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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Allen


I would like to encourage all county citizens to come out and vote for George Allen on Nov. 6. You may only have a casual interest in politics, but this goes way beyond politics. Just look back to 1994, when George Allen became governor. At that time, we had experienced a decade-long decline in local capital investment, our schools were falling into disrepair, you had to leave town to do 80 percent of your shopping. We also had double-digit unemployment, and very few local private sector jobs with health insurance and a 401K.

I had the pleasure to serve on the Economic Development Authority for 12 years, beginning in 1994. The timing could not have been better! When we appealed to Allen for assistance in landing large employers looking for mid-Atlantic locations, he did not look at our county as a politician would, seeing one of the state's smaller voting blocks. No! He looked at Warren County as an opportunity to serve and make a difference!

Allen actually went with us out to meet face to face with the CEOs in their home states.

All one has to do is ride north on 522 to see what a difference that has made! Many local people now have good jobs, with health insurance and a 401K. It wasn't always like that.

Take a ride around the new shopping centers, parks, and schools. How often have you seen our current senators in Warren County? When Allen was in the Senate, he took every opportunity to visit Front Royal. He has always been there for Warren County. Please make it a top priority to come out and vote for Allen on Oct, 6.

Bill Barnett, Bentonville


I wouldn't vote for this Rhinestone Cowboy, Allen, if he were running against Donald Duck. We all caught a glimpse of that guy last time and this "wanna be somebody" isn't going to make it this time either. GO HOME Allen, worship at the "daddy" shrine.

This one follows the usual Republican concern for families and this past September represents 20 years since Allen voted against the Family & Medical Leave Act.

See the following:

According to the National Women's Law Center, since the Family And Medical Leave Act became law, close to 80 million workers have taken advantage of the law, with women representing 58 percent of the beneficiaries.

"George Allen's failure to support the Family and Medical Leave Act, which ensures no parent will have to choose between caring for a sick child and their job, is yet another sign that he does not have the best interests of Virginia's families at heart," said Kaine for Virginia communications director Brandi Hoffine. "For hundreds of thousands of Virginia families, the FMLA isn't 'harmful' or 'counterproductive,' it's a fundamental protection that provides certainty to hard-working Virginia families who admirably balance responsibilities at their job and at home. For decades, Tim Kaine has advocated support for women and their families across Virginia and will continue to do so as a U.S. Senator."

- Tim Kaine (website)

Romney is a perfectly cloned Republican candidate: you hear one, you've heard them all; as the behind the scene "brain" Karl Rove works his magic. Maybe some of you remember that one. Rove put George Bush in the White House and he's got even bigger plans for 2013.

Oh whoops, Mr. Barnett, I guess we missed the October 6 deadline. Dang! OK Teabillies, ya get on home now. Party's over!

Allen is a pandering schmuck eager to dip his beak for a little taste.

No, thanks. I will vote for Tim Kaine, Andy Schmookler, and Barack Obama.

At the point, I really wouldn't care if said candidate showed up at my door with the theoretical suitcase full of cash, I'm voting straight D, no questions asked, no reason more necessary than
"The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.-Mitch McConnell-Republican Senate Minority Leader"

When your party becomes more important than your duty to ALL the citizens of the United States, you do not deserve the honor to serve us.

Whew...we certainly have some nasty talking, screwed up thinking, one way low life's in our reading area. If you have nothing good to say you should learn to keep your mouth shut. I imagine each of you are miserable in you own right whetever (or no matter) the cause. Now that you've vented..do you feel better Diana, Katybug and Joe Schmo? Everyone knows who you are. HaHaHa! :)

Please explain to us "screwed up thinking" people how one section of our leadership making it their top priority to prevent the head from doing his job, is actually good for the country??

Where would our country be today if the GOP had said "The single most important thing we want to achieve is to recover our economy from this recession stronger and more stable than ever before"?

Actually Katybug, "Stella" is unable to answer your questions because she is evidently unable to tell you why it is that she (apparently) does support Allen. So she ends up doing and being what she accuses others of-------"nasty talking, screwed up thinking, one way low life's in our reading area" and "being miserable in her own right".

I do not understand how any thinking person in this country could support today's Republican Party---a party changed from even 5 or 10 years ago----- whose leadership has been hijacked by the extreme "right-wing". And a party who has not been concerned these past four years in improving the economy for those people who have been suffering because from day-one they did not want to make President Obama successful and "look good". Meantime, too many people in this country have had to suffer due to the Republican's number one priority---to defeat Obama.

I remember the last time Kaine had a hand in running Virginia. Huge tax increases and straight out lies about our financial situation. Same as our last Donkey Demo gov. Took a convervative to get the money straight. I don't see any DMV offices or rest areas closing. Hadn't been for the Donkey's we would not have a car tax now (remember that stalling under them also).

As for getting the economy straight - what has happened in the last 4 years at the fed level - huge increases in debt, massive amount of welfare spending (FYI - 47% of the population gets a gov't check every month). Where are the jobs? And the Donkey Senate kills every budget proposal coming from the House.

So I could be short-sighted and put my head in the sand because I feel I have low self worth and want someone else to pay my way through life. Therefore I would vote Donkey.


I may not like everything they (Republicans) do - but I care more about what he does with MY tax money than what ALLEN does with his money!

I wonder who is being directly or indirectly threatened by 'Stella's' unhinged remark:

"Everyone knows who you are. HaHaHa! :)"

I submit for your consideration the often told fear of life-threatening retaliation by a few unbalanced citizens in Shenandoah Valley. "Stella" seems to be a frequent question mark championing the threat.

As I said "HaHaHa"!

Ah Stella, sweetie, if you would like instructions as to how to get your GED, we will do the research for you.

So in the meantime, a few facts (hope you can understand the BIG words).

A conservative group claims former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine “left us with a $4.2 billion shortfall.” Not exactly. The state did face a $4.2 billion gap in the biennial 2010-2012 budget, but Kaine submitted a balanced budget proposal days before leaving office, AS REQUIRED BY LAW. And the last budget Kaine signed into law ended with a surplus. (Factcheck)

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative 501(c)(4) nonprofit founded by businessman David Koch* began airing the TV ad on Aug. 22. It’s titled “Smarter Spending Not Higher Taxes,” and accuses Kaine of proposing tax hikes and turning a budget surplus into a budget deficit.

*You probably have no idea who this man is and I will be happy to tell you about him. You can signal your lack of knowledge just by reply "duh?"

There's a start for you, sweetie.

I'm so sorry, Ms Stella, I forgot to explain who David Koch is to you.

David Koch was the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential candidate in the 1980 presidential election. The Clark–Koch ticket promising to abolish Social Security, the Federal Reserve Board, welfare, minimum-wage laws, corporate taxes, all price supports and subsidies for agriculture and business, and U.S. Federal agencies including the SEC, EPA, ICC, FTC, OSHA, FBI, CIA, and DOE. The ticket proposed legalization of prostitution, recreational drugs, and suicide. The ticket received 921,128 votes, 1.06% of the total nationwide vote. (wikipedia), Not happy with the outcome, David became a Republican in 1984.

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has emerged as one of the most influential conservative issue advocacy groups on the national and state political scene. AFP major force behind the TEA PARTY
movement. (factcheck)

Sorry you two haven't met; I'm sure he is YOUR kind of guy!

bigj: I don't see any DMV offices...closing.

You are so right; as a matter of fact McDonnell has put six (6) mobile DMV into action.

According to VA DMV website, DMV mobile units are being dispatched to areas where the DMV buildings are more than 35 or more miles away. HOWEVER, DMV mobile units are being dispatched to Strasburg and several local areas on numerous occasions; we have not one but two DMVs within, actually much less, than 15 miles away. Shenandoah Country is a Republican stronghold, so WHO is utilizing the DMV mobiles units as means of voter registration.

DMV Mobile Unit at a Gun Show???? (a Sat/Sun)
Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show??? (a Sat/Sun)
Dale City Gun Show (a Sat/Sun)

AND on a Saturday and Sunday? Overtime? VA taxpayer funds at work.

You must be so proud of Governor McDonnell for his wise use of taxpayer funds. Maybe you should write him a little "thank you'.

In 1994, Allen's administration eliminated Virginia's water toxins monitoring program.[49] The Virginia Toxics Database, which was maintained by the program and contained important baseline toxicity levels for Virginia waters, was locked away in a safe during Allen's term as Governor.[50] Scientists and government agencies were denied access to the data by Allen's Department of Environment Quality.[51] Reporting by The Roanoke Times spurred Virginia legislators to call for an investigation by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission. The 1999 investigation found that documents from the database were destroyed and that the concealed data included information on high levels of PCBs in Virginia waterways, including the Rappahannock River.[52][53][54] A report by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation found that the DEQ had withheld knowledge of high mercury concentrations in the Shenandoah River.[55] (wiki)

October 26, 2012 -- 36 New Lies This Week

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney

889 searchable lies listed chronologically with comments and reference source weblinks


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