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Letter to the Editor: Romney endorsement written by GOP?


Well, it's quite a relief! The Northern Virginia Daily has finally come out four-square for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

No longer will I have to give this paper the benefit of a doubt and think that maybe they are trying to be unbiased in their columns, news coverage and political cartoons; now it is clear they have swallowed the R/R litany hook, line and sinker. The Mitt Romney endorsement could have been written in the headquarters of the Republican Party - and possibly was. It is replete with the usual nonsense from that camp, saying that we will be crippled by vast new taxes, our adversaries will attack a weakened and pathetic country, health insurance costs will go through the roof and the economy has been nothing but a disaster.

May I suggest that you look at a recent Northern Virginia Daily where you will find these headlines: "Homebuilder confidence rises" and "Stocks higher on 3Q profits." How did you ever slip up like that?

Thoughtful readers will continue to resort to thinking for themselves and search out reliable sources of information so that they may vote intelligently. For a long time they have avoided another paper known locally as the "Fox newspaper," and now they can add the Daily to that illustrious screed.

Donald H. Albright, Mt. Jackson

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    Mr. Albright, you are right on target but I'll bet not everyone connected with this paper will vote Republican, regardless of what they say. As you probably know this party will not hesitate to "threaten" employees with job loss if they dare vote the wrong way.

    This election must be watched carefully and if it's too close to call - We the people must NOT allow another Supreme Court to decide. Who can forget how that smug little shrub walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with the crowds jeering? God knows, we cannot endure another George W. Bush clone!

    Romney will do anything, say anything to be elected - his final trophy is the White House.

    Let's not allow that to happen. Maybe Jimmy Carter should be watching this country: I wouldn't put anything pass this outlandish Republican Party.

    Thank you Mr. Albright for writing the letter I wanted to write. The Northern Virginia Daily can endorse whomever they want. But as you say it appeared to be taken directly from the Romney website. The endorsement was devoid of any originality or thought of their own. Their effort would have embarrased a first year journalism student.

    The NVD's endorsement of Mitt Romney, and their reasons for doing so are right on. I suppose the headlines you allude to are intended to show recovery under Obama. Any recent recovery is anemic at best, and can't be directly attributed to Obama any way. you need to think for your self and stop reading the liberal media. The shift of the NVD is in the right direction - more conservative.

    "Adelson — whose gambling operations span the globe from Las Vegas to casinos open or planned in Macau, Singapore and Spain — tells friends he finds the way U.S. elections are funded to be abhorrent, putting too much power in the hands of a wealthy few. So as one of those wealthy few, why would he pour more money into a campaign than 65 average Americans will earn in their combined lifetimes?"

    Anyone see the humor in that?


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