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Letter to the Editor: Consider prejudices before casting ballot


At the 150th anniversary of the Southern Baptist Convention, the delegates could have considered many an issue. The main resolution they did pass included these words:

"..we apologize to all African-Americans for condoning and/or perpetuating individual and systemic racism in our lifetime; and we genuinely repent of racism of which we have been guilty, whether consciously (Psalm 19:13) or unconsciously (Leviticus 4:27)"

That 1995 convention admitted, "that the racism which yet plagues our culture today is inextricably tied to the past."

This was a difficult and courageous step for this mostly white Southern denomination born in slavery times. But the delegates took it, recognizing that they might even "sin through ignorance," in the words of Leviticus.

As we approach the presidential election, I would like to ask each one of my fellow white people to consider, as seriously as those Baptists did, our own prejudices, even unconscious ones. This is a matter too important for us to be prideful or defensive.

Let's all do our best to ensure that not one of us will look back to regret that racial prejudice influenced his or her vote. This is not just about treating someone else fairly. As the Southern Baptists understood, "our own healing is at stake."

Presidents come and go, but the people remain. Let us each know in our hearts that we have risen above any conscious or unconscious fears or hatreds handed down to us. Let us deserve that noblest American title, "We the people."

Larry Lamar Yates, Winchester

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    I agree. Whether he is white or black, Barack Obama is the worst POTUS since Jimmy Carter.

    Right Winger - You might want to check your facts!

    These men all had under 30 percent approval rating.

    Harry Truman
    22 (February 9, 1952)

    Richard Nixon
    24 (August 2, 1974)

    George W. Bush
    25 (October 3, 2008/October 10, 2008/October 31, 2008)

    Jimmy Carter
    28 (June 29, 1979)

    GHW Bush
    29 (July 31, 1992)

    Many who voted for and support Barack Obama have done so either out of party loyalty or, for those who were or are independents and the extremely rare crossover voters, because he is the difference their conscience brings them to embrace. The Chosen One has given new meaning to being a Democrat. It's a great time to be independent.

      Cinderella, Please define your meaning of "Chosen One" to me.

      To tell you the truth, Cinderella after "enduring" eight years of that moron George W. Bush, the whole world got a little giddy! We were just so darn happy to see the end of this fool, all we could do was rejoice.

      Bush & Cheney should have been IMPEACHED! Do you know why?

      Obama is a highly educated man who could have had a career making millions, but set his sights elsewhere. I can't imagine why anyone would have wanted to take on, much less clean up the Bush Administrations mess. This country will pay for decades to come.

      Many of us have had high hopes for him, but the realities of the office can only be known once inside. Obama is not perfect, but he's the ONLY choice we've got. Anyone is who is actually considering Romney now - has been tuned out all year.

      The "chosen one"? What do you mean? He was elected by the people not the Supreme Court. Do you know what I'm talking about?

        Please excuse my typo, I meant to say: Anyone who is actually considering Romney now - has been tuned out all year.

        And while I'm here I would like to say, being Independent or not voting at all is equal. Right now the stakes are too high to "protest". I certainly hope eventually we can get a third party seriously involved but that time has not come.

        Let's face it - it will never be all things for all people, but I'll go with what I know rather than a candidate who changes his positions every time you see him. Are you listening and checking those facts from fiction?

      Au contraire Cinderella! How do you come to the conclusion that crossovers are extremely rare? I happen to be one and have many friends that are crossovers as well! I have voted Republican about 95% of the time. Among other Democrats I have voted for, I voted for President Obama in 2008 and will again in 2012.

      Since 2008, the Republican party has become so extreme in their views and after listening to Mitch McConnell declare that their only goal was to make Pres. Obama a one term president I wouldn't vote Republican again unless Jesus Christ himself was on the Republican ballot which for obvious reasons would never happen...Jesus believes in feeding the hungry and healing the sick so he would run on the Democratic ballot!

      People have to remember that the repubs held all of us hostage these last 4 yrs making sure nothing got done becoming the party of no, so while you go around saying what a dismal failure Obama was maybe you ought to be looking into your own Republican backyard for the whole truth! Your Republicans have not given a damn about anyone other than themselves...not even people of their own party and they have helped waste 4 years of progress just because they chose to be stubborn and obstinate!

      The only way any Republican could honestly and successfully hope to win in 2016 is if they get over themselves these next 4 years and join ALL members of Congress, the Senate and the WH and help get this country back to its' former glory! We will all be watching! We will all be remembering! Repubs screw these next 4 years up and they can hang it up! Eventually even their own party will be sick of their nonsense!

    I wish Mr. Yates. The Southern Strategy is alive and well I'm afraid. If you call these people out on their "Kenyan, Muslim, Socialist, OMG Obama killed my dog" line of BS then they start screaming you are using the race card.

    I'm sorry, if you have to tout a bunch of made up stories/excuses that are easily proven wrong while refusing to recognize the proof staring you in the face, you just don't have the nuggets to admit your real issue.

    The NVD publishes an article or letter to the editor and gifted soap boxers take up arms against one another taking potshots at the opinions of others and making the issue personal.
    Ambiguous wording is often used as a thought provoking and calculated means of evoking the responses of the resident intellectually challenged. Huh?
    Definition - whah.

      coach - We all realize that there is a certain element of society that is impenetrable; however, if a few will think, there may be some hope for this country's continuing to rebuild.

      Given your mindset, curious as to why you even bother to visit the "COMMENTS" section?

    'coach', you need a taller soapbox to be competitive here on the national internet level where unsophisticated Teabillies are at a distinct disadvantage... the venue does not support yelling louder.

    You previously confessed to not being an English teacher, then gave us a grammar lesson. (remember; "there's" versus "there is"?)

    So, to what magic elixir do you attribute your remarkable recent growth in ability to write multi-syllabic words and craft them together into properly structured sentences critical of intellectualism? (Two-Buck Chuck chardonnay is my crutch)

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