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Letter to the Editor: The right wing is being motivated by fear


The latest missile of right wing misinformation from Jane Silek (letter to the editor on Oct. 2.) leads one to ponder why people would resort to such obviously false information designed to inflame the American public solely to achieve the publicly announced goal of making Barak Obama a one-term president.

Although they will vigorously deny it, one can easily make the case that they are motivated by the fear that their all-white male hierarchy is being threatened. America is fast changing demographically.

We are no longer a nation that is overwhelmingly of European ancestry. The so-called non-white population is very close to 50 percent and rapidly rising, and will surely be a majority in the near future. We have made significant progress in the seemingly never-ending battle for equal rights. Minorities are on the rise, women are on the rise, gay and lesbians are on the rise, but so is fear. The fact that we elected an African-American president was a significant accomplishment, but the fact that hateful rhetoric questioning his place of birth and thus his citizenship is an indication that racism is still alive and well, albeit lurking below the surface.

The fact that one political party puts political power above the nation's welfare is a manifestation of that fear and predictably leads to political gridlock and the inability to compromise. One warning sign is the conservative-leaning Supreme Court's 5-4 decision in the Citizens United case which opened the flood gates to individuals and corporations to give unlimited funds to political campaigns anonymously. The effect is that the one person, one vote concept upon which this nation was founded upon is compromised. Another is the attempt by one party to suppress the vote by requiring a special identification which is nothing more than a poll tax to disenfranchise the elderly, poor, the young and minorities from voting. It is nothing more than an expression of great fear.

Let us hope that reasonable Americans can come together and correct these obvious assaults on our most cherished democracy. Please keep that in mind when you go to the polls this November.

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal


When we start to look at humanity as a whole, and not segregated catagories to belittle or brand, we might start finding light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for your many years at this effort, Gene.

And let's hope that those people who haven't decided on a candidate will look beyond the handsome, rich man who dominated the debates a few nights ago. I will admit President Obama looked weary and many people are wondering why he let Romney off the hook so easily.

Most of us, who have followed this campaign, and have searched out the truth from the lies, saw many opportunities to "nail" Romney. The next day, the comment line to the White House was busy - very busy.

Romney is just doing another flip-flop to show his latest "new" personality, but as usual there was little substance in his flashy, one-man show, however, he and his red tie might influence some.

Many Americans are so use to the "contest" mentality of TV programs, they may find this superficial performance enough to sway them. Anyone who actually believes that Romney is a better choice should remember his recent comments about the 47% when he was actually speaking the truth (for once). They are "beneath him" and he has nothing but contempt for most of us.

That's the great and powerful wizard "behind the curtain" and the rest is merely show. As we all know, Romney is a very, very wealthy man who cannot begin to understand how the rest of us live (and in many cases simply "survive") nor does he care.

Gene, When I read Silek's 2 October letter to the editor in which she, by her OWN admission, had no knowledge of the anti-Islam film that triggered of riots and protest in the Islamic world, it was very telling as to her knowledge of what is actually happening in the world. After all, it was only six years ago when the media exploded with the story of how some anti-Islam cartoons set off protest and riots. How can a citizen live in a mindless vacuum and pretend to advise others how they should think or respond?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Regarding Obama-Clinton snubbing of Netanyahu, a former senior Israeli foreign ministry official and diplomat who served in the US, Alon Liel, said Netanyahu engineered the confrontation in front of Rogers.

"It appears to be an attempt to help the Republicans in the upcoming election. The entire show, under the patronage of Rogers, is meant to prove to the American public, and in particular to the Jewish community, that the rift between Israel and the United States is more significant and deeper than we thought," he wrote in Haaretz . (Israel's oldest daily newspaper. It was founded in 1918 and is now published in both Hebrew and English in Berliner format.)

AND for those who don't remember that Benjamin Netanyahu was the Israeli Prime Minister in 1996–1999 and now 2009 to present. Would Netanyahu play politics with the Americans in order to promote his buddy Romney in office? You tell me!

"Iran and the Jews
Fact: One of the things that Romney really needs is the support of the Jews, whose votes in key swing states could decide the election. But Jewish support traditionally goes to the Democrats. What can be done to change that this time?
Fact: Almost all US Jews vote for the candidate who they think will be good for Israel. Who decides this? Mostly Israel itself, of course. In other words: the prime minister of Israel.

Netanyahu for Adelson-Romney
Fact: Adelson is the biggest patron of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (and of his family). Adelson believes that Netanyahu's leadership is essential for the existence of the Jewish people. He does not merely think this; he acts on it. Donations? That's obvious. But he does for Netanyahu something that no other rich man has probably ever done for the candidate he supports: Adelson established a newspaper for Netanyahu (and his family). Adelson bought journalists to write only praise for the prime minister (and his family); journalists, who after all of Netanyahu's talk, "explain" how right he is. Journalists who cannot, in other words do not dare, find any flaw in Netanyahu's deeds and decisions. Nothing.

"Adelson (Israel) Today"
The newspaper "Adelson (Israel) Today" has a very large circulation, not because of its quality, of which it has none, but because it is free; a free newspaper. Now "Adelson pays". Huge sums; and I write as a man who knows how much money a newspaper consumes. But "Adelson Pays" and pays, and pays. For Netanyahu (and his family).

Fact: Let us get back to Romney. A remark or hint by Netanyahu that Obama is bad for Israel is worth something to Romney… maybe the presidency. Repeated hints that Obama will do nothing about Iran, or that "Hillary Clinton is expediting the centrifuges" - their value to Romney in gold cannot be estimated. A serious crisis with the Americans and confrontations with their officials sends a message: Obama is bad - and not just for the Jews. For humanity. For the universe. He is a dangerous man. He is firing up the centrifuges. He is bringing closer a nuclear Holocaust on Israel, and maybe on America, too."

(http://www.globes.co.il/serveen/globes/docview.asp?did=1000784906&fid=4117) "Globes" is the most influential, exclusively and widely circulated business and financial newspaper in Israel. Approximately two hundred thousand people read "Globes" daily.

My take on the debate was a little different. I sat there watching it like watching a parent play a game with a three year old. The three year old is excited to win yet oblivious to the fact that said parent allowed them to win. The President could have easily slammed Romney down on his darn near complete story telling, could have worked in some 47% commentary, could have alot of things, but didn't. Anyone that has been paying any sort of attention since he ran for POTUS to begin with knows the President better than that (despite the rights insistence the teleprompter was invented strictly for his use) I just hope the rope-a-dope strategy pays off.

The votes that either one are still trying to achieve are people that are more careful in their choosing. They are paying closer attention. I'm sure they are aware Romney probably wasn't even off the stage yet before his campaign was back peddling. Its the voter that is going to take the time to find out that despite Romney's 25 years in business, he needs a new accountant because you can write off moving expenses while off-shoring.

*Rumor* is rug companies are gathering together to press lawsuit for the bad name Willard is giving rugs and Sesame has decided to brought to you by the letters F & U to honor our buddy Willard until Nov 6th. (Gotta find the humor)

Tricky Bibi...Israel has had many rightist leaders since Menachem Begin promised "many Elon Morehs*," but there has never been one like Netanyahu, who wants to do it by deceit.

http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/opinion/tricky-bibi-1.302053 (DOI: 2010)

* Elon Moreh (Hebrew: אֵלוֹן מוֹרֶה‎‎) is an Israeli settlement located in the Samarian hills of the West Bank northeast of Nablus on the slopes of the Mount Kabir ridge. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[ (wikipedia)

Netanyahu has repeatedly called for the release of Jonathan Pollard, an American serving a life sentence for passing secret U.S. documents to Israel. Netanyahu has called for his release over the course of several presidential administrations. In 2002, Netanyahu visited Pollard at his North Carolina prison. The Israeli Prime Minister maintains contact with Pollard's wife, and has been active in pressing the Obama administration to release Pollard. (wikipedia)

So has Romney promised Pollard's release if he is President?

For those reading here who don't understand why I'm posting about the Israeli Prime Minister...Ms Silek's letter mentioned that "his (Obama's) "scheduling conflict" that prevented him from meeting with world leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu?

So you can see the difference between the Israeli papers of substance (or search for yourself) and Adelson's free rag.

I wanted to vote for my neighbor's cat because I am convinced that a vote for either candidate from the Dominionist Empire Musical Chairs Party is a vote for destruction of the USA.

Then, it dawned on me that there is a clause somewhere that a POTUS must be at least 35 years old. As far as I know cats don't live that long.

We are doomed!

If you use cat years instead of human, you should be able to still vote the neighbors cat. Just keep it on the "down low", as there is a particular party that prides itself in doing all it can to prevent any opposing votes.

So Katybug you think Obama was giving Mr. Ego-trip enough rope to hang himself, is that your take on it?

I believe Obama may have been advised to play it low-key, but something was off that night. The very next day, Obama was bouncing around with his usual energy saying things that should have been said directly to Romney in front of everyone.

Maybe Obama is going for a "knock-out" next time, but he was just too passive last time. And I wish they would stop with the proclamation of their love for the spouse. I personally think it's corny and a bit over the top. At any rate, I'll be glad to see this drawn-out process come to an end.

That's pretty much my own *opinion* on it. You could see it in his eyes at times he wanted to pounce but maintained. It made me mad, yes! I was cursing at the tv lol, but I really think it was strategical. In an America where people can give you a second by second by play of whatever reality show was on TV the night before but many cant even tell you who is up for election, of the 3 debates this one was the least important for Obama's goals. Just give Mitt the rope to do what Mitt does best.
The wives bit doesn't bother me so much, I guess I respect when they thank the partner that helps them be who they are, a good marriage (in my mind) is a partnership. But in FLOTUS shoes, if I had to spend my anniversary evening watching him debate, he better mention it LOL. I guess it lends to the whole "family appeal" for either side.

Katybug, I agree with you that Obama was giving Romney some rope. Chris Mathews was really angry that Obama didn't land on him for a few things; e.g., 47 percent but maybe Obama already knew that Romney was coming out with his "was just completely wrong," statement. Which begs the question, what else are you wrong about, Mitt?

Diana, just seen this on FB:


*Note it say the author is a Dem strategist. I am curious to see if this is true or not and if anything will come of it.

CNN's Gary Tuchman talks to an (Harvard) expert about the candidates' body language during the first 2012 Presidential debate.


Katybug, Re "...The Presidential challenger goes back to his lectern to retrieve his items. It is clear that the only thing that Romney takes is paper...."

My husband and I both noticed and remarked about Romney collecting his evidence prior to leaving the stage. Reminded us of a little projection outlined in the back of a suit of a former presidential debater some years back.

Wish I could say I paid more direct attention to Willard myself, but he still creeps me out in that used car salesman kind of way. I always like to see what the body language people think, its interesting.

I know what you mean, Katybug. I wonder if 18 year old WIllard smiled that same smile when he had his buddies throw that kid to the ground and hold him down while he cut off his hair. Can you image how frightened that young man must have been, not knowing what Willard might do next with those sharp scissors in hand! Every time I see Romney, I am reminded of how that played out for that poor kid on the ground.

Romney claims he does ever remember doing that, although the other participants do. And Romney's defense "...he “participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks in high school” that “might have gone too far.”

While waiting for meatloaf to cook, will share the folllowing:

Bank Bailouts
The Claim: Mitt Romney said the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 designated five U.S. banks as too big to fail and gave them “a blank check,” contributing to the collapse of smaller banks. “We need to get rid of that provision because it’s killing regional and small banks,” he said, asserting it has contributed to the closing of 122 community banks.

The Background: The Dodd-Frank financial overhaul was enacted in July of 2010 to impose regulation on some of the riskiest practices that contributed to the financial meltdown. One provision created a protocol under which the largest, most complex financial institutions would be wound down safely, without lasting taxpayer burden, should they fail. Nine banks -- including five of the largest U.S. banks -- have submitted so- called “living wills” to U.S. banking regulators to map out how they would be dismantled under bankruptcy. If their bankruptcies threatened the financial system, Dodd-Frank gave the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. authority to liquidate them itself.

The Facts: Romney was off base. There is no connection between the failure of community banks and the provision in Dodd-Frank designed to contain the harm from the failure of a big bank. FDIC statistics show that 37 banks, not five, have enough assets to come under that provision.

The notion of a blank check is debatable because the law says the ultimate cost of the failure of a bank considered systemically important under Dodd-Frank will be absorbed by all the other institutions in that category -- those with more than $50 billion in assets. It is correct that a failure would be initially backstopped by the government.

Since enactment of Dodd-Frank, yet before its provisions are fully implemented, 188 small banks -- those with less than $1 billion in assets -- have closed, not 122. The trend is down since Dodd-Frank. After peaking in 2010 at 136, the small-bank failures declined last year to 86 and are down to 42 through the first nine months of this year. In the same period, no systemically important bank has gone under, meaning the provision Romney criticized has never been used and wasn’t a factor in the small-bank failures. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-10-03/romney-tax-plan-needs-growth-to-add-up-reality-check

LIAR, :LAIR - can't believe anyone would vote for this man!

Health-Care Costs
The Claim: Romney said, “Health-care costs have gone up by $2,500 a family” under Obama.

The Background: During the legislative debate over the president’s health-care overhaul law, critics charged the measure wouldn’t do enough to control medical costs. Insurance industry spokesmen and others have warned that the law will drive up premiums because of such requirements as coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Facts: The number Romney cited is in the ballpark. It’s close to the figure in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey that shows average premiums for a four-person family rose $2,370 between 2009 and 2012. The fact he didn’t mention is that the rate of increase has slowed under Obama. Kaiser calculated insurance rates over the past 10 years. They rose at an average annual rate of eight percent from 2002 through 2008, the year Obama was elected. Since he came to office, Kaiser said, the average annual rate has been 4.3 percent. (same source as above)

Unelected Health Board
The Claim: Romney said the Affordable Care Act “puts in place an unelected board that’s going to tell people, ultimately, what kind of treatments they can have.”

The Background: The health law creates a new appointed board, the Independent Payment Advisory Board, to help control the growth of Medicare’s costs. If the growth exceeds targets based on inflation and gross domestic product, the IPAB would recommend ways to cut Medicare spending starting in 2015.

The Facts: Romney’s characterization of the board is false. The law forbids the IPAB from making any recommendation “to ration health care,” increase Medicare beneficiaries’ premiums or copayments, or “otherwise restrict benefits or modify eligibility.” Further, the board’s recommendations aren’t automatically effective. Congress must review them, and can pass alternative changes to Medicare that reduce costs by the same amount. If Congress doesn’t act, the government is required to implement the board’s recommendations. (Same source as above.)

Energy Production
The Claim: “Mr. President, all of the increase in natural gas and oil has happened on private land, not on government land. On government land your administration has cut the number of permits and licenses in half,” Romney said.

The Background: Oil and gas production has increased during Obama’s term. The U.S. produced a total of 4.9 million barrels of oil a day on federal and private lands in 2008. In 2011, production grew to 5.7 million barrels a day.

The Facts: Romney overstated the reduction in drilling permits during the Obama administration and didn’t mention production gains on federal lands. The administration issued 41 percent fewer permits in 2011 than the government issued in 2007, the peak permit year during George W. Bush’s administration. And while production gains have come principally from drilling on private lands, federal production also increased during Obama’s term. Production on both offshore and onshore federal lands increased 28 percent from 2008 to 2010, before dropping 13 percent in fiscal year 2011. The decline was partly due to an offshore deep-water drilling moratorium Obama imposed after the BP Plc (BP/)’s 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst in U.S. waters. (Same source.)

Unemployment Figures
The Claim: Attacking Obama for his management of the economy, Romney said, “We’ve got 23 million people out of work or stopped looking for work in this country.”

The Background: The troubled labor market is at the center of the presidential campaign. Though the unemployment rate has declined from its October 2009 peak of 10 percent to 8.1 percent in August, Romney frequently refers to the jobless rate remaining above 8 percent for 43 consecutive months. The next monthly labor report is scheduled for release on Oct. 5.

The Facts: Romney exaggerated the jobless situation. In August, there were 15.1 million people in the two categories he mentioned -- out of work or who have given up looking for jobs. So where does the 23 million figure come from? Romney was probably referring to a broader labor market metric known as the U-6 underemployment rate, which also includes individuals with part-time jobs who would prefer full-time employment. In August, there were 8 million such workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Add them to the 15.1 million and you get to around 23 million. (Same source)

--Stocks rise after unemployment rate falls

--S&P 500 extends rally into a fifth day; Dow near five-year closing high

--Nonfarm payrolls up 114,000 in September, missing views

October 5, 2012, U.S. Stocks Climb as Unemployment Falls; Dow Near 5-Year High

The September unemployment rate fell to 7.8% from 8.1% a month earlier, the Labor Department reported


I really would like to know how to bold a particular word. More evidence of my lack of intellectual elite status....I'm just not that computer friendly


BOLD Bold (no spaces)

ITALIC Italic (no spaces)

The first bracket starts it - the second bracket stops it. The brackets are hidden when the text is posted.

Leave either one out and it doesn't work.

Google "HTML" and pick your poison

The pre-publish pane showed the "" symbol.
The publish pane operated the html code, leaving my explanation in limbo.

Bold (no spaces)

Italic (no spaces)

google "html for dummies"


Who says we don't still need Big Bird and friends??

And PBS is not as controlled by corporations! Frontline, the American Experiences, Bill Moyers and the News Hour are just a few of the great programs worth watching.

Before we were forced to go digital and before I was forced to hook up with cable; I could get one channel - that was channel 12 (PBS). Believe me, I didn't miss anything else.

The regular television programs are a joke overall, but it's OK if you like COMMERCIALS. Yes, I'll bet Romney would love to remove government funding from PBS. In the meanwhile, television makes a fortune off these expensive, over the top elections. $$$$$$$ down the drain. . . .

Big Bird and other programs on PBS offer educational, decent programs for children - that alone should be a reason to keep it going.

I agree with your opinion of PBS, Diana. Among the other excellent programs on there, the News Hour truly does an even-handed job without being to the "right" or the "left". Of course, just the fact that it is even-handed makes some think it is not "worthy"------ not conservative.

Not to mention PBS/WETA radio station 90.9 FM. We turn that station on as background when we get up and turn it off a bedtime. Excellent music.

Food for thought... TLC, The Learning Channel was once publicly funded and now private. Other than learning to change the channel, what quality viewing pleasure do we receive from the likes of TLC's "Here comes honey boo boo" ?

I really enjoy "globe trekkers" and "austin city limits" on pbs.

@ Jane8 re 10/8 comment: Latest reports say movie had little to do with riots and assault.

@ katybug comment 10/5: The insanity has returned. Your "take" is laughable.

Guess we are just stuck waiting to see ;)

valley patriot, The movie was the match that was used to blow the man out of the cannon...understand the analogy? Please don't start sounding like DF (I'll let you figure of what that stands for.) This is really getting old!

I posted the following on another letter to the editor, it has not changed:

"There is no doubt the terrorist saw the opportunity and acted given the civil unrest on the streets of Libya. Were they planning to kill Ambassador Stevens? Probably because he was a popular and the extremist know he was hurting their cause. Were they armed and ready, maybe even rehearsed? More than likely. These protests provided them excellent cover; in fact, they may have manipulated the onset of the Libyan demonstrations under the guise of students reacting to the (US) anti-Islam film to further their mission."


The Mendacity of Mitt Romney Lying To The Teabillies

As of Friday 10-12-2012, the number of Mitt Romney lies has reached 804, listed here chronologically, including reference source web links.


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