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Letter to the Editor: Romney ad is misleading


Lately, I've been seeing an ad for Mitt Romney that claims that under President Barack Obama that China has increased its manufacturing output while the U.S. has decreased its manufacturing output.

While this technically true, the ad is very misleading. I checked the facts and I found that under Obama, the U.S. has decreased its portion of global manufacturing output from 18.5 percentage points in 2008 to 18.2 percentage points in 2010, while China went from 15.1 to 18.9 percent in the same period. So Obama's policies resulted in a .3 percentage point reduction in global manufacturing output for the U.S. Compare that to the policies of the Bush administration and we find that global manufacturing output went from 26 percent to 18.5 percent, a reduction of 7.5 percent; and China went from 8.3 percent to 15.1, an increase of nearly 7 percent of global output in the same period.

Looking at those statistics, one can see that under the Republican policies that Romney wants us to go back to, we sent approximately 7 percent of the world's manufacturing output from the U.S. to China during the Bush years. It is more than fair to say that since Obama took office we have held our own with China, which is a far cry from what the recent Romney ad claims.

Obama could not just put a complete stop to the Bush administration policies immediately upon taking office, so our manufacturing output continued to slip away in the first few months of the Obama administration. But his policies were eventually able to turn that around and we were able to gain global manufacturing output once again.

So the facts appear starkly different from the claims in the ad, but then, what do you expect from a campaign that vows it will not be cowed by fact checkers?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley

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    Thanks, Mr, Cash, for the informative piece.

    I was REALLY, REALLY surprised to see this group becoming part of these political ads that spread disinformation. Sad to see religious groups involved in the deceit.

    "A conservative Christian group makes some wildly improbable claims about government spending in a satirical ad targeting Democrats...It claims that the 2009 stimulus law "didn't create jobs" and that Washington will have to borrow "trillions more" from China. Neither claim is supported."


    The ad's sponsor is Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, which says it aims to "bring Biblical principles into all levels of public policy." The ad has been seen nationally on Fox News and CNN, and versions of it have run 384 times in four states, according to Campaign Media Analysis Group.

    The entry this year of the super-PACs and non-profit issue advocacy groups, which can collect and spend unlimited sums of cash, means stations could see a record $3 billion in campaign ads, said Ken Goldstein , president of New York-based Kantar Media’s CMAG, a company that tracks advertising.

    China, with 26 percent of all foreign-held U.S. Treasury securities (8% of total U.S. public debt). The share held by foreign governments has grown over time, rising from 13% of the public debt in 1988 to 25% in 2007. China's holdings of government debt, as a percentage of all foreign-held government debt have decreased between 2010 and 2011,

    Most of the 'non-profits' in the US should NOT have tax exempt status...period.

    Here some churches that REALLY need to lose their tax exempt status....

    Over 1,000 pastors are set to defy the IRS next month by intentionally preaching on politics. The ultimate goal is to reach the court so that the "muzzle" on churches can be declared unconstitutional.
    "People in America are allowed to debate these issues except for pastors from the pulpit," said Erik W. Stanley, senior legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, on Family Talk last week. "The pastors of America, your voices need to be heard on these vital issues. It's unjust, it's unconstitutional that you've been censored and taken out of the public debate every time an election season rolls around.


    Where did America go?

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