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Cheers & Jeers: '2016: Obama's America'

Cheers for the documentary 2016: Obama's America. Fact-filled, unbiased, fair commentary on Obama's history and where we will be in 2016 if he is re-elected. Just kidding!

The presentation of Obama's history seemed straightforward, but the outlook for 2016 is conjecture. The producers traveled to places and talked to people who played significant roles in Obama's development. I recommend you watch it for the history portion. It presents an interesting theory on why Obama thinks the way he does. It also presents the people who were major influences when he was a young man. Democrats probably won't like that part.


Jeers for actually spending money to watch the usual teabilly conspiracy theories all rolled into one film, bought and paid for by teabilly donations.

Whose name is on the 'by-line' of this opinion piece? Who is the author?

I find the use of the term Teabilly to be offensive. Are you refering to the citizens of the Shenandoah valley. Are you calling them hillbillies?
These are the same people, that you and your Party pretend to protect. Are they only your Parties people when they meet certain conditions?
I find your constant complaining and attacks on anybody that does not subscribe to your philosophies to be nauseating. You can support your cause without being so nasty all the time. You definitely are not helping your cause by being such a bitter person. Who in the world could take you seriously?
Please keep your negative attitude to yourself, and try to be more socially responsible when posting to a public forum.

1. teabilly
A member or follower of the Tea Party movement who displays a lack of sophistication.
If that teabilly posts one more thing about Nazis or birth certificates, I'm going to unfriend him!

40 Things You’ll Never Hear a Teabilly Say

Thank-you hipster, much love to you too! As you can see ROFLMAO provided you with an explanation. "I" pretend to protect no one. These "people" are the same people that will write into the paper with flat out lies above and beyond those even their candidate is telling. These "people" are the ones who fall back on birther, religious, socialist claims when presented with factual information. These "people" will in all seriousness pass along things such as the POTUS not being sworn in on the bible, or tell half truths to insinuate a lie regarding the President. Kinda like this movie.

I'm not bitter, I am saddened that in an age where information can be gathered in literally a few seconds, so many people choose to walk around in a talking head fog of ignorance. If you want a real conversation, fine...
How will Willard's proposed tax cuts provide more prosperity than Bush's failed to do, especially when one considers the prosperity this nation had during higher tax times? Additionally, can you please explain how this will be paid for, because Willard came seem to answer it and inquiring minds the US over are most interested.

Willard can't* seem to answer...

And surely, valleyhipster, since it causes you nausea, you are going to call out the conservative, right-wing posters on here who do "constant complaining and attacks on anybody that does not subscribe to (their) philosophies"--------right??

@ roflmao re October 23, 2012 7:03 PM post: Enjoyed the website humor. Maybe Larry the Cable Guy can use some of the material.

Here's one you'll never hear a left-winger say:

"I'm so glad Obama won a second term!"

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