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Letter to the Editor: Which Romney do you like?


You may favor Mitt Romney. You may not. Which Romney do you have in mind?

As a candidate for governor or senator in liberal Massachusetts, he was the model moderate. Champion of women's right to choose. Supporter of gay rights. Developer of universal health insurance with a mandatory payment feature.

As a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, quite a different Romney appeared in the primaries and the GOP convention. Champion of right-to-life - he'd gladly sign a bill outlawing abortion. Enemy of any federal funds for Planned Parenthood. Defender of employers' right to refuse to include contraceptives in any health coverage for female employees. Militant repealer of the health care plan he originated. Enemy of regulation. His pitch sold the Tea Party and other extremists (not too tough a task, apparently).

Now a new, third Romney is with us seeking the votes of the entire American electorate. Supporter of exceptions to his abortion ban. Approver of various parts of Obamacare. No problem with contraceptives. Confessor of the need for regulation. Abandoner of the tax plan he preached for months.

It's hard to recall any other major candidate whose only principle was expedience. Which one do you like or dislike?

One other factor. We've become accustomed to distortions and exaggerations in campaigns. Deliberate and sustained lies are quite a different matter. Romney charged the president with removing "work" from "welfare." Every independent, objective fact checker found there was no truth to this charge. In fact, President Obama accepted a proposal by some Republican governors that would make the work requirement more effective. Romney continued to repeat this lie for weeks. Might we expect better from a leader of his denomination? Of course, in a Karl Rove-run campaign, code words and playing the race card are par for the course.

Obviously, none of this bothered the Daily.

Bob Lowerre, Woodstock


It is amazing that the American public can listen to Romney but doesn't seem to register the many times he has switched positions. It's as if he has a switch he throws catered to which audience he is standing in front of at the time. It is really difficult to understand the American mentality. We read about all of our jobs being shipped overseas, U.S. dollars being sent abroad, American companies dealing with countries were the USG has put sanctions in place--and half of the American public just turns a blind eye to all of these facts. It is absolutely no wonder we are loosing ground as a world leader.

Neither, he's a rich spoiled brat that likes to collect trophies and hasn't a clue what a true democracy is.

So true, Mr. Lowerre-----you have stated it well.

And Jane, if Romney does manage to trick his way into the presidency, it will be bad news for this country and I am certain like you, that it is an indication of losing ground as a world leader when half the public turns a blind eye to just how duplicitous Romney is.

After President Obama was elected and there was this "sudden and deep concern from the Republicans for the debt and deficit" that was never expressed the eight years President Bush was in office I got interesting responses from my conservative friends and acquaintances when questioned about that. To a person, they all said the same thing and that was that "during that time they were not at all happy with all that spending that was running up the debt". (Of course, when asked why we never HEARD this wave of displeasure, the subject was changed or the question just not answered.) My point is, President Bush had more credibility among conservatives when elected and look how he disappointed most of them----according to them. If Romney manages to trick his way into being our next president, it will be most interesting to see all these conservatives out there squirming and sweating not knowing "which Romney" will show up on any particular issue.

song98, Mr. 'I've Got A Secret' (aka Romney) just isn't man enough for the mental pressure that position requires. Ann is pushing, pushing, pushing! Everything he has done has been handed him on a silver platter...the special program at Harvard, Bain Company CEO who literally pushed him to open Bain Capital assured him that he would not lose anything if BC failed--Romney risked nothing.

Romney had access to one of the most exclusive clubs in academe, the Harvard University dual-degree program allowing graduate students to attend its law and business schools simultaneously, cramming five years of education into four. Some others of this famous 500 club include include Bruce Wasserstein, who led the investment bank Lazard until he died in 2009; leaders of multibillion-dollar hedge fund and private equity firms like Canyon Capital Advisors, Silver Lake Partners and Crestview Partners; high-ranking executives at banks like Citigroup and Credit Suisse, etc. Charles E. Haldeman Jr., former head of Putnam Investments and Freddie Mac, was a year ahead of Mr. Romney in the program.

(No need to mention all the 'donations' made to Harvard by family members, huh?)

I like all of them.

Romney says abolish FEMA. Disaster relief should be privatized.

How cruel for a private company to make a profit off the misery and suffering of hurricane victims. These are the Romney 'moral values'?

This Willard M. Romney, right this very moment in time, is the absolute best of the many faces!

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