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Letter to the Editor: Tell supervisors what you think about Old Edinburg School project


Sept. 25 is the last public meeting regarding the Old Edinburg School Renovation Project before the Board of Supervisors signs the contract with Charter House School.

The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Government Center in Woodstock. Please call, write or show up to the meeting and give the board your opinion.

This project is not about the special needs children in Shenandoah County. I have listened to county and school leaders talk about this project paying for itself and making a profit.

Since when did our special need children's education become a business to be profited from? The pending contract with Charter House School says if a certain number of children are not in the school by year two, then year three and so on the Charter House School can back out of the contract. However, the renovation will have already been done "per Charter House School specifications." Shenandoah County needs Charter House School revenue to make the loan payment for the renovation.

Mr. Ferguson told Edinburg Town Council that Charter House School graduated a certain percentage of their special need students. Ferguson asked the Council, "Do you know how many graduated in Shenandoah County?" Ferguson stated, "Zero." This has to be another misrepresentation of the facts. There are Individualized Education Program (IEP) or special needs children who receive IEP diplomas. Dr. Rowland, how many students graduated with IEP diplomas last year? If Ferguson means the severely disabled, then compare that number with Charter House School's record for the same group.

Shenandoah County supervisors know the people of Edinburg want the building used, not abandoned. The building was being used as a community center. The supervisors didn't seem as concerned about repairs or maintenance, an unfortunate pattern with this county board. The board will add $4.5 million to the county's "moral obligation" debt. Why doesn't the county purchase the recently closed Christian school in Woodstock that is already set up and ready for students?

Please search Valley Regional Report on the Web for local updates.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock

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    The pattern you see on the local level here is repeated at local levels all over the country. It is the pervasive operation of the "good ole boy" network to "do what THEY want", with no regard to cost or harm to innocent victims. No wonder, then, that no valid candidates "graduate" from the local political level to lead the nation away from the looming edge of disaster. We, the people, recognize that we are being "had", but are helpless to do anything about it.

    The late George Carlin put it very well, when he talked about our "owners" running the show. Unfortunately, his vulgar language turned off the very people he should have reached, such that they never listened to him long enough to hear the social message content behind his stage presence act. Good people were upset by his choice of gutter language. They should have been terrified by his message, but they would not stick with him long enough to hear it.

    We have still another local problem which few people here know or care about. Our printed media refuse to do any investigative reporting. Again, George Carlin told us why our newspapers "take sides". To paraphrase, he said "they are owned, too". To sum up his message, he pointed out that the whole democracy concept got lost long ago. What remains is a sham, a scam, an illusion that nearly everybody falls for.

    Here is the Internet link that describes the other local situation:


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