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Letter to the Editor: GOP leaders intent on serving financial masters


As I watched the Republican convention and saw the delegates on the floor I thought about how they look like many of my friends who are Republicans. They are small business owners and others who, without benefit of a silver spoon, lifted themselves through dint of hard work to positions of comfortable middle class. They are good people who worked diligently, and they know teamwork. What bothers me is how different my friends and those delegates are from the leaders of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party clearly has two kinds of leaders - financial and political - and both act very differently than my Republican friends. The financial leaders contribute millions, even billions, to seek influence and favor for their banks and corporations. They want unlimited freedom from regulation or oversight of any kind. These are the people who created the risk-credit swaps and other financial tricks which made them huge amounts of money, but ultimately to financial collapse like a Ponzi scheme and almost a depression.

Republican political leaders, having received the huge campaign donations, seem intent on serving their financial masters at the expense of good government. They forget that people all over the world come here and invest here because we have traditionally had financial institutions and practices that were open and trustworthy. Equally egregious, these Republican political leaders have ceased to be legislators in favor of becoming solely antagonists. The Republican political leaders from the first day of the current administration stated openly and publicly that their objective was to have the administration of this country fail. That seems un-American to me. They blocked every administration effort, even to the point of failing to raise the debt ceiling all acknowledged was necessary to the nation's financial health - forcing U.S. and international bond raters to lower our rating for the first time. Talk about cut off your nose to spite your face!

I just hope that my friends and all the good people on the floor of the convention come to realize that they are being duped by uber-rich bankers and nefarious Republican political leaders. This country needs common sense centrist leadership. It does not need what the current Republican political leaders are offering. Throw the bums out!

Richard T. Rhoades, Mt. Jackson

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    On last Sunday's Moyers & Company, Sen. Bernie Sanders discussed the influence of money and the place of grassroots organizations in politics today: "If the American people demand that the president and the Democratic leadership stand up to Wall Street, create a significant new jobs program, address global warming, and protect the social safety net, the Democrats will do that," he said.

    Senator Sanders spent sixteen years in the House of Representatives and has been serving as Senator from Vermont since 2006. I am impressed with this human being: he should be running for president. There is something different about him - he's real and he talks about the problems and solutions.

    Sanders warns us that while Obama has not accomplished all of his promises (for a lot of reasons); he's still the only choice. Romney/Ryan are cut from the same cloth as Bush, and anyone who has forgotten this incompetent little man and his warmonger co-president, Cheney will be doomed to repeat history. Romney is already rattling his saber!

    We are a nation on the decline, dying from within: if we don't change direction and bring money back to this country; we are doomed. The liars and the big money changers are not going to do this for us. Check out this Senator's website, hear his words; he doesn't sound like the others.

    Good letter Mr. Rhoades, thanks for taking the time to write. Communication is all we've got right now and the clock is ticking. . .

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