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Letter to the Editor: Electing Romney and Republicans


Romney had a good night with the first debate. President Obama, ever the gentleman, statesman and leader, did not aggressively challenge Romney on his many lies and changed position during the past year.

Romney kept insisting that tax cuts for everyone, including the rich, is the only way to create 12 million new jobs out of thin air and get the economy going faster. He said increasing taxes on anyone would kill the economy, a position every Republican has held for 30 years.

The truth is that increasing taxes on the wealthiest 1 percent would tell the world and our financial markets that the United States is serious about getting our financial house in order. That would be good for all of us.

Don't forget that in 1993, President Clinton and congressional Democrats passed a budget with a tax increase. The economy grew, the increase helped balance the budget and the U.S. started to pay down the national debt. That was responsible leadership, fiscally responsible, and in the best interest of our country.

Every Republican in Congress voted against President Clinton's budget because they vowed no new taxes, regardless whether it was the right thing to do. In my book that is irresponsible, unpatriotic and un-American. Unfortunately for Republicans, obstruction of governing at all cost is business as usual.

You can stop them by voting for every Democrat on Election Day. It is your country. Don't let the Republicans undermine it again.

Joseph Schad, Strasburg


Raising taxes on anyone will not get our financial house in order. You could take every asset of the wealthiest 1% of Americans and still not balance the budget for the current year. We do not have a taxing problem in the United States, we have a spending problem.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any grasp of fiscal reality. Under the stewardship of Bush Jr, we amassed nearly $5 trillion more debt. Under Obama we have added $6 trillion so far.

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution is no longer understood to be a restraint. Therein lies the problem.

Top 10 Kept Promises

1. End the use of torture

Obama said he would stop the torture of terror suspects, and human rights experts say he did.

2. Seek verifiable reductions in nuclear stockpiles

In 2010, the Senate ratified a new START treaty for the United States and Russia to verify reductions in nuclear weapons.

3. Create new financial regulations

Obama signed a massive overhaul of financial regulations in 2010. It included a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to look out for the little guy.

4. Sign a "universal" health care bill

Republicans may hate the individual mandate, but it allows Obama to make a credible case that the health care law will lead to universal coverage.

5. Extend the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes

A rare compromise with Republicans at the end of 2010 left in place current tax rates for middle-class Americans. What happens when they expire in 2013 is the great unknown.

6. Fully fund the Veterans Administration

It doesn’t get much attention, but Obama kept his promises on veterans, sending more money and resources to programs that serve them.

7. Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq

Obama did as he said, bringing the Iraq war to its conclusion. A Promise Kept for a huge campaign issue.

8. Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy

The policy that stopped gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military ended in 2011.

9. Raise fuel economy standards

Obama won increases for the required miles-per-gallon in cars, reducing oil consumption and carbon emissions.

10. We will kill bin Laden

On the campaign trail, Obama said the United States would go after Osama bin Laden if it got the chance. When U.S. forces found the terrorist in Pakistan, they took him out.


Top 10 Broken Promises

1. Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners

Obama created a fund, but it failed to meet its own benchmarks for helping homeowners. A special inspector general deemed the program "a colossal failure."

2. Repeal the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes

In 2010, Obama agreed to a deal with Republicans to extend the current tax rates for another two years. He will get another shot at keeping this promise if he wins re-election.

3. Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

Obama has consistently said he wants the facility closed, but he hasn’t found a way to get Congress to agree. Guantanamo Bay remains open.

4. Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming

A bill for cap-and-trade passed the U.S. House of Representatives in 2009, but the Senate wouldn’t bite. Now Republicans control Congress, and it’s considered dead.

5. Sign the Employee Free Choice Act, making it easier for workers to unionize

This didn’t get done when Democrats controlled Congress, and now it looks as if it won’t get done at all, thanks to Republican opposition.

6. Allow imported prescription drugs

The White House dropped this pledge as it lured drug makers to get on board with the president’s health care law. The promise hasn’t been heard from since.

7. Sign the Freedom of Choice Act

Candidate Obama said one of the first things he wanted to do was sign abortion rights legislation. President Obama said he had other priorities and wanted to tamp down anger surrounding the issue.

8. Create a public option health plan for a new National Health Insurance Exchange

Congress rejected the idea for a public health insurance option open to everyone. Obama downplayed the fact that it was left out of the final version of the health care law.

9. Introduce a comprehensive immigration bill in the first year

Obama said he would introduce legislation that included a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. But other priorities -- health care and financial regulation -- seemed to run out the clock.

10. Bring Democrats and Republicans together to pass an agenda

On matters large and small, partisanship is worse than ever.


Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President

What do you guys think of this article?

3 Reasons Why The US Economy Is Doing Better Than Everywhere Else In The World

1. Excellent policy out of Washington DC.
2. A balanced economy, not too dependent on exports.
3. Housing

http://www.businessinsider.com/three-reasons-the-us-economy-is-doing-better-than-everywhere-else-in-the-world-2012-8. (DOI: Aug. 23, 2012)

If you haven't heard if businessweek.com,

If We Had To Illustrate The State Of The Economy In 3 Charts, These Are The Ones We Would Pick.


For those who support the Republicans push to give the military budget more--here are some points to ponder.

In addition to approving $255 million for the Abrams battle tank, the House added hundreds of millions of dollars to the Pentagon’s $606 billion annual spending bill for items the military didn’t request, including health programs with little connection to national defense and a National Guard anti-drug program that the Drug Enforcement Administration also performs. Even with a two-year ban on earmarks, or pet projects that often can’t be justified as national priorities, the action was the latest evidence that members of the U.S. Congress are still finding ways to deliver the goods for their constituents.

Almost all of the $550 million added by the House as part of the defense health program goes toward research into breast, prostate, ovarian and lung cancer, as well as for muscular dystrophy and bone marrow failure. (DOI 2012)

--Only a few projects in spending bills being considered this year have a request tied to a lawmaker who can be identified. Representative Bill Young, a Florida Republican and longtime appropriator, would continue funding his namesake bone-marrow donor program through $31.5 million he secured in the House- passed defense spending bill. This earmark has been buried in the NAVY budget since 1987.

--The Defense Rapid Innovation Program is the brainchild of Representative Norm Dicks, the top Democrat on the appropriations panel. It received $250 million in the defense bill to help encourage small business innovation through a competitive process.

--Citizens Against Government Waste maintains that health research projects in the defense bill are redundant. A separate measure in 2012 provided $5.1 billion for the National Cancer Institute, according to the watchdog organization’s website.

--Funding for an anti-drug program, apportioned to states through the National Guard, adds an additional $130 million in 2013 to use military personnel in drug enforcement operations in the states.


Jane08: Those are a lot of postings to go through!

I don't mean that as a personal hit. (We might surprise each other should we ever meet without the politics getting in the way!)

Regardless, the president lost the debate in both style and substance. Even many Liberal columnists had conceded the obvious.

You and others are certainly welcome to accept the campaign's take -- including their revival of personal attacks on Romney (Axelrod pulled an amazing 180 yesterday: Romney is now a "Gantry-esque" liar -- rather than haplessly gaffe prone.)

The reality is that, for an incumbent, the president has mile wide support but it's an inch deep. Even with enjoying nearly a Billion in campaign donations, the polls show that he still can't close the deal.

It comes down to enthusiasm. You and I are enthused (an understatement?) I've never missed an election in my life -- and I gather that you haven't either.

But I've seen nothing that indicates that the unique voters who showed-up in '08 will show in the same numbers again. The novelty of Obama's candidacy is simply gone.

Convincing the occasional voters to show is the focus of both campaigns.

'Undecideds' know a sitting president and so far have decided not to support this one. There are anywhere from 4-10% -- depending on the state and polling. They individually will either ultimately support Romney on his merits, come to the polls because they're drawn to a local race -- or stay home.

You are welcome to believe of this what you like. But I had watched as incumbent presidents lost twice before. By adding Humphrey v. Nixon to the mix (as a referendum on Johnson) I can count three.

Truly, that is all happening again.

Here's my guess on how it turns out in four weeks (absent a terrorist attack on us or a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem):

Obama takes 3/4 of Maine and the rest of the Northeast, save NH -- PA, too.

The entire Seaboard from VA through the Gulf and the South, the Southwest (even NM) goes to Romney.

Obama gets IL and maybe MI (depending on the turnout in Detroit) -- and MN. The West Coast and Hawaii are also his -- but maybe not Oregon.

Romney gets Alaska and all the rest.

Final tally: About 320 EC votes for Romney. Maybe more if the enthusiasm among the unique voters of '08 is even less than I think it is.

Flathers, both sides of your mouth must be exhausted.

Well, I guess that settles everything. No need for a formal election process; the retired postal worker & union shop steward has pronounced the decision, saving everyone all that time and bother of actually voting, but....

Unless you have hard data to back up all those highly speculative comments, it was nothing but an uninformed opinion that made you feel good all over. I suppose 4 hours from now you will need to seek immediate medical attention.


* In Wisconsin, Public Policy Polling has President Obama's lead over Romney shrinking to just two points, 49% to 47%.

* In Colorado, a Selzer poll for the University of Denver shows the president up by four, 47% to 43%.

* In Virginia, PPP shows Obama with a three-point advantage over Romney, 50% to 47%. Three weeks ago, the president's lead was five points.

* Speaking of Virginia, PPP also shows Tim Kaine (D) building on his lead over George Allen (R), and is now up by seven, 51% to 44%.

* Initial fundraising estimates for Obama and the DNC understated the case, with the election fund raising a whopping $181 million in September -- a record for either party in any cycle.

* In Wisconsin, according to PPP, Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) still has a narrow lead over former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) in their U.S. Senate race, 49% to 46%.

* In Massachusetts, the latest Western New England University poll shows Elizabeth Warren (D) ahead of Sen. Scott Brown (R) by five, 50% to 45%.

* And in Arizona, where Democrats are increasingly optimistic about former Surgeon General Richard Carmona's (D) Senate campaign against Rep. Jeff Flake (R), the DSCC isn't just ramping up its investment, Carmona is also getting a rally with Bill Clinton at Arizona State University on Wednesday evening.

Thanks, Whooppee.


I realize that MA has always been a 'blue' state but Romney was governor there after all; however, look at The President's lead even after his HORRIBLE debate performance..

"Look at the context of the lies.....

"Regulation. "One loses being a free market economy not so much, or not solely, because of the level of spending and taxation, but also by the level and reach of government regulation, and by the distortions to choices that arise through government policy -- think of tax rules that discourage some behaviors and investments in favor of others," said J.D. Foster, an economist with the conservative Heritage Foundation.

"Tevi Troy, a senior fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute, said that bailouts for Wall Street and U.S. automakers (approved under Bush and continued under Obama) and the increasing government oversight over the health care sector (approved under Obama) represent nearly unprecedented willingness by the government to intervene in the economy. (Supporters, of course, counter that all but the health care intervention were intended to be temporary and came in response to a dire situation.)

"But the strongest evidence that undercuts Romney's claim comes from, of all places, the conservative Heritage Foundation."



You're welcome to back your tired sarcasm with a friendly wager.

I'm in the book.

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies


765 lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblinks

@ Jane8 10/8 comment on the Abrams tank: Three of four major supporters of the tank are Dimorats.


I believe the topic is "the Republicans' push to give the military budget more" than they are asking for, right?

AND please notice that I listed democratic(s) in the copied/pasted article, did I not???? I am certain where military contracts are concerned Democrats will fight for jobs for their constituents as hard as any Republican will. Keeping constituents happy is their bread and butter after all. Let's look at the F-35 as an example.

Q: Do you know how many states are involved the the building of the F-35?
A: 45*

Q: Do you know how many 'small businesses' in the U.S. are supporting this project?
A: over 700

Q: Do you know how many jobs in the U.S. are created by this project?
A: between 133,000 to 260,000 (at full production)

* The major production and testing states for the F-35 program are Texas, Georgia, California, Arizona and Florida; other states that have a significant supplier economic footprint are: Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington Lockheed Martin is developing the F-35 with its principal industrial partners, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems. More than 900 additional companies in the U.S. alone are F-35 suppliers. The Pratt & Whitney F135 engine powers the F-35. Israel and Singapore have invested in the F-35 program as security cooperation participants, with access to program information and the ability to request special studies. (Interesting light read: https://f35.com/the-f-35/faqs.aspx#faq16 )

Any time there is a project that Congress can spread out, trust me they will work every angle imaginable to do so. Why? Because the more states involved, the more potential job loss, etc; therefore.. the harder to shutdown a project EVEN if there is no longer a viable need or justification for continuing it.

Have you ever paid any attention to all the political yelling that surfaces when a list of military base closings is introduced? It is not that the military would necessarily suffer if a few bases were absorbed within larger ones, but don't try to reason with the Senators or Representatives of the states contemplating those closures; they won't hear of it. Why? Lost revenue, jobs, and/or potential ghost towns.

We DO need a strong military. Find me someone who disagrees with that statement. What we do not need is giving the military more money than they request unless the people pushing that idea have some plans to bury that money deep in the military budget for some yet undisclosed action. If that be the case, you should be scare to death!!!!!

This article is a very short read...of more interest are the comments to the article.


Sounds to me as if people in the UK are as concerned, maybe more so, than some of us here regarding Romney's potential foreign policy.

October 10, 2012
House Republicans slash embassy security funding, then investigate inadequate security at the embassy in Libya.

Via Steve Benen, I see that Darrell Issa might have a wee problem on his hands when holds his hearings today about inadequate security at the Benghazi consulate. Dana Milbank reports:

House Republicans cut the administration’s request for embassy security funding by $128 million in fiscal 2011 and $331 million in fiscal 2012….Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts to her department would be “detrimental to America’s national security” — a charge Republicans rejected.

Ryan, Issa and other House Republicans voted for an amendment in 2009 to cut $1.2 billion from State operations, including funds for 300 more diplomatic security positions. Under Ryan’s budget, non-defense discretionary spending, which includes State Department funding, would be slashed nearly 20 percent in 2014, which would translate to more than $400 million in additional cuts to embassy security.

That’s the problem with budget cutting: it sounds great when you’re thumping tubs on the campaign trail in front of adoring tea party crowds, but when the actual work of governing comes up, those cuts have to come from actual programs that do actual things. Like protecting our embassies.


The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies

As of Friday 10-12-2012, the number of Mitt Romney lies has reached 804, listed here chronologically, including reference source web links.


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