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Letter to the Editor: Vote for middle class, vote Democratic


I respectfully take issue with the Northern Virginia Daily's belief that voting for Romney will rebuild America's prosperity. The question you pose - is the United States better off today than four years ago? - should not be answered with statistics or with a plethora of Republican talking points. What is at stake is the very soul of our nation and the insidious nature of the power of money in politics.

Republicans pride themselves as the party of principles and family values. Yet their leaders have done nothing but obstruct and deny any attempt by our president to bring about the "change" they now promise to deliver if they are given the reins of government power.

The Republican Party has used the time-tested politics of fear, lies, right-wing propaganda and voter suppression to try to regain the majority in Congress and capture the presidency. Even the Supreme Court's ruling in allowing corporations to be considered "people" so they can use their missions in profits to fund negative ads and lobbyists to get legislation favorable for the 2 percent is all part of the wealthy's desire to rule the rest of us workers.

But they are not through. It is now known that CEOs David Siegal and Arthur Allen have resorted to threats of job reductions - despite their record profits - if Obama is re-elected. Those billionaires who think they must be the smartest because they are the "job creators" now have the lowest taxes in the history of this nation - yet they have created fewer jobs here precisely because of their desire for more wealth and power. Is this the conservative philosophy, for CEOs to threaten the livelihoods of their employees if they don't vote the way they say? Buying votes by threatening the most productive workers in the world with pink slips is democracy through demagoguery, deception and debauchery.

All of us need to seriously consider whether we can allow the fortunate few to rule our lives. The hardworking middle class deserves better, so if you believe in truth, honesty and integrity in politics, you best vote Democratic.

Todd Medcalf, Stephens City


I hardly see where blindly voting one party will fix anything. It's actually quite foolish and clearly demonstrates that you are not seriously looking at the candidates. In addition, your facts are a bit off. Both parties have used fear and negative ads, yet that little gem was missed in your description. As a Navy Veteran, I take exception with your Obama is for the working man speech. Especially since he surrounds himself with either Hollywood types or black racists. Neither are middle class in my book. Then we come to destructive EPA policies that have crippled the coal industry and stone walled future gas exploration. Next would be his illogical financial policies that have crashed the value of the US dollar. Which of course causes commodities to sky rocket. I'm also confused how granting illegal aliens unconstitutional back door amnesty is helping the middle class. Cause us middle class love paying for people who break the law. But, the thing that pisses me off the most. Is that he has caused good Americans to lose their lives. We had 4 people who needed our help. What does Obama do???? Denies them that help then goes to Vegas. That to me is clearly a huge sign that that person not only does not deserve another four years but, should be impeached immediately.

Dave Funk,

Fully fund the Veterans Administration

It doesn’t get much attention, but Obama kept his promises on veterans, sending more money and resources to programs that serve them.

Kept promices to Veterans? I find that odd considering suicides are at a record high. Obama's administration is known for never missing an opportunity to toot it's own horn. If this little known fact hasn't come to light yet, I'm guessing cause it isn't true. Not that Obama doesn't like the military, oh wait...that's right, he's only disrespected it every chance he got. In addition you might want to check with some Veterans, because last week while waiting on a prescription at the Amherst CVS. A VA Veteran employee was telling everyone that the VA was failing Vets like it did during Vietnam.

President Obama did not send Ambassador Stevens and those three honorable men to their deaths. Whether it be FSOs or joining the military, all of us realize the responsibility to which we commit and the risks that we accept. President Obama is no more personally responsible for the Benghazi deaths than President Bush is for the Twin Towers or Pentagon deaths

mtnfalls claims to be a Navy Veteran but apparently knows nothing at all about 'chain of command'.

Mr. Funk, you should meet Walter, 91 and pushing Forward, amazing man.


Otherwise, Congratulations on adding another mark in the Spews dumbs down America column and keeping the lies, hatred, and ignorance alive.

What every voter should be "the most p-ed off about" is the number of sheeple walking around parroting the lies of a television station, WILLFULLY choosing the path of ignorance.

As far as I'm concerned, our leader turned his back on those requesting help and until the entire story comes out and we find out the truth, that's my stance. As evidence slips out about the scenario of that night, it's getting a little more disappointing that our 'head of the military' sat by and did nothing to protect those who volunteered to serve under him in extremely dangerous circumstances. As another Navy veteran, I will pass along the stance that if he's not going to support and stand beside the 'high profile' voluntary servants, he's not going to do support or stand beside the ranks who are out on the line. Until our leader comes out and explains in detail what happened that night, he's lost my support on that issue alone. I'm big on trust and actions......Jane8, if you actually believe that our Ambassador to Libya wasn't in that country promoting American democracy under what he was told the utmost security and protection that I have to believe your blindly handing out a pass to the person who's responsibility it was to protect that Ambassador. In my opinion, turning his back at that moment was the same as turning his back on all of us, especially those of us that have served, but this is just my opinion and in no way am I speaking for all veterans.

As a voting independent, I, unlike many of the people that have been cluttering up this forum with liberal spouting, understand that each side has their ups and downs, truths and falses, good actions and bad actions. I'm not going to sit here and tear down every statement made by either side continually with negativity and slander, but will weigh it out on my own.

My son retired Air Force - Obama
My niece - Navy Vet - Obama
Me - Retired FSO - Obama
Husband - Retired Pentagon - Obama

"Legislation to put veterans to work preserving and restoring national parks and other federal, state and local lands was defeated Wednesday afternoon when Senate Republicans successfully blocked the bill’s advance with a budgetary point of order...The largely party-line Senate vote of 58-40 fell two votes short of the three-fifths majority needed to overcome the procedural objection. Republicans said the Veterans Job Corps bill violated the Budget Control Act by adding a new program that would increase the deficit." (wp)

****** Military Suicides ******

"According to the US Army Public Health Command, Army suicides increased 80 percent in four years, between 2004 and 2008, a rate that surpassed the suicides committed by civilians.(emaxhealth.com) These stats are very telling as the rate has been calculated as 20.2 per 100,000 soldiers, compared with 19.5 per 100,000 civilians.

The disturbing statistics revealed in this study echo those of another study published in late 2010, entitled “Self-Inflicted Deaths Among Women with U.S. Military Service: A Hidden Epidemic?”

"In that study, researchers evaluated data on 5,948 female suicides that occurred between 2004 and 2007 and found that the suicide rate among female veterans ages 18 to 34 was nearly three times the suicide rate among female nonveterans.

"Commenting on this latest study, which appears in Injury Prevention, the authors concluded that the increase in suicides, “unprecedented in over 30 years, of US Army records, suggests that approximately 40% of suicides that occurred in 2008 may be associated with post-2003 events following the major commitment of troops to Iraq, in addition to the ongoing operations in Afghanistan.”

emaxhealth.com (Injury Prevention doi:10.1136/injuryprev-2011-040112)

"In addition you might want to check with some Veterans,"

Interesting that you didn't phrase your remark ",,you might want to check with some OTHER Veterans.." as you said you were one!?

New law for Veterans Administration mandates advanced appropriations; more money in budgets
Updated: Thursday, June 24th, 2010 | By Lukas Pleva

In October 2009, we reported on the status of President Barack Obama's campaign pledge to fully fund the Veterans Administration. At the time, we rated the promise In the Works, since Congress was in the midst of voting on a bill that would put the VA health care programs on a two-year budget cycle — an effort to make sure the government gets money to the program on time.

Since then, two key developments have taken place.

On Dec. 16, 2009, Obama signed a law to fully fund the VA for 2010. Congress ended up appropriating $109.6 billion, $15.3 billion more than in 2009. According to the conference summary, total discretionary funding was $5.4 billion above 2009.

The president also signed the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act on Oct. 22, 2009. The law mandates that appropriations for VA medical programs be approved one year ahead of time. Congress provided $48.2 billion in advance appropriations for veterans medical care programs for fiscal year 2011 in its 2010 budget (which was approved at the end of 2009). The 2011 budget, to be approved sometime in 2010, similarly requests $50.6 billion in appropriations for the year 2012. The 2011 budget would "build on the historic increase in funding for the VA with a 20 percent total increase since 2009," according to the Office of Management and Budget.

So Obama's 2010 budget provided billions more in funding for the VA, and his 2011 budget proposal promises further increases. He also signed a law mandating that Congress appropriate money for veterans medical care programs one year in advance. We rate this Promise Kept.


OpenCongress, H.R. 1016 index page , accessed May 13, 2010

"wiffleur" With all due respect, you are not an Independent.

Independents are more prone towards fact checking and carefully balancing information than anyone professing a party. An Independent wouldn't be spouting off Fox Spews conspiracy theories as to their reasoning for electing or not electing anyone. That is just reality.

Despite Fox clamping onto any bit of information they can grasp, evidence keeps showing their simple grasp at straws and instead of admitting they were wrong (we know honesty has no place at Fox) they simply divert to the next piece of so called "evidence".

"If" one was even slightly Independent then they would have noticed this tactic with the Fox witch hunt on Holder and the F&F scandal that wasn't despite their best efforts to display it as so.

For what it is worth, I am also another Navy veteran. I self-appointed myself to debunk 'wiffleur'.

"Independent free-thinker" 'wiffleur' sounds suspiciously like a Teabilly Beck parrot. How sad to witness Republicans turn their backs on veterans returning from combat, many crippled by missing limbs, knowing Congress did not see value in passing legislation helping veterans find jobs.

'wiffleur, you lied when suggesting the Commander-In-Chief neglected our ambassador or the troops assigned to protect the embassy.

wiffleur writes: "Jane8, if you actually believe that our Ambassador to Libya wasn't in that country promoting American democracy (WHAT????) under what he was told the utmost security and protection that I have to believe your blindly handing out a pass to the person who's responsibility it was to protect that Ambassador."

I understand all too well what is required of a FSO. I spent almost 12 years overseas as an FSO. I went through a coup that toppled a dictator, I have stood on the roof top of an Embassy with the Gunny watching host government riot police attempting to disburse an angry crowd heading for our Embassy in yet another country, I have gone to sleep (or tried) with host government riot police guarding our compound from the inside (another country), keeping changes of clothes in the Embassy as we didn't know if we would be confined, and actually saved by a very, very astute Post One Marine Guard who noticed some rioters sneaking around our building and threw down the metal entrance gate--saving those of us inside.

So P L E A S E DO NOT attempt to explain to ME the life of an Foreign Service Officer!!!!!

mtnfalls and wiffleur

I have a question for you two...Do you understand the meaning of "Danger Pay"?

LIBYA Other 30% 07/15/2012
LIBYA Tripoli 30% 07/15/2012

When the USG sends an FSO into an area with 30 percent danger pay, what do you think that means?

I know, I know, wiffleur, you think it means "the utmost security and protection".

Thanks, Jane8 for, along with all the other factual information in your posts, informing us about how Senate Republicans blocked and defeated a veteran's job corp bill that would have had a two-fold advantage---given much needed jobs to veterans and have provided much needed work in our National Parks, which are very loved and appreciated by the American people. And so, the Republicans continue to hold the American people hostage in order to not make the president look good in any way----just as they have since he first took office.

It is amazing how there are those, like mtnfalls and wiffleur and others, who sound like they have gotten their 'political information' from the likes of Beck or Limbaugh or any one of a number of right-wing, hate-talk, 'nuts'. Thanks again, Jane8, and others on here who take the time to set the record straight. It does not seem as though people like that care about "truth"----they have their own 'agenda'---- but there are others that read these comments who do care.

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