after the 4000 acre opinion by ThankGodForMakingMeAnAtheist, and 2000 acre one by Katybug.

Sorry Shen, I just decided to bowl a strike instead of going at it a few pinheads at a time.

Well, the Subject of the above letter is right...wrong however?

Northern Virginia Daily


Thanks to the left's unchecked influence on our young people through our education system, entertainment media and pop culture, our children are being molded into the first generation of American socialists.

Interviews with young protesters illustrate that they are patently uneducated about our system of government and generally ignorant of political theory and economics. Instead of American civics, they've been fed a steady diet of liberal Kool-Aid that has resulted in a well-formed leftist belief system. The Wall Street occupiers are a natural outcome of a bad education system, teaching them really dumb ideas.

The left appears to have successfully altered the very character of our youngest generation, such that it's unlikely we can sustain our republic for want of a citizenry that understands and values it.

Instead of demonstrating for the rights as individuals to engage in their personal pursuits of freedom and liberty to make the most good of their talents, they're demanding the opposite: equality of outcomes irrespective of effort, "economic justice" and the "security" of a bigger, more powerful government.

Because of their ignorance of history, they ironically have been convinced that collectivism is the moral response to corporate and political corruption. Who's surprised? A directionless mob that can't articulate a concrete purpose virtually screams, "Lead me!."

It's possible this generation is so in need of a moral compass that it's simply searching for true north. Sadly, having been left for so long to the devices of liberals, this generation of would-be revolutionaries mistakes emotion and placards for ideas and ideology. Caught up in their civic circus, they are fighting to give up the only thing that really matters: their legacy of American liberty.

127 Ashby Lane
Front Royal

missed a word...wrong PARTY however!!!!!

And this is the ICING on the cake!!!!

"Bishop, meanwhile, also bemoaned the fact that too much emphasis is put on children going to college, which serves to shine certain jobs, like picking crops in a field, in a negative light.

"We need to quit telling kids who don't go to college that they are stupid," she said. "Congress is [a bunch of] complete and utter morons, and they all have Ivy League degrees. What's that say about Harvard?"


I don't normally call people "morons"----even when they act ignorant or willfully ignorant or even when they act downright stupid---- but since Franco Ryan uses that word so freely, he has made me less reluctant to use the word "moron" this one time.

The truth is, it is Franco Ryan who is the moron and he is a moron----"big-time"----- because he can't even see it.

Both political parties have always tried to stretch the truth at times in their ads, but Franco Ryan points to the Obama campaign for disreputable ads while totally ignoring the fact that the Romney campaign has some of the nastiest ads out there with out-and-out lies about the president. And in fact, Romney's nasty ads were even in evidence back during the Rupublican primary against fellow Republicans. I am not a Gingrich fan, but I almost felt sorry for him during the primary with the ugly and low-blow ads from Romney directed at Gingrich.

Franco Ryan is a moron because by his support of Romney/Ryan and the Republican party, he is essentially voting against his own best interests----he is voting against his own wallet. Well---that is assuming he is in the middle class and is not among the 1% super wealthy of the country, which in that case a Romney/Ryan administration would be perfect for him---and he can even look forward to big tax breaks aimed at the super wealthy 1%.

Franco Ryan says, "if Romney is responsible for all the misdeeds Obama has laid to him, he should not be running for president. He should be behind bars". If Franco Ryan wasn't a moron, he just might wonder as to why Romney has been so adamant about not releasing more of his tax returns. Franco Ryan would ask what does Romney have to hide when it is so easy for him to stop the questions and speculation by just releasing more than the one he has with a "promise" that 2011's return will be released in October. He would even be demanding that this man---Romney---who wants to be president of the United States release the same number of tax returns President Obama released in 2008. (Then Senator Obama released 7 years of tax returns in 2008 and as President, President Obama has released his returns every year since he has been in the White House).

But then Franco Ryan is too busy in his own little "bubble world" calling others morons to see he is the one who is the moron.

Well now, reading that second letter of Franco Ryan's that tryin2decide has posted only confirms my opinion of Franco.

So, to Mr. Ryan, everything "bad" in the country is the fault of the "left", the liberals. Why, he even says "The left appears to have successfully altered the very character of our youngest generation---" It is sure news to me that "the left" has that much influence on the youth of this country---not their parents, not their churches, but "the liberals".

I had said that Franco Ryan is in his own little bubble world but even more than that,I think he is pretty far "out there"----I think he spends most of his time in another universe.

You are right Roy, the Bush Administration was the disasters of all disasters and I have been very annoyed at Obama being so "friendly" with this failed president.

Politics go on and many Americans are tuned out, turned off or simply not involved. We are all losing in this idiotic game of name-calling. The ignorance is sad and the choices are limited. It's all about the highest bidder and sadly I'm not sure we will ever be better.

I guess we were all naive (on many levels). I don't know if we have the ability to rise above this corrupt system and change it now, but if there is any "intelligent" life OUT THERE, I wish they would get in touch soon and save us from ourselves!

As if "Socialist" is a bad word.

Wow, trying2decide, I'm so surprised that you care so much about my thoughts...The TEA party in Strasburg was years ago...I must've hit a nerve with you! LOL... How are all those wonderful Art "Degrees" working out for all those college graduates? America was built on hard work and ethics, sadly ethics are a thing of the past -- on both sides. There are "morons" on both sides of the aisle.
...and like progressives or not, it IS the progressive agenda that has brought us to the place we are in America; there are Democrat progressives and Republican progressives. The thing I don't get is why people who desire the socialist agenda (redistributing wealth) won't just come out and say that's what they want...Make rich and middle income people poor, and keep poor people poor and let the elites at the top rule with impunity controlling all the wealth. Isn't that what the last 20 years of American government have been? While both sides use different words and go after different groups they ALL do the same thing. Perhaps instead of calling the people in power morons it's time to call the people of America morons for believing either side.

Many thanks, Diana.
Regardless of which side people are on, this bickering back and forth is exactly what the Handlers want: there is no substance in any of the arguments unless true investigation and exposure is conducted. And we know that isn't going to happen, because the Handlers have seen to that. The "fault" isn't the 'Liberals' or the 'Conservatives', it is the unaccountable Powers-That-Be, doing as their agenda dictates, all the while conducting a successful diversionary political treadmill. When the people respect and honor each other, things will change. As long as we have this seething hatred for "the other side" and different beliefs, nothing will progress except corruption, moral and otherwise.

Until people, as individuals, summons the courage to look deeper than the pre-packaged political masturbation, the circus remains in town.

Many blessings, Diana. Thanks for staying the course.

Your hatred for Roy is obvious: get over it! If you don't like his beliefs, don't bother reading them. We still have the right to speak our minds in this country as individuals so SHUT UP and get back on message.

Why don't you put your energy and WORDS into fighting the ignorance that prevails? We need people who can articulate and reach those who have closed their minds and may elect another Republican president who is even more dangerous then that reckless "spoiled" rich boy Bush.

We are all currently living on a threatened planet called Earth. You might want to focus on something important instead of personal attacks. Roy's beliefs will not affect you but this next election sure will, one way or another.

Thanks for your voice of support, Diana.

I don't see his hatred so much directed at me, but society in general, as well as a scream for help. He exhibits every classic trait of a serial stalker~killer, right down to his condescending avatar. His inferiority complex is so deep, he feels it necessary to diminish and devalue others to make himself feel normal. He removes social respects, such as "Mr." in a classic attempt to justify a superiority by putting his victims below himself. That will corrupt into a justification for worse actions if left unarrested.

It is clear he has little or no knowledge of much, because he never contributes, but instead feeds off of those posting, using insults to make himself feel superior. But he never indicates any information which would justify such a lofty standing in society. As well, he lobs these bombs from the anonymity of the internet. This is the worst type of cowardice possible, and this is parasitic behavior. There is little good you can say for Mr. Rolling On The Floor.

I choose to ignore him.

Ms Bishop, Believe you realize my post was to illustrate the depth to which the Tea Party members feel about certain issues; i.e., comparing your statements and Mr. F. Ryan's. You did say, however, those were comments you made several years ago; therefore, do you mean to say that the words you spoke then are not applicable to how you view issues today? Okay, I understand.

"I think I've figure out why TEA parties and OWers have become so popular and are so intense...it's because when a citizen wants to speak before a town council, or congress they are not allowed. Oh yeah, the big money people, insiders, players can have time before the council, but the average person gets between 1 and 3 minutes to speak right before a decision is made. Is it any wonder we take to the streets now. Beware, government, the people WILL be heard one way or the other..." ~ Kim Bishop

Sorry, don't quite understand the above statement you posted to your FB page. So you are acknowledging here that it is in fact BIG MONEY taking over our country to the detriment of the middle class? That be the case, I totally agree.

And reading your FB title...didn't realize you are part of the Strasburg Town Council...congratulations.

Agreed. Until people seek out truthfrom unbiased sources (e.g. www.factcheck.org, www.snopes.com) both parties will continue to push their lies unfettered. Morons make decisions based on trivial facts, sound bytes and misinformation. The ads are aimed at morons.

My advice to everyone who plans to vote? Don't be a moron. The facts are easy to find. Just look.

Dear Diana,

Thank you for the free advice. I will give it the appropriate consideration.

I'm sure there must be Hollywood celebrities and starlets who eat meat, hate animals, avoid vegetables, despise the poor, look down on the Third World, and prefer their aerosols to the ozone layer. But, somehow, their agents keep them quiet.

I am curious to know if you, Diana, might be one of the 81 registered users on the Roy Stokes twilight zone website? Are you already familiar with the folks Stokes described as “Handlers”? How could it be we are unknowingly being “handled? What can you tell us about them?

I see stupid people who believe in flying saucers, end-of-the-world predictions, mystical powers, and warm-fuzzy quasi-religious proselytizing. I do not suffer fools. Stokes is a fool and seems to believe he has powers unavailable to anybody else. Perhaps Stokes might reveal his curriculum vitae explaining his otherworldly abilities?

I have no qualms attacking quackery or its cheerleaders. One of the curses of freedom of speech in America is the quack fleecing the sufferers with promises of miracles or serene flower child inner peace to calm troubled minds.

The world is coming to an end, prepare to meet your maker, according to charlatan Stokes, whose “End Of The World” predictions are a hot topic on the website he moderates. Such predictions of impending doom, once the exclusive domain of witchdoctors, shamans and all religions, are now a staple of the quacks.

The top ten ‘end-of-the-world’ myths are debunked here:


The problem, as I see it, is that SOME people here are very closed minded and have forgotten that opposing views on things discussed are just as valid as views that one might agree with.

How are we ever going to learn anything if we believe that our view or opinion is the only correct opinion? Just because someone doesn't like, subscribe to or even understand what another person has to say does not mean that the other view is WRONG.

ROFLMAO has a very narrow view of the world around him and cannot accept anything that he does not personally percieve as the truth. At least this is the opinion that I have formed by reading his responses here. I understand how he feels and was much the same until very recently. I will not go into the changes I have made in my thinking, but suffice it to say that most of what people today believe is what we have been instructed to believe. Once you can get past this bitter pill it is much easier to see how we have all been manipulated.

If we are going to discover the truth about the world around us, we must use our own minds and be brutally honest with ourselves and everyone else or the 'decided on opinions of the-powers-that-be' will always steer us down the paths of thier desire and not the path of our own heart.

Is the screen name “daysleeper” synonymous with “daydreamer”? Explains a lot if it is. Could you too be one of 81 registered users on Roy’s website? Explains a lot if you are. The world could always use another ‘alternate universe’ advocate.

You posit the argument all opposing views are valid? Does that include blatant falsehoods? So, if I say I can strike a match on a wet bar of soap and you say no I can’t, both views are equally true?

Metaphysical poppycock hogwash. Where could you have learned this alternate approach to truth, logic, and reason? Were you ever abducted by UFO aliens? Are the spirits of long dead American Indians speaking to you from their graves?

If a delusional person says the sky is falling and a sane person says that is wrong, you say both views are equal? If observations prove the sky is not falling, your fall back position is you are “learning”? Learning what? Learning how to become self sufficient at being self-delusional?

The tone of your third paragraph reminds me of the blather spouted by 1970’s era guru and first class quack Werner Erhard, founder of EST, a cockamamie theory of behavior modification, who promised a form of personal salvation, enlightenment, and best of all, clear thinking, after he had isolated you from the world and exposed you to his version of brainwashing. Erhard claimed to forever alter your way of thinking. Unfortunately, the changes dissolved when reality disrupted the daydreaming.

I suspect you are perfectly content being a daydreamer wrapped in comfortable delusions. Far be it for me to suggest you seek professionally trained psychological help to deal with your version of reality.

But, of course, the alternate equal view is to learn all about your alternate reality from a hermit living in the backwoods who, like Dr. Timothy Leary may have had one or two too many trips on LSD. What a kaleidoscopic peaceful world Leary saw… and if we are to fall for your rendition of equal realities, Leary’s drug induced view was much like the drug induced views of a Charles Manson and his cult.


Bwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh hahahaha

"The more knowledge we add to our minds the more we see what is lacking."

My website is easily accessed by placing your cursor on my avatar.

I don't claim to have all the answers: that's why we have a community of people contributing and sharing. NVD readers are welcome to peruse the site and come to their own conclusions. "Spiritual Metaphysics" is the amiable place where science and religion meet, and instead of conflict, find both hold reasonable and satisfying answers.

When your mind shrinks into a self-absorbed heckling fortress, the world around you reflects this. When you accept that we're as infinite as the universe we live in, you have infinite possibilities. There are still those who have the courage to look beyond their limitations.

This was so comical I really had to share...


*note, it is from a blog, but it also has the filing. I read this and "The Moron Vote" immediately came to mind.

Is Stokes upset someone would dare shake his tree by questioning his brand of hogwash so lovingly wrapped in mystical connotations and incantations? Stokes lures the unsuspecting with the promise of understanding the unknowable, scientific discoveries become subservient to religious dogma, followed with promises to free your ability to think clearly. This all mimicks the spiel of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Perhaps Pied Piper Stokes wishes to become an occidental version of oriental Sun Myung Moon?

When I was a little boy, there was this guy who every summer would come through the neighborhood leading a saddled pony. And just like the ice cream truck ringing the bell, kids would flock to the pony like a magnet. The guy would tell the children they could ride the pony and have their picture taken if they went and told their mommy about the pony. Simple minds find something simply irresistible when Stokes promises a ride in a flying saucer and meaningful conversations with long dead otherworldly spirits.

As for me, I'm not riding on or in any flying saucer, even if candy is included in the deal. Others may jump at the chance, especially those fond of anal probing rituals.


I pray light and Love for you, ROFLMAO: you obviously live in a fear-based reality that is ever-shrinking. Instead of taking personal responsibility for your life and actions, you lash out at others. As you grow older, you'll have to accept that what you so hate in others are actually traits of your own. Likely you never had reliable nurturing guidance to help you along your way, and thus you've become a bitter, selfish person. Take heart: many of us ascendied away from just such neglected roots. And many of us followed false prophets, too. At some point, rather than feeling duped, we realised it made us wiser. Truth reveals itself to the humble heart: arrogant depreciation will only yeild more of the same. As you continue to alienate yourself from your community, and the answers you truly seek, you're only hurting yourself.

"Keep your words sweet: you never know when you'll have to eat them."

Blessings to you. I expect your ugly comments. I will not reply in kind. If I want Love in my life, I cannot spew hate. If I'm to walk my talk, I must respond with loving intentions.

With you, that's been a real test of faith. But I managed, by the Grace of God.

Okay guys, there is enough BS on the campaign trail(s) to dig through and argue over. How about we stick to arguing and pointing out the fallacies in that? Plenty enough mud to go around in the political realm.

Cheers for trying to bring peace to the forum..... but he hit me back first.

It is appalling to witness this burgeoning backwoods hillbilly paranoia that seems intent on making enemies from friends. Hateful redneck hippie rhetoric will never win the Nobel Prize for peace. Try the decaf. Tone down the word salad verbosity promoting disgust towards your critics and the rewards of flower power for yourself. You were doing so much better reading road kill entrails and ignoring the laws of physics to promote your brand of prophecy. How's the patent for your perpetual motion machine progressing? How are the conversations with dead people coming along?

Actually, I have many positive thoughts about Stokes. For one, I like how he punctuates world class ignorance with otherworldly certainty.


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