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Letter to the Editor: Turn off television and do research on candidates


Since 2007, I've followed politics with a closer eye for detail. With the shape America was in and the direct ties to the sitting president's actions in regards to impact on our economy in 2008, I stepped into the booth for Barack Obama.

After watching the emergence of a candidate through the primary season with the GOP, I fully intend to once again cast my vote for President Obama. I'm not going to try to convince you to agree, but I will say, walk into the booth informed.

From Jane Silek's letter on Oct 2, flat out lying about our president, to Gene Rigelon's and Ron Golliday's Oct 5 letters setting the matter straight, to G.A. Settle's Oct 16 letter feeling the need to reinforce Silek's lies and condone it ala Sean Hannity. It is an embarrassing example of of how uneducated our voting public has become in reality. Is it not bad enough watching all the slanted ads? Must we as voters start creating our own falsehoods as well?

Do voters truly not understand that they become part of the problem and not the solution? How can we elect anyone who will steer the country forward if so many are willing to take their "facts" from commentators and even willing to pass along such blatant falsehoods on their own? For what gain? Is somehow seeing America fail personally beneficial to the random Front Royal citizen?

Voters need to turn off the television and stop listening to those who would financially gain from keeping them ignorant. Do your own research on the candidates and the reality of what has occurred. Your country will be better off for it.

Robert Holt Jr., Front Royal


Well said, Mr. Holt. Most of the folks I hear talking around here are indeed passing along what they here the talking heads spouting on the Radio or TV, or what Fox News passes off as "news." But I do not think they are mean spirited or thoughtless. I believe they are scarred that they might lose their job, or not get one soon enough to pay the bills. i believe they are tired because they have largely been subjected scare tactics in the media, and been subjected to working for wages way to low for way too long. Corporations in this country have made out very well during this recession, but they are hording their money. They treat their employees as just another commodity and not as a valuable asset. Nearly all want to reduce labor costs and increase profits, and they have succeeded phenomenally. And for some of these corporations to tell their employees how to vote is unconscionable, but not unexpected in a government bought and paid for by the corporations.

And poor Mr, Romney has not held a job since 2007 when he vacated the Massachusetts governor position. That is five (5) repeat 5 years of being unemployed!!!!! I wonder if he is on food stamps? Medicaid?

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Mr. Holt, you have summed up the problem very well. Many Americans can't move beyond the television for their information. It's scary to see how easily people are controlled on all levels.

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