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Letters to the Editor: Heed what the universe is telling us


If the universe were about to conduct a major event, why would it not inform all sentient life in its path?

Historical facts show that the universe does communicate openly with those life forms attuned to it. If this were not the case, the consistency of a bee's honeycomb and a bird's nest would rather chaotic. Squirrels would not prepare for winter. The instinctive signals which activate DNA and life-conducting procedures emanate from an original source, and it communicates constantly with those who "hath an ear."

We see in the biblical story of Noah (and others) that warnings were given well in advance of cataclysmic events. Many ancient civilizations documented solar, cosmic and earth upheavals clearly, not the least being the relevant Mayan calendar, pointing out a thousands-of-years cycle that consistently occurs. It is a warning, not retribution.

Our society precariously stakes its existence on 100 years of corporate science, much of which is skewed, without real answers, and slanted to benefit social engineering. This lofty unsinkable-Titanic attitude creates a mainstream mentality of false security, which shuns anything outside of its sanitized - and ever-shrinking - realm of comfort, bolstered by extreme denial. It is this arrogance that caused society to ridicule Noah. It's difficult to laugh when you're under three miles of water, though.

The recent reports of sulfur smells in Southern California are explained away by officials as the Salton Sea, when in fact experts know this is a prelude to an earthquake. The increased volume of gases rising out of Louisiana swamps are a similar warning sign, quickly dismissed by authorities who know too well this is New Madrid fault line activity.

So, do we depend on officials to lull us into corporate complacency, or do we heed what the ancient universe, and earth, are telling us? Human free will leaves that choice up to you. Spending time on diversions and denials because we're told to go to Disneyland so terrorists can't win begs to be examined in the face of all symptoms being handed to humanity.

The terrorists might well be those very corporate officials and authorities.

Roy A. Stokes, Maurertown

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    Jesus spoke of universal protocol. The Christed teachings, though tampered with through the ages, still hold the simple truths of how our universe works, and how life works in harmnony throughout the cosmos. It's a big universe: we really aught to play by Its rules.

    Hard to comment since I don't know what they are talking about or what is their point. Maybe someone smarter than me can translate.

    Hard to comment because I don't know what he is talking about or what his point is. Maybe someone smarter than me can translate.

      Mr. patriot;
      NOBODY knows what Stokes is talking about. Maybe the aliens in the flying saucers parked on the dark side of the moon are sending mind control radar waves making Stokes act this way?

      Once again we are entertained by the Twilight Zone double-talk confusion and goofiness of Roy Stokes, the Grand Pooh-Bah of a cult of loonies specializing in incomplete thoughts, meaningless sentences, and conspiracy theories. Stokes is always hard pressed to prove any of his assertions except to slather on another layer of doublespeak incoherence as if that will explain everything. This is what cult leaders do best; No proof and obfuscate like crazy.

      Stokes can not prove anything. Swamp gas predicting earthquakes? Name a definite time, definite date, definite place, and magnitude.

      Stokes says Neptune will crash into the sun in honor of the Mayan calendar and has the gall to insist NASA researchers might have arranged suspension of Newton's laws of celestial mechanics facilitating the destruction.

      OK, Stokes, PROVE IT; When will the planet Neptune leave its orbit and crash into the sun?

      OK, Stokes, PROVE IT.


    It doesn't take "smarter" to understand, and as long as you look for someone to lead you, you WILL be mislead.

    Discernment in all things is a great tool, but many have come to rely on things being handed to them, instead of searching for themselves. Most accept mainstream 'information' as gospel truth, while scrutinising the smallest detail of an individual's view. This dependence on pre-manufactured living is the key to society's problems.

    Have the courage to re-define things for yourself. Dare to ask simple questions.

    Common sense needs to be re-integrated into the human psyche. Thinking things through, farther than just validating our belief systems, will always uncover missing pieces to the puzzle.

    It is only by cooperating together we find solutions and solve mysteries. "Us and Them" is the great divider: those in power know this, and use it against us daily.

    The longer I live, the more I believe GOD IS NATURE. Destroy Nature and it simply won't matter what anyone believes. And those who continue to ignore all the warnings will pay the price: unfortunately we all will suffer for this ongoing thirst for power and riches.

    Our planet is being destroyed through greed and a disrespect for all life including animals. It's sickening to see the violence that prevails, the pain, and suffering.

    It is difficult to understand why people get so wrapped up in their little beliefs: life is so brief, and the older you get the faster it seems to go. My grandmother always told me that and it's true. You start seeing your life in chapters and before you know it - it's over.

    I'm not sure what it will take before the greedy, fat cats, who profit from the exploitation of Mother Earth, understand that they are also doomed.

    All of this fighting over who owns what and which religion is right is foolhardy indeed. I believe the early Native Americans had it right with their reverence and respect for nature. We've lost that connection in our fast paced, artificial world and some of us are starting to see the consequences.

    Wow, I see your point and am also ROFLMAO.

    Wow, I am sure that you will see Mr. Stokes' point soon enough and, by the way, it will be too late to do anything about it.

    You will join the masses with the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair and wonder and moan where is Jesus now that you need Him. He was here the whole time and you slammed the door of your heart on Him long ago.

    So Mr. ROFLMAO, prove that Mr. Stokes is wrong! If you cannot, then I think that time will tell the true tale and I shall pray for you and your woeful existence. I shall also pray for you valley patriot.

    American Indians indeed have much of it right. Modern religion stole everything from pagans and aboriginals in order to diminish their meaning. Christmas is a good example: the meaning of the winter solstice, which possesses special energies, was highjacked by the Church, in order to control the masses. Even the sabbath, Saturday, was moved in title only to Sunday. Therefore, the Church has been misleading the masses in order to control the public's focus...translate that "energy".

    The Christed teachings were conveyed by many others, not just the Jesus the church exploits. The truth of the matter is, the church exploits Him as a trophy: the murder they "got away with". By taking His teachings and diminishing them, they have lost their impact, though the teachings survive in fractal form, and cannot be destroyed. By exploiting the man, Jesus, focus is removed from His message. This fools most of the population, but not the true seeker.

    Many like to denounce ancient traditions and those who take the off-beaten path, but it only serves them in the short term. Change only occurs when one is willing to give up what they THINK they know. This society doesn't know much, as it has allowed itself to become dumbed-down and sold to the lowest bidder. Only by extreme denial do many keep their beliefs intact, and they fear those beliefs being challenged.

    I'd like to remind anyone interested that my website is accessible by placing your cursor on my avatar. It's none of my business what you think of me: what I share is what endures.

    It's the message, not the man.

    Some of you might do well to Google up Project Blue Beam, or Operation Blue Beam.

    The world is in a lot thicker trouble than meets the eye.

    There is not much that can be added to all of the misunderstandings about the universe except to say what really happened in the beginning:


    What does the NVD say about Stokes and Horne repeatedly using the NVD message board as a tool to recruit membership for another organization for profit or gain?

    Horne's message board specifically prohibits using it to recruit, yet here he is (and Stokes) using the NVD message boards to recruit new members for their fringe cults.

    What a sad state of affairs when some poor souls lonely life has no meaning except for the attention received by being a member of a backwoods cult that promises enlightenment using quackery and mumbo jumbo. Isn't that what mainstream religion is supposed to remedy?

    ROFLMAO makes outlandish insinuations and accusations that I never said. Those undiscriminating enough to take his abuse as truth are welcome to do so.

    My website does not require membership fees, contains no advertising, and I do not sell products. Adhering to an American Indian protocol, we will not accept more than 150 members.

    As an alcoholic in successfully recovery, entering my fifth year of continuous sobriety, I am held accountable for all my actions, past and present. That's my real name out there, and my community knows me: I've lived here 23 years. Unlike anonymous users on this forum who lob insults and false accusations, I stand accountable and responsible for my words in the community I live in, because I respect that community. Standing totally accountable for one's actions is something that requires courage. I am NOT responsible for accusations or assumptions.

    Cult? How about animal sacrifices: mainstream Christians practice this ritual twice a year, factory-farming their victims. One is done in observing the conquering of a continent, the other worships a false image. Chanting is part of it, too: children are regimented into Christmas carols. (False image? Youbetcha: the depiction of Jesus was created in the 1600's. Jesus was Palestinian).

    The Indian tribe attributed to the "first Thanksgiving" was slaughtered by the self-same Pilgrims some twenty years later.

    Columbus not only DID NOT "discover" a continent that had been occupied for 28,000 years, he ended up in prison for cruely to humans.

    All historical facts, yet our schools perpetuate the fractions of truth that perpetuate The System, and disregards the rest.

    And you have the gall to say that a group of people, celebrating and nurturing humanity, are a threat of some sort?

    Only a threat to dysfunctional belief systems, which were engineered by the New World Order. No one is required to accept what I share. I have no need for "converts", I do not "recruit" any one for anything. In fact, if you were to actually examine my website, you will see it is built on the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Perhaps you'd like to belittle and insult them, too.

    Which "New World Order" are your referring to, Stokes? This one:


    or this one:


    Or interested readers can Google 'new world order' and choose your own best version from among the 1.75 BILLION choices, most of the Illuminati One World Government conspiracy theory genre.

    If I am exactly like a self-confessed 12 step reformed alcoholic in all regards except I am a self-confessed reformed sex offender, can I become a registered user of your cults' message board and post comments, attend the meetings, and sit next to your children at cult picnics?

    If I am a member of a despised minority, can I become a registered user of your cults' message board and post comments favoring my minority position?

    If I am a member of your community can I disagree with your personal philosophy without fear of retribution or ridicule?

    If I am a member of your community can I favor the Eckankar philosophy as superior to yours? (readers can learn more by Googling "Eckankar")

    If I am a homosexual, will you embrace me and welcome me into your exclusive community where I can become a registered user of your cults' message board and post comments?

    If 1 in 10 humans are homosexual, your cults membership of around 80 humans contains 8 homosexuals. If they 'out' themselves will they be excommunicated from cult membership?

    How many of your members are from minorities such as African-American or Latino?

    Would you like to display your written literature in my business in exchange for news about local crystal deposits and mysterious Cities of Lights hidden in our backwoods?

    Are women members of your cult free to seek abortions if they so desire?

    Are women members sought because of their potential to provide sexual favors?

    Are Muslims welcome in your community?

    Are Atheists, Agnostics, Communists, Progressives, Conservatives, Socialists, Fascists, Nazis, and Dictators all welcome in to your New World community?

    Which religion is the best one to become a member of?

    Which religion forces children to sing Christmas carols against their free will?

    Did you just infer Thanksgiving is a pagan ritual of animal sacrifice?

    If all life is sacred, how far down the ladder of life must one go to not be perceived as being guilty of animal cruelty? Kingdom - Phylum - Class - Order - Family - Genus - Species - Sub-species? Both germs and amoebas are alive and reproduce - is killing a germ or a amoeba a cruel taking of life akin to killing a puppy and a turkey?

    Stokes can not prove anything. Swamp gas predicting earthquakes? Name a definite time, definite date, definite place, and magnitude.

    Stokes says Neptune will crash into the sun in honor of the Mayan calendar and has the gall to insist NASA researchers might have arranged suspension of Newton's laws of celestial mechanics facilitating the destruction.

    OK, Stokes, PROVE IT; When will the planet Neptune leave its orbit and crash into the sun?

    OK, Stokes, PROVE IT.


    The indians that were here are still talking, after nightfall, even though they had their teeth pulled. When they spoke it was evident from their words that the backoes that dig deep was only ridden. N

      I will conclude as something hit the enter button as I was in the middle of my post. I don't think it was me!!!

      The backhoes were not driven they were only ridden in. About the repeated blasting at the sandmines, it was something that will continue to happen even though it is WRONG. When will Coke stop being brought in by way of former indian paths and roads. It won't and if you are honest with yourself it something that seems bad on the surface but probably is going to benefit us in the longrun. The difference of firepokers and curtain rods...not much because they are the same in producing images to our eyes that are bright and everchanging. The light that curtains let in are in the middle of the wall of your home and from the fireplace about 6 inches to one foot off the floor. Skylights combin ed with these give you equal balance of light. To have given everything to give us what we have now the elderly should be appreciated and not anal raped.

    Maybe its the cold medicine but some of "ya'll" sound just plain loopy. My unadulterated two cents:

    Whether anyone agrees with Mr. Stokes or not is irrelevant. This is America and he has the right to believe whatever he chooses. So can we please refrain from attacking his belief system personally? Using the local newspaper? Debatable depending on how you view it. In essence isn't every letter to the editor using the paper to express an opinion or thought process???

    I guess in short if you expect tolerance, show tolerance. He isn't trying to force anyone to feel his way or enact laws to make anyone adhere to his belief system, only sharing his thoughts. He is doing it without lying about anyone else or being just plain ignorant, we should show him the same courtesy even if we don't follow his beliefs.

      Katybug, many thanks for your moves toward civility, in this and other threads.

      It is a sad commentary that this website has been deteriorated by a few people, when in fact it held the potential of an amiable place of exchange.

      Those who complain about welfare recipients are the very same ones here, using a free service, and abusing it. An unmoderated site is a form of "honor system", and we're expected to play nicely. There are a few who feel this entitlement is license to anonymously abuse, demean and highjack threads for their own egos and agendas. There is no "honor" in such behavior. In fact, it is unacceptable behavior...in any country, any community, and certainly on any website.

      I don't accept this behavior from people in person, and I don't accept it from those who haven't got the decent common courtesy to use respectful addresses, use their own names, and stand accountable for their statements. It is such erosive behavior that has lowered this website to being a cesspool of bickering, belittling and disinformation.

      I refuse to enable their behavior with any kind of response, particularly when it is clear that the questions they ask are designed to perpetuate more endless bickering.

      Those who wish to exchange ideas...and challenge the ideas presented...are welcome to do so. If you want a response from me, you can address me with common respect, and you should do so from a sincere desire to exchange information. I am not here to validate anyone's ego, nor am I responsible for what others claim I said when the record shows I said nothing of the sort. I don't respond to straw men, false flags or obvious traps. And I refuse to respond to the gutteral mentality of someone's seriously damaged ego.

      The topic is, essentially, listening to Nature and the universe that hosts us. It is about the parasitic nature of corporations and their control over the world's population. It is about where our society is at the moment, and events that are about to unfold.

      It asks us to be kinder people. Thank you for your responses, Katybug, howboutthehotel, Diana and daysleeper. While you might not understand the abstract nature of HBTH's message, I caught most of it. (You were spot on with the Coke-A-Cola: it was sharing a wealth, but the greedy dogs gulped down the gifting table. They have their reward. Thanks regarding the Light).

    I neglected to include Mr. Horne in my thanks. Thank you, Mr. Horne, for your insightful contribution.

    Is it Twilight Zone time in the New World Order again? Already?

    Stokes can not prove anything. Swamp gas predicting earthquakes? Name a definite time, definite date, definite place, and magnitude.

    Stokes says Neptune will crash into the sun in honor of the Mayan calendar and has the gall to insist NASA researchers might have arranged suspension of Newton's laws of celestial mechanics facilitating the destruction.

    OK, Stokes, PROVE IT; When will the planet Neptune leave its orbit and crash into the sun?

    OK, Stokes, prove anything from your bag of tricks.

    I now live rent free between Stokes' ears.


    None of you would be here if you were one of the elites who rule us all. "They" get their orgasms by keeping us divided and fighting each other.

    For more insight, take a look at this webpage:


    “Spiritual” does not have to mean ritualistic dogma or procedures. When I speak of spiritual, I am referring to the life-cognizant source each of us possesses. This electricity, this intelligent energy has base-properties that are universally true throughout the cosmos. Energy responds to energy, so “spiritual” is acknowledging that energy we are. As we are all somewhere on the same spectrum, it should be easy to understand there are basic standard connections to all living things. And this connection exists throughout all of Creation.

    It has never been my intention to disrespect those of religious faith: my own roots are in standard Christianity. My primary objection is organized religion, and the influence it holds on people. I studied a variety of mainstream religions, and none of them encourage people to seek beyond the pulpit. It is only when we have the courage to go beyond what we’re being told to not question that we begin to find meaningful answers.

    As 2012 has ancient attention, it is a good idea to examine what that attention is focused on, and to avoid tabloid mentality. I also recommend avoiding New Age doctrine, as it is industry-based, requiring a long line of products. We were born with everything we need, right within our soul. Spiritual connections to the Greater universe only require your attention, in your own personal way.

    My spiritual studies of 40 years have included many practices, and I do not adhere to any particular stream of spirituality. When seeking a higher power, “the God of YOUR understanding” is the only one that will fit you: not someone else’s God, or someone else’s definition of God. I offer only the pearls I have found in the various practices I studied. The objective is to share insights that foster healthy personal growth in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile. In offering what I have gleaned from the available 2012 information, I am only presenting the stuff I filtered through, retaining that which holds credence.

    We live in a universe of energy, and we, ourselves, are energy. Understanding Life energetics, then, is everyone’s right, and we understand them on our own terms. There are those that would deceive in order to control your energies. Adhering to a universal protocol helps you avoid the deceptions and thefts, and this is precisely what Jesus taught us.

    Indeed: reality is free.

    My thanks to keepitmoving:

    The Haicheng earthquake was the first earthquake to be predicted with some degree of accuracy. The following is an overview of the parameters and of some of the extraordinary precursor phenomena that proceeded this event - which were widely observed or recorded, thus contributing to a successful prediction. A detailed report on this event has been compiled by the Earthquake Administration of the Liaoning Province. The following is a brief overview.

    Additional precursory phenomena were also observed and reported. For example, two hours before the earthquake struck, water fountains of up to 2.3 meters in height were observed, as well as an increase of pressure at an oil well. Reportedly, just a minute or more prior to the earthquake there were emissions of sulfurous gas. Also, just a few seconds prior to the earthquake, bright purplish red flashes were seen in the night sky at the Tang-Wang-Shan train station near Haicheng. Following this Haicheng earthquake, Chinese scientists began to study systematically the unusual animal behavior as a way of forecasting earthquakes.


    Thomas Gold

    It would be more accurate to say gas emitions are a precursor to earthquakes, as opposed to "swamp gas predicting earthquakes".
    Try googling "earthquake precursors gas" to find the research.
    There are also accounts of folks smelling sulfur prior to the 1906 San Fran Earthquake, and at the quake in Loma Prieta in 1989, also the massive quake that hit along the New Madrid faultline along the Mississippi in the 1850's.

    Stokes, it appears you are asking readers to prove your hypothesis for you. Is that the way substantive verification is normally provided by challenging your critics to prove your B.S. for you? You uttered the falsehoods, now YOU PROVE IT.

    While you sputter in futile frustration, allow me to blow a few holes in your erroneous statements.

    The question to be answered:
    Is the reliable prediction of individual earthquakes a realistic scientific goal?

    Browse Earthquake Topics — Prediction
    "With over 7,000 earthquakes around the world each year of magnitude 4.0 or greater, trivial success in earthquake prediction is easily obtained using sufficiently broad parameters of time, location, or magnitude. However, such trivial "successful predictions" are not useful. Major earthquakes are often followed by reports that they were predicted, or at least anticipated, but no claim of a successful prediction of a major earthquake has survived close inquiry."

    Earthquakes Cannot Be Predicted
    "Thousands of observations of allegedly anomalous phenomena (seismological, geodetic, hydrological, geochemical, electromagnetic, animal behavior, and so forth) have been claimed as earthquake precursors, but in general, the phenomena were claimed as precursors only after the earthquakes occurred. The pattern of alleged precursors tends to vary greatly from one earthquake to the next, and the alleged anomalies are frequently observed at only one point, rather than throughout the epicentral region. There are no objective definitions of "anomalies," no quantitative physical mechanism links the alleged precursors to earthquakes, statistical evidence for a correlation is lacking, and natural or artificial causes unrelated to earthquakes have not been compellingly excluded."

    I was sitting at my desk when the 6.9 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake struck on October 17, 1989. I lived in Palo Alto, CA. home to Stanford University. The local USGS office is adjacent to the university.

    But, right now, I am living rent free right smack dab between the ears of Roy Stokes and there is nothing you can do but think about that.


    Bwwwaaaahhhhhhhh hahahahaha.

    Finally, crossing all the "t's" and connecting all the dots, Stokes, it is time to address your habitual lying and obfuscation once and for all and put an end to architecting transparent infrastructures with whiteboard proactive mindshares caused by one too many acid trips and a few too many empty Vodka bottles used trying to create Chardonnay Spritzers.

    Ok, I am not a theologian, I repurpose visionary e-services and repurpose ubiquitous experiences, but I just read your post and your ridiculous speculations trying to visualize clicks-and-mortar initiatives engaging transparent users. Additionally, you should not redefine the landmark holistic mind shares of St Thomas' Question #110 concerning the vices opposed to truth, and first of lying.

    In the current debate over transforming granular content there seems to be 2 camps. In the first camp, people say that you did not lie. The second camp says, from what I gather, that not only you lied, but their lies supporting your lies were as bad as any type of lies, including revolutionary infomediaries who utilize virtual paradigms. Both positions are not compatible with incentivize strategic channels and what the Doctors of the Church are saying, it seems to me. A first pass reading Augustine and Aquinas points to similar directions on this topic, namely: 1) it’s a difficult subject trying to extend magnetic portals embracing world-class applications, and 2) there is a qualitative aspect of lying, growing plug-and-play experiences from which we have the question: is any form of lying by definition, a sin facilitating holistic schemas? The answer is yes (with the possible exception of jocular lying, which lends itself to strategize out-of-the-box functionalities) 3) there is also a quantitative aspect, utilizing seamless models, addressed at length, on the methods to disintermediate leading-edge relationships, ending with the question: are all lies the same and can we engineer collaborative initiatives to unleash best-of-breed methodologies? The answer is no, or yes, depending on whom you ask and when you ask, leading to us to synthesize efficient experiences. There are lies with the intent to harm and engineer dot-com architectures, that are grave sins (against faith, against a person physical and moral well being, for the sake of evil doing that embrace magnetic networks) and lies out of prudence, formed as recontextualized enterprise infrastructures that are considered still sins, but lesser ones (lie to save one one’s life, well being or that of others, synthesizing dynamic relationships and redefining strategic initiatives). Of course, all sinning is to be avoided, but not all sins are the same benchmarks customized to create vortals. This third aspect was mentioned by some, but not explored in your rambling post above, it seems to me.

    Some one in another blog, mentioned entrapment of branded world-class schemas causing an innocent person to sin, as a reason why your people may have committed a grave sin streamlining those distributed networks evolving impactful applications of false prophets utilizing virtual metrics. If this was only one instance, perhaps, but this was not the case. Do you lie because you know no better?


    The Shaman Speaks
    by r.andrew stokes 5/25/98

    When the White man speaks, crouch down; he shoots arrows with his mouth. His mouth has become such a bow, that he can no longer speak truth, which whispers. The white man shouts, angry insults at himself and Mother earth, though he can never out-shout the Kachinas. So, he tells non-truths, to make it seem he can.

    White man's evil is based in metal; without it, he is abandoned and vulnerable, shivering in the cold bushes, afraid to come out. We will not insult him with certain words, but we will acknowledge his grief. Some White men will listen; others have been made deaf from the White man's Metal Roar...so, there is sign language, to which they also turn their heads, refusing to hear the Simple Truth. Or see it.

    His machinery churns on and on, relentlessly believing it will endure, yet he manufactures his machinery to self-destruct, that he might sell newer machinery. He has the gall to claim all things are of his doing; yet another of his lies. Without metal, he can do nothing; not even farm.
    Our Great Spirit taught us centuries ago how simple farming should be done; we sing to the seeds, encouraging them to grow; to come to the surface with joy. As they grow, we thank them, and encourage them on. We are the same towards our children. Our children and the seeds for our crops are not mass-manufactured; we do not beat them into submission, then abandon them when they lo longer serve our purposes. We would never rape them, or insult them to make ourselves feel bigger. We do not reject our own, nor would we even CONSIDER putting them in cages for their mistakes.White man is sorely sick, but his picture of lies...his mask...try to hide this, and it fools some.

    All of the glorious mass-manufactured prizes White man creates are geared toward war; his favorite Metal-Fest. Conquest is his aim, yet he knows not what to do with his spoils. He only knows his greed dictates that he must have everything. And now, he HAS everything...including stolen land...and look at what he has done with it. In the name of his god, he has done these things, and cannot clean up his own mess. White man leaves this task for someone else to do; his slaves, claiming he, himself, will never be enslaved. Oh, what mighty pride, White man; that kind that goes before a fall. And who will pick you up? We would fear to help you rise again, for you will only repeat your attitude. You know humble only long enough to shed your guilty feelings; then it's back to your metal, and the cycle starts again.

    Our ancestry goes back many centuries, to the beginning of time. White man has re-defined history, in order to perpetuate his lies. Speaking through cob webs, riding in iron horses, and driving the roads in the sky*, White man roams mother Earth in search of new conquest, even still. He has dropped his gourd of ashes* on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, devastating the land; this, in the name of his god and country, all of which are stolen from others. Yet he feels no shame; this is "patriotism". He puts his own children behind metal bars if they do not submit to his will. And yet his will is to destroy everyone and everything, in the name of the golden god he created, to perpetuate his lies. Why, White man? Why?

    *actual Hopi prophesy

    I wish to impart to you this; you stole our land, and put us on small pieces of it, then proceeded to steal THAT, that you might find oil, coal, metal, or even the artifacts of our grandfathers. There is only so much "wealth" you can put in your cloak, White man. And when all of this fails you, you will not accept responsibility; you'll probably twist the truth, in some way, and blame my people. That is where the line shall be drawn, and as you can see, we've been...as you might say...megapatient. But metal corrodes, and goes back to the Mother Earth. Your iron horse requires fuel. Your lies require maintenance. And your wars require warriors; your children, who you lied to, to get them to carry out your will. And you refuse to hear the warnings of the Kachinas, much the same as your Metal City that you named "Titanic".

    The time has come for you to hear, White man. We do not force our will on others, as you do. You might learn something about Life and the Great Mystery from us, if you could but only put down that gun...ego...and hear with your heart. I ask you to do this, while you still have flesh ears. If so, we will assist in cleaning up this mess. If not, then we ask the Great Spirit to take Our People away from you.

    And do not follow us; you cannot have our children or land.


    My grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee. I accuse you of blaspheme. You think you can B.S. the B.S.'ers but you can't snow the snowman.

    The Illuminati has uncovered a repeated pattern of criminal conduct by false prophets who seize sticky users. In addition, Ms Rose, on her website, stated that reinventing scalable eyeballs could not compete with incentivized user-centric eyeballs because there are real cases of young women taking false prophets and false messiahs to court for being placed back into abusive situations, in addition to being forced to abort their incubate bleeding-edge models. So at most, it seems, Illuminati led false prophets committed a lesser sin, failing to engineer world-class eyeballs. It will be up entirely for Teabilly people to explain their conduct in the confessional or on judgment day, for ursurping native Indian legends, but it’s between them and God to reintermediate strategic eyeballs (in my case, I face volumes of unambiguous sins, so this is does not apply to me). We have to also consider that our silence and inaction can be worse than what The Great Imposter did, since silence while great injustice is committed can be far worse then synergize robust infrastructures used to uncover a truth. The issue of language, that you raise, is also important because NOBODY UNDERSTANDS A WORD YOU SAY. But, to me, this gives further credence to St Thomas’ use of precise and truthful language that meshes efficient communities. One wonders if Aquinas is really insufficient or are we seeing a resurgence of casuistry to e-enable clicks-and-mortar web services?

    Below are some modern examples of falsehoods (to humbly complement your ever growing list of falsehoods), that I think you are at risk of doing, if we are not careful: Hidden agenda falsehood: The hidden agenda falsehood is when one asks for X using an appealing reason Y, but the primary motives are not stated, because they are less likely to be supported, and X is used primarily to support this unstated motive (Y gets some minimal support, as not to constitute an outright lie).

    For example, leaders of a cult say: ‘give me money because I want to help the poor grow virtual deliverables' but in fact the money is used to buy air plane tickets to go to Central American, for what ends up being an exotic retreat filled with nearly naked females (with perhaps a puppet show, in the middle of the retreat, for local kids). So, most of the money (>90%) goes to fund a ‘spiritual family vacation to cultivate collaborative niches for erect male members. In addition, this vacation is used to recruit new unsuspecting travelers to an ecclesiastic movement (all the organizers are part of that movement), while donations to local parish causes failed engagement of dot-com relationships, which then dry up.

    Double speak falsehood: synergize next-generation experiences. Double speak is a trick used by destructive cults and totalitarian regimes (cf: Orwell, loading the language, etc..). The idea is to weaken the language used in a group, by giving new meaning or consolidating meaning of words to permit seizure of synergistic metrics. In the Catholic Church, Charity, Faith, Obedience, maximize collaborative functionalities and are all very important, but separate concepts, much the same as visualize web-enabled solutions. The now infamous 4th vow of the Legionnaires of Christ (sorry to bring this up) was created by equating Charity with Obedience to overdrive distributed models. This was used for covering up evil deeds by the founder. When a Teabilly speaks of morality of deception, isn’t this equating opposite concepts, e.g.: virtuous behavior (implied by the word morality) with sin (deception) empowering B2B paradigms and extend efficient initiatives? This is a red flag, in my mind, that fails to unleash extensible mindshare. Also saying that some forms of lying may be generally acceptable, as they may allow harmonious social living, sounds too much like what the Communist Party of China wants us to believe they do not exploit transparent e-markets. Such types of falsehoods orchestrate impactful action-items and generate an original innocuous/officious intent (thought), but may eventually cause value-added ROI (real scandal) and cause people to loose faith, thus be grave in the end. I have never killed a man but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure. As much as we think we can, in reality, we can not foresee the consequences of our lying. This is why, it seems to me, Doctors of the Church of Backwoods Teabillys are so cautious about this. There will be exceptional circumstances, where precise and truthful language may be ill advised explaining retarded principles utilizing the aforementioned seamless metrics. In these rare cases, it will be between that person’s conscience and God. But still, our Agnostic Faith tells to use 24/7 infrastructures kindly and truthfully, in all things. Does that make sense or do you get an F for armchair theology and promoting disintermediate one-to-one metrics?


    I am living rent free between Roy Stokes' ears.

    Bwwwaaahhhhhh hahahahaha

    The argument Stokes runs could be improved in two ways.
    · Let K be an object with s as a vague part. Let K- be the metaphysical difference between K and s, and K+ the metaphysical fusion of K and s. I supposed that K couldn’t be identical to K+ or to K-. They note that this should be argued for, not assumed, and offer an argument.
    · Note that the Evansian argument offered to complete the reductio makes a rather strong mereological assumption. It requires not just that for any things, it is determinate that they have a fusion, but that for any things, there is something that determinately is their fusion.
    Stokes does not agree with both points. He has not noticed the potential scope ambiguity that the second observation turns on. Now that I have, Stokes should accept both disambiguations. But that is certainly a necessary move in the argument, and one that can never be rejected by simpleton arguments
    Given that extra assumption, the argument that K is distinct from K+ and K- in a slightly different way. Here’s how I was thinking of K+ and K-.
    · K+ is the determinate fusion of K and s.
    · K- is the determinate mereological difference between K and s.
    Now the argument that K is not identical to K+ or K- is a simple application of Leibniz’s Law. Since s is determinately a part of K+, determinately not a part of K-, and vaguely a part of K, it follows immediately that they are not identical.

    Note that once we do things this way, we can get a reductio without appeal to any distinctively classical principles, as follows.
    1. Assume, for reductio, that s is part of K.
    2. Then K and K+ coincide.
    3. So K and K+ are identical.
    4. This contradicts our earlier result that K and K+ are not identical.
    5. So s is not part of K.
    6. Hence K and K- coincide.
    7. So K and K- are identical.
    8. This contradicts our earlier result that K and K- are not identical.
    So we’ve generated a contradiction from just the assumption that s is a vague part of K, and the definitions of K+ and K-. Since Elizabeth and Robbie don’t believe the strong mereological principles that are used in the definition of K+ and K-, they won’t be overly moved by this reasoning. The target of this argument instead is someone who reads their paper and thinks that dropping classical logic, while accepting the existence of determinate fusions and differences, is consistent with vague identity.
    Having said all this, I’m starting to wonder how strong an argument it is against metaphysical vagueness. I’m convinced by the Evans argument against vague identity. And I think a cleaned up version of the above argument shows that we cannot have vague parthood. A similar argument shows that there cannot be vague existence, as follows.
    If a vaguely exists, let b be any distinct object, and c be the object that determinately has parts b and, iff it exists, a. Then b and c are distinct, since one but not the other determinately is wholly distinct from a. But if a doesn’t exist, then b and c coincide, and so are identical. Hence a doesn’t exist, and since it was arbitrary, all ‘vaguely existing’ objects don’t exist.

    Special thanks to Andrew Bacon who offers his insights:

    "I’m afraid I haven’t yet read any of the papers you mentioned – but they sound really interesting! Am I right in thinking the principle that seems to be doing the work is the principle that, determinately, two things are identical if they have the same overlappers. So it’s vague whether x and y have the same overlappers if it’s vague whether x=y – I guess this shows it can never be vague whether two things ovelap exactly the same things (although I don’t see how this rules out vague parthood altogether.)"

    “If a vaguely exists, let b be any distinct object, and c be the object that determinately has parts b and, if it exists, a. Then b and c are distinct, since one but not the other determinately is wholly distinct from a."

    "I didn’t quite follow this argument. I assume you generated c with unrestricted fusion? It seems to me to be completely compatible with unrestricted fusion as it is normally stated that (determinately) there is a fusion of a and b but indeterminate which thing it is (b or c.) (Obviously it would also be indeterminate whether this fusion was a vague existent or not.) “But if a doesn’t exist, then b and c coincide, and so are identical. Hence a doesn’t exist, and since it was arbitrary, all ‘vaguely existing’ objects don’t exist.”

    "If you’re thinking of c as some kind of rigid designator (over precisifications), if a doesn’t exist neither does c (although the description “the fusion of a and b” determinately refers and denotes b on some precisifications and c on others.)" http://tar.weatherson.org/2009/12/21/vague-parts-and-metaphysical-vagueness/

    Please place me on the waiting list to become the next rent free occupant living between Stokes ears.

    In a universe that we can't even say how old it is, it stuns me that anyone would come forth and insist that there isn't life elsewhere, and that ours is the most advanced technology. It is also plain ignorant to think that such an intricate and vast system of stars and energy would not have a form of communication. Science has proven conclusively that the universe DOES communicate in very specific and universal ways.

    Further, it is shameful that those who possess absolutely no hope or motivation, would, by insinuation, attempt to prevent others from their natural right to dream, wonder, think freely and dare to see. Life holds much more than the can of beer many view life from the bottom of.

    And finally: the U.S. government is deeply involved with virtually every aspect of metaphysics and the paranormal. You can bet they've been all over the study of ancient civilisations. The topics they don't want the public to look into are tagged "loony" or "conspiracy theory", all of which is GroupThink to keep people coralled in a box of ever-limited thinking.

    Some dare to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. And it required a child to have enough courage to say the Emporer has no clothes.

    I refuse to have jackasses define my reality for me. No fewer than 2 billion people worldwide agree.

    heed that you do not build your million dollar house on a cliff, because gravity usually is forthcoming. Heed that you do not build in a flood plane, because flood insurance is expensive...

    This fool Stokes proves not all lunatics are in the asylums.

    The existential uselessness of listening to the Stokes theory of mysterious beings of higher intelligence pulling your puppet strings is like listening to the most sincere used car salesman in the world bragging about the merits of the car formerly owned by the little old lady from Pasadena who drove it only on Sunday's and only in quarter-mile bursts.

    Do we want to live surrounded by educated mainstream sane people (ahem, like me?) or do we want to live over there on the wrong side of the tracks with the backwoods hermit espousing ignorant conspiracy theories to equally disturbed loonies ?

    Can Stokes explain the true meaning of a gamma ray bubble?

    Prediction: Another crazy desperate response by you-know-who just to have the last word, possibly explaining his unique version of how little green men enjoy feeding on gamma ray bubbles and exercising mind control over "helpless to resist" earthlings (unless you wear your tin foil metal helmet).

    (clicking on Stokes' links will infect your computer with a mind control zombie virus and you will sell your worldly possessions and move to Mars)


    living rent free between Stokes ears is like a BB rolling around inside a boxcar

    Bwwaaahhhhh hahahahaha

    This no-nonsense video explains rather nicely for the reasonably intellingent among you. No visuals until after 35 seconds.


    Let us know when you start healing people with just your gaze.

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