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Letter to the Editor: It's all about the name


In reference to Shaun Alkire's letter in the Northern Virginia Daily, I too agree that it is all about the name and title you hold in Shenandoah County.

When me and my companion "Shag" came to the area, the county never wanted a new business going on here and continued to give his business a hard time. Being an average person, he too got a hard sentence handed down as well as everything he had worked for taken from him.

But for a local attorney to get a slap on the wrist and say OK, this is all right with the court, and no probation given and no suspension of license, this is just so wrong. But considering he has a back problem, did he have his own medical certificate to use marijuana? "Not." So how many other people can get by with this? None.

Alkire is right. The average person would go to jail. Such a waste of the court's time.

So "Shag" lost all, but so did Shenandoah County lose. A business is gone, employment of jobs gone and a lot of county taxes lost. Also, lots of respect from people living here in the county for law enforcement is gone by letting a title rule a case. Keep in mind everyone who gets by will pay a price. Good luck Mr. A., attorney of our local system. Karma does stay around. Just saying.

Eunice Montgomery, Mt. Jackson

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