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Letter to the Editor: Vote for solutions. vote for Romney


On Nov. 6, Americans will be faced with a decision to vote for a continuation of social and economic decline or for a president who will give us solutions. No plans have been announced by the Obama administration to change the policies coming from Washington and what has resulted in wholesale political failure. Consider where this country stands after four years of Obama politics.

Our economy has suffered the effects of out-of-control government spending and debt. Unemployment statistics are the worst since the Great Depression. Gas prices have doubled. The need for energy independence in America has been ignored. A glimmer of hope offered by the Keystone pipeline project was rejected, along with jobs it promised. Billions of tax dollars were wasted on green energy companies that failed. Permits for drilling on public land were denied. Efforts to discourage the use of fossil fuels were made obvious.

Leadership that was needed in America to unite congressional leaders and our American society was replaced with partisan bickering that resulted in congressional gridlock and class division Occupiers protested and pillaged in defiance of the top 1 percent. High wage earners were accused of not paying their fair share of taxes.

Obamacare continues to emerge as a bureaucratic nightmare. To help finance this monstrocity, the Obama administration hijacked 816 billion dollars from medicare.

President Obama's apologetic pandering to world leaders resulted in a lack of respect and increased resistance from idle Eastern countries. Inadequate security and continued unrest in Libya led to a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of four Americans.

Obama's vision for hope and change in America did not work. Americans still prefer jobs over handouts, land freedom over federal mandates. Our long-standing free market economy works well as it always has, but it doesn't like regulation.

After four years of hope and change that led to further decline, this country needs a leader who will provide solutions that work. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for American exceptionalism. Romney offers solutions that will create jobs and put Americans back to work. Vote for solutions.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City


"After four years of hope and change that led to further decline, this country needs a leader who will provide solutions that work. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for American exceptionalism. Romney offers solutions that will create jobs and put Americans back to work."


HOW WILL ROMNEY DO THAT? HAS HE TOLD YOU? He hasn't told us! We are still waiting to know his plan.

This is utter DRIVEL

--This man will not release his tax records.

--Destroyed his working papers after his stint as governor, even buying all the computers.

--Romney's Olympic archival records remain sealed.

If you elect him, Romney will be the most 'secretive' president the U.S. has ever known.

--This man will not release his tax records.

--Destroyed his working papers after his stint as governor, even buying all the computers.

--Romney's Olympic archival records remain sealed.

--Romney's Olympic archival records remain sealed.

If you elect him, Romney will be the most 'secretive' president the U.S. has ever known.

In 1998, several IOC members were forced to resign after it was uncovered that they had accepted bribes from Salt Lake Bid Committee co-heads Tom Welch and Dave Johnson in return for voting for Salt Lake City to hold the Games. In response to the scandal and a financial shortfall for the games, Mitt Romney, then CEO of the private equity firm Bain Capital, was hired as the new President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, leaving him and IOC President Dr. Jacques Rogge to contend with the public outcry and financial mess.[26] Romney, Kem C. Gardner, a Utah commercial real estate developer, and Don Stirling, the Olympics' local marketing chief, raised "millions of dollars from Mormon families with pioneer roots: the Eccles family, whose forebears were important industrialists and bankers" to help rescue the games, according to a later report.[27] An additional $410 million dollars was received from the federal government.[28]

In addition, about 1.3 billion dollars in federal funds was used to support the 2002 Olympics. By comparison, the 1984 Olympics received about $75 million and the 1996 Olympics about $609 million from U.S. federal sources.

8–24 February (a 16 day event)


We--the American taxpayers--spent that much money and Romney seals our records!

Dear Leroy,
Where have I read such Teabilly style wisdom before? Oh, I know..... on the walls of bathroom stalls. Was that you again?

"a continuation of social and economic decline"


This is my primary gripe with the GOP...they aren't paying any attention to reality.

Can you make a case that the economy has not recovered as quickly as the President would have hoped and/or promised? Absolutely.

Can you make a case that the Country is still struggling? Sure.

But what you CANNOT do, and the GOP continues to do is perpetuate this myth that A) Obama wrecked the economy and B) that it's continued to decline. Both are complete fabrications.

The recession didn't even bottom out until nearly a full year into this administration's term, and since that time, we've reduced the unemployment rate by 2.5 points, the Dow has doubled, and we've added 4.5 million jobs. Are we back to 2005? Nope...and any rational thinking person wouldn't have expected us to. Overwhelmingly economists have pointed out (over and over ad nauseum) that our economy is slow, yes, but comparitively with past recessions and in comparison to our global compatriots who are also struggling, we are on cue.

Further, I will note that on Social Issues, Romney's a dud. On Foreign Policy, Romney's out of his league. That leaves economic issues, which he continues to "lead" the President on. But keep in mind:

1. Romney promises to create 12 million jobs in the next 4 years. Moody's, the CBO, and Macroeconomic Advisors all project that between 10-12 million will be created in the next 4 years *regardless of who wins the election*.

2. Romney promises to cut taxes (to the tune of nearly $5 Trillion), while not having a plan to offset the cost with spending cuts that makes mathematical sense. On top of that, he wants to increase the budget of one of the biggest drains on our Country (DOD) by $2 Trillion...$2 Trillion that is unwarrented and unnecessary.

3. Romney sings a tune of American exceptionalism and pride, though has spent his career outsourcing, offshoring, and storing the profits in tax-havens.

4. More and more often, people who know what they are talking about are coming out of the woodwork supporting both tax revenue increases and spending decreases. That is closer to President Obama's prescription, than Gov. Romney's.

5. And finally, while chiding President Obama for not fixing a mess made of tax cuts, Wall Street greed, and unfunded wars (all of which he'd like to revisit) in his first 4 years, Gov. Romney has stated he will fix the economy in 8-10. If he expects that it will take him that long to fix our problems, why wouldn't it take the President?

I'll make one last point:

A President Romney would validate the Republican party's behavior over the last 3 years of historic obstruction, and complete refusal to govern despite leading a Country on it's knees.

What kind of Country do you think we can expect if you can "win" not by doing good, but rather by preventing your opponents from doing anything?


Sad that too many voters refuse to acknowledge the truth.

Ken Bullock, head of the Utah League of Cities and Towns and a member of the SLOC Bullock described a meeting where Romney attempted unsuccessfully to talk state and local leaders into letting Olympic organizers skip the promised repayment of $59 million in tax dollars used to build venues. Romney pulled him aside and, according to Bullock, said ‘You don’t want me as an enemy.'”

(Source: deseretnews)

Dear 'playnotwork',
Great post. Thanks.
(like Mr. Yang on another letter, if there were two more of you you'd be three times as good)

I thank you, playnotwork, for such an excellent and articulate post! You have really summed it up well and expressed the feelings and thoughts many of us share.

May God help this country if Romney becomes the next president, because the template is then set for whichever party in the future is not in power to, as you so well put it, "obstruct and refuse to govern despite leading a country on its knees" from whatever might happen in the future in this unpredictable world.

@ playnotwork re October 26, 2012 10:50 AM post:

Congratulations, sir. Your post is the first recently from a liberal that explained your position and presented your reasoning in an erudite and lucid way. And you did it without insults and deprecation.

Even as consumers took a loss, however, a small group of investors wound up getting a good deal in the bailout. Bain Capital – the very firm that had triggered the crisis in the first place – walked away with $4 million. That was the fee it charged Bain & Company for loaning the consulting firm the services of its chief executive – one Willard Mitt Romney.


So Mitt's company has taken advantage of government bailouts too.

Glad to see, valley patriot, that you share an appreciation for playnotwork's excellent post and the facts that he points out.

I would also like to point out another fact that after having followed comments on the NV Daily site for a long time, "insults and deprecation" does not come from those of any particular ideology. Those who are honest agree both 'sides' share equally.

October 26, 2012 -- 36 New Lies This Week

The Mendacity of Mitt Romney

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