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Letter to the Editor: Remember Obama's successes when you cast your ballot


As decision day approaches in this election, I listen with empathy to the concerns of those who are still suffering from the effects of continuing financial problems. But I urge everyone to take a long look back at history and a long look forward in hope while you decide your vote.

Remember the collapse of our financial stability, along with other factors, was largely the result of two things: (1) the previous administration's war of choice with Iraq and failure to pay its massive costs; and (2) the unrestrained greed of financial institutions and the unwise borrowing they encouraged on many citizens.

When President Obama took office in 2009, he took on that collapse. If you are disappointed because of unfulfilled "promises" from his campaign, remember that huge distraction. Even so, he accomplished many steps forward - including health care reform to benefit many; tax relief for middle income people; honorably wrapping up of the wars in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and against Al Qaeda; and ending official discrimination against homosexual people in the military.

All of his accomplishments had to be achieved while struggling with the opposition party in Congress whose primary avowed purposes are to extend the welfare of the very wealthy and to see that the president failed. Let's not return those obstructionists to power.

Remember these facts of history as you decide how to vote.

Also, expand your hope beyond quick fixes that will not last. We are better off today than we were four years ago, even if that fact rests more on how bad things were then rather than on how good things are now. Take heart in the signs of improvement - more people with health insurance, lower unemployment, jobs being created. Re-elect Obama to continue and build on these beginnings - and give him national legislators who will enter into dialog and reach compromises that offer hope for solving our problems.

Be sure to vote for Barack Obama-Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and Andy Schmookler in this important election.

Warren Brubaker, Luray


His Fast and Furious policy successfully killed over 300 Mexicans and 1 US Border Patrol agent. Then he successfully killed 2 Navy Seals, 1 US Ambassador, and 1 Aid, while they faught over 7 hours for their lives, while Obama ran off to Vegas for a fund raiser. He also successfully killed the value of the US dollar. Successfully killed the coal industry. Successfully gave government money to all his campaign contribution buddies. Successfully took every vacation and golf outage he could. Successfully added for debt than all the previous Presidents combined. Last but, not least. He has successfully divided this country, not seen since the civil war. Yep, he's successful all right.

I know you are spoon fed the belief that passing along lies makes you a true patriot on the path of taking America back from the evil black man who dared to get himself chosen by the majority to live in the "White" House, but YOU ARE THE DIVISION YOU PRETEND TO RAIL AGAINST!

Continuing to spread lies, hate, and ignorance, teabillies remain a stain on America's underpants.

Excellent!! :cheers:

Could not have put it any better myself, katybug---good for you. There are some conservatives out there that even though I may not agree with them, have differences of opinion about the direction of our country and of President Obama's and the Democrat's policies and can make their case without the lies and 'garbage'.

But when posters like 'mtnfalls' spread that kind of lies, deceptions and ignorance such as in his/her posts, they are an embarrassment to this country and are the ones that put this democracy at the greatest risk. Pure ignorance at it's height.

Media Matters isn't my go to for fact finding, but a FB friend posted the link on its Spews lies about Benghazi so I took a look. They offer rebuttal and the AP news sources they used to do so.


Tactics #2, #3, #4, and #5. Nicely done, gang. The race card; personal insults; irrelevant distractions; etc. If you disagree with someone, say why. Anything else is just noise.

You know all about 'just noise', right, sweetie? :)

Bought any ipods or dvds lately?

Of course, Jane8, valley patriot indeed knows all about 'just noise' and is no stranger to doing what he accuses others of doing----personal insults, irrelevent distractions, etc. etc.

Right you are, song98.

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