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Letter to the Editor: Why is school unsuitable for special needs students?


I spoke at the Shenandoah County School Board meeting on Oct. 11 about the lack of funding to complete maintenance work on our current public schools and not having enough buses for our children. These are safety concerns for all of us.

Now they are looking to renovate a school for $4.5 million when there is new school north of Woodstock for $1.7 million. I asked the school board to look at the Mathew Center's bid and see if they can work with the Christian School since Charterhouse finds the Christian School unsuitable.

At Tuesday's Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors meeting they wouldn't say why the new school is not suitable. So I asked that question and got no response. We need people to show up on at the next Board of Supervisors meeting at 7 p.m. Oct. 23 at the Government Center. Let's pack the place with people.

Write a few lines to say how you want your tax dollars spent. I understand people are reluctant or nervous about public speaking. Especially now the county and school boards have asked for an armed and uniformed deputy to be present at all public meetings.

Don't be intimated; we have free speech on our side. But you don't have to look at them, just read and let your voice be heard. It is our time to change things in Shenandoah County. Please embrace this opportunity with me and bring all your friends, family and neighbors.

If you can't attend, call your supervisor, school board member or schools Superintendent Dr. B. Keith Rowland. Leave a message and tell them no to a $4.5 million dollar project and yes to less spending with an immediate, safe and secure building at $1.7 million for our special needs children.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock


granted our bos is a group of "ole boys" who really have no business making decisions for todays voters because they sure don't listen to them. i really think that bailey has run her course. a year ago no one had heard of her, now it's everyday...i did this....i did this....you do this...how about you do something.....run for office, let's see what you got. my grandaddy used to say "do it, or get off the pot". ms. bailey, it's time to get off the pot.

I can't help but wonder what your connection to the Christian School is? You seem to be obsessed with it. If the county bought it, would it financially help you or someone you know? Don't know if that's the case...but that's what it seems...and unfortunately (or not), perception is often reality.

Ms. Bailey, Didn't I read in the NVD a few weeks back that you have a financial interest in the Christian School?

I, too would love to know the answers to this question as when you are looking at the two points that Ms. Bailey has brought up, total investment and availability of occupancy, it sounds good. But I have to wonder what are ALL the considerations that the BOS needs to look at? And I do mean any beyond the political ties the BOS is putting themselves into with the group wishing to put the county into the Edinburg school. NVD, got anyone willing to take on the story?!?

Talk about killing the messenger! What's wrong with you people?

Cindy is one of the few people around here who has the guts to stand up and speak. Why is it anyone who challenges the "big boys" is automatically wrong?

What's wrong with considering a building that's already built????????? Makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, somebody's got a financial interest, I'm sure, but I hardly think it's Ms. Bailey. She's been standing up against many issues including that jail no taxpayer has a vote on.

Good letter Cindy. I'll follow up too. Thanks.

What I find here is one of the worst business plans ever. Here the BOS is willing to spend $4,500,000.00 on a school that was retired in 1990 because of asbestos concerns. Now 22 years later the asbestos that was such a concern then is gone. Where did it go? Now they will spend this money on a program that may or may not work? Why not buy or lease the Christian school for 5 years and see first if this program will work, and the results justify the investment. Dr. Rowland seems to have failed on many different levels so far and we know the BOS have failed to be good stewards of our tax dollars. Please become active in your county and sign the petition to Remove the Current BOS and replace them with individuals that will listen to the citizens of this County!

jaydondance must be unaware of the last election for Shenandoah County District 4 Supervisor. Ms. Bailey ran as a write-in against Sharon Baroncelli and lost by a narrow margin. She has been involved in many local issues, including the regional jail, the new courthouse, the renovation of the Safeway building, and now the Edinburg school. She is disliked and, I suspect, feared by local politicians because she is willing to stand and give her opinion, supported by facts.

miller & scubasteve > If you have proof of Bailey's financial interest, produce it. I can tell you for a fact that there is none because I did some research. You should have also before you accused and insinuated that Bailey has an ulterior motive for her actions. I can also tell you that Bailey is motivated by a sense of fairness and justice. She wants local government servants to act in the best interests of its citizens and does not believe they always do.

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